Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Review: Immortal Writers

Immortal Writers by Jill Bowers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Its been a very long time since any book that I came across had impressed me to this extent. While going by the Title it doesn't give much of the fantasy effect that the story has, hence when I started reading this I had assumed it to be another fantasy with the chosen one and same plot line with a new batch of mythical creatures. But nah! This book proved me wrong. I totally loved the idea of being an Immortal writer and crafting out worlds that somehow mix with reality.

I loved the way author brought the whole concept of literature and empowering words into fantasy. This book was totally unexpected in terms of central idea. But as we progressed through the book. Sadly, it turned into fantasy cliche again, yet loads of action, drama covered up for it and made the reading experience pleasant.

I wish there had been more exploring and work around with the idea of being an Immortal writer. The story just introduced the concept of Immortal Writer and then dived into your usual fantasy story where a chosen one has to fight through the obstacles and kill the antagonist.

When we talk about character development, it was one of the weak sectors here. For example, I totally loved the idea of Shakespeare being one of the characters inside the book realm where as there was a lack of his character development. Even on the part of Curtis and Healer or Rob, most of the time the book was around Liz aka the main character. We never really got to know the other characters much.

But If I mix the entire thing up and then view it as one whole book, one or the other flaws get compensated and it makes a good read. The narration is good, I enjoyed the narration on the third person POV, but felt it could've been much more effective if it had been 1st person POV since most of the time the story revolved around Liz. I really enjoyed the complexity around the plot as at first it gave you the concept of the world of Immortal writers and then it dived into Liz's created world. Like a world within a world fantasy realm probably, certainly quite an complex idea.

If you are a fantasy lover and are tired of cliched fantasy novels about vampires, werewolves and wizards then this one might be a really good read for you. If you are new around here then do click here to subscribe to blog updates!

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Sunday, 18 March 2018

Why I decided to turn on email subscriptions for my blog and why should you subscribe?

Hello! It's been long I had a talk kind of post. Its been mostly book reviews and bunch of other things on the blog for a while now. Last month after going through a lot of posts about pros and cons of email lists and social media, I made up my mind to go with the RSS feed and Email Subscriber Notifications.

Currently I am using feedburner which is one of the popular and free options available. I know before most of you barge into comments asking me to go to mailchimp. I feel its not yet needed for me to have an advance thing for my blog where I post 'not-so-often'. Most of you might be thinking why the need of gathering emails and sending notifs? well the simple answer is social media menace.

If you are into any kind of social media marketing you might be probably aware of the whole ruckus through which the social media is going through right now. Most social medias are turning into cheap-ad showcasing platforms these days. While facebook being most notorious in this aspect decided to kill their creators in that aspect.

When we compare Facebook with others like twitter, instagram, snapchat etc, it has probably the worst organic engagement rates. Note carefully when I say worst organic rates. Its like 2-3% in a week. For example, if you made a post now it might reach your audience within a week, that too only 2-3% of the people who'd be following you on your 'official page'.

I feel somehow this is over-boarding with the 'pay for cheap ads thingie'. It somehow tries to push you to your limits where you decide to pay for your organic reach by chopping it down to almost nil. Instagram is on the same path but its not worse like its parent right now. I know this sounds like rant but these are tried facts.

But at the same time If you pay like a 100 bucks for boosting the post, your post reaches where you might not even expect it to reach. Now that's heights! Due to all of these reasons I finally decided to go the old school way of reaching my audience via the Feeds or Email notifications.

If you are someone who loves to read from me and doesn't scroll through socials a lot then you might subscribe to email updates. I promise they're not at all spammy.

One of the another reasons to dive into old school yet effective methods is because of the time most people spend on socials. Most of the people who you'd find active on socials will be teenagers these days. Many times they may or may not be your niche audience. There were several thoughts on to my mind before I took the decision. I also know some of you might be worried about your emails being collected or sold, no sorry. I am not into those ugly marketing practices at all.

I just love to blog and wanna make it easy for people to visit this humble abode of mine over internet and read the articles I upload. Hence If you wanna support this blog do subscribe and show some love!


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Thursday, 8 March 2018

My Thoughts on the Android P Developer Preview

First of all as many of you'd say "Dhawal, its too early to comment on the final version." But yet, I noticed something that I wanted to share out with you'll.

In the Android P Developer Preview which has been just out. There have been many changes that seem to be a bit debatable. I have been following on a lot of sources and read some really wondeful updates about the new version. As its been a tradition I know most won't be getting its update when it releases but lets not crib about that right now.

