Chapter Eight: The Diary


Chapter Eight: The Diary


It was morning, start of a new day. I don't know why but I was having this intuition that something's going to happen today. I went into bathroom grabbed my toothbrush and while I was brushing, my eyes caught something. On the mirror there was a note. It read

 "The thing you're looking for is in Tanya's bookshelf, grab it before someone else has hands on it."

I frowned over the note, my thinking all the possibilities that that could have come into my room. I looked down at the note and read it again. Did this mean that the diary I have been looking for is in Tanya's bookshelf right now? And what the hell it meant that someone else can have hands on it? Who else is looking for it?

I hurriedly walked into Tanya’s room, striding directly towards the bookshelf. Rummaging all around, I finally found it- Tanya’s diary. My heart began to beat faster, filling with all the hope to know why Tanya attempted suicide.

Holding the diary firmly I walked around and sat on bed. On the first page surprisingly there were two names, Ruhani Rana and Tanya Arora written in big elegant font. It was handwritten. I turned a page and there was a preface. Preface in a diary? That's quite unusual.

And so I drowned in it.

"This is a combined diary of Ruhani Rana and Tanya Arora. We both promise that we will preserve this diary. We will read this whenever we miss each other. I never thought there could a best way to know each other better.

I will miss you, Tanya and Rehan. Tanya I know you have let your life open to me in this diary as well but I want to tell you that please be my friend even after you read this. As whatever in here is a past and has no resemblance to future.

-Your Friend/Sister

Ruhani Rana."

I turned to next page. And I was almost about to start reading it, when there was a sudden interruption.

"Please don't read!"

I looked up to find Ruhani running towards me, in such a hurry that I had never seen her before.

"What…but why?" I asked looking at her, panting and falling on her knees on the threshold of the door.

"Please don't,” she cried.

I quickly placed the diary on bed and ran towards her. I stood her up and walked her towards bed. I made her sit and handed her a glass of water.

I was still trying to recover from the shock. What happened to Ruhani? Why is she behaving like this? Before I could ask her anything, she just dropped the glass on the floor. She hugged me at waist tightly and started crying. I caressed her and tried to calm her down. The way she looked at me was different. Her big doe eyes filled with tears, with a kind of pleading look on her face. She hugged me and kept crying.


I was shocked to see Rehan in Tanya's room. He had the diary in his hand. I felt like a thousand hammers hit my head. I couldn't think of anything. I shouted him to stop reading and fell down on my knees.

I hid my face in hands and started crying. He kept the diary aside and ran towards me. He held me by my shoulder to lift me up and made me sit on bed. He handed me a glass of water and tried to console me. But I couldn't control sobbing. I dropped the glass and hugged him tight. My face dug in his chest and my sobs didn't stop. He started caressing me and asked me to calm down. But instead I cried more and more. He hugged me back and continued to stroke my hair gently.

It took me a while to stop crying. He pulled me away and looked intently at me. The look in his face, was the kind of look I wanted to see since forever. He cared for me, his eyes were looking straight into mine, trying to search for the answers.

While I was still in torment of my emotions, without any clue of what to say, he just picked up the diary again. My heart started to race, beats getting faster and faster. Then I took a deep breath, and tried to say that he can't read this. But what I said was full of sobs, nothing was understood.

Finally he broke the long silence and asked me, "Why don't you want me to read this?"

"I-i.... C-can't.....L-let.....Y-you....." I said still sobbing.

"Why? What is in this diary?" he asked. “Ruhani, it was you who asked me to check it.”

I remained silent unable to answer anything. He kept looking at me expecting an answer. I was looking down, staring blankly at nothing without saying a word.

Suddenly he got up, I didn’t know what he was going to do. Then he slowly walked up to the door and closed it. He returned to where I was sitting and sat right beside me.

"I need to see what's in this diary and I will not stop until you give me a valid reason. I want you to sit here with me till I finish reading this." He said which sounded more like a command than a request.

I tried to hide the diary behind me, but he was too quick. He grabbed it from me and opened it.

As the pages turned one by one my heart started to race. It was getting uncomfortable sitting in a room so silent while someone was reading the story of my life. I couldn't resist that anymore.

I mustered a lot of courage and said "STOP, I'll read this for you. Since I have no other option left for me anymore. I'll tell you all about this diary."

"Okay, I'm all ears." He said, folding his hands.

I took a deep breath, calmed down the rage of emotions tormenting inside me and continued to speak.

"This diary contains all the last one year events of Tanya's and mine combined. While we all were still in college I used to secretly write in it. When I was offered with job and it was quite clear that we might get separated soon. Tanya had this idea, to combine our diaries. She used to maintain a diary as you know it already. I used to write it secretly and until one day she found out. She persuaded me to write ahead and when I left for London, we both will have a combined copy of our diary."

"Then why is it that I know nothing about this?" he asked.

"It was our secret, you know. We couldn't let you know about it."

"But why? Don't you guys trust me?"

"Well that's not the reason. We couldn't let you know because most of the stuff we wrote… was about you."

"About me!?" He asked with a puzzled look on his face.

"Yes. Well now since you know about it there's no reason or need to hide it from you. But there's one thing I want to say."

"What?" He said with his curiosity building up like a child.

"Please don't judge us after reading this and I hope we still be friends.”

He smiled and took my hand in his before he said "No. I wouldn't do such a thing and remember we are and will be friends forever."

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