Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Review: Land of Strength and Sorrow

Land of Strength and Sorrow Land of Strength and Sorrow by Cassandra Fear
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was one of the fantasy books which was in my list. So Finally I had time this week and had it out for reading. I loved how the book began where the in the past and then it straight gets into the present. I liked the creativity of the fantasy world, like the fairies, giants and all. Its not easy to create a magic world for sure.

Apart from being a fantasy world, there was a lot of plot twist and storyline here. There are a lot of love hate moments inside the story as you'd love certain parts of lead and hate some. It keeps interest going on through out the book till the end. As for me it was quite predictable as I had guessed most of things in first few chaps. I won't lie but still I enjoyed reading it till the end.

Things I didn't like much were the end of the story and magical details about the creatures being spoken off. It felt like if there could've been more it'd be a lot more fun. The end of the story was a kind off cliff hanger. It felt like 50% cliff hanger and 50% The end. It was weird but unique.

For all the fantasy fun, magical adventure journey I'd surely recommend it.

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Sunday, 14 January 2018

The Reason I Respect Them

I didn't had any plans to blog today since I was reviewing a book which you'd be soon getting to know about, but something happened which made me think and you know when I think something pops on this blog. So here I am with a new mind tickling post.

People always talk about respect, some want to gain respect while some are somehow trying to respect. Some have the attitude of give and take respect. But you know what?  Respect is something that should better come straight from heart. It's that feeling of adoring and admiring someone where you take their example as an inspiration in your life. Respect isn't a task that you should do just because you are asked to do.

There might be several contradictions in your mind right now, I know. We are always asked to  Respect elders, why? Well because they are adults? No, I don't think so, we should respect them because they have more experience and knowledge of something called life. Apart from elders, there are loads of people that gain respect from us somehow when we walk down those streets.

Personally Me as an Individual and not considering any bias respect self-made people. I don't know why but when I see some people crazy fanning behind any personality I am not hyped with the crowd unlike them. You would hardly find me saying that I really admire that person or am fan of them.

Well I was listening to this pop song which was quite popular on YouTube and I Eh, Another pop song and then I clicked to listen the track. I must say the track was catchy and was influenced by many International styles but the thing that grabbed my attention was the singer's exclusive Interview With some another channel that YouTube was suggesting me.

After playing that song a few times which was quite addictive and catchy track as I said, I clicked on the Interview. Usually I don't look forward to any celebrity interview but somehow I was expecting something from it that I don't know why?

I watched the entire interview and well I was mentally respecting that singer more than I just had after I listened to his song. He was a self-made man and well it was his journey that made me respect him. At a tender age, being on top of one of this first chosen careers he had a massive drop before getting to singing which was his second passion or a hobby.

You see the difference in thoughts when you respect someone? One is like Eh, another song and then there's  This is awesome. That difference is called respect. Its not like only elders can get respect. There are kids I've seen who are brilliant in their own ways.Then there are people who have made themselves from their hard work.

I can't just respect the ones who have always been with a jump start. It just don't come out on its own. They might have loads of fan following over Internet or Worldwide but I will just be like eh, that's another one. I am sure most are going to count me as douchebag. But its something I can't help myself out with, you just can't force respect for someone.

Its the same with most of us when it comes to finding partners. You just don't love someone truly until you start respecting them as a person. Surely he/she won't be a internationally known celebrity but If you can respect them they are not less than a celebrity for you.

With this I'd end this post and leave a question for you. What do you see in someone to respect them?

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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Review: Escape From Benzor

Escape From Benzor Escape From Benzor by S.A. Krishnan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was longing to read a really good science fiction for a long time and then I stumbled upon this book. Well I must say author has done really nice job working with the characters, scenes and technical aspects in the book. I felt like reading a star trek version of a book. I am pretty much sure if you are star trek fan, you might love this book. All of those Inter-Planetary stuff will excite you and keep you guessing.

I really enjoyed reading it throughout but there were a lot of confusions with the new-worldly terms and things that were mentioned in the book. I wish there could be a glossary to decipher the meanings of those things. Apart from that, I was able to get many terms by the time I finished the book that had me confused and head scratching in the beginning.

Narration was brilliant and the writing style was enjoyable. There were areas, I felt it could've been more engaging but well it might be just me. I'd recommend this book to geeks or the ones who like reading geeky, techie and suspense filled books. It is the first book in series so I am excited to see what will be coming in future releases.

I'd classify it as one of the hidden gems, try it and you will love it.

