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Online Privacy, Myth or a Scam?

By now if you haven't consumed any sort of media or article which hasn't scared you about your privacy with tech and online privacy then you might be living under a rock. If you have, then I hope this article does shed some light on the fear mongering that's going on.

Before I begin, even though I know there are generalists who just love to bundle all the issues and look at them as one general topic. Later on they search for a scape goat to push the blames on and swipe off their hands clean essentially doing nothing. Here, I'm not going to do that. To solve a problem you have to understand the underlying issue and which cannot be generalised. So everything you might read from here will have exceptions and outliers so I'm assuming that's understandable already.

No matter what platform you choose or even go offline. There's this constant wave of fear which is being spread with respect to privacy. Some reputable organizations are also earning handsomely all thanks to this fear wave. Everywhere there's just one slogan,"They store and use your data." Okay, I understand that they're storing and using my data, but for what?

The answers can mostly be generalised into these 3 subsections, namely:
1. Government surveillance
2. Big Corporations using you as products to make money
3. Bad actors knowing too much about you can possibly harm you.

Let's dive deeper into all of these angles to understand what exactly should we be scared off or maybe it's all just a hoax?

1. Government Surveillance

Every argument ever first lands at this topic. Why everyone is so scared of government surveillance anyway? I feel unless you're doing something that you should not, there's no need to be scared of it. But that way of thinking would certainly be naive right? What if this is really bad?

Why would the government feel the need to control the masses by using surveillance? No matter how much some politically inclined entities would want us to believe, I don't think there's really some megalomaniac who wants to rule the world and make everyone a brainless tool. As much as I can see the threat is real, even a kid can see the scare mongering hoax behind it.

Give me a way, if you were in the government, could use to reduce the bad actors inside a system and encourage proper stability in a country. Obviously this includes every factor to look at in terms of administration. But here's a catch, you can't collect any data indirectly, you can use surveys, ask people and conduct survey polls to see what's that people need and what's should be on your administration agenda.

If you ever managed even a group, you'd realise the stupidity of this idea. One's wishes and needs are different. Everyone wishes for a fat paycheck but doesn't need one or isn't able to earn one and that's what mostly motivates the criminal. No criminal is going to be happy to share their data. At the same time being an administrative official, you wouldn't want to reduce your state into chaos where other countries, people of your own country, bad actors, all want to bring it down right?

Find me a way where you can show there's something better than what governments are trying to achieve right now? Obviously this is to just counter the fear hyped argument that's being spread online and not everyone/everything is as good as it looks to be.

2. Big Corporate

When it comes to big organizations, I don't have to name any. There's an endless flurry of how it can be misused and how it has positive uses. Remember, social media is a piece of tech aimed at pleasing people by showing what they want to see inherently. By doing that, people would stay and spend more time on their apps and thus in turn they can show more ads.

There's an endless debate regarding personalised and generalised ads targetting mechanism. It's a no brainer to understand that personalised ads would generate more sales and in turn drive in more advertisers to the platform at the same time it'll annoy people less compared to some random product ad which is totally unrelated shoved at their face more than a couple of times in an hour.

Many pricing models attempted, if people really cared about privacy, they would've started paying for services and just enjoyed them. But here there's a huge problem. Even if you pay for a privacy focused app which doesn't track, if it doesn't allow cross platform use i.e. the ability for you who has purchased a service to get rid of tracking and wants to use service to connect to the user of another service who is happy using that free poor privacy app, and isn't able to. This would at the end discourage people from paying for the service and get back to that same old everyone's using app with horrible privacy. Why? Because socials are a tool, and if you're not able to utilise a tool effectively, it's useless.

Incase you're using a privacy focused service that allows you to connect to user using another service, it's totally ineffective as that service would anyway recieve the whole communication and can track you the same way? At the end, you'll still be back to same square where you started from and effectively at a loss.

Essentially social media can be said as a non human representation of that person in a group who knows everything, every juicy gossip and loves sharing it with others. Almost every member in the group hates that person but also wants to keep a good relationship with that person so that they get to know interesting gossips. Aren't we really all bunch of hypocrites?

Also telemetry, is really helpful for developers who try to decide on what feature or improvement should we focus on while developing any app. Barely anyone answers the app surveys and provides a review only when something doesn't work. For a developer, it's really not helpful. But then telemetry is labelled shady and is frowned upon. Provide another way which can benefit the developer? No one likes filling surveys every now and then and no one likes someone's preferences being prioritised in any app. ( One of the reasons open source never has touched marked without being tainted by commerce).

3. Bad actors in any system

Now if there's something and has a use, it can be classified into a good use and bad use. The whole theory of good and bad relies on the perspective of the one who looks at it.

It'll be really hard to pinpoint one thing that's totally good and one that's totally bad. But still there are malicious actors who always gain favor from both sides. Some would sell you shady solutions calling it privacy focused, while some will be outright shameless and sell the data that they gathered by calling themselves an appropriate legal entity name.

Then what would be the conclusion of this whole thing? I'd say, don't get blown away by these privacy focused labels and reason before buying in into any idea. You should be scared only if you're hiding something else your neighbours are nosy enough to know most details about you, we don't need any app for that, haha.

Also, I'd like to quote one thing which my networking professor had said.

"If anything touches the internet, it's no longer private"

Keep that in mind before subscribing to any propaganda going around the globe.
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Why democracy is a cruel joke on a modern society

Disclaimer : Now before I begin, let me clarify that I belong to none of the groups you'd probably start associating me with post reading the title. I just am a free-thinker and mostly sharing here my observations on the world around us. Hence, please don't lump me into any of your activism/agenda.

It was well established during the ancient greek civilization as well as during the period of Roman empire, that democracy really isn't an ideal solution for governance. At a glance, this might look like a great solution to a set of people who are tired of single human based governance systems. But then if you think carefully about it, this looks like using a sticky tape to cover a hole in the wall. Works fine as a temporary measure but not really a solution. Forget about it being a solution for long term.

Now let's dive deeper into issues that lie beneath this golden wrapper of democracy hiding a cruel truth. I'll divide it in steps so it's easier to understand where and how people who this concept should've avoided are in fact benefiting of it the most. Let me repeat it's 'the concept' and not 'the system'. System itself has a ton of flaws in the implementation.

Most of us are well versed at this date and time on how politicians gather a crowd to benefit their goals. It can be either based on an ideology or financial benefits or a propaganda or a crazy idea or any of the combinations. Now, let's see the chances of people becoming a candidate with chances to even win a single seat to survive the election.

First let's start with very obvious candidate, the bully. You can't ignore this cliche character since ancient times which believes that power rules the world. A bully is usually the winner in most case scenarios by default as power can not only be physical but monetary as well as in a modern society, legal power as well.  Chances of such candidates coming out as elected is mostly 70%. No matter how much we hate this kind of character, but we do end up voting such people either knowingly or unknowingly.

Second comes the sly fox. Ideally, I love all the fauna but I can't be the one who really goes above linguistic terms all over the world and cancel out saying this is bad or wrong. Anyway, foxes are smart and cunning in their own ways. Hence, not really insulting the creature. This type of candidate has usually struggled a lot through the hierarchy and just wants to be at the top for once but doesn't hold the capability to rule from the top. Hence, they might be the most ideal looking candidate for the ones that want to ignore the bully but end up falling in the fox trap. As seen before, fox mostly ends up setting some sort of deal with the bully for help and in a way bully still wins. So I'd say the chances of a sly fox winning is 50% or maybe 60% depending upon the situation.

