How and why should you start a blog? - Extensive Guide for Beginners.

How to start a blog? That's the one more question which is asked most of the times. Well as I always say, it is very easy to start a blog. Starting a blog is way easy compared to maintaining one. There are many reasons one can opt for blogging and honestly if you want to write your heart out just go for it but there are a few things which you should keep in mind before you head on for the adventure.

Just like every adventure you need to pack light but keep all essentials, blogging is the same. You need to be light with your website but at the same time keep all the essentials intact. As a hobby blogging is quite an investment of your time. Before we begin talking about how to start a blog, let us first talk about why should you open one and why not?

Why should you start a blog?

This question is honestly a very controversial question as per my opinion. For some a blog is a way to express themselves while for some it is a way to just showcase their writings to the world. For some it is a space to vent out all emotions while for some it is a place to show their unusual side to the world. For some it might be just another timepass but for some it is a bread earner.

Coming to the answer for this question, one should start a blog if they can produce unique content for a long time consistently. Just ask yourself this question and reflect your actions upon its honest answer. If it is a strong yes then just go for it. At times you might be nervous if someone will read your content or not, but at the same time you are confident about your content, just go for it.

You can start a blog just to keep yourself occupied as its a very investing hobby, both in terms of time and money. You can start a blog if you want some work experience in writing as well as can't have time to work as part-timer for some institute.

Why you shouldn't start a blog?

Now this question is quite in the gray area as I  actually am not the deciding entity whether you can or can't begin one but I'd try to give out my reasons for why you might not be the cut-out for blogging.

If you are starting the blog with the sole aim to monetise it and earn from it, honestly don't bother opening one in first place. Monetizing blogs is quite a secondary option that is also intended towards the developed blogs. Most people who begin blogging for earning money thinking you just have to write to get paid huge cheques, it is not for you. Although there can be an exception if you have a well thought out business plan but that won't be blogging hence the conundrum.

If you are thinking blogging is a super easy way to get quick success and it is one way to reach the imaginary heavens of the career world then you need to calm down and come back to earth as that's reverse of what blogging is.

Blogging is super hard in various ways in which I would explain later in this post but when its comes to one step success, it might look like to unknowledgeable eye but its not the case. There's a lot in background and just like I said, the website you see and access is just a tip of an iceberg.

How to start a Blog?

Now, coming to the main topic, first you have to decide whether you want to invest in blogging or not? Ask yourself that question and then choose a path accordingly. There are various ways to start a blog but I'd generalise a lot of things here including this one for the sake of the article size, else it'd be a thesis for sure.

Self Hosted Blog or Free Blogging Platforms

If you are a newbie with literally zero experience on what blogs are, how they work and other things then I would strictly advise you against going self hosted. Still if you think you can afford the costs and you just want to take a risk and try it out for once then you can surely go ahead with it.

If you are someone who just wants to play around with the idea of owning a blog and just want to express yourself via a medium which isn't plain social media then just go for free blogging platforms. There are several of them including micro-blogging platforms. Look up on the Internet for them as new ones always keep popping up.

Difference between Social Media and a Blog

Before we head into further details about blogging, let me explain the key differences between a blog and a social media outlet.

I am going to use 'social' for the ease of reference and discussion but things like Tumblr (Micro-Blogging Platform), Twitter (Micro-Blogging Platform), Reddit (Micro-Blogging Platform with Perks), Quora (QnA Platform) also account as social medias because of their usage patterns as well as several other usage policies which includes content policies.

There are very tiny yet significant differences between a social media and a blog. A blog is technically a website which is personalised and is updated with content in a particular format ( Not a textbook definition ). Whereas social media account is more like a piece of a huge blog. I would account Youtube more of a social than a blog as it follows more patterns as a social which is used for vlogs or video blogs.

  1. You don't own the content on social medias. There might be different content policies but at the end they hold the right to remove your content or at times even modify as well as use for their personal purposes. For such details dig deeper into their content and privacy policies before beginning.
  2. Some Socials don't allow you to use personal account for businesses. Either you have to define it as a business account with proper credentials or just stop doing that altogether.
  3. Social medias don't give you the control over the content and platform that you use like a blog provides. A blog is as good as you can spend and your imagination but social media on the other hand limits your options that you can do with whatever the main company offers you.
  4. It is extremely easy to use social media when compared to blog but similarly it is extremely to get your content copied. All you can do when you find that your work was copied is that you can complain like that annoying kid who always snitches to the teacher and then it is upto the teacher to pay you attention or not.
  5. There are limits on what you can and can't upload on a social media both in terms of content guidelines as well as content form factors as well as the audience that you would find on that socials. In a blog you have your own curated audience and they all are connected with just you. Social media is like a having a stall at fair. People come to the fair and browse all stalls depending on what is best at grabbing their attention.
  6. Driving traffic to social media is very easy than compared to driving traffic to a blog. You'd literally cry out after a few months if you get views that you can count on your fingers on everything you post on blog until you crack several pro things which I will talk about later.
  7. Social media makes it very easy for people to connect with you as well as follow you. There's no one way or maybe comfortable way for people to follow blogs even as of yet in 21st century. Emails and RSS are a few popular ways but not quite extensive and helpful much like socials.
  8. For getting views on blog, you'd have to depend on a social and it would be a chicken and egg story. Your socials won't get attention much since your blog isn't that famous and your blog won't get that much traffic just because you aren't as much popular on social media. If you crack one of any, that might change the things out for you, until then it is an endless vicious draining cycle which might lead into depression.
  9. Maintaining a blog is 10x harder when it comes to handling a social. Blog gives you a sense of ownership and responsibility. I feel blog vs social is an argument like buying or renting a house. Find which one makes more sense for you and take the one which suits your need the best.
  10. Lastly, on a social you might be subjected to the trends which rise on the platform more quickly and have to change your content producing schedules and quality depending upon the platform. On a blog it is more of the way you want it to do approach.
If you think a social would be better than blog then you might not be wrong, check out this article where I have explained why for most a social is better than a blog.

What to take care while going Self-Hosted?

Self hosted blogs are often called fully owned websites. Everything right from a piece of code to the loading speed of the website to the legalities that your content has to deal with in different regions is totally your responsibility.

Choosing a Good Hosting and Domain

When it comes to going self hosted first thing that should come to your mind is choosing a good hosting service and Domain.

You can host a server from your house as well if you have a powerful enough computer combined with fast and steady Internet and electricity. Else you can be a smarty one and pay for a good hosting from a wide range of hosting companies that you would find at a simple search on the Internet.

Always choose a server with good ping and access speeds. There are mainly two speeds, download speeds and upload speeds. For a server you'd need better download access speeds than upload access speeds unless 100 people are going to upload the content on blog at the same time.

Check for the reliability of the hosting provider before buying the space. You can choose any of the plans you feel better. Many providers also offer you domain names in a package along with the hosting but I'd recommend to look for cheaper and good domain service since you can change hosting anytime and much easily as compared to the domain names.

Choose a good domain name and not completely rubbish that you thing is trendy. Domain names are something which should be as small as possible or of lengthy as easy as possible to remember. Avoid domain names which might either get you banned in some country or cause you legal trouble. If possible avoid .com domains for a number of reasons unless you are a business and want to establish yourself as a legitimate company.

Take up some friendly domains like .in,, .us .uk, .net etc... Avoid domains like ,gov, .org, .tk, etc.. which might get you banned or make you look like a malicious source or don't suit your profile. There are some new weird domains in the market as well but as far as the fancy names go domain names doesn't matter that much in terms of SEO unless its one of things which make you look malicious.

Always hire a good developer

I know this might irk some of you but unless you are really good at coding or have someone to annoy at one ring of a phone call 24/7 who is a developer or knows their way around websites, HIRE A DEVELOPER.

When you go self hosted a number of things might go wrong and most of the times you might not even be aware about it. It can affect your blog's SEO, loading times and other significant performance issues which might happen at any time.

If you have a developer who can maintain or help you with your blog then it gets things way easier like piece of cake. Else it would be like you talking to an alien who is grumpy and about to vaporise you with his gun.

Some developers just make websites for you while some offer nice and good after sales service and maintenance plans which would leave you with just the hassle of dealing with content and not bother why some button has started behaving weirdly or some random plugin isn't working.

