Chapter Six: Can't let it out.


Chapter Six: Can't let it out.


This was impossible. 'Calm down Ruhani' I said to myself. I need to find out who's this mysterious advisor, else everything will be a mess. I won't let it happen, I can't let this secret out at any cost.

On returning from hospital, I myself started searching for the diary. I needed to find it before it gets into Rehan's hands. I shouldn't have been giving this to her. It was a terrible idea. I had begun to hyperventilate.

Oh god! Please don't let anyone find that diary. I searched in Tanya's room. Nothing had changed since the incident. But the room seemed to be cleaning regularly. I searched in every possible place I could find that diary. I can't let anyone know about my secret.

From the window, I noticed Rehan's car was already parked which indicated his arrival. I quickly sorted the mess and when I was about to turn around to leave, someone tapped on my shoulder startling me.

I gasped spinning around, completely shocked for the moment.

“It’s just me,” said Rehan, trying to  suppress his laughter, "What are you searching for?"

"No…nothing that important. I just lost one of my earrings. I thought it might have slipped inside" I replied, quickly inventing a lie.

"Ohh, anyway there's a good news. Doctor said Tanya will be soon regaining her conscious." Rehan said, his face brightening.

"Well that's great news Rehan!" I said with a fake smile plastered on my face as I hugged him.

"Yes, let's hope for the best. But now, I really need some good sleep. I'm going to bed. See you tomorrow." Rehan said  hugging me back and then heads towards his room.

"Rehan! Wait..." I called out.

"What happened?" he asked.

"Can I get the number, you received call from this morning? I know a few guys who can help us to find out about this person."

Rehan gaped at me like a fish.

"I think we shouldn't try to find who he is. He warned me not to. And on top of it, I don’t want to lose any help we are getting, even it involves people I never met before.” He said with a poker face.

"I thought if we find who called you this morning then we could reach the truth more easily." I said looking down, fidgeting dress with my fingers.

"No that might lead us into trouble right now and trust me we don't want any now."

"Okay,” I said, trying my best to not to show my disappointment, “Good night."

I couldn't convince Rehan and get the number but anyhow, I need get that number and find out about the guy as there were chances of him knowing my secret.

I had somehow successfully convinced uncle for not letting cops involved in this case. As it might lead to unwanted publicity and a negative impression on his image, which might not prove helpful for his business empire.

Since Uncle were in the hospital with Tanya. I thought of sneaking into his room and search for the diary. His was the only room left. I started searching but found nothing except a lot papers and different kinds of files.

While I was searching, one of the file grabbed my attention. I opened the file, it was containing uncle's final will statement. I started reading through it. It read that after the demise of Mr. Vijay Arora, all his wealth and property would be handed over to his son-in-law. I knitted my brow in confusion. Why would anyone give all his wealth to his son-in-law instead of giving it to his own daughter?

I then heard footsteps coming right this way. My heart hammered beneath my chest. I kept the file back where it was quickly and sneaked under the bed. The footsteps were getting louder. The door opened. I couldn't see the faces but there were two of them. Probably a man and a woman.

They were possibly drunk. Both dropped on bed and I guess they were planning for some enjoyment. Dammit! I mentally chided myself. I so didn’t want to hear the upcoming noises. This could be too awkward.

 But who were they? And why in this room?

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