Next comes the cry baby or should I call a neo-activist. This person has mostly seen activism his whole life and never bothered on how to actually solve a problem for real. Most of the solutions this kind of person comes up with are either half baked or a patch work solution that might work for a temporary period and then hell breaks loose when it stops working and the person handling the situation at that point of time will never be able to hold it together no matter what type of a person he or she is. This kind of person relies on getting chosen by sympathy votes. Manipulation by emotion, crowding on basis of activism and once achieved the power, ending up asleep with barely covering the mere basic duties or panicking on slightest issue. This type mostly ends up either quitting early or substituting the works to the bullies or sly foxes.

Last and not the least, our ideal candidate. The one who is patriotic enough to care for the people. One who lives the life to serve the humanity. One who ideally takes care of every issue with best possible care and makes sure everyone is happy. This type of candidate really never even comes into the picture. When they do arrive, they're either trampled by the previous three or either are just lost somewhere due to lack of support. Why you'd ask? Because at the heart people are selfish and ungrateful. 'Once myself is safe and secure, I don't care what happens with the world.' Is their line of thinking and I don't really blame them for that. This is why the chances of this type of candidate coming into power are not even 5%. If by some miracle they do reach the position, either people have lost their patience to trust and the other three would surely use their whole power to throw that one off the seat so that they can reach the top again.

When I mentioned each type of character, you must have imagined someone inside your head. Gently smiling at the cruel reality you must be wondering what should be the solution out of this situation right? If not, then it's not bad either. If you think carefully, anyone can become a candidate and stand up to be elected. Do you really think when simplest of the jobs in the world require a relevant education and a rigorous training, a profession which can decide the fate of humanity has no such entry bars? Why this system is so conveniently designed to let the people whom this system should be avoiding, is taking only those ones in?

If democracy wants to survive and not fall into ashes giving rise to an obvious fish brained logical decision of one person ruling system ( monarch, military leadership, etc please add your own examples). How should a good democratic system be?

Here are a few points that I'd say might help in improvising the system. I know it's not the best solution but it can certainly improve the chances of deserved ones reaching their milestones.

1. There should be an educational institute. There are law institutes for the ones practising the law. Similarly, there should be an institute for lawmakers too. Their curriculum should strictly graded based on the practical work and during the period of voting, this work should be used to judge the efficacy of a candidate.

2. There should be a rule that if a person, let's say wants to become a finance minister, should have a financial knowledge. Also, person shouldn't belong or have ties to any of the bigger institutions.(MNCs, Other govt organizations, NGOs, etc).

3. At first, the candidates will be chosen on the basis of their grades. Post the filtration based on grading, there should be an election between top 10 candidates.

4. Most importantly, these candidates shouldn't have a fixed term period. If their performance drops, a council can bring them down from their posts. This council should include members that are never going to be someone who'd hope this post. But these members should be passing from the same school of political education.

5. Most importantly election campaigns are not supposed to be run by the individual candidates but the commission conducting the election itself.

This article was mainly aimed at the country based or a state based governance politics but this can be also thought on and applied to basically ever leadership position in any organization or even inside a familial structure.

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Why making passion a profession can be a bad idea

You must be wondering when everyone is screaming on the top of their lungs 'Make your passion a profession' why am I pointing the other way around? I always believe in looking at both sides of a coin before making any decision. It won't certainly make your decision or opinion neutral but it'll surely give you idea of what should you choose.

Why turning your passion into a profession can be a bad idea? To explain this let me put forth an example. I've named it 'The Battery Theory'. Imagine your life is a real world 3D simulation and each of your skill has a meter. If you use it too much, it'll drain out the battery quickly. At the same time if the recharge rate exceeds your usage, it won't bother you much as your battery will always have sufficient juice for your needs. But what if the recharge rate isn't up to the mark of your requirement? That's when the problems begin. Yes, problems and not just a singular problem. This issue will be at the root causing a lot of issues where you'd feel that it isn't really related to this root cause, but it in fact is related.

Let's see what Megha is doing these days. She studied medicine just because it felt the right path to choose as per almost everyone around her. But her passion, her heart was deep somewhere else. She wanted to pursue arts and paint beautiful moments on a canvas. But peer pressure and family guidance claimed something else. She finished medicine and is now a resident at a place but still somewhere in her heart question always pops up. What if she had made her passion, her profession? She sighs and gets back to painting a beautiful sunset before she getting a call to deal with an emergency.

On the other side, Ravi dropped out of Engineering which was deemed as a career path by his well wishers. Getting inspired from numerous sources he decided to quit engineering and started making animated videos for a website. The instant flow of cash and fame that he received brought him a sense of validation that he was correct. While everyone around him worried about this future, he looked down upon them for suggesting him a wrong path. In a couple of years, where his batch mates who had finished the degree where still struggling to find jobs, he was leading a team for a new marketing campaign.

 Both Ravi and Megha used to share their stories with people on social media. Looking at that, Satish who was struggling to clear the medical entrance exam, decided to be like Ravi and drop the whole path itself and started uploading song covers on youtube. Just like Ravi, the fame was instant. People enjoyed his covers, requested songs for the covers. Life just went by and a few months later, he disappeared from the website. People commented and requested songs, some who knew him personally texted him on personal communication platforms.

But Satish didn't reply anyone. Satish was stuck in a place where he was unable to create anything new. At the best he could replicate the original songs. He didn't wish to do that anymore. He wanted to proceed ahead and add his tit bits in the covers and someday make an original as well. But all efforts were in vain.

He thought it'd be a case of burnout. He took a break and tried some other tips after searching them online. But all efforts were in vain. He still felt that he wasn't upto the mark he should've been. That constant thought of not improving enough was already showing effect on his channel.

People who used to follow him regularly constantly supported him no matter what but the view counts and comments told a different story. He felt that everything was crumbling down in front of his eyes. Taking a break was a huge mistake, he thought. He began pushing himself to the point where things started taking a toll on his mental health. That's where he had to draw a line.

Looking at these stories, do you think passion can actually make a good profession?  I feel your job should be something which you can do even when you're not in a mood, something which you can take up even while being under certain stress.

Let's be real. Life's not always going to be all ups and no downs. During those downs, you should be able to keep your life steady as that'd give you some hope or motivate you to get out of tough times. What would happen if you lost your job in a tough time? It'll be injury over another. Some might just break down.

What do you think? Is really making passion a profession is a good idea? Please share your thought in comments.

Note: I am no way a mental health professional. This blog post isn't a solution or prescription or advice for someone who is facing issues with respect to mental health. Please get in touch with a professional to get help that you'd need. This article is just a compilation of my thoughts.

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Adventures of Young Solomon - Genie Series Fanfiction - Chapter 6


As the years, passed there were several instances in which Solomon had learnt more than the kids of his age. At the age of 10 he began solving maths which was for kids 5 years older than him. He was the ideal child for the school. He was smart and good at sports. They used to expect him to take a part in every event that school organised and often asked him to represent the school at other state level events.

This was all wrong in the eyes of Daisy. For her, the goal was to avoid attention over her child but this was all going wrong. It was getting harder to avoid attention everyday as Solomon looked older than his age. He was quite large in terms of body and his intellect was greater than others of his age. Due to which the school had decided to let him skip a few grades and move up higher with other kids who were in the same zone as him.

