Adventures of Young Solomon - Genie Series Fanfiction - Chapter 1

This is a short story fanfiction based on Durriya Kapasi's 'Genie' Series. It can be read as a stand-alone although if you want a deeper insight then I would recommend you to check out both the books.

While reading the second book I had a few ideas in my mind which I wanted to explore about the early life of the Human-Genie Hybrid Solomon. He is quite a unique blend. I had a nice chat with the Author herself and then taking her permission I decided to just add my version of some spice into the missing part of the story. Taking the characters from her, I have spun some crafty story with my imaginative powers. I hope you enjoy my take at those characters.

This here is a direct first attempt at writing a fan-fiction. None of the chapters are edited. It is pretty much readable but incase you find something weird here and there please ignore and don't hate me for it. I just wanted to play around the idea and concept, hence here is what I could make up within 3 days pretty much straight. Rest, I'd like you to read and comment on it.


Daisy still remembered that day when she had to choose between saving Darren’s life or being together with Khalil. Somehow inside her head, she always knew that sooner or later she would be forced to ask for a last wish and this merry dream would come to an end. But she hadn’t expected it to happen so soon.

Even though enough time had passed after the incident, she still felt like everything that had happened was nothing but a really funny and vivid dream. She gets up from the bed as the rays of sun fall on her eyes. She carefully slides her legs down first then gets up gently keeping a hand over her belly supporting the huge bulge in her belly. Initially, she had no idea why she was growing weaker everyday but then a visit to hospital clarified that she was indeed nurturing a new life inside her.

During the initial days it was weird to come up with excuses as she was well aware that it is child is not an ordinary human child. He was the fruit of her and Khalil’s affection. The foetus inside her was growing at abnormal rate. It had been just a few months and it felt as if she was on last month of her gestation period. Alongside it was already difficult coming up with excuses as doctors were getting more curious about the abnormal growth rate. They wanted to see if there’s some complication or something weird as for them it was something out of the bounds of their medical science.

Daisy had discontinued visiting doctor after second month as once during the sonography doctor could see nothing but smoke inside her belly. Doctor thought there was something wrong with the machine but daisy knew that the machine was working as intended. She had freaked out once when doctor enquired how her belly was having a huge bulge even though she was just two months pregnant.

Initially, doctors assume there might be twins or triplets on looking at the bigger than usual belly bump. But after that sonography incident, daisy decided to avoid doctors as she didn’t want anyone to start poking questions at her since she was already a bad liar. She just shuddered at the thought of her unborn being taken to some unknown secret facility for some experiments as they used to show in the sci-fi movies.

Darren was released from hospital just a few weeks later the incident. His chemotherapy sessions came to an end at last. Somewhere inside he knew that he had almost died. He had almost seen his soul being passing out of his body when there was a sudden jolt and it pushed his soul back into his body. He knew something supernatural was at work. Later, he came to know about Khalil and Daisy, his eyes couldn’t stop shedding tears. He promised Daisy that he’d take of her more than Khalil could ever imagine. He owed his life to him now.

Daisy knew that it was no easy choice and she had to now live with its consequences. Luckily, Darren was around and he changed how she looked at the world now.  He had brought her out of depression. He made her realise that she indeed had done what had to be done. Internally somehow she knew that he was right. It was so funny that when she wanted to get rid of Khalil he was there sticking out like a sore thumb to her eye and now when she craved for his presence almost the whole universe was on plan to keep him away from her.

Things had already been getting weird as just in 3 months it felt like she was about to give birth to the baby anytime. She had been staying inside to avoid the prying eyes as darren took care of everything outside. He took care of her like a mother than a friend. That was when she knew that no one would be a better father to her kid than Darren.

One day, she insisted on going to church and get married that day itself. Darren was first surprised at this idea and hesitated when she suggested to get married in such a hurry. She was having a huge baby bump and hardly could walk around without a support as she had grown weaker everyday. At once darren thought to just take her while she sleeps to hospital to see if everything’s okay.