If you are adventurous enough and want to learn as you go then you can surely take a deep dive in the ocean of technology and explore the coral reefs of programmings languages and endless plugins.

Some other personalisation tips

You have a endless imagination and can do whatever you want with your space on the internet. A website is your own space on this huge web and while you can do anything with it, there are somethings which you have to keep in your mind before you start dancing in the la-la land where you the supposed god.

  1. Avoid things which might land you in legal trouble. I want to keep this as my first tip as there's endless possibility of what you can upload on your blog or how you can make it. Ensure you aren't breaking any laws in the countries your website might be visible in. You can also region lock your website so as to avoid headaches or things which you just might want to show inside your own country.
  2. Ensure that your website's loading speed is good enough to not just drive traffic away. Since you are the one in control of the hosting, it depends on you how fast your website can be accessed. There are more factors which decide the loading speeds of a webpage but at first you need to ensure it is not the fault from the servers.
  3. Always have a full backup of your website, including the code and plugins. If you don't have it then you can ask your developer for it. Keep accounts safe, if possible give only admin access to the developer and not the owner level access as at times some one may lock you out of your own website.
  4. Don't host any malware, upload anything which might cost you a DMCA takedown or anything in similar pattern. Always try to keep your content original as possible.
  5. Host only the things you want and don't end up making a plugin mess or something which drives attention off your articles all the time.
What to take care when using a Free-Blogging Platform

Many of you might be wondering why I called YouTube a social and would be calling Blogger another service by Google a Blog. There are a lot of differences in the usage pattern and restrictions that make that difference. But here we are going to explore free-blogging platforms.

There are many free blogging platforms like Blogger, Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, etc. Many of them have a freemium model only exception being Blogger. Blogger I feel by far is the best you can get when it comes to free blogging platforms. I will explain the reason why later at the end of this section.

Choosing a nice URL
When it comes to choosing URLs in these free platforms keep a few things in mind.
  1. A URL can be only assigned once to a person hence don't waste URLs like single use plastic. It is free doesn't mean you exploit it. Someone else won't get a URL just because you didn't fancy a particular one and wanted to change.
  2. Keep a sane URL which people can remember with as less dots '.' as possible in it.
  3. In free blogging platforms all you get is a subdomain and not a domain. A sub-domain is like a domain within a domain. You own the subdomain but not own it at the same time. It is like a section inside a hard drive or say, a section inside your locker. You might own that locker but not the whole almirah.
  4. Choose a URL which connects with your blog and makes some sense. for example, '' and not '' or ''
  5. In these free platforms choosing a URL is like choosing a good username. It will help you when it comes to search engines both within the free blogging ecosystem of your platform as well as the open internet.
Choosing a nice theme

It is very important to choose a nice theme when it comes to blogging. You might not get a free and full access to whatever you want to do on your blog and have to choose from a very limited palette of themes available.

Choose the one which gives you the ability to customise extensively and which is as minimal as possible so there are less chances of you deleting anything by mistake.

If you are trying to edit and customise the themes yourself there are some easy to use tools if you are tech savy but a little knowledge of HTML and CSS is recommended if you are going to get your hands dirty even a little bit. It isn't compulsory bit might turn out handy anytime.

Choose a theme which is legible and don't customise in a way that makes your page load slow or wonky. Turn on the mobile support for the themes if it is not turned on by default.

Blogger as Exception and Best of Free Blogging Platforms.

Here I am explaining the differences that blogger offers when it is compared to other free blogging platforms.

  1. Blogger allows you to use your own domain name with blogger. So you can use blogger as a hosting service and use your own domain name to connect with your blog.
  2. Blogger allows you to upload custom themes and side load plugins if you are tech-savy enough to do so, or have a helping hand.
  3. Blogger allows you to customise your blog as much as you can leaving very few boundaries between going self hosted and using a free platform.
  4. Blogger adapts your website according to regions it is served in, for ex GDPR notices in EU region. You don't have to worry about even making it go from HTTP to HTTPS as long as your theme doesn't interfere with any of it.
  5. Side loading plugins is easy and hosting files can be done by using some workarounds.
  6. You can sign up for Adsense and earn using blogger.

Things to take care of while blogging on free platforms.

Free platforms that allow you to blog have their own content guidelines for what you can and can't upload or what you can and can't do with the free space that they are alloting you. As far as you are within those ver basic guidelines then you are free to explore your blogging world as you like it.

Somethings to take care of before you begin your blogging journey.

  1. Your blog theme should be legible, don't use fancy fonts or overly tiny fonts.
  2. Keep your blog as minimal as possible. If you wish you can make it super vibrant and shiny and glittery but then that will drive attention off your writing into other things which will just increase your bounce rates.
  3. Create links properly for every webpage and post and link them properly to each other.
  4. Avoid redundancy as far as you can in terms of links, texts, logins etc..
  5. Try that you don't divert traffic outside your blog as far as possible.
  6. Use Ads and affiliates in non-intrusive mannerisms.
  7. Avoid link spamming on posts.
  8. Create a nice post sharing mechanism. ( Email, RSS, Socials, etc)
  9. Make it easy to comment and share your posts. Use appropriate methods for that.
  10. Upload good quality of content and don't disappear after a few months.

Here I have tried my best to compile a list of things that a newbie should take care off before heading on the blogging adventure. I have generalised a lot of things here and don't quote this as some legal or official statement. I have emphasized more on the true meaning and context as compared to barebone technicalities.

Do comment and share your thoughts about it! I'd love to know what do you think. Also, I'd keep updating it quite often so do follow the Website to get all the updates by clicking here.

Also, a minor headsup.... Obsessed is free to read on Kindle Unlimited! Do check it out. I'd be glad to read your reviews!
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How to write a good book review and why should you write one?

There are many of you who have said that writing a review feels like a task/not my style/I don't feel comfortable/I don't know how to write one. This article is for you my dear buddies. Below I have complied a few points which will help you to write an apt review for basically any book you'd read. Some of the points might help for non book reviews as well.

Reviews are a huge factor when it comes to buying something online as per some of you who read the posts. Many times it happens that people are just shy or anxious to come out in public and post a review about a thing they like.

Imagine you read a sexy erotic thriller and you loved the book but then you are shy to write a review since its a public one. Well for things like that, I don't have a solution. But I can give you a lot of reasons why you should write a review for sure. There are many friends who review books on a blog and this might help them as well.

Why should you write a review?

Before we go ahead and start discussing on how to write a good review. It is very important to know why to write one in first place. I am not going to give you cliche examples at best but would show you some solid points for why you should write one and a good one in fact.

  1. More than 50% people post a review only when they have a grudge against the delivery/product.
  2. There are review farms which review for the sake of it and they work both ways for and against. Hence it can be quite misleading for you and harmful for the business in some cases.
  3. Most people don't bother to review as long as the product works fine. At times you get a product and you feel like waiting for a while and use it before talking anything about it. Later, you just literally forget about posting one unless the company pesters you with emails or phone calls which can be annoying as well as result in a bad review by an annoyed customer.
  4. Some don't write a review because they're just too lazy to do it and have a number of excuses up their sleeves for not to write one.
  5. Many don't bother writing one since most reviews on many sites are misleading anyways.
  6. Writing a good review, meaning which expresses your thoughts about the product combined with factual information is quite helpful for other buyers.
  7. You can draw away more people away from scammy purchases.
  8. Similarly more people can benefit out of some really good deals.
If you need more convincing to write a review then just leave it my friend, you are hopeless :P XD

How to write a good review?

Now, writing a good review refers to aptly expressing your thoughts in a few lines. If you like to support your favourite authors then do leave a review after purchase. Also, even if you have pirated or borrowed from some library, basically if you have read from anywhere, then do leave a review. There are various sites like goodreads, and your everyday socials to talk about the reads you enjoyed.

Now while writing a review you have to keep a few things in mind. These are the tips I used to write my reviews as pro-reviewer. Although, my personal reviews often differ from these guidelines most of the times. Yet you can use these guidelines to write a review as a pro-book blogger.

  1.  When you like a book, always begin with an appreciation.

    You might come across a really awesome read and you are hyper excited to write a review. But when you go on the writing page, all you can muster up is I just loved this read and you should read it.

    That's when you should start talking with obvious things. Like the cover if you like it, the blurb, slowly dive into how to felt while reading the book. What was your first hand experience with the story.

