Adventures of Young Solomon - Genie Series Fanfiction - Chapter 4


It was now time for him to arrive in this world. This day would be etched into their family history in golden words as it was going to be special day. Darren was on a summer break. He had plans to work full time but instead he took a temporary leave from his work. He started being around her all day long and keep a watchful eye.

They both had observed some unnatural and weird things happening during this pregnancy. First was abnormal growth inside the womb and then sudden reduction down to normal levels. Second being the discovery of the baby having the magical abilities that were passed to Daisy via the umbilical cord. They were lucky enough to keep the prying eyes out and keep the doubts to minimum.

All the parent’s wanted to assist them but Darren being strict and vigilant didn’t allow anyone to see Daisy without his guidance. Somehow whoever came near the unborn baby started loving him. As if he was making them love him with his magic. All stress would disappear when they used to be around him.

Darren even though impressed initially was now getting scared more and more about the baby yet to born and it’s magical prowess. This was even new for the genies as they haven’t seen anything like this happening ever. At times, even Azeez used to get clueless about how things were working so well. Darren once asked him to be his guide for the magical part as being mere humans they won’t be able to guide him with that.

That day, suddenly sunny skies changed to clouds and by the evening it began to raining heavily. There was a lightning storm outside. Darren closed the windows and doors to keep the cold outside. Lightning used to scare daisy but somehow this lightning wasn’t having any effect on her. He wondered if she was taking the baby’s help again.

Darren was about to head downstairs to prepare for dinner when Daisy’s screams filled the house. Daisy’s water had broken and she was screaming out for Darren. He quickly checked upon her and rushed downstairs to prepare for delivery inside the house. He had read a lot of books and journals about delivering a baby without the doctor’s help. He had kept all those things ready assuming it could happen any moment. Luckily, he had all the things in hand except warm water. He quickly arranged for the water and headed upstairs with the rest of the kit.

While daisy was preparing for the little one to come out, trying her best to stay calm and avoid panicking but the anxiety was taking over her. It was visible that as baby was getting disconnected from her as the magic which was keeping her calm even in the midst of a lightning storm was getting weaker. Darren rushed to her side and helped her calm down and focus on the little one.

The baby was born with a huge stroke of lightning at almost had burned down a tree nearby to crisp. To their surprise looked just like an average human baby. The glow they had been observing was absent and it was a fact of relief as well as worry for the new parents.

Darren took the baby in hands and called him out Solomon. It’s the name they had decided a while ago. Looking at the cutest form of human life in his hands Daisy knew out of both Darren would be the doting one. She gently smiled at the fact before handing over the baby back to Darren who was dancing around in excitement waiting to hold the little one.

For the next couple of days the telephone lines stayed busy with greetings and congratulations. Both the parent’s paid visit and wished to stay but Darren assured that he’s capable enough to take care of both mother and child. Parent’s being them, decided to give a long list of tips and tricks to help Darren. It was quite funny for Daisy to watch him getting scolded by his mother even when he was doing most things well. All that love for her and baby made her feel blessed than ever she had felt before. The parental love that she had begged for was all hers now. But now, she was a parent herself. She realised it was her duty to love as well as prepare her child for the world that waits outside the boundaries of this house.

Even with a ton of tips from everyone about ‘how to be a good parent’, they knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Everyday was a new surprise for them as solomon wasn’t your average little baby. A few months later he was running on his both feet. Even when he was just 3 months old, it look like he was almost a year old.

Darren’s idea to shift to a secluded place worked out as they were successful in avoiding many questions that would’ve raised suspicion about Solomon. Little Solomon was a surprise package each day. At his first birthday, he started flying around in air. It was notoriously hard for Darren and Daisy to catch hold of him and bring him down. They worried if he would hit into something and would get hurt.

The house had to be modified for a genie baby which didn’t look at all of his age. Darren came to know that genies usually live much longer lives than humans hence they grow much faster than average humans. The time was much faster here as compared to Genie land hence the boy’s body growth was quite unpredictable. At times he used to grow straight for months but then at times he would just stay of same size.

Just like that the time passed and Solomon’s magic was getting more and more extravagant. There was no one to teach him the control and no one to make him stop using it. He began using magic for everything from making things disappear that he didn’t like to land in Daisy’s arms whenever he wished. Initially it was surprising and exciting watching him discover his other self but later it was striking a danger bell in Darren’s mind.

