Adventures of Young Solomon - Genie Series Fanfiction - Chapter 3


Just as Azeez had mentioned in the letter, there were several instances when things Darren had never imagined or read about where there in his mind. It felt like someone had hacked his brains and dropped all the information there without him taking a notice.

It had been just 3 months and the baby bump was larger than ever. Daisy could now barely walk without his support as the bump would just make her lean forward. There was active back pain whenever she tried to sit up. Darren wondered how long it was going to continue. Somehow he knew that this was just the beginning, it was going to get much worse ahead.

At night the glow from the bump kept increasing daily. At times it’s brightness used to cover the room light a little night lamp. It was all weird firsts for both of them. Darren was getting worried but he cautiously hid his stress from both Daisy and the little baby inside of her.

One day, Darren decided to move along somewhere secluded. He had booked a winter cottage in Alaska and decided to take Daisy along with him on a road trip. He knew that a road trip with a expecting lady might result in suspicions but he had to take a chance. He opened the door to Daisy’s room and sat beside her on the bed. She was reading ‘fault in our stars’ which she kept aside knowing that he wanted to talk.

“I have decided to take you to some secluded place where no one can interfere us until the baby is born. All this little weird things like abnormally large bump, its glow at night which just keeps increasing can raise questions. It won’t be late before anyone starts poking questions which we can’t answer. I can’t risk that at any cost. So I have booked us a winter cottage in Alaska and we will stay there until the baby is born. Looking at this it seems it won’t be any long.” He places his hand over the bump.

Daisy didn’t want to move out but she knew that Darren was right. Her neighbours already hated her grandma because she was a witch. After her death they even had suspected many paranormal activity going on inside the house. Little did they knew that there was a genie in the house. Daisy wished she could just drift away somewhere away from here.

She just closed her eyes and imagined of a random snow clad alaskan peak when suddenly she started feeling cold. She abruptly opened her eyes to find herself lying on a thick layer of snow on a tiny peak. She freaked out and started looking around to see where she was. She thought it might be him or azeez somewhere around observing her but it wasn’t the case.

She rubbed her shoulders as it was snowing around and she was barely clothed for it. Suddenly, she started feeling warmer from inside and all of sudden the cold didn’t affect her at all. What was happening? She looked around her to find if there was some genie hiding but she couldn’t find anything other than thick layers of snow and herself on a lonely secluded place. That’s when she realised it might be the baby inside her.

She closed her eyes and imagined herself inside her bedroom and then on opening her eyes she found herself on the bed and horrified Darren in front of her. He lunges towards her and hugs her tightly. “Where did you go? I was so worried. I tried finding you everywhere in the house. You literally gave me another heart attack.” Darren murmured in her ear embracing her.

“Darren, I have to tell you something.” She pulls out of the embrace and cups Darren’s face. Darren looks at her and wonders what was it all about. “The baby, it has same powers like his biological dad.” She smiles and nods at him as he tries to understand what had just happened.

“You mean this baby inside you has genie powers too? WOW!! How did you come up on that conclusion?” Darren looks at her baby bump and tries to understand what he had just heard. “Yes Darren! The baby has magical powers. I just had closed my eyes and wished if I could go away to some secluded place and imagined a random snow clad peak and all of sudden I was there when I opened my eyes. I was surrounded by nothing but snow. It was freezing cold when I started rubbing my shoulders and wished if the cold would disappear and it just did. Within next few seconds I was feeling absolutely normal. At first I thought it must be him or some other genie sent by him around me but no, that’s when I realised it must be the baby.”

She smiles looking at her belly and rubs the bump. “So, that’s why your belly glows at night.” Darren stares at her stomach wondering what’s more to be discovered? He mentally makes a note of it to ask Azeez about it the next time he gets a chance. “So, can you drift me too along with you? Just like Khalil did?” Darren enquired looking still looking at the baby bump wondering how the child would turn out to be when it already can use magic inside the mother’s womb.

“I don’t know, its all new for me too. You know?” Daisy was happy and excited to see what all she could do, or in reality the baby could do. She holds Darren’s hand and both close their eyes. She asks Darren to think about the cottage he has booked. When they open their eyes they were there outside the cottage. It was snowing around and there was snow on the roof of the wooden cottage. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

They quickly closed their eyes and in a moment there were back to their room on the bed. “That was amazing!” Darren exclaimed. “ I know right!  I can’t wait to see how wonderfully talent this child would be.” Daisy had tears of happiness rolling down her eyes. She couldn’t wait any longer to bring the child into this world.

The next few days they spent exploring what other things the baby could do. The magical abilities were flowing through Daisy as she was connected with the baby via the umbilical cord. But soon she realised that using magic was extremely energy hungry. The more she tried to use magic to ease her life the more she used to feel hungry and if not fed she used to get weak as if she wasn’t fed in weeks. Darren secretly used to crush the pills Azeez had given him and mix it with Daisy’s morning juice. Those pills helped her recover her energy back much quicker than food.

As the weeks passed by the energy she needed was growing at an exponential rate. One day when Darren arrived home from work, he found Daisy unconscious at the foot of staircase. He thought she fell from the stairs but as he moved close he realised there was no injury of any sort. She was floating in mid air just a few centimeters above the ground. The baby had saved her life that day.

Daisy had started rejecting food since last couple of days and she was getting weaker and weaker. Even multiple pills didn’t help now. Frustrated Darren closed his eyes and called out to Azeez for help. He tried multiple times but there was no response. Darren was clueless what to do next? He couldn’t risk going to the doctor as he couldn’t let out the secret.

One of his hand was supporting Daisy’s head while other rested on her belly bump. It felt as if the baby understood Darren’s pain and Daisy slowly opened her eyes. Darren kissed her and then the baby bump. He carried her in his arms and made her rest on the bed. He brought soup and carefully fed her with his own hands. That was the moment he decided that he would have to be more careful than ever.

It didn’t make a day until he got to learn something new about the baby. Everyday as the magic grew stronger, Daisy started getting weaker each day. Although, the good thing being the bump had stopped expanding and instead had surprisingly grown down back a few centimeters. Darren once wished that he could see what’s happening inside the womb and somehow his wish was granted. He could watch baby inside, there was that same familiar hypnotic glow but now there wasn’t any smoke like before.
It was so mesmerising for him that he kept on looking at it. It had been 7 months now and he could see the face inside. It was a boy. He hugged Daisy in out of happiness and then headed downstairs to bring a blueberry muffin for her. He sits beside her and places muffin on her belly. She smiles at him knowing what Darren was trying to say.


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  1. Her bump stopped growing because of the pills Azeez had been giving her? There might not be, but it did sound fishy. 7 mnths already! And they know its boy. Let's see how he turns out! -Jyothi

    1. haha there's a lot of content inside than just visible to naked eyes. Those are actually super energy pills used by genies since using magic consumes a lot of energy.