    What portions you totally loved and what you thought could've been better.  Some instances where you felt it was so real as if it had happened somewhere. Then you can put it all nicely in one paragraph.

    You would have somethings which you didn't like that you can write after sharing what all you loved about it and always end with a constructive criticism and recommending who all might love it.
  2. When you read a book which is good but nothing which excites you.

    There are books which you feel are nice and decent. Something you would read once and just then never bother again about it. Begin with a point where you talk about the story. Then take it to section where you talk about what you liked, what you disliked, felt was okay and nothing special.

    If you want try giving some criticism on how it would've been much better. If not you can just let it be. Explore some points where you felt it was weak and where if emphasised the importance could've been much better book.

    Write a point or two about why you felt it wasn't the book for you or what made you think it was decent but not something you'd just swipe off the bookshelf the moment you land your eyes on it.
  3. When you read a book which is okayish.

    There's a difference in being a book which is okayish and decent. Many times you come across a book which has a ton of mixed factors and emotions that rather end up confusing you. It might also happen that you didn't enjoy the book but it wasn't bad at all either. It can be a fine read for someone else.

    In those moments, avoid giving out critics. Just write what you find decent and likeable about the book. Maybe a few lines at best and if you are reviewing within a word limit ( for bloggers) then you can talk some more about cover, plot, etc.
  4. When you have to review a DNF ( Didn't Finish )

    There will be times when you think a book would be something you'd like to read but turns out totally not for your liking. That's when I'd recommend to just keep it away and get a refund while you can.

    There are times when you just end up with something you actually despise. Not everyone likes every genres and not all like the same sort of narration or writing style. With books it all depends upon the author, how the narration is, how the writing style is, how is the quality of the vocabulary, the quality of the content, etc. You can't really be a good samaritan and justify everything in this world. If you don't like you just don't.

    Personally, I avoid reviewing DNF books unless there's some professional obligation or something I think might help author writing a better story. I try to write a few lines at max and just tell that I didn't like it with a hope it could've been better. Usually, authors appreciate constructive criticisms but at times some authors can be a bit sensitive and not appreciate your efforts no matter now honest and sincere, so don't bother leaving a review if you think it was a good read but not your type.

    If there's issues with production quality and some other technical issues then feel free to write a line or two about it but if it is about the content, my advice would be just let it be. You don't have to like a particular book.
  5. How to give constructive criticism in a review

    There's a huge and let me repeat a humongous difference in hating a book and giving constructive criticism. Actually there's nothing as such as constructive criticism. It is just criticism. The word itself means you are trying to give an constructive feedback.

    Now, when you wish to give your feedback and don't want it to be looked as a hate speech, be as factual as possible. If you don't like a story, try explaining why if you like writing lengthy reviews. If you find any plot holes do mention them, if something's amiss with the characters again repeat.

    Don't just write 'I didn't like it / It is rubbish / It is crap / This isn't a good read / save your money and don't waste on it.' and call it a critique. This is demeaning and not a fine critique at all. If you can't explain with facts it is not criticism, at the least for me. I don't know if anyone else calls it critiquing.
  6. Write a spoiler free review.

    Writing a review is very easy when you are talking about all characters, plot holes, etc. But at the same time when your aim is to give a spoiler free review, it becomes a super hard task to make it look convincing why you loved a book so much and some other not at all.

    To the people who read your review it should be evident that how much you liked a particular book and other not at all. There are a few handy tricks that you can use to write a spoiler free review.

    Talk about the story but generalise it as far as possible. Give examples from common and very popular shows without revealing much of the main story book. Like you find a fantasy book about dragons and werewolves you can try explaining it with Game of Thrones and Twilight examples.

    If it is a mystery, ensure you don't reveal the mystery afterall or the one who reads your review might seriously hate you, haha. If it is something quite common then you can use some elements from the story since it would be a contemporary fiction afterall. You can use the things which are mentioned in the blurb on the back of the book since it won't account as spoiler anyway.
  7. Write a review full of spoilers

    This comes as a very easy task for most but it is quite tricky to write a review in a way someone will actually go and bother to read a book. Remember, you are writing a review and not a 1 page summary of the book.

    Use the key plot points to enhance your review and not make it a mini book itself. Also try exploring the possibilities of how the plot could've been more interesting, more fun to read. You can use the quotes from the book to make it fun and keep in mind that quote is one a few lines at max and not a paragraph.

    Don't be the one who just dumps the blurb inside a review and calls it a day. People can read and understand the blurb of the book on their own. Talk about the story more without revealing the whole of it like showing a tip of the iceberg. Make it like a trailer which would make someone buy the book.
  8. Writing a mini review

    At times you won't like writing huge paragraphs or have the space for it. That's when you have to just sum everything up in a few lines.

    Write one line about how much you liked it / what you liked in the book. Write one line on feedback or just skip it and write one more on what you liked, if you aren't in a mood to write a critique. End it with a line where you talk about things you didn't like / could've been better.

Do comment and share your thoughts about it! I'd love to know what do you think. Also, I'd keep updating it quite often so do follow the Website to get all the updates by clicking here.

Also, a minor headsup.... Obsessed is free to read on Kindle Unlimited! Do check it out. I'd be glad to read your reviews!
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Funny thing about Ideals - They are never meant to be Real

How many times you have come across this question? 'What makes you happy?' or someone saying 'Do something that makes you happy.' Everyone's out there shelling advices on basically every aspect of your life. Some will throw radical ideas at you, while some will try to guilt you into their ideology.

Ideals and Ideology have a funny relation with humanity. Ideals are the main reason one is never satisfied or happy with whatever they're doing. I have seen some weird humans who are actually living. For the sake of technical correctness I might call them realists or anti-idealists. They are one of the most happiest beings I have ever met. Obviously, I am rooting out all wannabe-realists who thought watching one web-series or nice movie was making them a realist.

But the funny thing with ideals is that an ideal is like a target that you want to achieve. It is the driving spirit and motivation that just makes you go on and on ahead to achieve whatever you have desired. An ideal I feel is like an alcohol, which if taken as a medicine in limits can benefit you but if gone out of bounds can hurt you irreparably.

Just look at the example of NRI - or Non Resident Indians. These are those realists who somehow turn idealists when they reach their destinations. They keep wondering about their existence. On the front, they won't accept their feelings which are bubbling inside but then at the same time they can't lie to their ideals as well.

They head to other countries popularising a theme here in India that elsewhere is much better than here. But on reaching there, they end up making mini-India over there in the form of Indian colonies, societies or other organisational buff. At the same time Foreign tourists come here, feel the love and at times even end up settling here. So if it is really bad, why would that happen?

India is a organisational chaos. Internally there's a ton of chaos but at the same time, externally we surprisingly are all Indians - organised as one nation only when we are out of our nation. On the other hand, USA is an chaotic organisation. They are very peculiar about even the most tiniest of things like a cup of coffee they get, the amount of milk, sugar, etc.. but when you look at them as a collective, it is a chaos of liberalism, democrat-ism, lgbt-ism, feminism, veganism, radicalism (make america great again :P),etc..

I am chuckling at my own joke here it seems. Well this is not against any country or any Ideal. Ideals are things which you need in life but your whole life dedicated to an ideal is a no-no. If you try to chase an ideal you will never reach your real goals but if you try to use your ideal to chase a goal, then it will help you.

Ideals are like rules, meant to be broken, amended, changed. They're like a pair of rails and you are the train. If you keep chasing the tracks you'd end nowhere and most probably a dead end. But if you use those tracks to reach your stations then it will be a helpful tool.

Perfection is one such ideal, We always try to get perfect at one thing but most of times we get is 85-90% perfection. At the same time generalisation isn't the answer as well. You can't have a same doctor to operate on your teeth, brain tumors, do a kidney transplant as well as guide you on how to improve your mental health and deal with addictions.

In nature, perfection is a phenomenon which gets picked upon first. Breeds that are very specialised to live in one kind of environment get extinct way faster than breeds which are generalised enough to adapt. Us humans are one such example of great adaptation. So don't bother chasing an ideal but at the same time do have an ideal to refer to when you feel lost. Ideals are like blueprints that you can never turn into reality. But you can at the least look upon them and feel good that you have something to refer to when you are out of ideas or feel everything is going wrong.