Darren was okay with this but Daisy’s fear was coming true. It wasn’t long before he would grow up at a rate which often pulled prying eyes over him. His physique and strength were often envied and most other students would be shocked at his intellectual abilities when they get to know of this age.

Many often used to think that the parents were lying to get attention over their kid and make him look special then their kids. The hype around him was on top when the school principal asked Darren and Daisy to let Solomon compete in the Olympiad Exams.

Now a teenager, Solomon was quite confused and weirded out by his mother’s over protective behaviour. But he used to agree with whatever she decided for him. Although this would result in frustration for him as he was been barred from doing things he was good at. He felt he should just go out and show others what he actually capable of. Teenage hormones had been taking him over and certainly his anger was getting out of control.

To release his anger constructively he decided to go for a hike. Darren was out of town on a work trip. Solomon wondered if Darren would’ve been here, wouldn’t have stopped him from going for the chance. It’s not everyday anyone gets a recommendation for it.

He quietly packs the essentials in his little backpack and sneaks out of the house from the backdoor while Daisy was busy cooking in the kitchen. He takes his bike and straps his backpack on the bike, riding off towards the mountains.

Just like usual, it was almost evening and it was the time when most people were about to get out of the national park. It was jungle after all and no one wished to get stuck in a jungle at night alone with wild animals. When most riders were riding back downhill, Solomon showing his amazing stamina was riding at a good speed up towards the hill.

He wanted to spend some time and watch the setting sun from the peak. It didn’t take him long to reach the top. He removed the back from his bike and pulled out a little yoga mat from it. Sitting on the mat he looked at the setting sun, the cool winds blew from the east and the birds chirping their way back to nests.

Solomon opens his eyes and jumps to stand up. The moon was up in the sky shining its beautiful light over the land. Solomon had ended up sleeping in the comfort of nature and it was now middle of night. Solomon pulls out his phone which had just a few percentage of battery left. There were 100 missed calls from Daisy. It was 12 am in the midnight and he was out here sleeping comfortably at the top of a mountain in middle of a jungle.

He notices a huge eagle flying above him in circles. Scared to death solomon picks up a stone and hurls at it up in the sky. The stone misses but the eagle takes a deep steep dive towards him. Solomon scared, rushes to pick his backpack and runs with his bike downhill. The eagle had climbed back up in the sky but still was hovering above his head in circles.

Solomon rides his bike down the hill as fast as he could and rushes back home without attempting to look up in the sky. On reaching home he notices that the eagle was still up above him, hovering in circles. He drops the bike in the driveway and runs inside the house.

He notices Daisy along with a few neighbours around her sitting by the doorstep. Daisy was crying constantly from past few hours. She walked up to her neighbours to ask if anyone had seen Solomon. He was missing for more than 6 hours now.

On looking at his mother shedding tears, Solomon rushes to her and pulls her into embrace. Realising Solomon is back, she first kisses her all over the face and then slaps him hard on both his cheeks. While Solomon was still trying to understand what was happening he was pulled into embrace by his mother and it was a tight one.

She started crying over his shoulder while he tried to calm her down like his dad. “Mom, I am here. I am safe. See, I am fine. I had just headed out for a little hike.” He tries to calm her down but the crying didn’t stop. Some neighbours smiled while others shaked their heads and started leaving. A few tapped on Solomon’s shoulder smiling at him.

“Where were you? How dare you disappear without telling me? I was so worried, I thought they took you…” Daisy stops at that sentence and brushes tears off her cheek. “The Dinner is cold, let me heat it up for you and then we need to talk.” Daisy walks back towards the kitchen.

Solomon had now more questions in his mind than ever. He wondered who was his mother talking about?  Who is going to take him? What was all this about? He agreed that there was more than visible to eyes. But he didn’t dare ask questions right now since he knew his mother’s anger.

That night, even though Daisy wanted to shout and scold him, she didn’t. Both ate their food in silence and headed off to beds. Daisy couldn’t sleep, she tossed and turned in bed thinking about today’s incident. She knew it was bad to talk about this without Darren’s presence. She knew if Solomon started asking questions, she won’t be able to lie to him.

When Solomon had arrived back home, she noticed the eagle up in the sky. That was when she knew that her son was safe as Darren had said. He was watching him over from there. It was feeling of reassurance but she had no knowledge about the things happening in genie land. She had a lot of questions for Darren as well. He had kept the secret of Solomon been watched over by ‘him’.

There were a lot of questions bubbling up in young Solomon’s mind as well. He knew there was something that his parent’s used to hide from him but today that half sentence had just been etched in his mind like a carving on stone. He wanted to just rush to his mother and ask everything out but he was worried about what would happen next.

He was worried what would his mother do the next morning? Would he be grounded? Will he be allowed to participate in Olympiads? With all these questions in his mind he kept turning in his bed. There was no simple answer for these questions. All he could do was await for the sun to rise.

Next morning, it was just like normal Sunday morning. Daisy acted as nothing had happened last night. Darren was back from an early morning flight. He had to cancel his work trip in between and come back when Daisy informed him that Solomon was missing. At once the same thought had crossed his mind as well but then he reminded himself about Ali watching him over.

Darren was on the breakfast table going through the newspaper while Solomon entered the room. “The breakfast is ready.” Daisy started serving food as he arrived. Solomon was confused with what was happening around him. No one was mad at him anymore? Or was it a way to show their anger? Confused, he quickly gulped down the juice and munched on the roasted eggs.

Within a few minutes he finished his breakfast and walked out. There was a cold pin drop silence in the room. The noise of the spoons hitting the plates was clearly audible. He wondered if he should sit or just leave. Looking at Darren’s face who smiled at him, he was assured that there was nothing like he had been imagining. He was happy that he wasn’t getting grounded for little stunt he pulled up yesterday.

As soon as Solomon left, Daisy started staring at Darren. Darren noticed her and smiled at her. “How could you hide such a huge thing from me?” Daisy keeps her spoon down and folds her hands waiting for him to answer. Noticing her changing stance, Darren knew he had to tell her the whole truth.

Daisy’s mouth was open with shock when Darren relayed everything from the magic pills till his conversation with Azeez the last time they met. “I can’t believe it. You kept all of this from me? Why, Darren?” Daisy drops the plate in the sink and leaves the room. Darren follows her but she closes the door on his face. “I need some time alone Darren.” She spoke from other side of the door.

Daisy was trying to understand and reason with everything that had happened over the years. How could he keep all this from her? She deserved to know the truth. All this time she thought ‘he’ didn’t care about her and the kid. She thought he’d just steal him away from her just because of some random genie law. All this time she stayed scared of losing her son any moment. It was just too much to digest for the moment. While Daisy was trying to understand everything, Darren was waiting outside leaning by the door. He didn’t budge from there until almost an hour later she opened the door. He thought she’d be mad at him, instead she pulled him into hug and kissed his cheek.

“All this time I was worried that he’d be taken away, scared for no reason. If I had any idea that ‘he’ was overseeing him, I would have never worried so much about him. I know there will be a day when he will have to face his other side but for now I don’t think there’s a reason to keep him caged like a bird.” She smiles at him.