If anyone of you wants to read the changes summary for the Android P Developer Preview then you can read it from here but don't forget to read this one before going there 😉 ( )

So, if you are someone who's into customising Android, making changes deep down into systems and have already made it your business then it might be a warning alert for you.

With every Android version as once which was a feature available into a particular custom ROM or theme-only, is now available slowly ans gradually with stock ROM.

One part of it is that we would no longer to have the hassle of rooting devices by unlocking the boot loaders and doing some other circus. It'd be much easier for Non-Tech Savy people to have all that features on their devices right out of the box.

But here's the catch, it'll also remove the speciality of the custom ROMs and skins that Manufacturers provide with their devices as well as for some developers who earn their living based on these customisations.

Let me give you infamous example of Snapchat. Its the App that most of you used daily. Most developers know that the idea they had wasn't a totally new business idea. Similarly if your business js depending on certain set of root application sales or certain custom ROM sales then your business might be at the risk.

It won't certainly affect huge players a lot but niche developers who are earning based on these particular customisation apps will suffer hugely. Either they'd have to come up with a totally new option which would result in going through whole cycle of customer building. Or they have to find a way to morph their present business into something that can be self-sustaining.

This topic is widely debatable and might have many viewpoints which I even might have missed. But its just a thought that popped up in my mind afterall.

Don't you think if your business idea totally depends on someones else, it always has a risk of being upheavaled.

Let me know your thoughts down below with the help of comments and if you're new here then don't forget to subscribe.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Join me In the Camp NaNoWriMo

I have been hearing a lot about the NaNoWriMo for a long time now. I wanted to participate in the November slot but couldn't because I had missed the deadline. But this time I have successfully registered for the CAMP. If I be really honest, I don't know much of the difference between the CAMP and the Month. By far the only difference that I've known is that in the CAMP you can decide your own word limit in comparison to the fixed word limit that's been provided else.

Anyway, I wanted to share this out because any of you are planning to join then I'd like to know. I feel this time I will complete a book in a month, fingers crossed! It usually isn't fun writing on the base of deadlines, at least for me because I feel you can't limit creativity on the base of time. This will be first time I'd be racing against a time limit to write my story. It will be exciting to compete and write with a lot of another authors.

For most of the time I either write like 10 chapters a day or write nothing straight for a month. Yep :') that's my speed. This time I'd have to make sure I fulfil my daily goals for the least. One thing is for sure, I'd be posting a lot about behind the writing scenes on twitter, so if you haven't followed me there then do it right now!

Here is my profile Link to Camp if anyone's interested, click here. Looking forward to some new exciting writing experiences. Do you subscribe to the blog updates if you are new here, click here to subscribe. Also let me know in the comments if you are joining NaNoWriMo CAMP or what are your thoughts about it.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

How to post blog updates on Blogger via Email

Google's Blogger is one of the best known platforms for blogging out there. Somewhere I feel with wordpress coming out it is often underappreciated and under utilised at times. A few days back I was looking for some options to push my blog posts on a particular schedule. Where on wordpress if you are a free plan you might not be able to use this awesome functionality to upload the blog posts via a simple email but you can do that in blogger as wordpress would need to mess with bunch of plugins to do the same thing.

Blogger is my by far favourite blogging platform and I have my own reasons for that. Yeah you can call me a bit bias about it but, if you are talking about blogging on a free platform Blogger would be my pick any day.

Coming back to topic, with all this new functionalities and other stuff coming up, I decided to play with something which was already present on my blogger for a while now.

If you open your Blogger admin panel settings and go to the settings option, you'll find an email option.

Then go to email option, and have a look at the first option there.

Add the secret keywords that you think won't be known easily to others and then click save. So for example if your email address is that account with which you have logged into the blogger, the email to post your updates will be remember this in itself is an email address so you can save it to your contacts as well.

There are a few options where in you can decide whether you have to directly publish the post or you want to save it to drafts and then publish it later. This can be super handy and easy to post thing where you don't need to play or mess around with a whole new app to push updates to your blog. All you need to do is make and send in an email. Isn't it easy?

To schedule the posts at a particular time, you can just schedule the email and voila your post will be uploaded on the blog. You can do a bunch of things if you play around with options here and there as well. Like adding the pictures, quotes etc. Play with bunch of bold,italic, underline and other formatting options.

The fun part? All the things you can do with a versatile email app, can be done with this too. Like play with it as and explore new functions, do share with others.