Human mind has this tendency of dancing between structural rigidity and freedom. but none of them is an ideal point to stay forever. It has to sway back and forth to create a balance. Balance which in fact is one more ideal making this whole thing sound like a pointless blabber.

Do comment and share your thoughts about it! I'd love to know what do you think. Also, I'd keep updating it quite often so do follow the Website to get all the updates by clicking here.

Also, a minor headsup.... Obsessed is free to read on Kindle Unlimited! Do check it out. I'd be glad to read your reviews!
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What makes a good book?

'How do you decide it is a good book?' This question has been asked to me several times. Hence, I thought why not make a post about it. Previously, I had written about a few articles about 'How to Judge a Book?' where I have written about how to pick a book from a bookstore or a seller website, 'How to plot an awesome story?' where I write about tips to keep in mind while creating a plot for your new book as a writer, 'Things I find funny in cliche' where I have penned down my thoughts on how cliches can be turn into a boring plot if its not well thought after. I thought let's write an article which helps readers to decide whether the book they read was worth their efforts or not. As a writer this article may help you to write a better story when you know what your reader would be expecting.

  1. Story telling is an art and not every writer is a storyteller.

    There are some books which might be good grammatically, lexically and even vocabulary will be great but you won't be able to connect with the story at all. If its a fiction, you were confused about the story and the main character's goal then its not worth at all. At max I will give a 3 star just for its good lexical content otherwise it was pretty much indecipherable for me.

    If it is a non fiction for example biography or an autobiography then see if the story actually inspired you or not. In terms of autobiography, you can cut some slack as many times the person writing it isn't a professional author. But coming to biographies, author has to show main content like the time which changed the personality, struggles which shaped his/her career, key moments that defined his/her life. A person's life is like a mozaic and you have to detail and outline as well as bring those key moments of his or her life into focus. If it's not there then it's not a good biography.

    Every person as a story and you just need a good way to share it. A book should always tell a story be it a non-fiction or fiction. Although, technical books are a different concept altogether which I will share later in last point.
  2. Grammar isn't only thing in a book. Narration is a bigger factor

    I have seen many readers or so called literature experts go berserk about grammar and narration. A writing is only as good as long its passing the intended message in an accurate way.

    Narration is a key in making may books a really enjoyable read and a horrible read at best. Narration, I thing is the most underrated and undermined factor when it comes to reading and reviewing books. I don't know much about how writers perceive narration as a quality factor while writing a book.

    At times editors have conflicting narration styles and end up messing with the author's narration style which results in a horrible pace of words. The flow with which the river of words flows in your mind should create an ecstasy of imagination. It should paint a picture inside your brain and make you live and feel that moment with its words. If a narration isn't doing it then it's not a good narration at all.

    Every author has their own way of telling a story which dominates the narration at times. It is not about who is a better writer or who has better understanding of the language. It is about what suits your way of thinking.

    But there are some bad narration examples where the flow gets obstructed randomly, no consistent pattern of word flow, pace isn't set in the whole book that is horrible.
  3. Check for Author's Other works.

    At times, you might stumble upon an author who you weren't aware about. It might happen that the author has some very well known works which you didn't know about. Else it might happen that the book you read was author's first time attempting to write a book of that kind. You don't really define any author by one or two books. There are authors who have penned a single brilliant classic which everyone remembers but then others are okayish while there are some who have penned brilliant series but a few stick out like a sore thumb.

    If you are reading a new debut author, never just bash the book or judge his or her writing abilities on the very first attempt. There might be times when the output wasn't what the author would've expected. Coming on topic of debut books, please take care about reading the samples before buying. Since this discussion is a post-purchase one, I'd say if you don't like it better don't drop a review at all. I know many will have conflicting opinions on this but, it is better not to say anything rather than try to fake a praise.

    If you stumble upon a book whose author is been like a guide to you for all your emotional or inspiration doubts and then one of his book turns out off-track from his usual style, don't bash. It might not be your style of the book at best. I have learnt after a lot of experience that at times you might feel a particular work would have no readers and then you realise, that particular thing has a huge fan following than the maximum number of followers you'll ever achieve on social media.

    So key is that, don't bother reviewing or posting anything about a book if you can't leave a good remark. If you still feel adventurous and love putting out your opinion then sure, do it but just don't bash the work.
  4. When you take a first break while reading the book.

    There can be a lot said depending upon the time you voluntarily take a first break from reading the book. I am ignoring busy schedules here as I am only talking about a section when you just want to to take a break from the book.

    It is a good book if you took your first break only because you got some chore to do or you started having eye strain. At times some people like me don't get up hours on before finishing a read and such books are rated above 4 stars for sure. I am a picky person who gives 5 only when a book touches my heart else everyone lands a 4.

    It is an average book if you took your first break say within half hour to first hour. If it is anything more than that then you have a really good book and if it is any less, you are not liking it. Many times it has happened that the start of some book is extremely crappy but as it goes ahead the story improves and I end up somehow reading it.

    There are moments when you feel like just not continuing reading any further, that thought brings it down into a 'not liking' zone. Although, at times it has happened that after I finished some book, my views have changed about the book. This would happen if the story has involved you too much and once you are over the book back to reality you would realise how much you liked or disliked something at the best.

    But as a general rule of thumb, I'd say the lap of time where you start reading to you first think about taking a break or just keeping a book aside automatically ranks a particular book on your liking index. Obviously, not everyone is an avid reader and not everyone reads for hours long so make your index about it.
  5. Book Series are always a surprise for me.

    There's a new trend in the market about pushing out books in series, a duology or trilogy at best. There are authors who just end up regurgitating the same plot even after its far past limits. Such books just keep on getting boring and boring as the numeral count keeps increasing in series.

    At times I have encountered seriously horrible first books when series turns out to be fine. For most part there's always that one book in the whole series which is like a cherry on a pizza. Well and then there are books which I just love and wish they never ended. So invest in a series wisely. Hence if you come upon a book series which is ongoing, free tip, wait till it ends. Else if you have read a book which is a part of a series but can be read as a stand alone then it is safe enough but unless you won't understand a series if you miss a book in middle then you better should just decide about the whole series when you read it as a series instead of rating every book of the series individually.
  6. Descriptions in a book are like salt in food.

    I have met a lot of people who just love poetic descriptions and then there are people who just want it as bare as possible. Obviously context is the key here also I feel it should be a part of story-telling and narration.

    If you land upon a book which has a ton of descriptions too much for your own taste then just skip them. See if you still are able to understand what is happening in the story without any hassle. If the answer is a yes then it is a good book ( Although, a badly written one as per me as blending is a very important factor in all elements. A good blend is needed to enjoy the read. ).

    Also, if you are someone who is reading a book with bare minimum descriptions and you need more, just add some of your own and see if they fit. If answer is yes then it is a good book. Just little bit off to your taste.
  7. Last but not least, the blending of all elements should be good enough.

    All the elements of the book like the plot, story-line, narration, placing of elements (Story-telling), lexical part, graphics and illustrations should be well mixed and blend should be so smooth that you can't find out the rough edges in the book.

    By that I mean, you can't just be bothered to find a mistake in the book and if encounter any it just wooshes past your brain and you ignore it like it never existed. That's when I can say you truly enjoyed a read, dived deep into the world of imagination and just probably had a book-hangover.
  8. Some Tips about Technical or Informative textbooks.

    See if the explanation suited you, or you had to work open the explanation in much better way. The answer here is very evident and I feel it is very easy to identify a good nonfiction which is technical or informative based on the factual content, explanation, language used, formating of the book ( indices, glossary, references ). Hence, I don't think there's much I can contribute here.

Do comment and share your thoughts about it! I'd love to know what do you think. Also, I'd keep updating it quite often so do follow the Website to get all the updates by clicking here.

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Review: Arranged Love

Arranged Love by Parul A. Mittal
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book Description : 
Suhaani is enjoying her independent status in the US and her sexy Indian American boyfriend, when suddenly she loses her job to recession. And she's forced to move back to India where her father has selected a boy for her from his guitar class. Suhaani doesn1t know how to tell her Internet-savvy dad and Farmville- addict mother that she1s not interested in an arranged match, especially to an IITian. She decides to dislike the guy. Except that hes not too thrilled about her either. Even when they end up working together, Suhaani decides she will not fall for this guy. But before she can turn him down, he rejects her!

