Adventures of Young Solomon - Genie Series Fanfiction - Chapter 2


It wasn’t long when she was getting nightmares every time she fell asleep. Every single time she tried to sleep, all those memories came haunting back to her as if it wasn’t over yet. Many times she just used to get up screaming Khalil’s name later realising that he wasn’t around.

During those days, Darren often had to wait in hospital for checkups and ending chemotherapy sessions which ensured that his disease doesn’t sprout back up. It had been just a week of khalil not being around anymore. It felt as if she was addicted to him now. She gulped down some water from the glass beside the bed and took some sleeping pills. The sleeping medication was prescribed by her doctor. She had been visiting a doctor as it was now second week of not being able to sleep.

She didn’t reveal anything about her nightmares to the doctor. She made it look like it was about the aftershock from the Darren’s sudden cancer detection and heart attack, short after her grandma’s death all haunting her coming back while she sleeps. But inside she knew it was him. His memories weren’t letting her sleep.

Everything the dreams began her being with him in the gardens of genie land and then something going wrong. Everytime it was something new where she survives and khalil disappears. She hadn’t shared it with Darren as she was worried that he would leave his treatment and get worried about her.

Later she she somehow realised that it might be the baby doing the tricks. It was weird for her she knew the fact but she had not source of knowing that. It felt as if somehow the information kept appearing inside her head on her own magically. Stumbling upon the word ‘magic’ she ran around the whole house searching for Khalil. She knew he was helping her somehow during this phase. She was happy to know that he has the knowledge about their baby.

She rubs hand over her belly shouting at the sky, “ I know you are there looking over at me. I know you are still helping me in various ways you can. Can’t you just come for once and see me? I know that wishes are over but can’t you be here to see your own baby and it’s mother?” A drop of tear leaves her eye when suddenly, she felt something getting inside her throat sucking all of her voice. That’s when she felt like little whispers calling her out. She remembered this sound. This voice, it was very familiar, it was him. She closed her eyes to listen carefully when a voice echoed inside her ear.

“I am always here habibi, watching you and our little one. Don’t shout next time like this else I’d be forced to take away little one from you. No one should know about the baby. It is your and Darren’s baby, not mine. Remember this, if anyone from magical world comes to know of the fact that king of genies has a baby in earthland, it would be a disaster.”

And then all of sudden there was deep eerie silence in the surroundings. She opens her eyes quickly and scans around to find herself alone near the window. She watches Darren parking his car in their driveaway and bringing some carry bags along. She rubs the dry tear off her cheeks and heads downstairs.

She opens the door just when Darren was about to do the same with the spare key she had given him. Darren was recovering from his bad health and he had given up his scholarship to just take a normal diploma in a local community college. The sponsors of the competition were so impressed with Darren getting to know the back story, they decided to fund his education as long as he wishes to study. That’s when Darren takes up a better course that he actually wanted to study.

Although due to ongoing treatments, his parents being paranoid about his health and most importantly thought of leaving Daisy alone didn’t sound at all appealing to him. Daisy was yet to break the news about the confirmation of pregnancy to him. She felt she had troubled him a lot till this day and for once she wanted to support him instead of being a liability.

“How did you know I am coming?” Surprised Darren smiles at her as she lets him in opening the door.

“I saw you parking the car from the window.” She smiled back closing the door behind him. “So, how are you now? I hope the reports are all clear.” She looks at him enquiring in a low serious tone.

“Yes, the reports are clear and doctors are shocked. How did that happen so quickly? They are still weirded out by the fact that one chemo dose can be such a rollercoaster. Little do they know the actual reason behind it, right?’ He winks at her smiling as he watches her face drop.

“Hey, I am sorry. I didn’t mean it that way.” He tries to console her but she shakes his hand off and runs straight up towards the bedroom. He drops the food bags in kitchen and puts some in plate before heading upstairs. He knows that nothing can cheer up Daisy better than some good food.

He carefully sides beside her on the bed as she was curled up resting her head on knees wrapping her arms around it. He puts the plate on the bed and gets her to look up at him. He could see tears rolling down the cheek. He wipes the tears off her face and puts the huge plate full of burgers and pizza in front of her. “Now this pizza flight has taken off straight from Italy and its destination is inside Daisy’s stomach. Here it comes and makes a landing approach on her lips to slide down her tongue straight into her tummy.” He takes a slice of pizza and feeds her like a child. She couldn’t resist the silliness of the fact and bursts into laughter, gently punching him on the shoulder.

Darren heads down to do the dishes as they finish eating. She follows him to help but darren refuses. “So how is you and the baby?” Darren asks putting dishes in the washer. Stunned Daisy looks at him without batting an eyelash as if she was caught red handed. “You told me yourself? When I was on the hospital bed, half asleep?” Darren tries answer her unasked question. “Yes, but I thought you might have forgotten. I didn’t want to burden you with my issues. I have done enough of that and I am apologetic about it.” She sits on the chair resting her hands on the dining table.

“This isn’t an issue. It’s a miracle. Look at it the way I am, Daisy.” Darren places his hand over her belly and smiles at her. “Have you ever imagined how a hybrid of a human and genie would turn out to be? Although, I know you could see khalil but I couldn’t. It would be a new wonder for me. Take it this way, even though he had to leave, he left a legacy behind with him inside of you. Think of it as a bond which will connect you two again and this time it won’t be easily broken.” Daisy smiles at Darren at pulls him into embrace.

“Thanks Darren, you are the best friend anyone can ever have, I love you.” She smiles and kisses him on the cheek and rushes back upstairs at realising what she had just done. Darren watches her leave in a trance. That was the moment Darren realised that even she had some feelings in store for him but he decided not to push them.

He started caring for her and the baby as if it was his own. Daisy couldn’t attend school any longer due to the pregnancy. She had just barely finished the high-school. Darren had moved in with Daisy to be able to take care of her in a better manner. He used to go to school in morning and work after that till night. He wanted to be the one who supports this little miracle without anyone’s knowledge.

Darren’s parents had noticed the sudden shift in his feelings towards Daisy but they were clueless about the Daisy being an expecting mother. It wasn’t long before the secret broke out when a few weeks later, Darren’s mom decided to pay Daisy a visit.

She thought Daisy was carrying her son’s child. Initially, she was so mad at Darren for unprotected sex but later it turned into motherly love. She assumed just a lot on her own and decided to avoid all the awkward questionnaire as her son had taken up the duties of being a father seriously. This was a boon in disguise for Daisy and Darren as they didn’t wish to share the truth anyway. They let the misconception about Darren being the father continue. What else could’ve said?

Initially there was a backlash from their parents but after looking at both living in harmony, their minds changed. There was something magical about the baby which made everyone forget their grudges, sad past and everything around was a happy eerie.


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  1. The baby is powerful even before it's born. Quite a unique concept. I wonder what kind of miracle it can do once stepped on the earth. Lol. Hopefully there's such a thing written. Darren is very sweet. The way he made her have a slice of pizza was cute. So Khalil isn't coming back to her life at all? Is that how the original series ended? -Jyothi

    1. This story is situated in a middle gap of the two books where the lines were hazy in main plot. This portion is placed between the first book - once upon a genie and beginning of the second book, The neverfoundland. Khalil is gone at the end of 1st book. Yes in 2nd book solomon indeed turns out to be powerful, heir of the neverfoundland in fact.