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It's the age of Advertisments

The moment you open any browser app to the moment you go online and search for something, each and every move of yours over this world called Internet is tracked and stalked by someone. You just can't avoid any eye here, just all you can do is make it not something obvious to pay attention at. This isn't the topic I am going to write about here.

With all the businesses these days coming up with free models or as they more appropriately call as freemium models of earning, there are some who actually are annoyed by these things called adverts and rest just don't mind.

From some random music or video streaming app to OEMs, there are steps where your everyday driver like your so called feature packed smartphone is nothing but just a personalised display to show you ads? I know this is looks like some sort of paranoid thinking but its true. But the main question is why ads? Why not just make it paid subscription and let people enjoy content free of annoyances?

The issues lies here in the mindset of the mainstream public and media. Ads aren't bad, without ads, you won't be knowing anything even out of the 1km radius of area you live in everyday. But when does something get annoying? Do ads really benefit the companies and businesses that much that every single firm you can think of is busy running behind these ad giants?

Companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc.. track your even minor details like your height, weight, heart rates and what not to serve you 'personalised ads'. The reason that all of this is booming is because people love free stuff.

When you aren't paying for the product, you are the product.
Lets see how this works in the real life of Joe and Harry. Joe and harry launch a new business which is a new online video streaming service investing billions into the business. Joe heads for the traditional pay to watch model where Harry prefers the freemium model. Harry decides to place and show ads in the app to while people don't have to pay anything. They can just login and watch whenever however they like. Also alongside Harry decided to launch an option to remove ads by paying monthly some amount which is lesser than Joe's business model.

The people who were heavily against the ads decided to stick with Joe and pay while they enjoyed their content free from all sorts of intrusions. But slowly Harry's app interested people more with more content coming to his platform with exclusivity. Harry's app was used by masses and hence guaranteed more eyes to watch for all those content creators and revenue for them. Even though Joe's app wasn't in loss but it wasn't known by people or used that much since they had to pay to watch. While harry's app continued to gather more attention since there were options for both to watch for free and also if you get bored of ads, you can pay to watch just like Joe's app.

With time Joe's app was about to go down as since there weren't any more increasing number of users to his app, no more content creators were interested in giving streaming rights as much forget the option to make something exclusive  to their app. Since there wasn't much content to be discovered anymore people stopped paying to Joe and moved on to Harry's app and paid to get rid of ads.

While here Joe's app was taken off the market since it wasn't profitable anymore. Harry gauging the situation decided to make the premium price higher since there wasn't competition anymore around to catch up with him. Ads were paying him more than the premium subscribers and he wanted to maximize the profits out of his business while he could. Here Joe decided to ditch his paid model of business learning from the Harry's Model of doing business and started his own another app totally based on free viewing with ads concept. Now Joe's app was fairly new and to get more attention he decided to take the help of ads. Now he paid for the ads campaigns which got streamed on the Harry's app which was showing the ads.

Slowly people started giving Joe's app a chance and the cycle begins again.

You see, ads actually pay these businesses more than the paid models and also attracts way more people quickly than any other thing. Guess the reason? People like free stuff, it allows them a chance to explore things in much better manner. Ads aren't the evil but as long as people decide to love free stuff more ads are here to stay and business will always run in the way to earn more profit.

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Review: Lotus In His Eyes

Lotus In His Eyes by Renuja Haque
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Blurb from Goodreads:

Diya is a simple girl with secrets living a lonely life in Delhi. One day out of the blue a hot officer shows up on her doorstep claiming to know parts of her life she hasn’t told anyone. As she tries to fend off her attraction to this sexy man while helping him with a case, a new angle arises. Her past has come back to haunt her. 
The innocent boy she had once fallen in love with as a child is not so innocent anymore. He makes her feel things she had buried deep inside her. He had broken her heart once and threatens to break it again. Ride along with her journey as she discovers whether to go with her long lost love or to fall for the new man in her life.


This book is an emotional rollercoaster. It has some triggers and shady moments that some might not be comfortable reading but its overall a really good read. The story was gripping and I never lost interest in reading even once. The characters very really well blended with the situation and although there were a few silly errors here and there but I feel they can be easily edited out and doesn't affect story that much over all. The story I felt was much more focused on the romantic and personal life of the protagonist, I wish there was some focus on the other elements as well which were really good enough to uplift the story but probably were under the shadow of the tale of Diya.