I have observed this trend where really good books have bad covers and vice versa. Obviously don't make it a rule but that's the fact that I've observed. At times maybe I feel they're trying to compensate the value in form of nice graphics. Here the cover isn't bad but it is fairly average and I won't pick it up from the cover for sure.

Initially I thought it would be one more bollywood influenced story but as it progressed I was far too engrossed in it that I forgot about my initial impressions. It is total entertainer. I thought it would lack on the story part but the plot was really deep enough and engaging as well. I finished the whole book in one sitting and to be honest, I was laughing in most of the later half until the climax.

This isn't a very serious book but a total entertainer for sure. A light happy read, which will entertain you and keep tickling your ribs with the silly banter. I enjoyed the double meaning dialogues, the stereotypes, the twists which I didn't expect, and the suitable end.

I totally liked both the main characters, Suhani and Deep. Although, I skipped those song lyrics and other lines in midst that portion weirded me out for sure. I really liked the interweaved stories of other two characters which just fitted really well with the main storyline. It was nice layering of multiple stories. I checked out her other works and turns out one side story was a kind of sequel for her first book. So that was a very interesting way of placing a sequel.

 If you are looking for a rom com, and a total entertainer I would surely recommend you this one.

Link :

Do comment and share your thoughts about it! I'd love to know what do you think. Also, I'd keep updating it quite often so do follow the Website to get all the updates by clicking here.

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My Unpopular Book Opinions

I was reading through all the blogs when I stumbled upon a few posts, maybe made for some blogging marathon which shared their unpopular bookish opinions. I thought I can share mine. I know it won't be the same for all (these are unpopular opinions remember?). These won't be plain rants but just a few things that I have in mind. I'd love to know what are yours, do comment and share. We might have a nice discussion on it. Till then you can read a few I have listed below.

  1. I like or dislike books based on their story/content. Everything else is secondary ( Grammar, Vocabulary, Cover, Format,etc)
    I felt like it should be obvious that the book is evaluated primarily on the basis of its story/content. For non-fictions, I can understand that there's not much you can do because it is non-fictional imagination/recreation of some scenes at times. Most of times, it is a fact or a true incident at best.

    But in fiction there's endless possibility of exploring every world that you can imagine. Storytelling is an art and I know not everyone is good at it. But Judging a book and putting it down just because it's not Shakespeare-n language enough for you? Doesn't make any sense for me atleast.

    I read good stories irrespective of their language levels, or formats. Grammar is something which differs from one state to another, add slangs, way of expressing, etc.
  2. I prefer E-Books over all other formats.
    Yes, I prefer E-books over every other formats. Honestly, Audiobooks feel like a half movie to me.  The narration plays a huge role in the Audiobooks and if its just a book read to me word by word in that thing, it just puts me to sleep as I am a very fast reader, but not a fast listener. So, bumping up the speed doesn't solve my issue. I have tried almost everything I can and it still gets me asleep within few minutes.

    Hardbacks are something I cherish only for things like huge encyclopaedias and things which I want to keep for lots of years. Apart from that they're costly, heavy and space hoggers.

    Paperbacks are something I can read but they're my last preference in formats. I have had enough printed versions of all types of books and honestly, I lack space. I rarely read any book twice and they are the ones I can count on my fingers. It is a huge hassle to keep them clean, plus get a bookstand and a lot of other things.

    Ebooks get the love because I am around gadgets all the time. I love keeping books with me but when space and hygiene becomes a concern, ebooks are the best. I have a kindle hence I can keep thousands of books in it and read it anytime. A finger press and dictionary brings up meanings for me which I'd have to look by keeping the book aside every single time.
    So for a lot of advantages, ebooks are the best. Sorry, smell of the new books isn't convincing factor for me.
  3. I can read anywhere where no one is disturbing me.
    Yes, I can literally read a book anywhere, in middle of a train standing getting crushed by other passengers, Sitting in train by the window or even a normal seat would do. In the garden, while enjoying the swing. In bus incase I get a seat as buses are leave very tiny gap, but I think I have still read a few books while standing in bus on my phone.

    Basically, I can read a book anywhere as long as you leave me alone. I don't mind the surrounding noise much unless it's someone literally shouting in my ears. I find it funny a lot of people make excuses about reading. They literally read messages, social media posts and what not in all these places and when it comes to book, they want to sit in an air conditioned room, alone, possibly lying down on a couch or if not the AC, then it should a window aisle with tons of scenic view outside. Some even prefer cafe's with pets in their laps. I can't read with someone wiggling in my lap for sure.
  4. Books which are in series like duology and trilogy and at times multi-book series are in my pet peeves.
    I have been reading a lot and I don't record every single book I read on goodreads or amazon. I have recently started it but yeah, still I don't remember to mark up every single book I have ever read.

    There are book series which are just made for the sake of being a series, too much description, or just plot building in first books or in middle books. Like, why did you even bother to write such a thing? I see it as a whole book of fillers. A good story-teller is who can build a plot smoothly whilst telling a story. The details should be silently and smoothly tucked under the main storyline in a way that the reader knows the characters as if they have been living with them for years now while they don't realise it is all made up of imagination.

    Books which are just fillers, bad plots, or some series which get ruined after first book just because writer is out of imagination and publishers forced the poor lad out to maximise the profits or the author itself wished to cash out of a very famous book by forcefully turning it into the series are the things I despise. I think a lot of times before getting a book from that same writer/publisher again.

Do comment and share your thoughts about it! I'd love to know what do you think. Also, I'd keep updating it quite often so do follow the Website to get all the updates by clicking here.

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Learn Python With Dhawal -11 Chapter - Program to Find A Number is Prime or Not


This time I wanted to share the fun and joy of using python. I had mentioned earlier that python is an advanced language and it has many libraries and modules to do things which we used code for a few decades back. Using basic math library functions isn't as much fun as what I am going to share with you today.

Python has a vast amount of libraries that you can import and make your work extremely easy as long as you understand how they work and what are the things that go behind the scenes when you use a particular method.

Here I have used a different library to show how much of your work can become easy when you start working with different modules and get familiar with them. Python is mostly used for Machine Learning as well as Data Analysis. So you can find a ton of things that you can do with this fun language as long as you know how to play with it.

Here I have shown a way to code a program that will help you find out if a particular number is prime or not. I have used very basic methodology to find it out and then I have shown another way to do the same time. I want you to observe the lines of code and how it works.

Input :

def checkPrime(n):
    '''to check if the number is prime or not.
       we will use the basic test of divisibility from mathematics.'''
    if(n==2 or n==3 or n== 5 or n==7 ):
        return True
        return False
        return False
        return False
        return False
        return True

n=int(input("Enter Any Integer from 2-100\n"))


    print(n," is a prime number.")
    print(n," is not a prime number.")


Enter Any Integer from 2-100
45  is not a prime number.
Input :

import sympy

n=int(input("Enter Any Integer from 2-100 to check if the number is prime or not.\n"))

print (sympy.isprime(n))


Enter Any Integer from 2-100 to check if the number is prime or not.

  1.  In the first program, I have created a little function that I call upon to check if a particular number is prime or not.
  2. In that I have made a loop to first pick out the basic prime numbers which we all know, following which I have made a little else-if ladder to find out if the number passes the test of divisibilities or not.
  3. If the number is not divisible by any of those then it is a prime number else it isn't a prime number.
  4. I have used the restriction for the number 1 as number one is a topic of debate when it comes to say it is prime or not. Some argue that it is a prime number while some say it is not, and it is something new. I forgot the term that was used for it and can't find in articles but if I do, I will surely update it here.
  5. Secondly, I have used only positive integers here for the sake of simplicity of the programming. You can include negative numbers as well as floating point numbers.
  6. If you can see, I haven't added any protection against invalid inputs here as I wanted to keep the code simple as possible. Since I wanted to show the difference in number of lines between using a library function by importing it and coding it manually.
  7. In the second code, I have imported a library and used it. Just like your math library which you can use to easily perform addition and other such basic math functions. Here this library holds a lot of special functions related to prime numbers. You can search on the web for other functions that this library has or use the help command to find out.
  8. This code is very simple hence I expect you to understand it, even though if you find anything difficult, please comment down below and I'd be happy to clear the doubts for you.