This post was also sent by using this email feature!

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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

When expected never happens.

Its been a super long series of events where I had planned something and then it never happened. Also, there were occasions when I expected nothing and there turned out to be a huge surprise. Life itself is a surprise in that manner.
At times I end up on thoughts where I either don't wanna plan anything out or plan everything out, checking things a several times on list.

But the fun fact I realised is that life isn't a mathematical equation where you can get the value of x and then easily estimate the y. Its a probability function which never has a stable answer. All it gives is a certainty or 'technically' a probability about something happening.

In this world where you don't know what will happen the next hour, you planned all your life on a piece of paper making it picture perfect. It'll never be that. There always like this uncertainty around it which can change your plans any moment.

So when you plan something regarding your life and it never happens as assumed. Don't get disheartened and depressed. Instead just wait to see what is awaiting you. You never know something more than you expected can be awaiting you and you'd never see it or probably even miss that chance just because you were depressed about things not working out as per your plan.

If I be honest in life there are lot of things which aren't even visible from our POV. Things that we miss even after them being right in front of our eyes often shape out the future. You know the most fun part out of this? No matter how much you plan, how much you get it precise there'll be always one such moment that'll change the course of your life in a direction that you never had even thought of.

Instead of just planning layout of your life's Architecture and living it like a robot, live out your life. Its an adventure where you never know what will be happening the very next moment.

Life is very short to get depressed about things, failures, love betrayals. Its much more than anything that might appear alluring to you right now. So better than planning it out. Pack up your bags for an adventure, grab on necessary skills and tools and go on an adventure. That's the moment when you will actually begin to live your life.

I'd love to hear your thoughts via the comments, do comment down and let me know what you think of it.

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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Finding the truth if Facebook Pages and Instagram Business Profile actually cut down your organic reach?

I have been blogging for a long time and also have been a part of this online marketing community for a long time now. I have been observing the changes that are happening in the Technical and Internet ecosystem for a while and made a few unique observations of my own.

If you are a small blogger or a person who's livelihood depends on the online marketing then this post might be helpful for you. For a the past few months I have been experimenting with social medias to see which way gets your the maximum reach organically (because each one of them does extremely well on paid ones).

I used most of the popular Apps including a few personal messaging apps as well. The Apps I tried were Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and even our old but yet reliable friend Email.

I have been reading about a lot of Algorithm based changes that might be happening in these platforms as well as the google search results. But where most of the others were yet decent in terms for organic reach, the ones that disappointed me the most were Facebook Pages and Instagram.

After Facebook taking over on Instagram there are a lot of changes that almost every other Instagram user is been hating for a while now. I am not here to crib about those changes rather than that I wanted to showcase a point which I don't know most people have been realising or not.

 If you use Facebook and Instagram for your marketing activities then you will be very disappointed to know this. If you aren't one of those who usually creates the paid promotions on these platforms then both of those are as good as useless for you. The reason being the organic reach is crippled in a way that it hardly reaches even 3-5% of your followers. Instagram might not be worse in that manner at times but Facebook Pages definitely are.

After a lot of searching and shuffling through apps that are available in market, I rounded my focus on Facebook Pages, Instagram and Twitter. For obvious reasons Facebook and Instagram are in the list due to huge user base and options to find new people.

I used the same posts on all the three networks and to my utter surprise Twitter was the best of 3 in giving me organic reaches as well clicks to the links I had been sharing. When I checked my Instagram and Facebook stats they were rather discouraging then encouraging. For a while I thought it might be a human error since all these 3 networks work on different algorithms and might have different priorities, hence I did what each network favoured but still Twitter somehow rocked.

For a change I decided to try promoting a post with Facebook. I created an advert and allowed the ad to be displayed on Instagram as well. I connected my Facebook Page with my Instagram and created a business profile on Instagram. I tried the paid promotions for just 3 days and miracle happened.

While my organic reaches for the same posts were like 20-30 likes on Instagram and 5-6 likes on Facebook Page , they spiked up to 250 likes on Instagram and 60 likes on Facebook Page. So gauging the difference between organic and paid promotions, I concluded that If you are someone who is all into organic reaches and less into paid promotions then Facebook isn't a place for you totally.

To again try it differently, I used the same posts on my personal Facebook profile and switched Instagram profile to personal, again I got the spike on engagement even with the lamest of posts. The reasons and the results being pretty evident it a no brainer for me. I am planning to delete the Facebook page or keep it as it is without doing anything special for it. I'd rather enforce my personal profile and link my Profile's follow button instead of Facebook Page's.