Overall it was a really good read and would surely recommend to ones who love books with a ton of emotional ups and downs.

Buy Link :

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In the Age of Propagandas

In my last post I had written about the possible case why there was a rise of thing called untouchables in the human society. I was pretty much sure that I was about to get backlash from some narrow minded people but writing world always surprises me. One of the person I was talking to from a while where she was being all goody and called other people thin-skinned when I told her my idea behind not doing any reviews from hence forth. That very same person was so clouded with something in her own mind which was worst than being a narrow minded person.

In this age of social media where a few clicks can make your voice reach throughout the world, this person decided to become a keyboard warrior and bash someone who just stated the obvious fact drawing a conclusion on his thesis. It's often very easy for creators like me to find hate or negative comments but people who understand and support rarely comment and just be silent spectators. Why is that so? This question still at times intrigues me but lets keep it for some another day.

If you just open up any app in which somewhere down the line it has social interactions possible. I am sure you'd see a propaganda running in very first few seconds. Right from the personal messaging apps like whatsapp to social media websites like facebook. Media houses have gained a strong hold over people when they switched from the traditional printed newspapers to e-media. It was rather easier for them to maintain a website and rather cost effective than printing and delivering papers to people around the regions.

Again all the things talked about in here and just to show an easy example of how a propaganda is planted into people's minds by smart people who want to benefit from it. Most of the times we aren't even aware how this happens but it does. After which all you can do is start a word war which can be verbal or with keyboards to defend yourself in vain attempts to prove something that no one is even interested in knowing.

These ideas are promoted blindly by two kinds of people mainly, one who are benefiting from it and second are the one who just love the whole idea of the message being passed. These propagandas are so tightly knitted to your most important ideals that people just can't resist them or ignore them totally. Some are smart to just read and understand while most aren't and they fail to understand the thing that has been going around such posts and articles online.

You'd find all sorts of ideas being cheered from sporting a beverage to promoting a particular leader where the later one is being easily spotted and hated more. But the thing is, do we really need to be a keyboard warrior online? Suppose, imagine I hate something and I stopped commenting about it online but does that mean its not in my mind? Nope, the things still go in your mind ticking the clocks and at times the when it comes out, they aren't much pleasant either.

So what's the solution to this? I'd say whenever you read something just ask yourself a question, is really the world that bad like these people are promoting? Obviously, everything isn't sunshine and walk in the park but its not bad like these weird articles with all sorts of ideologies promote. If that bad been the case the world would've ended long back.

All I'd love to say is stop falling prey to such absurd and head-ache giving propagandas. Your life will be at peace and you might even love it more than you do right now.

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The Truth and Science behind the untouchables

If you are known to the Indian culture and its ancient vedic culture, you might have somewhere heard about the caste system which divided the society into the 4 basic sectors. The Brahmins, The Kshatriya, The Vaishyas and The Shudras. All of these 4 kinds of people were given a basic life task that they had to work upon and improvise with generations.

Vedic culture was said to be one of the most advanced civilizations ever known. Its said that it was even more advanced than the present modern civilization in some aspects. But with time all of that information was lost, some of which we are been recovering even today. Although most of its information was long lost but one thing stayed very dominant within the Indian culture and made its deep roots within the modern Indian society as well.

I had question in my mind from a long time which often kept me bugging without any answers until a few days back I had my answer. You can say I had my eureka moment while I was in shower and you know the shower thoughts right? So, coming back to the topic, I wanted to know why a society and culture so scientifically inclined and stable decided to declare a certain number of people untouchables. Why this kind of discrimination which almost lead to exploitation and gave out a feeling of criminalisation to a person born within those families?

Well the answer lies here, I was watching a video which explained the black plague, its causes and also the present human sanitation systems. As some of you might know vedic society was one of the pioneers in creation of proper sanitation systems. Now, its no nonsense that who ever deals with the bio-waste also deals with all sorts of the hazardous chemicals from biowaste and bacterias and other germs that breed in it. They would've been easily susceptible to a number of diseases which spread via contact and other means.