Darren wanted to make solomon learn about his powers and have control over them whereas Daisy wanted to make him forget about his genie part as she was scared to death thinking about Solomon being taken away from her. She still remembered Khalil’s words. He was heir to the throne. It was dangerous for Solomon to keep using his magic.

It wasn’t long before Daisy’s fear came true. Solomon now, being three years old was playing alongside other kids in the park.  Daisy and other mothers were watching their kids playing in the sand pit making sand castles. Solomon even being three years old, looked like five year old boy.

Most thought he was a healthy child and growth was part of it until that day when Solomon decided to let his anger get the best of him. While playing with kids, he had finished making his sandcastle. It was largest of all the castles. Other boys clapped while one young lad just walked upon Solomon’s castle. At that moment, Solomon’s anger got out of bounds. He flicked his fingers and the castle was back as it was before.

For a moment, all the mothers who had been observing the kids from a distance were shocked. Most thought they were just imagining things while the one whose kid had walked upon Solomon’s castle stared at Daisy for a while and then turned to look at Solomon. Daisy quickly got up from her seat and briskly walked towards young Solomon.

Watching his mother coming towards him at this speed, he knew something was wrong. He tried to use the magic to calm Daisy down before Daisy caught his eye and glared at him. His eyes looked down as Daisy picked him up in her arms and walked away.

That evening Solomon expected Darren to save him from the mother’s scolding but Darren scolded him as well. The incident had scared Darren and had made him realise that this isn’t going to be as easy as he thinks it would be. That night, Daisy and Darren ended up fighting about what should be the next step. Daisy won the argument and decided to hide the magical world from Solomon altogether. She would prohibit from using magic and punish if he disobeyed. Darren didn’t have much say as he knew that she was scared about Khalil just taking away the kid from her if anything endangered him or him being half genie came out.

Solomon sat in a corner of windowsill and cried out looking at the moon when he saw an eagle circling around the house. The eagle dived down towards young Solomon. Scared at the eagle coming towards him, he quickly jumps down and closes the window and runs to sit on the bed. He hides himself inside the blanket thinking eagle won’t be able to find him inside it.

The eagle had no trouble passing his spiritual form through the glass window and sat on the bed beside Solomon. He pulls blanket over Solomon with his beak and then gently pecks Solomon over his heart with it. Scared Solomon bursts out into tears screaming at highest pitch he could have. The eagle quickly rushes out taking a notice that his gesture probably had scared little one.

Darren watches a huge eagle passing through closed glass window. He tries to process the information but then focuses on the little one. He takes him into his lap and cajoles him into calmness. He notices a sudden difference in aura around Solomon. It felt different hugging him from before, the tingling sensation was missing. Darren asked him to try making the pillow fly. Scared solomon didn’t absorb what his father was asking him to do. He was confused as he was scolded for using magic before and now his father was asking him to do the same.

Even with conflicting thoughts in mind, Solomon flicked his fingers but nothing happened. He looked at Darren with moist eyes and tried again but nothing happened. The magic was locked inside him and Solomon wasn’t able to use his magic now. Darren realised that eagle must be Azeez’s doing to save Solomon and an attempt to keep him off the vigilance of the tracking eyes.

Solomon now was crying more than before. He thought his mom punished him for not obeying her and now he lost his special abilities. Darren didn’t try to make him understand as he knew that someday he has to embrace this side of his but for now it is better to keep it closed.

That night in dream the same eagle popped in both Daisy and Darren’s dreams. He told them that his master had ordered him to lock the young genie’s powers making him unable to use them. This was a rule which was followed in the genieland as to make kids learn that magic was only to be used when it was needed. It wasn’t a shortcut to get things done without efforts.

Alongside, this will not only teach him now to do things without being completely dependant on magic but also will keep him away from prying eyes. Daisy was worried about what if the plan didn’t work as intended. The eagle mentioned that soon, little Solomon would forget all about his magical abilities and it wouldn’t be a bother to keep him away from attempting shortcuts.


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  1. I understand that its a novella kind of a fanfiction but I'd have loved to see more dialogues. Things are running way too fast, not that it isn't well written. Story is very interesting.
    Solomon will get his powers back right? I mean, I want him to do wonders... -Jyothi.

    1. haha, yep. I know the dialogues are very less since there's not much explore in terms of discussions here since they know what is going to happen and they are just learning to deal with it. Somethings were known but as magic worked they knew most of the things without anyone telling them.