I hope you enjoyed as much as I did writing this chapter. Here you learnt something more about loops, variables as well as functions in a gist and how to go about using them and build your own logic for various things.


This series is totally authored by me (Dhawal Joshi). Any similarities found on the text, or codes or anything is purely accidental. All the sources of reference will be mentioned, linked and will be given the proper credits. If I miss anything or there's anything wrong, feel free to comment or send me an email and I'll try to edit it out. I am not a Python expert, I am sharing whatever I have learnt on my own and with a few sources around to refer from which will be mentioned. Also feel free to share this series with others so most can benefit out of it.


Do comment and share your thoughts about it! I'd love to know what do you think. Also, I'd keep updating it quite often so do follow the Website to get all the updates by clicking here.

Also, a minor headsup.... Obsessed is free to read on Kindle Unlimited! Do check it out. I'd be glad to read your reviews!
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Adventures of Young Solomon - Genie Series Fanfiction - Chapter 6


As the years, passed there were several instances in which Solomon had learnt more than the kids of his age. At the age of 10 he began solving maths which was for kids 5 years older than him. He was the ideal child for the school. He was smart and good at sports. They used to expect him to take a part in every event that school organised and often asked him to represent the school at other state level events.

This was all wrong in the eyes of Daisy. For her, the goal was to avoid attention over her child but this was all going wrong. It was getting harder to avoid attention everyday as Solomon looked older than his age. He was quite large in terms of body and his intellect was greater than others of his age. Due to which the school had decided to let him skip a few grades and move up higher with other kids who were in the same zone as him.

Darren was okay with this but Daisy’s fear was coming true. It wasn’t long before he would grow up at a rate which often pulled prying eyes over him. His physique and strength were often envied and most other students would be shocked at his intellectual abilities when they get to know of this age.

Many often used to think that the parents were lying to get attention over their kid and make him look special then their kids. The hype around him was on top when the school principal asked Darren and Daisy to let Solomon compete in the Olympiad Exams.

Now a teenager, Solomon was quite confused and weirded out by his mother’s over protective behaviour. But he used to agree with whatever she decided for him. Although this would result in frustration for him as he was been barred from doing things he was good at. He felt he should just go out and show others what he actually capable of. Teenage hormones had been taking him over and certainly his anger was getting out of control.

To release his anger constructively he decided to go for a hike. Darren was out of town on a work trip. Solomon wondered if Darren would’ve been here, wouldn’t have stopped him from going for the chance. It’s not everyday anyone gets a recommendation for it.

He quietly packs the essentials in his little backpack and sneaks out of the house from the backdoor while Daisy was busy cooking in the kitchen. He takes his bike and straps his backpack on the bike, riding off towards the mountains.

Just like usual, it was almost evening and it was the time when most people were about to get out of the national park. It was jungle after all and no one wished to get stuck in a jungle at night alone with wild animals. When most riders were riding back downhill, Solomon showing his amazing stamina was riding at a good speed up towards the hill.

He wanted to spend some time and watch the setting sun from the peak. It didn’t take him long to reach the top. He removed the back from his bike and pulled out a little yoga mat from it. Sitting on the mat he looked at the setting sun, the cool winds blew from the east and the birds chirping their way back to nests.

Solomon opens his eyes and jumps to stand up. The moon was up in the sky shining its beautiful light over the land. Solomon had ended up sleeping in the comfort of nature and it was now middle of night. Solomon pulls out his phone which had just a few percentage of battery left. There were 100 missed calls from Daisy. It was 12 am in the midnight and he was out here sleeping comfortably at the top of a mountain in middle of a jungle.

He notices a huge eagle flying above him in circles. Scared to death solomon picks up a stone and hurls at it up in the sky. The stone misses but the eagle takes a deep steep dive towards him. Solomon scared, rushes to pick his backpack and runs with his bike downhill. The eagle had climbed back up in the sky but still was hovering above his head in circles.

Solomon rides his bike down the hill as fast as he could and rushes back home without attempting to look up in the sky. On reaching home he notices that the eagle was still up above him, hovering in circles. He drops the bike in the driveway and runs inside the house.

He notices Daisy along with a few neighbours around her sitting by the doorstep. Daisy was crying constantly from past few hours. She walked up to her neighbours to ask if anyone had seen Solomon. He was missing for more than 6 hours now.

On looking at his mother shedding tears, Solomon rushes to her and pulls her into embrace. Realising Solomon is back, she first kisses her all over the face and then slaps him hard on both his cheeks. While Solomon was still trying to understand what was happening he was pulled into embrace by his mother and it was a tight one.

She started crying over his shoulder while he tried to calm her down like his dad. “Mom, I am here. I am safe. See, I am fine. I had just headed out for a little hike.” He tries to calm her down but the crying didn’t stop. Some neighbours smiled while others shaked their heads and started leaving. A few tapped on Solomon’s shoulder smiling at him.

“Where were you? How dare you disappear without telling me? I was so worried, I thought they took you…” Daisy stops at that sentence and brushes tears off her cheek. “The Dinner is cold, let me heat it up for you and then we need to talk.” Daisy walks back towards the kitchen.

Solomon had now more questions in his mind than ever. He wondered who was his mother talking about?  Who is going to take him? What was all this about? He agreed that there was more than visible to eyes. But he didn’t dare ask questions right now since he knew his mother’s anger.

That night, even though Daisy wanted to shout and scold him, she didn’t. Both ate their food in silence and headed off to beds. Daisy couldn’t sleep, she tossed and turned in bed thinking about today’s incident. She knew it was bad to talk about this without Darren’s presence. She knew if Solomon started asking questions, she won’t be able to lie to him.

When Solomon had arrived back home, she noticed the eagle up in the sky. That was when she knew that her son was safe as Darren had said. He was watching him over from there. It was feeling of reassurance but she had no knowledge about the things happening in genie land. She had a lot of questions for Darren as well. He had kept the secret of Solomon been watched over by ‘him’.

There were a lot of questions bubbling up in young Solomon’s mind as well. He knew there was something that his parent’s used to hide from him but today that half sentence had just been etched in his mind like a carving on stone. He wanted to just rush to his mother and ask everything out but he was worried about what would happen next.

He was worried what would his mother do the next morning? Would he be grounded? Will he be allowed to participate in Olympiads? With all these questions in his mind he kept turning in his bed. There was no simple answer for these questions. All he could do was await for the sun to rise.

Next morning, it was just like normal Sunday morning. Daisy acted as nothing had happened last night. Darren was back from an early morning flight. He had to cancel his work trip in between and come back when Daisy informed him that Solomon was missing. At once the same thought had crossed his mind as well but then he reminded himself about Ali watching him over.

Darren was on the breakfast table going through the newspaper while Solomon entered the room. “The breakfast is ready.” Daisy started serving food as he arrived. Solomon was confused with what was happening around him. No one was mad at him anymore? Or was it a way to show their anger? Confused, he quickly gulped down the juice and munched on the roasted eggs.

Within a few minutes he finished his breakfast and walked out. There was a cold pin drop silence in the room. The noise of the spoons hitting the plates was clearly audible. He wondered if he should sit or just leave. Looking at Darren’s face who smiled at him, he was assured that there was nothing like he had been imagining. He was happy that he wasn’t getting grounded for little stunt he pulled up yesterday.

As soon as Solomon left, Daisy started staring at Darren. Darren noticed her and smiled at her. “How could you hide such a huge thing from me?” Daisy keeps her spoon down and folds her hands waiting for him to answer. Noticing her changing stance, Darren knew he had to tell her the whole truth.

Daisy’s mouth was open with shock when Darren relayed everything from the magic pills till his conversation with Azeez the last time they met. “I can’t believe it. You kept all of this from me? Why, Darren?” Daisy drops the plate in the sink and leaves the room. Darren follows her but she closes the door on his face. “I need some time alone Darren.” She spoke from other side of the door.

Daisy was trying to understand and reason with everything that had happened over the years. How could he keep all this from her? She deserved to know the truth. All this time she thought ‘he’ didn’t care about her and the kid. She thought he’d just steal him away from her just because of some random genie law. All this time she stayed scared of losing her son any moment. It was just too much to digest for the moment. While Daisy was trying to understand everything, Darren was waiting outside leaning by the door. He didn’t budge from there until almost an hour later she opened the door. He thought she’d be mad at him, instead she pulled him into hug and kissed his cheek.