Now, a few generations later as we know how the magic of evolution works its on way. It might have brought resistance for those germs to the people who had been exposed to that environment but at the same time the other three kinds of people didn't have any exposure to that environment and its harsh nature so they'd be readily susceptible to diseases and might have caused plagues a ton of times. Hence they might have decided to medically isolate the people who used to work with bio-waste and hence keeping the society safe and secure as it might have reduced the transmission of diseases and had enhanced the living conditions until they found a cure for them. If you see this in real life we can relate it with the nuclear power that we work with today.

We lack measures to stop and cure any harms caused by nuclear radiation and hence it has to be dealt with utmost care. Similarly, in that era they might not have cures for diseases and hence to isolate the people who have daily exposure was thought of as a better solution. But as the years passed, people started to use these scientifically thought divisions and systems for their benefits to have political gains, things started changing. There was hatred developed in each of the sects for one another and who gained the most? The ones who ruled above all those.

Its a very basic implementation of the story of a monkey and two cats who were fighting for food in real life. The two cats were finding for the loaf of bread that they had found. But each of the cat was worried if the other one would be partial and take a bigger share instead of making it equal half. Monkey was observing this from the tree for a long time and hence decided to take the benefit of it. Monkey started with first making unequal pieces of bread and then as a measure to make both equal he started eating of extra portions where he ate more than the portion required to make both parts equal. In the end none of the cats got any portion from the bread and stayed hungry that day and monkey laughed back to his branch satisfied by the free food he obtained with two people fighting for it.

Also, everything in this blog is updated with scientific attitude and pragmatic thinking. There are no other agendas then the spread of scientific attitude and promotion of logic and reasoning which we all have somewhere lost in this world of propaganda. Again this article or anything else on this blog has whatsoever no inclination to any association or political agenda. Kindly treat it as it is.

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Download 60 Free books

Here I have complied a list of some ebooks which are free on Amazon kindle as of the time I am posting this. Do check all the titles before purchasing if they're free or if you like them do buy and support the writer.

  1. Dork in Love -
  2. Tutus & Cowboy Boots (Part 1) (Tutus & Cowboy Boots Series) -
  3. Imperfect Li(v)es: A Breezy Romance in the Rain -
  4. Knotted (Trails of Sin Book 1) -
  5. Born in Fire (Fire and Ice Trilogy Book 1)  -
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  7. A Pinch of Salt (Three Sisters Catering Book 1) -
  8. Gone With The Ghost (Murder By Design Book 1) -
  9. Suitcase Girl: SG Trilogy Book 1 (Abby Kane FBI Thriller 7) -
  10. Traded: Brody and Kara (Cliffside Bay Series Book 1) -
  11. P.S. I Hate You -
  12. The Wild Child (The Bride Trilogy Book 1)  -
  13. Men of Inked Books 1-3 -
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  17. The Marquess (Regency Nobles Book 2) -
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  20. The Fourth Element Trilogy: Boxed Set -
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  22. Sanctuary (Murrells Inlet Miracles Book 1)  -
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  29. White-Hot Christmas (Christmas Wishes Book 2)  -
  30. Once Gone (a Riley Paige Mystery--Book #1) -
  31. Protecting Summer (SEAL of Protection Book 4) -
  32. Searching for Faith (Carissa Jones Mystery) A gripping psychological thriller  -
  33. Love at Last (Last Frontier Lodge Novels Book 2) -
  34. No Stranger to Love (The Tavonesi Series Book 9) -
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  36. Fairytale Love - Becca & Brian (Crossroads, Book 8) -
  37. A Shameless Little Con (Shameless #1) -
  38. Cocker Brothers Romance Series 3-Book Box Set 1 (Cocker Brothers, The Cocky Series)  -
  39. Sweet Addiction -
  40. Transmission (The Invasion Chronicles—Book One): A Science Fiction Thriller -
  41. Almost Over It (Clover Park STUDS, Book 1) -
  42. Girl in Trouble (An Alex Mercer Thriller Book 1) -
  43. The Forgotten Girls (Book #1 in The Suburban Murder Series) -
  44. A Long, Cool Rain (The Delaneys of Cambria Book 1) -
  45. Playing with Temptation (The Players Club Book 1) -
  46. Flames of Love: A Western Fireman Romance Novel (Firefighters of Long Valley Book 1) -
  47. A French Girl in New York (The French Girl Series Book 1) -
  48. Snapped: An Agent Jade Monroe FBI Thriller Book 1 -
  49. The Irish Cottage: Finding Elizabeth (The Irish Heart Series Book 1) -
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  53. The Pawn -
  54. Deadly Stillwater: A compelling crime thriller (Mac McRyan Mystery Series Book) -
  55. Worth of a Duke: A Lords of Fate Novel -
  56. Just Right (Just Everyday Heroes: Day Shift) -
  57. Copper King: Werebear Romance (Takhini Shifters Book 1) -
  58. Out of Bounds (Love in the End Zone Book 1) -
  59. Maniacal: A Detective Jade Monroe Crime Thriller Book 1 -
  60. The Dragon Blood Collection, Books 1-3 -