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Description :

Benzor is an uncomfortably cold planet in the Kor Solar System.
Unfortunately the Space Pirates who stranded Major Omkar Navate of the Higher Enforcer Division 
in Benzor knew that. 
All alone in Benzor, Omkar Navate is trying to get back to Terran. But it is a losing battle with his hypothermia and other injuries.
And no one knows where he is...

Why was he stranded there?
More importantly can he get back 

Monday, 1 January 2018

Kaleidoscope is Selected in The Best of 2017 Author Websites

It's not every morning when you get up and have an email in your inbox saying ," Dhawal,

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The top 45 we selected were all so high quality that it was very difficult to rank them; every blog selected here is of extremely high quality."

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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Are you ashamed of yourself?

Heyo! By the title you might have guessed what this time I am gonna write about. But you know the trend on this blog. I am not gonna give you any motivational super-boring lecture but rather a fun and mind tickling read.

Coming to the topic, are you actually ashamed of yourself? I have been within this writing community for a long time now. I made a few very weird observations here on perspectives that people are having. Basically I am going to relate a few things with writing community here as my main message is for them but this also applies to others.
Why are you ashamed of yourself?
We being Indians have seen a lot of people around faking accents. To me, nothing annoys me more than a person who is faking something just because he is ashamed of his own self. We Indians specifically have this tendency to always feel low of our selves because of our English that we received as an hereditary package from British. But as time passed, we have developed our own touch with English.

Most people shame it by calling it as 'Mother toungue Illness' by classifying it as illness. Let me tell you, It's not Illness. This is a very peculiar thing that is going on in our literature community especially. There are people who think we still are going somewhere wrong with our language. They think Literature is something that should be on level of Shakespeare else its rubbish. But they forgot the most important aspect of Literature here i.e. Language. Language changes with people, with time. I have seen many users classifying them as #GrammarNazis online. But then I laugh as grammar is something with also made by people. Grammar changes with language.

Most of you won't know fun fact about the famous lines that we always use online.
Roses are Red, Violets are blue, ...... blah blah
Well I know most logical nazis will say that violets are violet and not blue. Is that person colour blind? But when this thing was framed, the colour violet wasn't recognised. It was more like a shade of blue. Hence violets are blue here.

I have seen people classifying books as shit and rubbish online, surprisingly they're best selling ones. I know at times marketing nuisances make actual shits famous but well that doesn't apply to all books or art pieces you think. You don't like a thing that doesn't equate to shit always.

Apart from all these things, I personally despise people who despise our own Indian way of English. Even software have Indian English options these days, c'mon we are  in 21st century. India is 2nd largest populated democracy. If you ignored a thing here, language is made for people by people.

Time changes a lot of things and we need to adapt to it. I have a few friends who think Victorian Era literature is only thing that we can call as books rest other is shit. My friend I am sorry to say your head is filled with shit. I have never said that thing before ever on my blog posts, but this time I needed to say this.

I know this Indian Author, until she got published herself, when someone asked her about what did she read and why? Her answers used to be, I don't read Indian authors, because they write shit. and after her own anthology got published the opinion changed to, I discovered that not all Indian Authors write shit. You know How many times I have facepalmed on this thing?

I know there's a term popular for these people which you might already have guessed it in your heads and I won't write it down. Samajhdaar ko Ishara Kafi hota hai.(A Hint is good enough for the Wise )

Even more ridiculed I am right now because every wannabe I meet across this community turns out to be same ideology beholder. The issue isn't when they keep these ideologies with them, Issue is when they make actions based on these ideologies. They demotivate people, here good writers. I have discovered many really good writers during my Wattpad Journey. I may not have written many things myself but I have read a lot. I don't judge others usually but this was something I had in my mind for very long. How shallow minded can anyone be?

Only thing I would like to tell such people, If you aren't happy with things around you, don't demotivate others.That's the minimum you can do to help yourself and people around you. Secondly I really Hate, if someone says Indian Authors Don't know English or write shit. You my friend should better get off somewhere else because this place isn't for you.

Apart from that, I want to end this with a positive note. Remember the story of the Ugly Duckling,for those who don't know, it's a classic children's tale that you can google up. You will come across a many people in your life. Most haters will disguise themselves as critics, but trust me, a critique will try to improve your skill by giving a solution. If their opinion isn't providing any solution they aren't a critique, its just a hater. Mean comments and haters are like black spot on a white board. No matter how white the board will be, our focus will be somehow on that black spot. I'd say everyone is unique, people wait for something unique always. You can't eat pasta and burger with same flavour all your life. The same way you can't follow cliched old trends all your life. With time you need to adapt, you need to change and most importantly you need to grow. Because nature doesn't wait for anyone and it only makes the best survive.

