Chapter Seven: Into the light


Chapter Seven: Into the light

Secret Advisor

Why isn’t he making any attempts to find the diary? I hope this man really wants to find out the truth about the night before wedding. I just hope he is not wasting his time trying to figure who I am.

But still, I must stay careful from Ruhani. She can mess a lot of things up for me. Rehan really loves Tanya a lot and I know after knowing the truth he might never talk to Ruhani again. Poor Ruhani, she will never be able to tell him the truth. But she should learn that killing anyone isn't the solution. I must call him tomorrow and drop a hint about diary's location. Till then I need to keep it in a safe place. I just can’t let Ruhani get her hands on it.


Avi Arora

After the wedding was called off, I started going to club more often and stopped going to office regularly. I wasn’t going to be a slave for the company where I'll be never be more than just an employee. I have a life apart from it and am going to lead it in my way.

I knew something was fishy when Uncle asked me to call our family lawyer Mr. Khanna. Later on when Mr. Khanna wanted me to hand over the file to uncle. I grabbed my chance to peek into it. The contents of the file didn't surprise me much. It was very much I had expected from him.

That I was good for nothing?

All my life I have worked my asses for this company and what do I get? Before I could ask uncle anything about this, the wedding drama started and followed Tanya's suicide attempt. That spoiled brat, if she knew she would be getting all wealth for herself she wouldn't be attempting a suicide.

"Sir, we've arrived." Cab driver said, his voice snapping me out of my thoughts.

Tonight Nalini was with me, so I decided to spend more a couple of hours in the club, drinking and dancing our way out. I was too tired and tipsy to drive my own car home. So, cab seemed to be the best option. I asked club-manager to send the car back home with anyone later.

Nalini was all wobbly. I had to grab her by her shoulders for the support she needed to stand still. I smiled looking at her. We have come a long way through. First, no one ever believed that a girl like Nalini could be my wife. Everyone had the same opinion that she was way too beautiful to have me as her husband. I never minded their thoughts though. I was lucky to have her and I knew she loved me from bottom of her heart.

We were almost about to reach the house. On our way on the staircase, Nalini suddenly tripped and slipped down a step. Luckily, I was holding her firmly. It always took me more than a few bottles to completely lose my mind, but it was just the opposite for Nalini. Two bottles and she were done. I was way soberer than her. I carried her in my arms then, she put her hands around my neck. She was smiling at me all the way through as I carried her.

As the alcohol was all over her mind with senses gone, she was kind of turning wild. I started climbing stairs towards my room. With all the kisses planted on my neck to slowly heading towards lips I couldn't resist any more and we barged into uncle's room. There shouldn’t be any problem since I knew he was going to spend the night at hospital with Tanya. I slowly lay her on the bed. As I try to move away for locking the door. She grabbed my shirt and pulled me towards herself.

Suddenly, I heard a phone ring. I checked both of our phones, it was none of them. Someone was already in the room. It could be uncle back from hospital. I quickly lifted Nalini in my arms and safely sneaked out of the room making sure no one has spotted us.


While I was thinking how to get out of this room. My phone rang. Oh god! Not now please. I hurriedly searched for the phone in my purse and disconnected the call. I was scared if someone finds me sneaking in here, I’d be so busted.

Gods were with me. I noticed the man lifting his lady and silently sneaked out of the room unlike how they bashed into the room earlier. I crawled out from the underneath of king-sized bed and left the room being very carefully that no one was watching me.

On entering my room, I crashed on my bed and tried to sleep with still thoughts of diary wandering in my mind.

The morning sunlight basked my skin. I yawned and stretched trying to come out of my sleep. And in the process my eyes fell on the mirror. I shrunk my eyes on noticing a note pasted over it. I gasped and jumped out of the bed running swiftly to see what it was. And the note was scribbled with a hint I needed.

Check Tanya’s bookshelf for the diary.

I began to breathe heavily. Although I was worried at the thought of someone entering my room while I was asleep and stick this note here. But I was somehow rejoiced to see the clue. For once, I thought it might be a trap, but it was a matter of the bookshelf and I wanted to give it a shot.

Before I got into myself into action, I needed to freshen up. I went into the bathroom and as soon as I turned around closing the door, my mouth left a short gasp, dropping to my heart to knees. There was another note on the bathroom mirror. I read the message which said-

I know everything. There’s no need to hide from me.

Now, I was totally terrified, my skin was shooting off Goosebumps. I looked up into my own reflection in the mirror. My face flushed pale and my mouth was hung open. Myriads of thoughts were running inside my mind. If the person who gave these clues knows everything that had happened that night. There are very strong possibilities of me landing in deep trouble, which I cannot let it happen.

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