Dhawal Joshi is a Author / Blogger from the City of Mumbai, a city that never ceases. He is an avid reader who has a mini library to suffice his voracious reading habits. He is to be a Computer Engineer who has an optimistic & practical approach towards life. He is quite talkative by nature, a proud gujju and a happy go lucky guy. He loves meeting new people and chats online a lot. Don't forget to message him some time ;) He celebrates 28th April every year as the day when he started his adventure on earth. He is a passionate and a moody writer. He has written a few books on Wattpad, and also works as an Wattpad Ambassador. You can find the links to his works from the blog. He also works as a freelancer for blogs and can write on a wide range of topics. Coming from a technical background he is well versed with the - Tech.

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   Blog:- https://dhawaljoshi.in
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   Twitter:- https://twitter.com/uniquechapdj
   Facebook:- https://facebook.com/joshidhawal
   Wattpad:- https://wattpad.com/user/joshidhawal
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   Google Plus :- https://plus.google.com/+DhawalJoshi7
   Goodreads :- https://www.goodreads.com/joshidhawal

Note from Author:-

You might be interested in knowing my source of inspiration behind this blog. The credit goes to my awesome Readers or as I like to call them my friends, who identified the talent in me and encouraged me to write ahead. At the beginning, I wasn't good enough in my writings but as the time passed, I have learned a lot and am still learning. Learning isn't something that ceases. I just randomly began posting online on this little space of mine on the large internet. It is been a long journey now where encouragement from readers brought me to a stage where I was comfortable about penning down my thoughts and hence publishing them here. About the blog, well everyone has a certain POV in their lives. POV which is influenced by several factors like affected by culture, upbringing and surrounding environment. I want to write about the the number of ways we can view the world, only if we think and stop stereotyping everything around us. The World and life are too short to be stereotyped in the tinge of lives that we live. So better than judging and classifying lets live and enjoy every single moment of life.


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