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Review: Strangers with Known Faces

Strangers with Known Faces by Gautam Dutta
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Blurb From Goodreads:

Rajat, Meenakshi, Sadaaf, Amol, and Shanaya are five University students with nothing in common- who should never have met in the first place. They meet after winning a lucky draw- the prize of which was to take part in a puzzle game. Though the game was engrossing, they were unable to solve the puzzle in the stipulated time. However, this lead to the beginning of a deep friendship between them. Their friendship blossomed. But ego and misunderstanding led to an acrimonious break up. They meet again- two decades later- when Shanaya is murdered, and the other four are suspects. The four soon realize that in spite of being estranged for so many years, there were unknown ties that bound them- ties of treachery, deceit, and subterfuge. Ties that have led them to come together in circumstances that no one could have foreseen. And the game that they had left incomplete two decades back has to be played yet again – on a much bigger canvas. Now they have to trust each other, clear their names, and get to the bottom of the mystery, which threatens not only their lives and relationships, but also the fabric of democratic India. As their travels and travails continue, they discover hitherto unknown facets of the people around them, as well as their own selves. Can they succeed in resolving the puzzle this time? Or is history doomed to repeat itself? As hidden aspects of the human personality are revealed, they realize that no one is what he or she appears to be. For the world comprises of ‘Strangers With Known Faces’. 


This is the third thriller back to back I had this week. It was really fun reading first two that you can check out by clicking here, but since you have clicked to read about this book, lets talk about it.

This book had me interested with the title and blurb itself, it gave me off a feeling of a nice mystery and criminal story. Perhaps, since I had read a few political thriller here the plot also had a bit of a political feeling.

The start was nice and gripping, The scene of the investigation where all the friends are been called and questioned about their dead buddy who was also involved in something else. It was really gripping at the beginning but as I kept reading the story felt draggy to be honest. The plot was a unique and good one but somehow I felt narration was weak. Although I liked the grammar and vocabulary used. It felt like a mix of flavors to me.

I kept  on reading since I wanted to know what's the end. On climax It wasn't holding me on the story as much and wanted to finish it which I did somehow. The plot and story line was interesting, but I feel narration needed a bit more work here. It's a quite okay read for me. The idea of strangers with known faces was certainly gripping for once wish it could've been better, then It would surely have been a 5 star.

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Book Buy Link :

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Lotus In Eyes - Free Ebook Download

Well its been long I had arrived with a freebie. Yesterday one of my buddies had her book up on smashwords and she was generous enough to allow me to share the details and links with all of you. If you like the book then do show her some support and love. So without any more delays here's what you all clicked on this link for :P

Lotus In His Eyes

Blurb :

Diya is a simple girl with secrets living a lonely life in Delhi. One day out of the blue a hot officer shows up on her doorstep claiming to know parts of her life she hasn’t told anyone. As she tries to fend off her attraction to this sexy man while helping him with a case, a new angle arises. Her past has come back to haunt her. 
The innocent boy she had once fallen in love with as a child is not so innocent anymore. He makes her feel things she had buried deep inside her. He had broken her heart once and threatens to break it again. Ride along with her journey as she discovers whether to go with her long lost love or to fall for the new man in her life.

