Adventures of Young Solomon - Genie Series Fanfiction - Chapter 6


As the years, passed there were several instances in which Solomon had learnt more than the kids of his age. At the age of 10 he began solving maths which was for kids 5 years older than him. He was the ideal child for the school. He was smart and good at sports. They used to expect him to take a part in every event that school organised and often asked him to represent the school at other state level events.

This was all wrong in the eyes of Daisy. For her, the goal was to avoid attention over her child but this was all going wrong. It was getting harder to avoid attention everyday as Solomon looked older than his age. He was quite large in terms of body and his intellect was greater than others of his age. Due to which the school had decided to let him skip a few grades and move up higher with other kids who were in the same zone as him.

Darren was okay with this but Daisy’s fear was coming true. It wasn’t long before he would grow up at a rate which often pulled prying eyes over him. His physique and strength were often envied and most other students would be shocked at his intellectual abilities when they get to know of this age.

Many often used to think that the parents were lying to get attention over their kid and make him look special then their kids. The hype around him was on top when the school principal asked Darren and Daisy to let Solomon compete in the Olympiad Exams.

Now a teenager, Solomon was quite confused and weirded out by his mother’s over protective behaviour. But he used to agree with whatever she decided for him. Although this would result in frustration for him as he was been barred from doing things he was good at. He felt he should just go out and show others what he actually capable of. Teenage hormones had been taking him over and certainly his anger was getting out of control.

To release his anger constructively he decided to go for a hike. Darren was out of town on a work trip. Solomon wondered if Darren would’ve been here, wouldn’t have stopped him from going for the chance. It’s not everyday anyone gets a recommendation for it.

He quietly packs the essentials in his little backpack and sneaks out of the house from the backdoor while Daisy was busy cooking in the kitchen. He takes his bike and straps his backpack on the bike, riding off towards the mountains.

Just like usual, it was almost evening and it was the time when most people were about to get out of the national park. It was jungle after all and no one wished to get stuck in a jungle at night alone with wild animals. When most riders were riding back downhill, Solomon showing his amazing stamina was riding at a good speed up towards the hill.

He wanted to spend some time and watch the setting sun from the peak. It didn’t take him long to reach the top. He removed the back from his bike and pulled out a little yoga mat from it. Sitting on the mat he looked at the setting sun, the cool winds blew from the east and the birds chirping their way back to nests.

Solomon opens his eyes and jumps to stand up. The moon was up in the sky shining its beautiful light over the land. Solomon had ended up sleeping in the comfort of nature and it was now middle of night. Solomon pulls out his phone which had just a few percentage of battery left. There were 100 missed calls from Daisy. It was 12 am in the midnight and he was out here sleeping comfortably at the top of a mountain in middle of a jungle.

He notices a huge eagle flying above him in circles. Scared to death solomon picks up a stone and hurls at it up in the sky. The stone misses but the eagle takes a deep steep dive towards him. Solomon scared, rushes to pick his backpack and runs with his bike downhill. The eagle had climbed back up in the sky but still was hovering above his head in circles.

Solomon rides his bike down the hill as fast as he could and rushes back home without attempting to look up in the sky. On reaching home he notices that the eagle was still up above him, hovering in circles. He drops the bike in the driveway and runs inside the house.

He notices Daisy along with a few neighbours around her sitting by the doorstep. Daisy was crying constantly from past few hours. She walked up to her neighbours to ask if anyone had seen Solomon. He was missing for more than 6 hours now.

On looking at his mother shedding tears, Solomon rushes to her and pulls her into embrace. Realising Solomon is back, she first kisses her all over the face and then slaps him hard on both his cheeks. While Solomon was still trying to understand what was happening he was pulled into embrace by his mother and it was a tight one.

She started crying over his shoulder while he tried to calm her down like his dad. “Mom, I am here. I am safe. See, I am fine. I had just headed out for a little hike.” He tries to calm her down but the crying didn’t stop. Some neighbours smiled while others shaked their heads and started leaving. A few tapped on Solomon’s shoulder smiling at him.

“Where were you? How dare you disappear without telling me? I was so worried, I thought they took you…” Daisy stops at that sentence and brushes tears off her cheek. “The Dinner is cold, let me heat it up for you and then we need to talk.” Daisy walks back towards the kitchen.

Solomon had now more questions in his mind than ever. He wondered who was his mother talking about?  Who is going to take him? What was all this about? He agreed that there was more than visible to eyes. But he didn’t dare ask questions right now since he knew his mother’s anger.

That night, even though Daisy wanted to shout and scold him, she didn’t. Both ate their food in silence and headed off to beds. Daisy couldn’t sleep, she tossed and turned in bed thinking about today’s incident. She knew it was bad to talk about this without Darren’s presence. She knew if Solomon started asking questions, she won’t be able to lie to him.