Darren was confused but he decided not to push the topic any further. This time he was worried about Solomon. For Solomon, it was like a game of see saw. Last night while he had been sleeping, he had a weird dream. A dream where he popped out of his body like a ghost and roamed around the forests. No one was able to hear or see him. He could touch them but not the other way around. His spirit was glowing in golden blue and he was enjoying roaming around the forest before his encounter with a cougar.

He thought the cougar could see him as the cougar leaped towards him. He ran out of the wilderness back to the open spot where he could see his body. He checked behind to see if he was being followed. The cougar had something in his mouth while it bounced back into darkness of trees. As he tried to turn back and look where it had been going, he tripped upon a pebble and fell straight on his body.

He just merged with the body and that’s when his eyes shot open. He thought it was a weird dream. Later, when he checked his phone, the amount of missed calls had him occupied and he forgot about this dream until later that night when he was unable to sleep. He wanted to ask about the eagle, that weird dream but he thought it must have been him dreaming and just let it go.


Do comment and share your thoughts about it! I'd love to know what do you think. Also, I'd keep updating it quite often so do follow the Website to get all the updates by clicking here.

Also, a minor headsup.... Obsessed is free to read on Kindle Unlimited! Do check it out. I'd be glad to read your reviews!
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Adventures of Young Solomon - Genie Series Fanfiction - Chapter 5


Solomon was now five years old and it was time to send him to pre-school. Daisy wasn’t at all convinced by the idea of sending him to a normal school as she was constantly worried about Solomon doing something which would reveal his true self.

Daisy had grown paranoid over the years in an attempt to keep him safe. Even though just like the eagle had mentioned, Solomon had completely forgotten that he was a half genie. He lived his life like normal humans. But that didn’t convince Daisy at all. She was worried about his safety at school.

It was a task for Darren to convince her but a doting father wasn’t able to convince the overprotective mother so easily. It took him long time but he was able to let Daisy feel better about their kid attending school with other kids like a normal kid.

Everything went fine for a few months until one day when there was an earthquake. Solomon was playing in garden with other kids when the tremors were felt throughout the area. The teacher immediately took the charge and rushed kids to a safe place. But young Solomon was just too busy to pay teacher any heed. He kept climbing on the dome before he fell inside due to tremors ending up getting injured and trapped inside.

It didn’t take long for teacher to realise that Solomon was missing. She had now a difficult choice to make. To stay safe at the place or just risk her own life going out and looking for the little kid. She left her kids with other attendant who was helping her and headed out to look for little Solomon.

Solomon had fainted due to injury and panicking as the sand pit beneath the dome had slipped and he had fallen into a pit. The pit was large enough for keep the child trapped inside. All of sudden an eagle appeared in the sky and broke the metal dome with its beak. He grabbed solomon at the shoulders using its talons and flew off to safe place. Before going he gently tapped on his head once and shoulders. Teacher finds Solomon unconscious on the playground. She rushes in as a tree was about to fall and picks him up in arms.

Daisy had a panic attack thinking about what would’ve happened to her kid if the teacher wouldn’t have discovered him. Solomon was extremely quiet after the incident. It wasn’t usual for him to stay silent and sit calmly at one place as instructed. Darren calms Daisy down before he takes little one to his bed as it was sleeping time for him.

Darren was about to leave after tucking the little one in when he grabbed his hand and didn’t allow Darren to leave. Darren realised that he was scared but he didn’t fail to notice that the kid’s grip was much stronger than it should be. It felt like a super muscular hand was almost about to crush his bones if he tried to resist. “I am here with you. Don’t worry, Daddy’s here soli.” He caressed and kissed his head sitting beside him.

“Did anything happen today soli? You look scared?” He asked wondering if his suspicions were true. “Earthquake happened, then I fell into a huge hole daddy.” Little Solomon tried to express the size of hole with his hands.

“Then?” Darren was having second thoughts about his suspicion. “I was out in teacher’s arms when I opened my eyes daddy.” He hugged him with full strength. “Easy, easy boy. You don’t want to break daddy’s bones.” Darren let out a squeal which little Solomon took as a play joke and relaxed the grip. But truth being indeed something happened which gave Solomon this monstrous strength. He was now with Daisy  on doubting his thoughts to let their little one visit the normal school with other kids.

Darren closed his eyes that night and tried to call Azeez. Surprisingly, it worked this time and Azeez was in front of him. He didn’t send any messenger or someone else this time. Darren noticed weird scars on his body but decided to ask about it later. Darren narrates the incident to Azeez and asks if he had something to share on it.

“I have my friend Ali, the eagle, always watching over him. His duty is to protect the young one at all costs. He told me about the earthquake. It is weird as this area never had any earthquakes before.” Azeez wonders about if anything else was at the play.

“What about the super strength? I noticed one day its powers were gone but now only his strength is back. Don’t you think we need to let him know and educate him about this? He isn’t the same kid any longer and won’t be..” Darren was worried about the future consequences with Solomon’s new super strength.

“Yes, that is something you need to do. If Ali allowed the strength back then there must be a strong reason. A reason which I think would be classified. All you need to know that he will be safe. Just avoid attention over him as far as you can.” Azeez disappears into the thin air ending his instructions.

Darren was standing still with a lot of questions in his mind when the door opens and Daisy walks into the garden. She looks at him noticing the wrinkles on his forehead. She puts a hand on his shoulder making Darren smile at her. “What’s troubling you?” She looks into his eyes. Darren was a good liar but his eyes used to give off the truth. Whenever he lied he used to avoid direct eye contact with her.

“Nothing much dear. I wasn’t feeling sleepy. Hence decided to take a little stroll in the backyard.” Darren assures her looking in her eyes. “You are worried about Soli as well right?” Daisy enquired smiling at him. “How did you know?” Darren wonders if indeed he had got better at lying or not.

“I have known you for a long time now. It’s quite obvious for me to know when you try to force an eye contact to avoid the fact that you are hiding something.” She smiles at him as both let out a chuckle.

“Yeah, I can’t really hide anything from you. I am worried about him, especially after today’s incident. Somehow his super strength is back and using that he had almost unknowingly tried to crush all my bones.” Darren burst out into laughter. Daisy quickly looks at his hands and lets out a sigh of relief. “ Why didn’t you tell me before?” Daisy was annoyed as she had been unaware of this fact. She wondered how long Darren was about to hide it from her.

“Don’t worry, we need to teach him to handle his strengths. It’s us who need to educate him about his other self.” Darren puts arms around her neck. “No,No,NO. Not at all. How can you even think about it? What if he uses it on someone else and…” Darren puts a finger over her lips. “You need not worry so much. There’s always someone watching over him.” Darren points up in the sky. Daisy thought he was talking about god but little she knew that there was Ali always above them to protect him from any harm that might come his way.

The next day was when young solomon was filled with shock. Everything he tried to grip was getting shattered into pieces. He got angry and slapped the wall which resulted in huge hole in the wall. Scared of what was happening to him, he snuck into a corner and started crying.

Darren rushed towards his room when he heard a loud bang. He noticed Solomon sobbing in a corner of his room. The door knob was badly crushed and there was a huge hole in the wall. Alongside there was a little dent on the flooring as well. Knowing what to do next, he took him in his arms and took him outside for a walk.

Daisy wanted to come along but Darren wanted to handle this himself. He wanted to have a father son talk. When they arrived back, Solomon had a huge smile on his face and Darren appeared relaxed. Daisy rushed and took little Solomon in her arms. Surprisingly, Solomon’s grip wasn’t stronger than it should’ve been. She wondered what had happened?

