Chapter Twenty Nine


Gemma knocks at the door seeing Parnika walking in circles like a maniac. “What’s wrong?” She looks at Parnika whose face was a combination of fear and confusion. She continued walking back and forth in circles as if Gemma wasn’t even there.

“What’s wrong with you?” Gemma grabs her by shoulders and makes her stop.

“Nothing, everything’s fine.” Parnika tries to fake a smile but it soon turns into frown and frustration.

“Here, sit down and tell me everything. What’s happening? What’s all the panic about?” Gemma takes her hand and tries to calm her down.

Parnika takes a few deep breaths and pulls the laptop close. She opens her inbox. “ Read all of these, from the beginning.” She hands the laptop to Gemma who had no clue what has happening. The look on her face changed as she continued reading the mails one by one. On finishing them, she had the same expression as parnika on her face.

She shuts the laptop screen, placing it aside she looks at Parnika. Parnika was looking at her with puppy eyes, hoping for some sort solution for the mess she had created.

“Pari dear, this doesn’t feel right? What do you want?” She looks at Parnika straight in her eyes.

“You know I can’t get Jay out of my thoughts. It was already difficult as it is and now after this, it’s impossible. I so want to just mail that idiot and tell him how much I love him. But thinking about it just scares me as what if something goes wrong? Should I tell him in person this time? All these thoughts are plaguing my mind.” She gets up and looks at the setting sun.

“Pari, how selfish you can be?” Gemma’s words surprised her as well as hurt her.

“What do you mean by that?” She walks to gemma who was still seated on the bed.

“What about Jake? What would you do about him? What will you tell him? You were playing with his feelings all this time? It’s not that simple dear. Jake wanted this to be a surprise but looking at this mess I have to tell you.”

“Tell me what?”

“Jake has planned to propose you tonight. He has planned a dinner on cruze. He wanted me to help him in his plan. But it seems poor Jake will have to face heartbreak tonight.”

“WHAT?! This can’t be. We were just hanging out. I wanted to get Jay out of my mind and hanging out with friend was the best option. I don’t see him more than a friend gem. I don’t know what let him to this thought that I like him. What should I do now?”

“If what you’re saying is true then this will be a huge mess up. Remember the day you two had been stuck inside cold storage? Since that day he has been open about his feelings for you. It’s really strange that you never noticed it.”

“I know gem but I tried looking at him as more than just a friend. But every time I tried to replace Jay with him I failed miserably. Hence I decided to just let the things flow and time deal with the things. I don’t know what came over me today and I ended up reading this now. It’s just impossible for me to lose him too. He is one of my best friends gem. You have to help me out of this.” Parnika sits beside Gemma taking her hand in hers.

“You think it is easy? Pari, you’re not the only one who is in need of love.” Gemma takes her hand back.

“What do you wanna say? I am not getting you Gem” The situation was getting tense with every moment passing.

“Clara loves Jake.”

“What?!” This was a huge shock on Parnika’s part. Her friendship with clara wasn’t as good as with Jake or Gemma. She always had been a bit of with Parnika when she tried to get close to her. She always used to wonder why she was treating her like that but now she starts understanding the reason behind her behaviour.

“What should I do now?” Parnika could now sense the level of mess that had been created. She never had imagined in her wildest dreams of getting into a situation like this.

“Clara had given up on Jake because she knew Jake was hitting on you. She hated you on most part because you kept treating him as a friend as Jake tried to go after you and not her. It was hurting her see Jake desperately trying to get your attention every single time and you treating him like it was nothing special.”

“She thought I was a bitch to Jake? How can she not know that I already have someone else in my life? It’s not my fault that he is coming after me all the time.”

“Yeah I used to tell her the same until…” Gemma sighed looking at Parnika who was now panicking.

“Until?...” Parnika knew what would be coming up next but somehow she wanted to know from someone else.

“Until you started giving him a chance. You started flirting back at him. You started going on dates with him.”

“I never was on a date with him. Wait! Do you think all those hangouts were dates?” The expression on Gemma’s face had made it very clear that her worst fears are true.

“Oh god! I had just been hanging out and spending time with a friend. Ask Jake he’d tell if that was a date or not. I am no way playing with his feelings I promise!” From the inside Parnika was well aware that she had been toying around with Jake’s feelings for her own personal benefit. No matter how much she wanted to deny this but she had done it and now it was getting back at her. She never had wish to do this with anyone but here it was, she had done it and she didn’t know how to deal with it.

“You think that’s the reasonable explanation for what you’ve been doing these days? Jake isn’t stupid Pari. I can’t believe you did this with him. You know the pain of unrequited love yourself then how can you do that with someone else?” Gemma was always the responsible one in the group. Often when Parnika or anyone else had a dilemma they used to share if with her. She was like the Grandmother of the group, caring for each one of them, guiding them in their difficulties.

“My love isn’t unrequited and you know that. It’s just the matter of time he realises it. Speaking about toying around with Jake, I’ll call him right now and tell him the truth[1] . No more lies and no more assumptions. Let everything be clear for once and for all.”

“No! That’s not a good idea at all. What about Clara? She wanted to tell Jake but looking at you two together last few months she thought her love was unrequited. Pari dear, Jake might forgive you for once but Clara won’t. What are you going to do now?” Parnika’s face falls for a moment and she sits down taking her head in hands. Her sobs were loud enough for anyone to hear. She couldn’t control her tears now as they flowed down her cheeks like a waterfall. She never had thought in her wildest dreams that her decisions would let her to this moment.

Gemma pulls her into hug as Parnika tightly embraces her back. She was guilty and ashamed of what she had done. “It’ll be all okay pari, don’t worry. We will do something.” Gemma gently rubs her back hugging her. “I have to correct the mistakes I’ve made. I’ll do this before we all go back to our places.” Parnika rubs back of her hand brushing her tears from the cheek and gets up straight. Her face had now a total focused expression which could clearly tell she had decided something. Gemma wondered what was she going to do now. She hoped Parnika doesn’t make this any worse. She knew Parnika was good at all other things except dealing with emotions.

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