When Solomon had arrived back home, she noticed the eagle up in the sky. That was when she knew that her son was safe as Darren had said. He was watching him over from there. It was feeling of reassurance but she had no knowledge about the things happening in genie land. She had a lot of questions for Darren as well. He had kept the secret of Solomon been watched over by ‘him’.

There were a lot of questions bubbling up in young Solomon’s mind as well. He knew there was something that his parent’s used to hide from him but today that half sentence had just been etched in his mind like a carving on stone. He wanted to just rush to his mother and ask everything out but he was worried about what would happen next.

He was worried what would his mother do the next morning? Would he be grounded? Will he be allowed to participate in Olympiads? With all these questions in his mind he kept turning in his bed. There was no simple answer for these questions. All he could do was await for the sun to rise.

Next morning, it was just like normal Sunday morning. Daisy acted as nothing had happened last night. Darren was back from an early morning flight. He had to cancel his work trip in between and come back when Daisy informed him that Solomon was missing. At once the same thought had crossed his mind as well but then he reminded himself about Ali watching him over.

Darren was on the breakfast table going through the newspaper while Solomon entered the room. “The breakfast is ready.” Daisy started serving food as he arrived. Solomon was confused with what was happening around him. No one was mad at him anymore? Or was it a way to show their anger? Confused, he quickly gulped down the juice and munched on the roasted eggs.

Within a few minutes he finished his breakfast and walked out. There was a cold pin drop silence in the room. The noise of the spoons hitting the plates was clearly audible. He wondered if he should sit or just leave. Looking at Darren’s face who smiled at him, he was assured that there was nothing like he had been imagining. He was happy that he wasn’t getting grounded for little stunt he pulled up yesterday.

As soon as Solomon left, Daisy started staring at Darren. Darren noticed her and smiled at her. “How could you hide such a huge thing from me?” Daisy keeps her spoon down and folds her hands waiting for him to answer. Noticing her changing stance, Darren knew he had to tell her the whole truth.

Daisy’s mouth was open with shock when Darren relayed everything from the magic pills till his conversation with Azeez the last time they met. “I can’t believe it. You kept all of this from me? Why, Darren?” Daisy drops the plate in the sink and leaves the room. Darren follows her but she closes the door on his face. “I need some time alone Darren.” She spoke from other side of the door.

Daisy was trying to understand and reason with everything that had happened over the years. How could he keep all this from her? She deserved to know the truth. All this time she thought ‘he’ didn’t care about her and the kid. She thought he’d just steal him away from her just because of some random genie law. All this time she stayed scared of losing her son any moment. It was just too much to digest for the moment. While Daisy was trying to understand everything, Darren was waiting outside leaning by the door. He didn’t budge from there until almost an hour later she opened the door. He thought she’d be mad at him, instead she pulled him into hug and kissed his cheek.

“All this time I was worried that he’d be taken away, scared for no reason. If I had any idea that ‘he’ was overseeing him, I would have never worried so much about him. I know there will be a day when he will have to face his other side but for now I don’t think there’s a reason to keep him caged like a bird.” She smiles at him.

Darren was confused but he decided not to push the topic any further. This time he was worried about Solomon. For Solomon, it was like a game of see saw. Last night while he had been sleeping, he had a weird dream. A dream where he popped out of his body like a ghost and roamed around the forests. No one was able to hear or see him. He could touch them but not the other way around. His spirit was glowing in golden blue and he was enjoying roaming around the forest before his encounter with a cougar.

He thought the cougar could see him as the cougar leaped towards him. He ran out of the wilderness back to the open spot where he could see his body. He checked behind to see if he was being followed. The cougar had something in his mouth while it bounced back into darkness of trees. As he tried to turn back and look where it had been going, he tripped upon a pebble and fell straight on his body.

He just merged with the body and that’s when his eyes shot open. He thought it was a weird dream. Later, when he checked his phone, the amount of missed calls had him occupied and he forgot about this dream until later that night when he was unable to sleep. He wanted to ask about the eagle, that weird dream but he thought it must have been him dreaming and just let it go.


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  1. Is there more to come? Would love to have few more chapters.
    I didn't understand the argument between Darren ans Daisy. The way it was written wasn't clear. I think there are a few details missing.
    Eagle thing was very interesting to read. Nice attempt for a fanfic. There's a lot of room for this story to develop. Like showing us the grandeur of the genieland (if it isnt actually mentioned in the original). Khalil's intention and reasoning behind his disappearance. Soloman figuring out whose son he actually is and then their encounter. Super strong dialogues between them. It would be really more fun if you could prolong this story. All the best. -Jyothi.

    1. All the points you mentioned are actually in the main story series. Hence to avoid infringing the main theme and copyrights I didn't write them here. I wanted to make it a 20,000 word short story but I felt short of time and thought there was not much to explore apart from infringing into the main story-line. This fanfic was an attempt to just showcase a missing portion from the main series and how it could've been if it was in fact mentioned in the main book. I have kept the characters to as original as possible so just the story I wrote is mine and everything else aka the plot is from the main book. Think of it as a sequel to first book by some other author XD.