She looked at Darren seemingly looking for answers. Darren just smiled at her and nodded in assurance. He had thought him how to have control over how much does he exert on anything. For young Solomon it was like video game. He thought of it as a play exercise but at the end he learnt to control is strength. It took him a few hours with the help of Darren but certainly there was not doubt that the kid was remarkable.


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Adventures of Young Solomon - Genie Series Fanfiction - Chapter 4


It was now time for him to arrive in this world. This day would be etched into their family history in golden words as it was going to be special day. Darren was on a summer break. He had plans to work full time but instead he took a temporary leave from his work. He started being around her all day long and keep a watchful eye.

They both had observed some unnatural and weird things happening during this pregnancy. First was abnormal growth inside the womb and then sudden reduction down to normal levels. Second being the discovery of the baby having the magical abilities that were passed to Daisy via the umbilical cord. They were lucky enough to keep the prying eyes out and keep the doubts to minimum.

All the parent’s wanted to assist them but Darren being strict and vigilant didn’t allow anyone to see Daisy without his guidance. Somehow whoever came near the unborn baby started loving him. As if he was making them love him with his magic. All stress would disappear when they used to be around him.

Darren even though impressed initially was now getting scared more and more about the baby yet to born and it’s magical prowess. This was even new for the genies as they haven’t seen anything like this happening ever. At times, even Azeez used to get clueless about how things were working so well. Darren once asked him to be his guide for the magical part as being mere humans they won’t be able to guide him with that.

That day, suddenly sunny skies changed to clouds and by the evening it began to raining heavily. There was a lightning storm outside. Darren closed the windows and doors to keep the cold outside. Lightning used to scare daisy but somehow this lightning wasn’t having any effect on her. He wondered if she was taking the baby’s help again.

Darren was about to head downstairs to prepare for dinner when Daisy’s screams filled the house. Daisy’s water had broken and she was screaming out for Darren. He quickly checked upon her and rushed downstairs to prepare for delivery inside the house. He had read a lot of books and journals about delivering a baby without the doctor’s help. He had kept all those things ready assuming it could happen any moment. Luckily, he had all the things in hand except warm water. He quickly arranged for the water and headed upstairs with the rest of the kit.

While daisy was preparing for the little one to come out, trying her best to stay calm and avoid panicking but the anxiety was taking over her. It was visible that as baby was getting disconnected from her as the magic which was keeping her calm even in the midst of a lightning storm was getting weaker. Darren rushed to her side and helped her calm down and focus on the little one.

The baby was born with a huge stroke of lightning at almost had burned down a tree nearby to crisp. To their surprise looked just like an average human baby. The glow they had been observing was absent and it was a fact of relief as well as worry for the new parents.

Darren took the baby in hands and called him out Solomon. It’s the name they had decided a while ago. Looking at the cutest form of human life in his hands Daisy knew out of both Darren would be the doting one. She gently smiled at the fact before handing over the baby back to Darren who was dancing around in excitement waiting to hold the little one.

For the next couple of days the telephone lines stayed busy with greetings and congratulations. Both the parent’s paid visit and wished to stay but Darren assured that he’s capable enough to take care of both mother and child. Parent’s being them, decided to give a long list of tips and tricks to help Darren. It was quite funny for Daisy to watch him getting scolded by his mother even when he was doing most things well. All that love for her and baby made her feel blessed than ever she had felt before. The parental love that she had begged for was all hers now. But now, she was a parent herself. She realised it was her duty to love as well as prepare her child for the world that waits outside the boundaries of this house.

Even with a ton of tips from everyone about ‘how to be a good parent’, they knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Everyday was a new surprise for them as solomon wasn’t your average little baby. A few months later he was running on his both feet. Even when he was just 3 months old, it look like he was almost a year old.

Darren’s idea to shift to a secluded place worked out as they were successful in avoiding many questions that would’ve raised suspicion about Solomon. Little Solomon was a surprise package each day. At his first birthday, he started flying around in air. It was notoriously hard for Darren and Daisy to catch hold of him and bring him down. They worried if he would hit into something and would get hurt.

The house had to be modified for a genie baby which didn’t look at all of his age. Darren came to know that genies usually live much longer lives than humans hence they grow much faster than average humans. The time was much faster here as compared to Genie land hence the boy’s body growth was quite unpredictable. At times he used to grow straight for months but then at times he would just stay of same size.

Just like that the time passed and Solomon’s magic was getting more and more extravagant. There was no one to teach him the control and no one to make him stop using it. He began using magic for everything from making things disappear that he didn’t like to land in Daisy’s arms whenever he wished. Initially it was surprising and exciting watching him discover his other self but later it was striking a danger bell in Darren’s mind.

Darren wanted to make solomon learn about his powers and have control over them whereas Daisy wanted to make him forget about his genie part as she was scared to death thinking about Solomon being taken away from her. She still remembered Khalil’s words. He was heir to the throne. It was dangerous for Solomon to keep using his magic.

It wasn’t long before Daisy’s fear came true. Solomon now, being three years old was playing alongside other kids in the park.  Daisy and other mothers were watching their kids playing in the sand pit making sand castles. Solomon even being three years old, looked like five year old boy.

Most thought he was a healthy child and growth was part of it until that day when Solomon decided to let his anger get the best of him. While playing with kids, he had finished making his sandcastle. It was largest of all the castles. Other boys clapped while one young lad just walked upon Solomon’s castle. At that moment, Solomon’s anger got out of bounds. He flicked his fingers and the castle was back as it was before.

For a moment, all the mothers who had been observing the kids from a distance were shocked. Most thought they were just imagining things while the one whose kid had walked upon Solomon’s castle stared at Daisy for a while and then turned to look at Solomon. Daisy quickly got up from her seat and briskly walked towards young Solomon.

Watching his mother coming towards him at this speed, he knew something was wrong. He tried to use the magic to calm Daisy down before Daisy caught his eye and glared at him. His eyes looked down as Daisy picked him up in her arms and walked away.

That evening Solomon expected Darren to save him from the mother’s scolding but Darren scolded him as well. The incident had scared Darren and had made him realise that this isn’t going to be as easy as he thinks it would be. That night, Daisy and Darren ended up fighting about what should be the next step. Daisy won the argument and decided to hide the magical world from Solomon altogether. She would prohibit from using magic and punish if he disobeyed. Darren didn’t have much say as he knew that she was scared about Khalil just taking away the kid from her if anything endangered him or him being half genie came out.

Solomon sat in a corner of windowsill and cried out looking at the moon when he saw an eagle circling around the house. The eagle dived down towards young Solomon. Scared at the eagle coming towards him, he quickly jumps down and closes the window and runs to sit on the bed. He hides himself inside the blanket thinking eagle won’t be able to find him inside it.

The eagle had no trouble passing his spiritual form through the glass window and sat on the bed beside Solomon. He pulls blanket over Solomon with his beak and then gently pecks Solomon over his heart with it. Scared Solomon bursts out into tears screaming at highest pitch he could have. The eagle quickly rushes out taking a notice that his gesture probably had scared little one.

Darren watches a huge eagle passing through closed glass window. He tries to process the information but then focuses on the little one. He takes him into his lap and cajoles him into calmness. He notices a sudden difference in aura around Solomon. It felt different hugging him from before, the tingling sensation was missing. Darren asked him to try making the pillow fly. Scared solomon didn’t absorb what his father was asking him to do. He was confused as he was scolded for using magic before and now his father was asking him to do the same.