About the Author :

Renuja Haque as a person is a reader first and writer second. She loves science especially the theoretical physics. Alongside, she loves to write fantasy-fiction although, her first published book is a contemporary romance. She writes on Wattpad where you can check out her other works, mainly stories ranging from werewolves to vampires to aliens. 

She mainly writes for female audiences. She's a strong supporter of feminism where its not just male bashing or calling females a superior gender.

Her vision is something where she doesn’t believe in failure and only believes in lack of trying. 

You can get in touch with her on Instagram @renujahaque and on twitter @RENU693

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Truth behind the Publishing and types of publishing.

A ton of people who are interested in writing have been getting in touch with me to gather information about publishing industry, agents, how to get your book published and what not. Well since I got so bored of answering the same questions again and again, I decided why not write a post and share my knowledge of whatever I have gathered based on my intel in all these years. Let me remind you this is not me self-proclaiming anything. I am just sharing my knowledge. On the past several posts regarding publishing I have recieved some not so friendly messages and egoistic people which I'd ignore here and share the truth.

As many loved the way I explained the past topics in a form of a story lets do the same with this one and let me tell you the story of a girl named Megha.

So, Megha is a mere 20 year old who has just done with her degree in some other field rather than literature and wants to have writing as an career option. She writes really well and honestly all the contests here and there she has won has given her enough courage that she could muster and write a full length novel.

It took more than a year for her to write,edit perfect, have beta reading done and finalize one manuscript that she wanted to get published. She started googling, doing all the circus that friends and fam around asked her to do. Writing letters to agents, publishing houses and what not. Interestingly, Instead of getting replies from people she wrote to, she got replies and offers from some unexpected places which called themselves publishing houses.

She ignored those people and went on her letter and application sending journey for a year. One day there was one author's meet and greet and she met 2 more girls just like her who are ready with a story and are encouraged enough to get published. Megha told Avni and Tina about the things she'd been doing in past one year to crack a deal with a nice publishing house. She had this dream to get published with a big huge house that is famous for making its authors millionaires( at least that's what people say and think).

Avni was a girl on the similar path but the only thing was her family wasn't supportive enough and she was doing all on this her own. Tina laughed when both finished their part of story. She had a vision that to make money one needs money and hence she sooner or later will crack a good deal with a major publishing house soon.

The trio kept each other in touch and continued their dream to get their manuscripts published. Out of the trio Avni was the first one to share the news of her getting published. Both Tina and Megha were quite shocked by the news and envied Avni with the whole heart as they were still on their way to struggle with their books and yet getting no chances anywhere soon.

Avni had won some contest by a leading newspaper and her manuscript was now selected for getting published as a novel by one of the top publishing houses in the industry. Also soon her book will be adapted into movie soon. This was a news was like a nuclear bomb on both Tina and Megha's dreams as both were now demotivated to hell. But here there was a major catch that Avni hadn't shared with both of her friends. She had to sign off her rights to her work to the house. So that they can proceed with the other work. All she was getting is an offer to get published and honestly Avni was pretty happy with that, even when she was not supposed to get anything out of it.

Here out of jealousy, both Megha and Tina boosted their attempts to crack a deal with publishing house that they could find. But both landed upon a semi-trad publishing house. They gave an offer where author would keep their rights, earn the royalties and publishing house would only take some commission of sales. But they'd have to invest in their own books. All the budget needed for marketing,editing, printing of books and making them reach was supposed to be funded by authors themselves. Publishing house would just give them support.

Megha's parent's were indeed supportive but she had a dream where she'd be getting recgnised as an author with her work and not with her parent's money so she backed out from the offer. While Tina had this ideology where to make money you need money. Hence, Tina took the offer and she was the second one of the friends to get a deal. Now both Avni and Tina happy at their own places glanced upon their friend and pitied her. They wanted her to take her parent's money, invest in publishing and later on return them back since that would be same as earning on her own. But Megha being adamant, she didn't even budge her parents about the whole publishing idea that she had in her mind.