“You don’t want to marry me?” She asked as her doe like eyes were almost moist to burst open into tears. “That’s not the point Daisy. You are so weak right now. I don’t want to stress you out, That’s all.” Darren hugs her and rubs her back. “It’s okay if you don’t want to marry me. Just say it to my face, I can handle it pretty well. You don’t need to sympathise. I can handle it myself.” She tried to pull out from the embrace and push Darren away as Darren pulls her back into a tighter embrace and kisses her forehead. “So where do you want to go for honeymoon after the wedding?” Darren looks into her eyes as tears roll down her cheeks and she pulls him into a kiss.

At night, she woke up suddenly feeling uneasy and breathless. Darren had fallen asleep sitting beside her on the chair. She rolled on her side to face him and rested her head on her hand. She smiled looking at sleeping Darren whose mouth was now open and drool was all over his shirt. She gets up and sits as she feels a little thirsty. Her eyes land upon her baby bump which was now glowing golden blue. She just kept staring at it in awe for a while as she rubbed it gently to see if she was not dreaming. Her hand moved across the glow to find tiny sparkles above the hand as there was a tingling sensation.

She smiled as kept watching little sparks flying off her hand as she rubbed the baby bump. It reminded her of Khalil when she had first released him from the bottle trap. Darren was still sleeping when she glanced at him. There was dried drool over his face and he was sleeping like a baby. Suddenly, she felt nauseous and her eyelids started feeling heavy. The next moment she fell unconscious on the bed.

Darren woke up as if he knew about her losing conscious. He puts her back into sleeping position again covering her with the blanket as his eyes land on the glowing baby bump. Fascinated by the glow, he touches her belly feeling the tingling sensation as the sparks fly over his hand. Soon enough Darren starts feeling sleepy and rests his head on the baby bump cradling his hand around it. It felt as if baby wanted to get the parents’ love.

Next morning, Daisy gets up to find Darren sleeping with his head resting on her stomach. She smiles as she noticed his hand wrapped the bump around as if protecting it. Not wanting to disturb, she closes her eyes back and drifts off to sleep again.

Darren wakes up as the gleaming rays of sun fall on his eyes. He wakes up to find a weird scroll and bottle in his other hand. He keeps the bottle on the table beside and opens the scroll up. It read,

Give her these pills. These are special medicinal pills from the Genie land. They are consumed by expecting mothers in our land. Genie babies are very active and need a lot of energy. Give her these pills and make sure you bump up her calories in diet. Don’t ignore this weakness as it can even kill her if the baby keeps taking all her energy away. This will only get worse as the baby grows, it’ll need more energy than ever. I’ll watching over but if you need help just close your eyes and call my name.

For now I have replenished her energy with my magic, but it won’t last longer. Due to restrictions I can’t be around and talk much with you guys. Hence either I’d try to leave messages like this or just put knowledge about it in your brains. So don’t freak out when you know something you don’t know how. Also, since this is very sacred information, keep it secret at the cost of your life.

I trust in you just like my big brother. Also, this scroll will start burning once you have read it so make sure to throw it in a safe space before it burns everything down.


Darren rushes towards the window and throws the scroll outside into the pond as it burns completely even before it reaches the water surface. The ashes turn into sparkles slowly disappearing leaving no trace of scroll behind.

Darren looks back quickly as Daisy wakes up stretching her arms straight up in air moaning a little. “Good morning sweetie.” Darren kisses her forehead before helping her to get out of the bed. He quickly hides the medicinal bottle before she could see it. He doesn’t want her to think of this pregnancy as some huge life threatening task. He wanted her to make it as normal for her as possible from hereon.


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  1. I just loved how you brought in new turns and twists to the story and characters! Obviously, something I couldn't imagine. I enjoyed reading all my characters in a new way, with a different mind set and imagination. So fresh!

    Thank you so much for this Fanfiction <3

    1. It is a great relief when the original creator of the characters loves the fanfiction. I tried my best to put out more content rather than building up the words. I am happy that you loved it.