Adventures of Young Solomon - Genie Series Fanfiction - Chapter 5


Solomon was now five years old and it was time to send him to pre-school. Daisy wasn’t at all convinced by the idea of sending him to a normal school as she was constantly worried about Solomon doing something which would reveal his true self.

Daisy had grown paranoid over the years in an attempt to keep him safe. Even though just like the eagle had mentioned, Solomon had completely forgotten that he was a half genie. He lived his life like normal humans. But that didn’t convince Daisy at all. She was worried about his safety at school.

It was a task for Darren to convince her but a doting father wasn’t able to convince the overprotective mother so easily. It took him long time but he was able to let Daisy feel better about their kid attending school with other kids like a normal kid.

Everything went fine for a few months until one day when there was an earthquake. Solomon was playing in garden with other kids when the tremors were felt throughout the area. The teacher immediately took the charge and rushed kids to a safe place. But young Solomon was just too busy to pay teacher any heed. He kept climbing on the dome before he fell inside due to tremors ending up getting injured and trapped inside.

It didn’t take long for teacher to realise that Solomon was missing. She had now a difficult choice to make. To stay safe at the place or just risk her own life going out and looking for the little kid. She left her kids with other attendant who was helping her and headed out to look for little Solomon.

Solomon had fainted due to injury and panicking as the sand pit beneath the dome had slipped and he had fallen into a pit. The pit was large enough for keep the child trapped inside. All of sudden an eagle appeared in the sky and broke the metal dome with its beak. He grabbed solomon at the shoulders using its talons and flew off to safe place. Before going he gently tapped on his head once and shoulders. Teacher finds Solomon unconscious on the playground. She rushes in as a tree was about to fall and picks him up in arms.

Daisy had a panic attack thinking about what would’ve happened to her kid if the teacher wouldn’t have discovered him. Solomon was extremely quiet after the incident. It wasn’t usual for him to stay silent and sit calmly at one place as instructed. Darren calms Daisy down before he takes little one to his bed as it was sleeping time for him.

Darren was about to leave after tucking the little one in when he grabbed his hand and didn’t allow Darren to leave. Darren realised that he was scared but he didn’t fail to notice that the kid’s grip was much stronger than it should be. It felt like a super muscular hand was almost about to crush his bones if he tried to resist. “I am here with you. Don’t worry, Daddy’s here soli.” He caressed and kissed his head sitting beside him.

“Did anything happen today soli? You look scared?” He asked wondering if his suspicions were true. “Earthquake happened, then I fell into a huge hole daddy.” Little Solomon tried to express the size of hole with his hands.

“Then?” Darren was having second thoughts about his suspicion. “I was out in teacher’s arms when I opened my eyes daddy.” He hugged him with full strength. “Easy, easy boy. You don’t want to break daddy’s bones.” Darren let out a squeal which little Solomon took as a play joke and relaxed the grip. But truth being indeed something happened which gave Solomon this monstrous strength. He was now with Daisy  on doubting his thoughts to let their little one visit the normal school with other kids.

Darren closed his eyes that night and tried to call Azeez. Surprisingly, it worked this time and Azeez was in front of him. He didn’t send any messenger or someone else this time. Darren noticed weird scars on his body but decided to ask about it later. Darren narrates the incident to Azeez and asks if he had something to share on it.

“I have my friend Ali, the eagle, always watching over him. His duty is to protect the young one at all costs. He told me about the earthquake. It is weird as this area never had any earthquakes before.” Azeez wonders about if anything else was at the play.

“What about the super strength? I noticed one day its powers were gone but now only his strength is back. Don’t you think we need to let him know and educate him about this? He isn’t the same kid any longer and won’t be..” Darren was worried about the future consequences with Solomon’s new super strength.

“Yes, that is something you need to do. If Ali allowed the strength back then there must be a strong reason. A reason which I think would be classified. All you need to know that he will be safe. Just avoid attention over him as far as you can.” Azeez disappears into the thin air ending his instructions.

Darren was standing still with a lot of questions in his mind when the door opens and Daisy walks into the garden. She looks at him noticing the wrinkles on his forehead. She puts a hand on his shoulder making Darren smile at her. “What’s troubling you?” She looks into his eyes. Darren was a good liar but his eyes used to give off the truth. Whenever he lied he used to avoid direct eye contact with her.

“Nothing much dear. I wasn’t feeling sleepy. Hence decided to take a little stroll in the backyard.” Darren assures her looking in her eyes. “You are worried about Soli as well right?” Daisy enquired smiling at him. “How did you know?” Darren wonders if indeed he had got better at lying or not.

“I have known you for a long time now. It’s quite obvious for me to know when you try to force an eye contact to avoid the fact that you are hiding something.” She smiles at him as both let out a chuckle.

“Yeah, I can’t really hide anything from you. I am worried about him, especially after today’s incident. Somehow his super strength is back and using that he had almost unknowingly tried to crush all my bones.” Darren burst out into laughter. Daisy quickly looks at his hands and lets out a sigh of relief. “ Why didn’t you tell me before?” Daisy was annoyed as she had been unaware of this fact. She wondered how long Darren was about to hide it from her.

“Don’t worry, we need to teach him to handle his strengths. It’s us who need to educate him about his other self.” Darren puts arms around her neck. “No,No,NO. Not at all. How can you even think about it? What if he uses it on someone else and…” Darren puts a finger over her lips. “You need not worry so much. There’s always someone watching over him.” Darren points up in the sky. Daisy thought he was talking about god but little she knew that there was Ali always above them to protect him from any harm that might come his way.

The next day was when young solomon was filled with shock. Everything he tried to grip was getting shattered into pieces. He got angry and slapped the wall which resulted in huge hole in the wall. Scared of what was happening to him, he snuck into a corner and started crying.

Darren rushed towards his room when he heard a loud bang. He noticed Solomon sobbing in a corner of his room. The door knob was badly crushed and there was a huge hole in the wall. Alongside there was a little dent on the flooring as well. Knowing what to do next, he took him in his arms and took him outside for a walk.

Daisy wanted to come along but Darren wanted to handle this himself. He wanted to have a father son talk. When they arrived back, Solomon had a huge smile on his face and Darren appeared relaxed. Daisy rushed and took little Solomon in her arms. Surprisingly, Solomon’s grip wasn’t stronger than it should’ve been. She wondered what had happened?

She looked at Darren seemingly looking for answers. Darren just smiled at her and nodded in assurance. He had thought him how to have control over how much does he exert on anything. For young Solomon it was like video game. He thought of it as a play exercise but at the end he learnt to control is strength. It took him a few hours with the help of Darren but certainly there was not doubt that the kid was remarkable.


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