Even with conflicting thoughts in mind, Solomon flicked his fingers but nothing happened. He looked at Darren with moist eyes and tried again but nothing happened. The magic was locked inside him and Solomon wasn’t able to use his magic now. Darren realised that eagle must be Azeez’s doing to save Solomon and an attempt to keep him off the vigilance of the tracking eyes.

Solomon now was crying more than before. He thought his mom punished him for not obeying her and now he lost his special abilities. Darren didn’t try to make him understand as he knew that someday he has to embrace this side of his but for now it is better to keep it closed.

That night in dream the same eagle popped in both Daisy and Darren’s dreams. He told them that his master had ordered him to lock the young genie’s powers making him unable to use them. This was a rule which was followed in the genieland as to make kids learn that magic was only to be used when it was needed. It wasn’t a shortcut to get things done without efforts.

Alongside, this will not only teach him now to do things without being completely dependant on magic but also will keep him away from prying eyes. Daisy was worried about what if the plan didn’t work as intended. The eagle mentioned that soon, little Solomon would forget all about his magical abilities and it wouldn’t be a bother to keep him away from attempting shortcuts.


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Adventures of Young Solomon - Genie Series Fanfiction - Chapter 3


Just as Azeez had mentioned in the letter, there were several instances when things Darren had never imagined or read about where there in his mind. It felt like someone had hacked his brains and dropped all the information there without him taking a notice.

It had been just 3 months and the baby bump was larger than ever. Daisy could now barely walk without his support as the bump would just make her lean forward. There was active back pain whenever she tried to sit up. Darren wondered how long it was going to continue. Somehow he knew that this was just the beginning, it was going to get much worse ahead.

At night the glow from the bump kept increasing daily. At times it’s brightness used to cover the room light a little night lamp. It was all weird firsts for both of them. Darren was getting worried but he cautiously hid his stress from both Daisy and the little baby inside of her.

One day, Darren decided to move along somewhere secluded. He had booked a winter cottage in Alaska and decided to take Daisy along with him on a road trip. He knew that a road trip with a expecting lady might result in suspicions but he had to take a chance. He opened the door to Daisy’s room and sat beside her on the bed. She was reading ‘fault in our stars’ which she kept aside knowing that he wanted to talk.

“I have decided to take you to some secluded place where no one can interfere us until the baby is born. All this little weird things like abnormally large bump, its glow at night which just keeps increasing can raise questions. It won’t be late before anyone starts poking questions which we can’t answer. I can’t risk that at any cost. So I have booked us a winter cottage in Alaska and we will stay there until the baby is born. Looking at this it seems it won’t be any long.” He places his hand over the bump.

Daisy didn’t want to move out but she knew that Darren was right. Her neighbours already hated her grandma because she was a witch. After her death they even had suspected many paranormal activity going on inside the house. Little did they knew that there was a genie in the house. Daisy wished she could just drift away somewhere away from here.

She just closed her eyes and imagined of a random snow clad alaskan peak when suddenly she started feeling cold. She abruptly opened her eyes to find herself lying on a thick layer of snow on a tiny peak. She freaked out and started looking around to see where she was. She thought it might be him or azeez somewhere around observing her but it wasn’t the case.

She rubbed her shoulders as it was snowing around and she was barely clothed for it. Suddenly, she started feeling warmer from inside and all of sudden the cold didn’t affect her at all. What was happening? She looked around her to find if there was some genie hiding but she couldn’t find anything other than thick layers of snow and herself on a lonely secluded place. That’s when she realised it might be the baby inside her.

She closed her eyes and imagined herself inside her bedroom and then on opening her eyes she found herself on the bed and horrified Darren in front of her. He lunges towards her and hugs her tightly. “Where did you go? I was so worried. I tried finding you everywhere in the house. You literally gave me another heart attack.” Darren murmured in her ear embracing her.

“Darren, I have to tell you something.” She pulls out of the embrace and cups Darren’s face. Darren looks at her and wonders what was it all about. “The baby, it has same powers like his biological dad.” She smiles and nods at him as he tries to understand what had just happened.

“You mean this baby inside you has genie powers too? WOW!! How did you come up on that conclusion?” Darren looks at her baby bump and tries to understand what he had just heard. “Yes Darren! The baby has magical powers. I just had closed my eyes and wished if I could go away to some secluded place and imagined a random snow clad peak and all of sudden I was there when I opened my eyes. I was surrounded by nothing but snow. It was freezing cold when I started rubbing my shoulders and wished if the cold would disappear and it just did. Within next few seconds I was feeling absolutely normal. At first I thought it must be him or some other genie sent by him around me but no, that’s when I realised it must be the baby.”

She smiles looking at her belly and rubs the bump. “So, that’s why your belly glows at night.” Darren stares at her stomach wondering what’s more to be discovered? He mentally makes a note of it to ask Azeez about it the next time he gets a chance. “So, can you drift me too along with you? Just like Khalil did?” Darren enquired looking still looking at the baby bump wondering how the child would turn out to be when it already can use magic inside the mother’s womb.

“I don’t know, its all new for me too. You know?” Daisy was happy and excited to see what all she could do, or in reality the baby could do. She holds Darren’s hand and both close their eyes. She asks Darren to think about the cottage he has booked. When they open their eyes they were there outside the cottage. It was snowing around and there was snow on the roof of the wooden cottage. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

They quickly closed their eyes and in a moment there were back to their room on the bed. “That was amazing!” Darren exclaimed. “ I know right!  I can’t wait to see how wonderfully talent this child would be.” Daisy had tears of happiness rolling down her eyes. She couldn’t wait any longer to bring the child into this world.

The next few days they spent exploring what other things the baby could do. The magical abilities were flowing through Daisy as she was connected with the baby via the umbilical cord. But soon she realised that using magic was extremely energy hungry. The more she tried to use magic to ease her life the more she used to feel hungry and if not fed she used to get weak as if she wasn’t fed in weeks. Darren secretly used to crush the pills Azeez had given him and mix it with Daisy’s morning juice. Those pills helped her recover her energy back much quicker than food.

As the weeks passed by the energy she needed was growing at an exponential rate. One day when Darren arrived home from work, he found Daisy unconscious at the foot of staircase. He thought she fell from the stairs but as he moved close he realised there was no injury of any sort. She was floating in mid air just a few centimeters above the ground. The baby had saved her life that day.

Daisy had started rejecting food since last couple of days and she was getting weaker and weaker. Even multiple pills didn’t help now. Frustrated Darren closed his eyes and called out to Azeez for help. He tried multiple times but there was no response. Darren was clueless what to do next? He couldn’t risk going to the doctor as he couldn’t let out the secret.

One of his hand was supporting Daisy’s head while other rested on her belly bump. It felt as if the baby understood Darren’s pain and Daisy slowly opened her eyes. Darren kissed her and then the baby bump. He carried her in his arms and made her rest on the bed. He brought soup and carefully fed her with his own hands. That was the moment he decided that he would have to be more careful than ever.