“All this time I was worried that he’d be taken away, scared for no reason. If I had any idea that ‘he’ was overseeing him, I would have never worried so much about him. I know there will be a day when he will have to face his other side but for now I don’t think there’s a reason to keep him caged like a bird.” She smiles at him.

Darren was confused but he decided not to push the topic any further. This time he was worried about Solomon. For Solomon, it was like a game of see saw. Last night while he had been sleeping, he had a weird dream. A dream where he popped out of his body like a ghost and roamed around the forests. No one was able to hear or see him. He could touch them but not the other way around. His spirit was glowing in golden blue and he was enjoying roaming around the forest before his encounter with a cougar.

He thought the cougar could see him as the cougar leaped towards him. He ran out of the wilderness back to the open spot where he could see his body. He checked behind to see if he was being followed. The cougar had something in his mouth while it bounced back into darkness of trees. As he tried to turn back and look where it had been going, he tripped upon a pebble and fell straight on his body.

He just merged with the body and that’s when his eyes shot open. He thought it was a weird dream. Later, when he checked his phone, the amount of missed calls had him occupied and he forgot about this dream until later that night when he was unable to sleep. He wanted to ask about the eagle, that weird dream but he thought it must have been him dreaming and just let it go.


Do comment and share your thoughts about it! I'd love to know what do you think. Also, I'd keep updating it quite often so do follow the Website to get all the updates by clicking here.

Also, a minor headsup.... Obsessed is free to read on Kindle Unlimited! Do check it out. I'd be glad to read your reviews!
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Adventures of Young Solomon - Genie Series Fanfiction - Chapter 5


Solomon was now five years old and it was time to send him to pre-school. Daisy wasn’t at all convinced by the idea of sending him to a normal school as she was constantly worried about Solomon doing something which would reveal his true self.

Daisy had grown paranoid over the years in an attempt to keep him safe. Even though just like the eagle had mentioned, Solomon had completely forgotten that he was a half genie. He lived his life like normal humans. But that didn’t convince Daisy at all. She was worried about his safety at school.

It was a task for Darren to convince her but a doting father wasn’t able to convince the overprotective mother so easily. It took him long time but he was able to let Daisy feel better about their kid attending school with other kids like a normal kid.

Everything went fine for a few months until one day when there was an earthquake. Solomon was playing in garden with other kids when the tremors were felt throughout the area. The teacher immediately took the charge and rushed kids to a safe place. But young Solomon was just too busy to pay teacher any heed. He kept climbing on the dome before he fell inside due to tremors ending up getting injured and trapped inside.

It didn’t take long for teacher to realise that Solomon was missing. She had now a difficult choice to make. To stay safe at the place or just risk her own life going out and looking for the little kid. She left her kids with other attendant who was helping her and headed out to look for little Solomon.

Solomon had fainted due to injury and panicking as the sand pit beneath the dome had slipped and he had fallen into a pit. The pit was large enough for keep the child trapped inside. All of sudden an eagle appeared in the sky and broke the metal dome with its beak. He grabbed solomon at the shoulders using its talons and flew off to safe place. Before going he gently tapped on his head once and shoulders. Teacher finds Solomon unconscious on the playground. She rushes in as a tree was about to fall and picks him up in arms.

Daisy had a panic attack thinking about what would’ve happened to her kid if the teacher wouldn’t have discovered him. Solomon was extremely quiet after the incident. It wasn’t usual for him to stay silent and sit calmly at one place as instructed. Darren calms Daisy down before he takes little one to his bed as it was sleeping time for him.

Darren was about to leave after tucking the little one in when he grabbed his hand and didn’t allow Darren to leave. Darren realised that he was scared but he didn’t fail to notice that the kid’s grip was much stronger than it should be. It felt like a super muscular hand was almost about to crush his bones if he tried to resist. “I am here with you. Don’t worry, Daddy’s here soli.” He caressed and kissed his head sitting beside him.

“Did anything happen today soli? You look scared?” He asked wondering if his suspicions were true. “Earthquake happened, then I fell into a huge hole daddy.” Little Solomon tried to express the size of hole with his hands.

“Then?” Darren was having second thoughts about his suspicion. “I was out in teacher’s arms when I opened my eyes daddy.” He hugged him with full strength. “Easy, easy boy. You don’t want to break daddy’s bones.” Darren let out a squeal which little Solomon took as a play joke and relaxed the grip. But truth being indeed something happened which gave Solomon this monstrous strength. He was now with Daisy  on doubting his thoughts to let their little one visit the normal school with other kids.

Darren closed his eyes that night and tried to call Azeez. Surprisingly, it worked this time and Azeez was in front of him. He didn’t send any messenger or someone else this time. Darren noticed weird scars on his body but decided to ask about it later. Darren narrates the incident to Azeez and asks if he had something to share on it.

“I have my friend Ali, the eagle, always watching over him. His duty is to protect the young one at all costs. He told me about the earthquake. It is weird as this area never had any earthquakes before.” Azeez wonders about if anything else was at the play.

“What about the super strength? I noticed one day its powers were gone but now only his strength is back. Don’t you think we need to let him know and educate him about this? He isn’t the same kid any longer and won’t be..” Darren was worried about the future consequences with Solomon’s new super strength.

“Yes, that is something you need to do. If Ali allowed the strength back then there must be a strong reason. A reason which I think would be classified. All you need to know that he will be safe. Just avoid attention over him as far as you can.” Azeez disappears into the thin air ending his instructions.

Darren was standing still with a lot of questions in his mind when the door opens and Daisy walks into the garden. She looks at him noticing the wrinkles on his forehead. She puts a hand on his shoulder making Darren smile at her. “What’s troubling you?” She looks into his eyes. Darren was a good liar but his eyes used to give off the truth. Whenever he lied he used to avoid direct eye contact with her.

“Nothing much dear. I wasn’t feeling sleepy. Hence decided to take a little stroll in the backyard.” Darren assures her looking in her eyes. “You are worried about Soli as well right?” Daisy enquired smiling at him. “How did you know?” Darren wonders if indeed he had got better at lying or not.

“I have known you for a long time now. It’s quite obvious for me to know when you try to force an eye contact to avoid the fact that you are hiding something.” She smiles at him as both let out a chuckle.

“Yeah, I can’t really hide anything from you. I am worried about him, especially after today’s incident. Somehow his super strength is back and using that he had almost unknowingly tried to crush all my bones.” Darren burst out into laughter. Daisy quickly looks at his hands and lets out a sigh of relief. “ Why didn’t you tell me before?” Daisy was annoyed as she had been unaware of this fact. She wondered how long Darren was about to hide it from her.

“Don’t worry, we need to teach him to handle his strengths. It’s us who need to educate him about his other self.” Darren puts arms around her neck. “No,No,NO. Not at all. How can you even think about it? What if he uses it on someone else and…” Darren puts a finger over her lips. “You need not worry so much. There’s always someone watching over him.” Darren points up in the sky. Daisy thought he was talking about god but little she knew that there was Ali always above them to protect him from any harm that might come his way.

The next day was when young solomon was filled with shock. Everything he tried to grip was getting shattered into pieces. He got angry and slapped the wall which resulted in huge hole in the wall. Scared of what was happening to him, he snuck into a corner and started crying.

Darren rushed towards his room when he heard a loud bang. He noticed Solomon sobbing in a corner of his room. The door knob was badly crushed and there was a huge hole in the wall. Alongside there was a little dent on the flooring as well. Knowing what to do next, he took him in his arms and took him outside for a walk.

Daisy wanted to come along but Darren wanted to handle this himself. He wanted to have a father son talk. When they arrived back, Solomon had a huge smile on his face and Darren appeared relaxed. Daisy rushed and took little Solomon in her arms. Surprisingly, Solomon’s grip wasn’t stronger than it should’ve been. She wondered what had happened?

She looked at Darren seemingly looking for answers. Darren just smiled at her and nodded in assurance. He had thought him how to have control over how much does he exert on anything. For young Solomon it was like video game. He thought of it as a play exercise but at the end he learnt to control is strength. It took him a few hours with the help of Darren but certainly there was not doubt that the kid was remarkable.


