Chapter Thirty Eight


The trio sit across the table to talk as Anjani shuts the shop temporarily. On Khushi’s continuous prodding for answers Anjani decides to narrate the whole story to Khushi and Parnika. “I just wanted him to make him realise his true feelings. I love him but I don’t want to be a shadow. I felt his feelings for you Pari. He always somehow ended up comparing things I did with you. There was one moment where I felt he was trying to find you in me.”

“All I did was to help them get together. I had no idea something like this would happen. I never meant to break his heart. But even after all this, I couldn’t stay away from him. I had to come back. I still sometimes just watch him from far away as he comes for lunch in hotel on the other side of the road.” A tear slides down Anjani’s cheek which she rubs off with back of her hand.

“So you just left writing a letter? What’s with this nonsense? First Pari and then you. No wonder bhai was so annoyed when I had called him to ask about his valentines day proposal. He never called me after that day. Whenever I,Hitesh or anyone tried to contact him,  he just hung up and replied with some message and most of the time that message used to be some excuse. Ma and Pa were really worried. They wanted to just cancel their last destination and head back home when they got Parnika’s email and their worries turned into blossoms of happiness. At first even I wondered what was wrong with them? But then, when they informed me about the decision, I was shocked. I made an excuse about wedding plans and took my first flight back to meet these idiots.” Khushi stares at Parnika who is seemingly lost in her own thoughts.

Parnika startles as Khushi tries to get her attention. “You said they were waiting for your answer to decide about the whole wedding, what does that mean? Also, Jay has no idea about this then how can you write about moving ahead with wedding plans?” Khushi was clearly in no-nonsense mood right now. Her eyes were fixed upon Parnika and her lips were sealed shut expecting answer from her.

“A year back, before heading for the world tour. They wanted to bring this topic up at the dining table. That day, shriya somehow popped up. That moment I realised, I never asked or got to know what did Jay feel about me. All I had in my mind what I felt about him. I told Ma and Pa, to wait until I find out if the feeling is mutual. Hence, they decided to extend the world tour and even my mom decided to go on a longer jatra. All they wanted to give us was some spare time to decide and fix things up on our own. But nothing went as it was planned. I had to deal with Shriya who was just playing some sick mind game with Jay. Before I could know what would happen, I was off far away from the country. Reading all those mails he sent me and you, sent me Anjani, I decided to just say yes from my side for the marriage. I had no idea about Miral and the situation here.” Parnika rests her head in her hands.

“What’s so bad about Miral? You told me, he’s not serious with her right? Then what’s the issue?” Anjani tries to help as it was hurting her to see the cause she sacrificed her feelings for was in trouble. She wanted to see Jay and Parnika back together.

“Miral has a medical condition where she has no idea how many days she has left to live. She is obsessed with Jay and it’s like a chance for her to show me that she can be better than me. Jay is just feeling bad to let her think that he likes her too. He’s just guilty of leading her on and he’s trying to make it up for her now.” Khushi moves her hand through her hair hearing this from Parnika.

“But what does this have to do with you guys being together? I am still not getting it.” Anjani make a point in the conversation suddenly gets Khushi’s attention.

“Her case is been assigned to me. She’s attempting to take a procedure which has no guarantee at all. I can’t be personal bias hinder with my profession. If I say no, or try to get Jay out of her life, she’d create a scene and which would just get Jay more farther than he is from me now.” Parnika wanted to end this battle of thoughts to know what was in Jay’s mind. She wanted to take on this operation with confidence that the result won’t affect her personal life at all. Deep down she knew that her love was true but at the same time a simple assurance would just make her life a blessing. The uncertainty was killing her.

“I think we need to talk to Miral. I can’t just let her mess with lives just because she’s counting her end days. I am sorry if that sounds rude. Parnika, I never imagined you’d give up so easily. At times wonder if you really want him back or not?” Khushi rests her hand on the table.

“What do you mean?” a stern reaction from Parnika wasn’t something Khushi had expected.

“As much as I’ve known you, you always confront situations like these head first. Why are you so underconfident right now? I know bhai, he’s most stupid and naive person you’d meet ever. I had seen him longing for your one reply. I have heard him blabbering your name in sleep. He’s damn idiot but he really loves you. You dear have to take the lead and make him realise that.” Khushi leans towards Parnika and places hand over hers.

“So what should we do?” Anjani wanted to help even if all these talks were internally hurting her more than the day she decided to just take exit from Jay’s life.

“Now, let me take care of this. Anjani, I’d need you to come with me, I think you owe bhai some explanation.” Khushi pushes the chair back and gets up.

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