It didn’t make a day until he got to learn something new about the baby. Everyday as the magic grew stronger, Daisy started getting weaker each day. Although, the good thing being the bump had stopped expanding and instead had surprisingly grown down back a few centimeters. Darren once wished that he could see what’s happening inside the womb and somehow his wish was granted. He could watch baby inside, there was that same familiar hypnotic glow but now there wasn’t any smoke like before.
It was so mesmerising for him that he kept on looking at it. It had been 7 months now and he could see the face inside. It was a boy. He hugged Daisy in out of happiness and then headed downstairs to bring a blueberry muffin for her. He sits beside her and places muffin on her belly. She smiles at him knowing what Darren was trying to say.


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Adventures of Young Solomon - Genie Series Fanfiction - Chapter 2


It wasn’t long when she was getting nightmares every time she fell asleep. Every single time she tried to sleep, all those memories came haunting back to her as if it wasn’t over yet. Many times she just used to get up screaming Khalil’s name later realising that he wasn’t around.

During those days, Darren often had to wait in hospital for checkups and ending chemotherapy sessions which ensured that his disease doesn’t sprout back up. It had been just a week of khalil not being around anymore. It felt as if she was addicted to him now. She gulped down some water from the glass beside the bed and took some sleeping pills. The sleeping medication was prescribed by her doctor. She had been visiting a doctor as it was now second week of not being able to sleep.

She didn’t reveal anything about her nightmares to the doctor. She made it look like it was about the aftershock from the Darren’s sudden cancer detection and heart attack, short after her grandma’s death all haunting her coming back while she sleeps. But inside she knew it was him. His memories weren’t letting her sleep.

Everything the dreams began her being with him in the gardens of genie land and then something going wrong. Everytime it was something new where she survives and khalil disappears. She hadn’t shared it with Darren as she was worried that he would leave his treatment and get worried about her.

Later she she somehow realised that it might be the baby doing the tricks. It was weird for her she knew the fact but she had not source of knowing that. It felt as if somehow the information kept appearing inside her head on her own magically. Stumbling upon the word ‘magic’ she ran around the whole house searching for Khalil. She knew he was helping her somehow during this phase. She was happy to know that he has the knowledge about their baby.

She rubs hand over her belly shouting at the sky, “ I know you are there looking over at me. I know you are still helping me in various ways you can. Can’t you just come for once and see me? I know that wishes are over but can’t you be here to see your own baby and it’s mother?” A drop of tear leaves her eye when suddenly, she felt something getting inside her throat sucking all of her voice. That’s when she felt like little whispers calling her out. She remembered this sound. This voice, it was very familiar, it was him. She closed her eyes to listen carefully when a voice echoed inside her ear.

“I am always here habibi, watching you and our little one. Don’t shout next time like this else I’d be forced to take away little one from you. No one should know about the baby. It is your and Darren’s baby, not mine. Remember this, if anyone from magical world comes to know of the fact that king of genies has a baby in earthland, it would be a disaster.”

And then all of sudden there was deep eerie silence in the surroundings. She opens her eyes quickly and scans around to find herself alone near the window. She watches Darren parking his car in their driveaway and bringing some carry bags along. She rubs the dry tear off her cheeks and heads downstairs.

She opens the door just when Darren was about to do the same with the spare key she had given him. Darren was recovering from his bad health and he had given up his scholarship to just take a normal diploma in a local community college. The sponsors of the competition were so impressed with Darren getting to know the back story, they decided to fund his education as long as he wishes to study. That’s when Darren takes up a better course that he actually wanted to study.

Although due to ongoing treatments, his parents being paranoid about his health and most importantly thought of leaving Daisy alone didn’t sound at all appealing to him. Daisy was yet to break the news about the confirmation of pregnancy to him. She felt she had troubled him a lot till this day and for once she wanted to support him instead of being a liability.

“How did you know I am coming?” Surprised Darren smiles at her as she lets him in opening the door.

“I saw you parking the car from the window.” She smiled back closing the door behind him. “So, how are you now? I hope the reports are all clear.” She looks at him enquiring in a low serious tone.

“Yes, the reports are clear and doctors are shocked. How did that happen so quickly? They are still weirded out by the fact that one chemo dose can be such a rollercoaster. Little do they know the actual reason behind it, right?’ He winks at her smiling as he watches her face drop.

“Hey, I am sorry. I didn’t mean it that way.” He tries to console her but she shakes his hand off and runs straight up towards the bedroom. He drops the food bags in kitchen and puts some in plate before heading upstairs. He knows that nothing can cheer up Daisy better than some good food.

He carefully sides beside her on the bed as she was curled up resting her head on knees wrapping her arms around it. He puts the plate on the bed and gets her to look up at him. He could see tears rolling down the cheek. He wipes the tears off her face and puts the huge plate full of burgers and pizza in front of her. “Now this pizza flight has taken off straight from Italy and its destination is inside Daisy’s stomach. Here it comes and makes a landing approach on her lips to slide down her tongue straight into her tummy.” He takes a slice of pizza and feeds her like a child. She couldn’t resist the silliness of the fact and bursts into laughter, gently punching him on the shoulder.

Darren heads down to do the dishes as they finish eating. She follows him to help but darren refuses. “So how is you and the baby?” Darren asks putting dishes in the washer. Stunned Daisy looks at him without batting an eyelash as if she was caught red handed. “You told me yourself? When I was on the hospital bed, half asleep?” Darren tries answer her unasked question. “Yes, but I thought you might have forgotten. I didn’t want to burden you with my issues. I have done enough of that and I am apologetic about it.” She sits on the chair resting her hands on the dining table.

“This isn’t an issue. It’s a miracle. Look at it the way I am, Daisy.” Darren places his hand over her belly and smiles at her. “Have you ever imagined how a hybrid of a human and genie would turn out to be? Although, I know you could see khalil but I couldn’t. It would be a new wonder for me. Take it this way, even though he had to leave, he left a legacy behind with him inside of you. Think of it as a bond which will connect you two again and this time it won’t be easily broken.” Daisy smiles at Darren at pulls him into embrace.

“Thanks Darren, you are the best friend anyone can ever have, I love you.” She smiles and kisses him on the cheek and rushes back upstairs at realising what she had just done. Darren watches her leave in a trance. That was the moment Darren realised that even she had some feelings in store for him but he decided not to push them.

He started caring for her and the baby as if it was his own. Daisy couldn’t attend school any longer due to the pregnancy. She had just barely finished the high-school. Darren had moved in with Daisy to be able to take care of her in a better manner. He used to go to school in morning and work after that till night. He wanted to be the one who supports this little miracle without anyone’s knowledge.

Darren’s parents had noticed the sudden shift in his feelings towards Daisy but they were clueless about the Daisy being an expecting mother. It wasn’t long before the secret broke out when a few weeks later, Darren’s mom decided to pay Daisy a visit.

She thought Daisy was carrying her son’s child. Initially, she was so mad at Darren for unprotected sex but later it turned into motherly love. She assumed just a lot on her own and decided to avoid all the awkward questionnaire as her son had taken up the duties of being a father seriously. This was a boon in disguise for Daisy and Darren as they didn’t wish to share the truth anyway. They let the misconception about Darren being the father continue. What else could’ve said?

Initially there was a backlash from their parents but after looking at both living in harmony, their minds changed. There was something magical about the baby which made everyone forget their grudges, sad past and everything around was a happy eerie.


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Adventures of Young Solomon - Genie Series Fanfiction - Chapter 1

This is a short story fanfiction based on Durriya Kapasi's 'Genie' Series. It can be read as a stand-alone although if you want a deeper insight then I would recommend you to check out both the books.