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Adventures of Young Solomon - Genie Series Fanfiction - Chapter 4


It was now time for him to arrive in this world. This day would be etched into their family history in golden words as it was going to be special day. Darren was on a summer break. He had plans to work full time but instead he took a temporary leave from his work. He started being around her all day long and keep a watchful eye.

They both had observed some unnatural and weird things happening during this pregnancy. First was abnormal growth inside the womb and then sudden reduction down to normal levels. Second being the discovery of the baby having the magical abilities that were passed to Daisy via the umbilical cord. They were lucky enough to keep the prying eyes out and keep the doubts to minimum.

All the parent’s wanted to assist them but Darren being strict and vigilant didn’t allow anyone to see Daisy without his guidance. Somehow whoever came near the unborn baby started loving him. As if he was making them love him with his magic. All stress would disappear when they used to be around him.

Darren even though impressed initially was now getting scared more and more about the baby yet to born and it’s magical prowess. This was even new for the genies as they haven’t seen anything like this happening ever. At times, even Azeez used to get clueless about how things were working so well. Darren once asked him to be his guide for the magical part as being mere humans they won’t be able to guide him with that.

That day, suddenly sunny skies changed to clouds and by the evening it began to raining heavily. There was a lightning storm outside. Darren closed the windows and doors to keep the cold outside. Lightning used to scare daisy but somehow this lightning wasn’t having any effect on her. He wondered if she was taking the baby’s help again.

Darren was about to head downstairs to prepare for dinner when Daisy’s screams filled the house. Daisy’s water had broken and she was screaming out for Darren. He quickly checked upon her and rushed downstairs to prepare for delivery inside the house. He had read a lot of books and journals about delivering a baby without the doctor’s help. He had kept all those things ready assuming it could happen any moment. Luckily, he had all the things in hand except warm water. He quickly arranged for the water and headed upstairs with the rest of the kit.

While daisy was preparing for the little one to come out, trying her best to stay calm and avoid panicking but the anxiety was taking over her. It was visible that as baby was getting disconnected from her as the magic which was keeping her calm even in the midst of a lightning storm was getting weaker. Darren rushed to her side and helped her calm down and focus on the little one.

The baby was born with a huge stroke of lightning at almost had burned down a tree nearby to crisp. To their surprise looked just like an average human baby. The glow they had been observing was absent and it was a fact of relief as well as worry for the new parents.

Darren took the baby in hands and called him out Solomon. It’s the name they had decided a while ago. Looking at the cutest form of human life in his hands Daisy knew out of both Darren would be the doting one. She gently smiled at the fact before handing over the baby back to Darren who was dancing around in excitement waiting to hold the little one.

For the next couple of days the telephone lines stayed busy with greetings and congratulations. Both the parent’s paid visit and wished to stay but Darren assured that he’s capable enough to take care of both mother and child. Parent’s being them, decided to give a long list of tips and tricks to help Darren. It was quite funny for Daisy to watch him getting scolded by his mother even when he was doing most things well. All that love for her and baby made her feel blessed than ever she had felt before. The parental love that she had begged for was all hers now. But now, she was a parent herself. She realised it was her duty to love as well as prepare her child for the world that waits outside the boundaries of this house.

Even with a ton of tips from everyone about ‘how to be a good parent’, they knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Everyday was a new surprise for them as solomon wasn’t your average little baby. A few months later he was running on his both feet. Even when he was just 3 months old, it look like he was almost a year old.

Darren’s idea to shift to a secluded place worked out as they were successful in avoiding many questions that would’ve raised suspicion about Solomon. Little Solomon was a surprise package each day. At his first birthday, he started flying around in air. It was notoriously hard for Darren and Daisy to catch hold of him and bring him down. They worried if he would hit into something and would get hurt.

The house had to be modified for a genie baby which didn’t look at all of his age. Darren came to know that genies usually live much longer lives than humans hence they grow much faster than average humans. The time was much faster here as compared to Genie land hence the boy’s body growth was quite unpredictable. At times he used to grow straight for months but then at times he would just stay of same size.

Just like that the time passed and Solomon’s magic was getting more and more extravagant. There was no one to teach him the control and no one to make him stop using it. He began using magic for everything from making things disappear that he didn’t like to land in Daisy’s arms whenever he wished. Initially it was surprising and exciting watching him discover his other self but later it was striking a danger bell in Darren’s mind.

Darren wanted to make solomon learn about his powers and have control over them whereas Daisy wanted to make him forget about his genie part as she was scared to death thinking about Solomon being taken away from her. She still remembered Khalil’s words. He was heir to the throne. It was dangerous for Solomon to keep using his magic.

It wasn’t long before Daisy’s fear came true. Solomon now, being three years old was playing alongside other kids in the park.  Daisy and other mothers were watching their kids playing in the sand pit making sand castles. Solomon even being three years old, looked like five year old boy.

Most thought he was a healthy child and growth was part of it until that day when Solomon decided to let his anger get the best of him. While playing with kids, he had finished making his sandcastle. It was largest of all the castles. Other boys clapped while one young lad just walked upon Solomon’s castle. At that moment, Solomon’s anger got out of bounds. He flicked his fingers and the castle was back as it was before.

For a moment, all the mothers who had been observing the kids from a distance were shocked. Most thought they were just imagining things while the one whose kid had walked upon Solomon’s castle stared at Daisy for a while and then turned to look at Solomon. Daisy quickly got up from her seat and briskly walked towards young Solomon.

Watching his mother coming towards him at this speed, he knew something was wrong. He tried to use the magic to calm Daisy down before Daisy caught his eye and glared at him. His eyes looked down as Daisy picked him up in her arms and walked away.

That evening Solomon expected Darren to save him from the mother’s scolding but Darren scolded him as well. The incident had scared Darren and had made him realise that this isn’t going to be as easy as he thinks it would be. That night, Daisy and Darren ended up fighting about what should be the next step. Daisy won the argument and decided to hide the magical world from Solomon altogether. She would prohibit from using magic and punish if he disobeyed. Darren didn’t have much say as he knew that she was scared about Khalil just taking away the kid from her if anything endangered him or him being half genie came out.

Solomon sat in a corner of windowsill and cried out looking at the moon when he saw an eagle circling around the house. The eagle dived down towards young Solomon. Scared at the eagle coming towards him, he quickly jumps down and closes the window and runs to sit on the bed. He hides himself inside the blanket thinking eagle won’t be able to find him inside it.

The eagle had no trouble passing his spiritual form through the glass window and sat on the bed beside Solomon. He pulls blanket over Solomon with his beak and then gently pecks Solomon over his heart with it. Scared Solomon bursts out into tears screaming at highest pitch he could have. The eagle quickly rushes out taking a notice that his gesture probably had scared little one.

Darren watches a huge eagle passing through closed glass window. He tries to process the information but then focuses on the little one. He takes him into his lap and cajoles him into calmness. He notices a sudden difference in aura around Solomon. It felt different hugging him from before, the tingling sensation was missing. Darren asked him to try making the pillow fly. Scared solomon didn’t absorb what his father was asking him to do. He was confused as he was scolded for using magic before and now his father was asking him to do the same.

Even with conflicting thoughts in mind, Solomon flicked his fingers but nothing happened. He looked at Darren with moist eyes and tried again but nothing happened. The magic was locked inside him and Solomon wasn’t able to use his magic now. Darren realised that eagle must be Azeez’s doing to save Solomon and an attempt to keep him off the vigilance of the tracking eyes.

Solomon now was crying more than before. He thought his mom punished him for not obeying her and now he lost his special abilities. Darren didn’t try to make him understand as he knew that someday he has to embrace this side of his but for now it is better to keep it closed.

That night in dream the same eagle popped in both Daisy and Darren’s dreams. He told them that his master had ordered him to lock the young genie’s powers making him unable to use them. This was a rule which was followed in the genieland as to make kids learn that magic was only to be used when it was needed. It wasn’t a shortcut to get things done without efforts.

Alongside, this will not only teach him now to do things without being completely dependant on magic but also will keep him away from prying eyes. Daisy was worried about what if the plan didn’t work as intended. The eagle mentioned that soon, little Solomon would forget all about his magical abilities and it wouldn’t be a bother to keep him away from attempting shortcuts.


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