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Friday, 22 December 2017

Lets Talk About Motivation #thinking Wisely

Recently I was talking to one of my friends on my humble writing abode aka Wattpad. So While chit-chatting here and there she shared one YouTube Channel link. It had a 16yr old reciting some poems with loads of emotions and stuff which discussed issues of people around. She is a sucker for motivational things and especially TEDTalks.

Many times she shares a lot of motivational stuff she feels is good enough for me, and me being regular savage puts it down. Well, I ain't rude on a purpose or someone who thinks high of himself. I just think in a very practical manner.

Think of it, you and me every time we are online scrolling across screens and websites, walking down the lanes or having a discussion in group.There comes a topic where almost everyone has something to talk about. Everyone has a point that they think should be considered. But if you just push aside the haze of that smoke gathering around you and burst your bubble you'll find something that might amaze your mind.

Think of it, with the population we have around and most have access to the internet. What if everyone starts a YouTube channel, or a blog or something where they just crib and cry about some issue without even finding solutions for it? Is that gonna help solving any issue? I don't think so, then there comes people with different sorts of made up views, they thinking cribbing and crying about any issue will spread awareness.

No my friend that doesn't do a thing. It rather just creates clouds of hatred, gossips, negativity. You are actually farming negativity over that portal of yours which was supposedly to be helpful.

You know what someone does when they actually wanna help?

They get their asses off into the battlefield and get straight to work
The simplest inspiration I can give you is from our soldiers. They know a lot of things before they sign up for the armed forces. They know there's terrorism, its bad. They know there are lot of discrepancies around still they join the forces to do what? TO HELP! that's your cue here.

If you feel you can motivate someone, you can get someone from bad to good or can bring a significant change in the people around you. Begin at your own stage. You might be a school going kid, you might be a teen, or a millennial or a retired person. Its upto you, how to go about and bring a change.

All talking never helps, its very easy to sit and comment and chat about issues. But very difficult to go down there in field and change it.
If talking was the thing that could help then there won't be scientists, doctors or engineers around to solve the daily issues and bring out the inventions to get rid of them. There would be just a bunch of cry babies who would cry and crib around and get problems solved on their own.

If you want to bring a change be a doer and not a talker. 
If you think what can you do now apart from sharing those cribbing articles, then my friend there's a lot that you can do. Just have a look at the opportunities around you. Calm down, think practically and reasonably you'll find a lot of things where you can improve yourself and then you'd be proud of the change that you've brought in.

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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Truth behind the trend of Book Series

Publishing books in series is the latest trend in the market. Somehow everyone turns up with a duology or a trilogy or many times the series continues till there are like 15 - 16 books in the series. The funny thing about this is that many actually have the story that goes on till that many books and rest others end up bloating the book and publishing a series at the end.

If I sum up all the disappointment I've got in my whole life from reading books, 70% of that comes from the book series. I know it would to be too blunt to just say it out like that without being buttery or diplomatic. Most of the authors just go as their publisher asks them to do or they just are over possessive with their art on the paper. So, instead of trimming their books or lining up the story line properly in a better and interesting way that makes reader love the book, they end up making a series out of it.

I know some of you think I am removing some kind of frustration but well if you look around yourself. Just take any book series and look for the points that I just mentioned, see if they are somewhere true, you'll find your answer.

Now the question comes why a book series and not stand alone book? Well talking about stand alone books, most of the times these book series, parts don't even qualify as stand alone novel in their own. If I just jot down their story line in some points that I won't even find a proper story in the book. Hardly a few points or turn-arounds that make you feel Oh yeah! that feels like a nice plot! But nah! 70-75% bloat is published in the name of character development and plot building.

Well, for the answer to WHY? That all is done to earn more. Most of the publishers go for a series tactic as in this way they sell more. Why would an Author object with this when he/she could feel relived about their manuscripts not getting trimmed and instead getting divided as two different books? So, when the first book in the series is launched, they promote and invest a lot. Doing loads of giveaways, promotional campaigns, Marketing discount campaigns etc.

If we see this from the marketing and business perspective this is actually a nice way to sell more. Honestly I don't have issues of Book series which actually have some story ongoing and those books can stand alone if someone's not read the other parts.

But why to publish bloat and call it a book series? Ever thought on that? Well this is all from me. I'd love to know your comments about this.