If you are bored of the constantly changing social networking market and algorithmic issues then email marketing is still one 100% guaranteed option that can be used to cater to your audience. But here are some really strict rules to be followed as each and every email is catered directly into someone's inbox.

You shouldn't spam your email subscribers and ensure that detail's aren't leaked anywhere. Respect their privacy and don't send annoying mails everyday. Make it a weekly email update list if you blog daily. Use the email option in a way that doesn't annoy or creep out your audience.

I hope this post turned out to be helpful, do share your views in comments below. I'd love to read for you'll. If you are new around here then don't forget to subscribe to this blog by clicking here.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

NetGalley : Trying something new.

Since I have been reviewing books for a while now, I thought of connecting with more book bloggers and look what's going on in the Book Blogging world. There's where I came across this Badge that got me a bit curious and thus yours truly ended up googling it.

Professional ReaderNetGalley is basically a place where Promoters aka the Bloggers, Reviewers and Authors /Publishers meet. Its a more of a feedback exchanging place unlike Goodreads where its more of anyone can just post a little review and acknowledge the book, here its more into reviewing and providing feedback.

I haven't yet discovered much about this website and am looking forward to know more about the 'how to's' and the 'dos and don'ts' . So if anyone from book blogosphere can just drop me a message I'd really appreciate it.

The thing I noticed is most authors and publishers get a paid plan which is priced differently as per some packages decided by the website.  After which they can put up their copies of books for the readers to see. The books are given to reviewers or promoters either directly or you can make them request and approve as their profiles please you.

I feel for someone who is just entered into the blogosphere and has interest in book blogging can try it out as its a great source for both the parties to get latest content out and make it a win-win situation. I have seen many people putting a little disclaimer as I got this book from so and so place, personally I would never add that line because that line itself means you are somehow biased towards it. But if that's a rule then I might have to add it. I generally don't discriminate between books I buy and I don't.

This post was not a promotion for NetGalley in any sense, Just wanted to share out a wonderful source of promotions and getting promoters in a win-win situation. When there's any book to be launched authors and publishers get frustrated awaiting reviews from bloggers or promoters who at times don't even end up posting one after receiving the promotional copy.

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Monday, 12 February 2018

Real Life Super Hero - Movie Review Padman

Padman was one of the movies I had on my to-watch list since it was being first promoted via socials. Not because it was some another super-hero movie but the actual man and cause behind it. It's a real life inspiration as many may know. Here's IMDB link if you wanna know more about the movie itself. In this blog I am not gonna talk about the usual stuff that you'll find on every second post over Internet.

This story again goes the on route of mad genius making an impact on the society. Here out MC isn't even educated enough but yet he invents a machine that can make sanitary pads for women at low prices. There are many times so many problems around us which are either ignored or we are just grown used to. The problem of using a dirty cloth during periods is one such issue that still is quite prominent in the rural areas. Here talking about India this person somehow faces the backlash of the society by going against its norms and yet gets one his message conveyed to masses.

I can pull out many things from this story that some people might not notice easily. One of those is talking about issues, just talking about issues never helps. Issues only get resolved when they're acknowledged, thought upon and solved. Neither just knowing an issue helps nor talking about it.

This person Arunachalam Muruganantham is one such inspiration for all the people out there. If you know a problem and are hell bent to solve it, you should do it no matter what happens. Here it was the case of health and hygiene. Where most companies are too busy and involved in money making this man got his product to masses.

I am personally touched by the dedication to solve the issue and then putting it out in public. Many times we think facing backlash from society isn't much if you ignore it but think what will be the use of your solution when there's no one to use it? Society is the one you are making your solution for, because if you only had an issue and knew the solution you'd use it quietly without sharing it.

India is one such country where there's enough taboo about a lot of things, at times even shockingly weird things that are ought to be necessities. Open -defecation is one such issue, when it is addressed by some layman people laugh and make fun but when some popular person does that he is awarded and rewarded.

Akshay Kumar here has done wonderful task of bringing this topic into light just like he had through his another movie Toilet. He's been visible doing such movies these days which is a good point where others are still busy pairing 40-50 yr old actors with 20-22 year old actresses and people enjoy that movie with  popcorn making it a 300 crore club movie.

cheers to the attempt and its one of the must-watch movies. Not because it has a social message but it is a work of art and sheer inspiration.

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