While reading the second book I had a few ideas in my mind which I wanted to explore about the early life of the Human-Genie Hybrid Solomon. He is quite a unique blend. I had a nice chat with the Author herself and then taking her permission I decided to just add my version of some spice into the missing part of the story. Taking the characters from her, I have spun some crafty story with my imaginative powers. I hope you enjoy my take at those characters.

This here is a direct first attempt at writing a fan-fiction. None of the chapters are edited. It is pretty much readable but incase you find something weird here and there please ignore and don't hate me for it. I just wanted to play around the idea and concept, hence here is what I could make up within 3 days pretty much straight. Rest, I'd like you to read and comment on it.


Daisy still remembered that day when she had to choose between saving Darren’s life or being together with Khalil. Somehow inside her head, she always knew that sooner or later she would be forced to ask for a last wish and this merry dream would come to an end. But she hadn’t expected it to happen so soon.

Even though enough time had passed after the incident, she still felt like everything that had happened was nothing but a really funny and vivid dream. She gets up from the bed as the rays of sun fall on her eyes. She carefully slides her legs down first then gets up gently keeping a hand over her belly supporting the huge bulge in her belly. Initially, she had no idea why she was growing weaker everyday but then a visit to hospital clarified that she was indeed nurturing a new life inside her.

During the initial days it was weird to come up with excuses as she was well aware that it is child is not an ordinary human child. He was the fruit of her and Khalil’s affection. The foetus inside her was growing at abnormal rate. It had been just a few months and it felt as if she was on last month of her gestation period. Alongside it was already difficult coming up with excuses as doctors were getting more curious about the abnormal growth rate. They wanted to see if there’s some complication or something weird as for them it was something out of the bounds of their medical science.

Daisy had discontinued visiting doctor after second month as once during the sonography doctor could see nothing but smoke inside her belly. Doctor thought there was something wrong with the machine but daisy knew that the machine was working as intended. She had freaked out once when doctor enquired how her belly was having a huge bulge even though she was just two months pregnant.

Initially, doctors assume there might be twins or triplets on looking at the bigger than usual belly bump. But after that sonography incident, daisy decided to avoid doctors as she didn’t want anyone to start poking questions at her since she was already a bad liar. She just shuddered at the thought of her unborn being taken to some unknown secret facility for some experiments as they used to show in the sci-fi movies.

Darren was released from hospital just a few weeks later the incident. His chemotherapy sessions came to an end at last. Somewhere inside he knew that he had almost died. He had almost seen his soul being passing out of his body when there was a sudden jolt and it pushed his soul back into his body. He knew something supernatural was at work. Later, he came to know about Khalil and Daisy, his eyes couldn’t stop shedding tears. He promised Daisy that he’d take of her more than Khalil could ever imagine. He owed his life to him now.

Daisy knew that it was no easy choice and she had to now live with its consequences. Luckily, Darren was around and he changed how she looked at the world now.  He had brought her out of depression. He made her realise that she indeed had done what had to be done. Internally somehow she knew that he was right. It was so funny that when she wanted to get rid of Khalil he was there sticking out like a sore thumb to her eye and now when she craved for his presence almost the whole universe was on plan to keep him away from her.

Things had already been getting weird as just in 3 months it felt like she was about to give birth to the baby anytime. She had been staying inside to avoid the prying eyes as darren took care of everything outside. He took care of her like a mother than a friend. That was when she knew that no one would be a better father to her kid than Darren.

One day, she insisted on going to church and get married that day itself. Darren was first surprised at this idea and hesitated when she suggested to get married in such a hurry. She was having a huge baby bump and hardly could walk around without a support as she had grown weaker everyday. At once darren thought to just take her while she sleeps to hospital to see if everything’s okay.

“You don’t want to marry me?” She asked as her doe like eyes were almost moist to burst open into tears. “That’s not the point Daisy. You are so weak right now. I don’t want to stress you out, That’s all.” Darren hugs her and rubs her back. “It’s okay if you don’t want to marry me. Just say it to my face, I can handle it pretty well. You don’t need to sympathise. I can handle it myself.” She tried to pull out from the embrace and push Darren away as Darren pulls her back into a tighter embrace and kisses her forehead. “So where do you want to go for honeymoon after the wedding?” Darren looks into her eyes as tears roll down her cheeks and she pulls him into a kiss.

At night, she woke up suddenly feeling uneasy and breathless. Darren had fallen asleep sitting beside her on the chair. She rolled on her side to face him and rested her head on her hand. She smiled looking at sleeping Darren whose mouth was now open and drool was all over his shirt. She gets up and sits as she feels a little thirsty. Her eyes land upon her baby bump which was now glowing golden blue. She just kept staring at it in awe for a while as she rubbed it gently to see if she was not dreaming. Her hand moved across the glow to find tiny sparkles above the hand as there was a tingling sensation.

She smiled as kept watching little sparks flying off her hand as she rubbed the baby bump. It reminded her of Khalil when she had first released him from the bottle trap. Darren was still sleeping when she glanced at him. There was dried drool over his face and he was sleeping like a baby. Suddenly, she felt nauseous and her eyelids started feeling heavy. The next moment she fell unconscious on the bed.

Darren woke up as if he knew about her losing conscious. He puts her back into sleeping position again covering her with the blanket as his eyes land on the glowing baby bump. Fascinated by the glow, he touches her belly feeling the tingling sensation as the sparks fly over his hand. Soon enough Darren starts feeling sleepy and rests his head on the baby bump cradling his hand around it. It felt as if baby wanted to get the parents’ love.

Next morning, Daisy gets up to find Darren sleeping with his head resting on her stomach. She smiles as she noticed his hand wrapped the bump around as if protecting it. Not wanting to disturb, she closes her eyes back and drifts off to sleep again.

Darren wakes up as the gleaming rays of sun fall on his eyes. He wakes up to find a weird scroll and bottle in his other hand. He keeps the bottle on the table beside and opens the scroll up. It read,

Give her these pills. These are special medicinal pills from the Genie land. They are consumed by expecting mothers in our land. Genie babies are very active and need a lot of energy. Give her these pills and make sure you bump up her calories in diet. Don’t ignore this weakness as it can even kill her if the baby keeps taking all her energy away. This will only get worse as the baby grows, it’ll need more energy than ever. I’ll watching over but if you need help just close your eyes and call my name.

For now I have replenished her energy with my magic, but it won’t last longer. Due to restrictions I can’t be around and talk much with you guys. Hence either I’d try to leave messages like this or just put knowledge about it in your brains. So don’t freak out when you know something you don’t know how. Also, since this is very sacred information, keep it secret at the cost of your life.

I trust in you just like my big brother. Also, this scroll will start burning once you have read it so make sure to throw it in a safe space before it burns everything down.


Darren rushes towards the window and throws the scroll outside into the pond as it burns completely even before it reaches the water surface. The ashes turn into sparkles slowly disappearing leaving no trace of scroll behind.

Darren looks back quickly as Daisy wakes up stretching her arms straight up in air moaning a little. “Good morning sweetie.” Darren kisses her forehead before helping her to get out of the bed. He quickly hides the medicinal bottle before she could see it. He doesn’t want her to think of this pregnancy as some huge life threatening task. He wanted her to make it as normal for her as possible from hereon.


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