Both Avni and Tina's books were in process for publishing soon after a few months. But a few weeks later of trio having chat about it, Megha came across a e-commerce platform where she could just upload the manuscript and people can buy her book as ebook, also if formatted and uploaded in a particular format, she could get people to buy her book as a print version as well. All of that required no investment from her side. Hence she decided to go underground and started editing and polishing her work to extent that would match professional standards. Just a month before Tina's book was about to publish, Megha shared her book's buying links with her friends and started promoting it on her socials.

Both Tina and Avni were shocked as a month back there was no update regarding Megha having a publishing deal and now her book is even out on sale before theirs?  They thought their friend betrayed them and decided to confront her. While here Megha was struggling day and night to promote her book to her friends and family via whatever means she could.

See saw her friends' messages in group and decided to reply them clearing their confusions. Megha had self published her book and she was the only person who was editing, making covers doing basically everything from her formatting till marketing. Both Avni and Tina had a breath of relief and laughed at Megha and her ideology behind doing this. They mocked her by taking such a bold step by not being backed by a publishing house and called her fool by showing such desperation. Insulted by her friends Megha decided to leave the group and never messaged them again.

Not sooner after this happening, Tina's book got published and Avni's was yet to arrive. Soon all three of them were on their own paths trying to fulfill a common goal of getting published. A year past by and none of the three had contacted each other. Each of them was regretting their decisions and trying to think that others have done so much better than her. But none of them tried to get in touch with each other out of ego? shame? regret? who knows?

A week later they got invite from the author about a meet and greet that has been put up for his 20th book getting published by the a very big publishing house. It was the same author and same publishing house that they had attended event for when all of three first met. Each one of those accepted the invite and headed to facebook to see if other two were attending the event or not.

The event was over and the first copy signing was going on and all 3 faced each other now. Tina was first of the trio to apologise and followed by Avni and Megha. It felt like all three and back on good terms now and each one of them wanted to know how was their part of the experience with publishing world.

Megha was first one to share where she openly accepted that her idea of jumping into publishing without any backing of publishing house was a bad idea. She had only sold somewhere around 50-60 copies of her book and at 60% royalty on average. She although was glad that she didn't have to sign off her rights to any publisher for the sake of getting published. She was just unknown as she had been before but only happiness she had was that each of the review she had was from a genuine buyer and not reviewer. Also, there were most 5 stars and a few 4 star reviews for her book. She felt she had achieved something at least and not something like Tina and Avni did on large scale.

Tina and Avni were shocked on this and apologised again for being so rude to her. Tina was the next to share her part of story. Tina was most popular amongst their circle and had spend almost 32 lacs in all of her marketing adventures. She had sold around 2000 copies but had a royalty of 5% and it was a totally well received book. Although, she had suffered huge losses in terms of money and her family had now refused to invest even a penny in her further publishing ventures. Hence she planned to cash out from her publicity gained from popularity of her first book. But her second book wasn't getting as much attention and without marketing budget, she sold mere 200 copies this time at the very same royalty rate. Her publisher decided to no longer extend her contract and now she is looking for some other idea where she can live off her writing without handing rights over to any publishing house just for the name sake of being backed by a publisher.

Avni who was bedazlled by listening to both of her friend's experiences. She decided to not tell her own but after a lot of push from both her friends she shared hers finally. Avni had earned nothing and invested nothing in this whole scenario but here she hadn't told her friends that her work no longer belongs to her. Even if the book is publisher in her name, but her super famous story which is been adapted into movie soon isn't even hers to claim anymore. Nothing is worse than a writer getting ripped of her own work she tells them. Now for namesake they may add her name in credits but she was still the same where she had began and her family now wants her to live off her writing since she had rebelled against them and now had got so much of fame. They think she has some secret treasure earned from her books and is now not telling them because they didn't allow her to write.

Both friends had their mouths open and Avni was on the verge of tears. Both held her shoulder from one side each and supported their friend. Listening to all of this a producer from seat behind approached the trio and offered them a writing career where they had to just write and offer some rights to him for obvious publishing reasons and their works will also be converted into movies and tv shows. What do you think they should reply with? Do let me know down in the comments below.

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ps: I haven't edited it and its just me pouring out words in a single shot. I like to keep it that way without any form of adulteration.