1. Obsessed : One Mystery, A Misunderstanding, Too Many Lies.
  2. Still Holding On

Obsessed : One Mystery, A Misunderstanding, Too Many Lies

Not your usual sherlock holmes or Police investigation Mystery. A page-turner leaves you gripped to the story with cliche plot appearance in the beginning that leaves you amazed as you go around the story.

A Story of Three best Friends , Rehan Shah, Tanya Arora and Ruhani Rana . A Friendship that was envied as well as adored by many. But things begin to change when unrequited love started to seep in their friendship. Situations arise that were never expected. Their friendship was on the test. Tanya, the daughter of leading business tycoon is found bleeding in her room at night before her marriage.

Was that really a suicide? Or a murder? Will Tanya survive? Was it for love? for greed? Or was it for something else?

What will you think would win? Love? Or Friendship?

To know what happens when you are forced to choose between best friend and your beloved, read and live through their lives.

Can you find out the mystery behind the incident?

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Still Holding On

Every single day many people come and go in our lives, but there are a special few that stay forever. They make such an impact that their presence is often felt in every single moment you'd live.

Online dating was a fairly new concept for him whereas she was a quite an old player in that game. He was new to this arena but certainly not naive in the game of love. A few hits there and a few saves here from each side and their pair begins to win every time. Beginning as friends first this was moving slowly ahead, brewing into something deliciously sweet. But as every chocolate has to leave its bitterness behind, this one leaves as well.

Then later a new round, new beginning and the game begins again. But this time he's more careful and decides to play safe. But again the same story repeats and he's left with a bitter after taste again. Though he was about to quit and call it a defeat, his internal ego didn't let him quit. Hence, again a new round of game begins and there she comes. This time, it was different. She was new to this world and he was quite an old player. Will the sweetness of the dish leave a bitter taste behind again? Read and find out.


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