Chapter Thirty


“Where are you going?” Gemma calls out to Parnika who had just opened the door. “I know what I’ve to do. I’ve made this mess and I’ll get sort it out.” She closes the doors and walks out. “Pari! Hey! Wait for me!” Gemma runs behind Parnika who was walking towards Jake’s Room. Gemma worried that Parnika is going to do something that she presumed already. Gemma tries to catch up but she’s late as Jake is about to get out while he meets Parnika in midst of hallway.

Jake was nicely dressed in Navy Blue shirt and Black denims. The aroma around him had a nice smell to it. It was evident he was going to plan the surprise which Gemma had told Parnika about. “Pari! Wait!” Gemma calls out before Parnika can speak anything. Jake looks at both of them suspiciously. “Gemma, what’s up?” Jake tries to be as casual as possible. He thought that Parnika was about to confront him about his surprise. The last thing he wanted tonight was his surprise proposal to end up in a failure.

“Ah nothing Jake. We had been discussing about my Marriage. Pari thought it’d be great if all of us can get together on that day.” Gemma tried to cover up but she knew that the matter has slipped out of her hands already. “Oh, I see. I have some work to do, I’ll catch up with you guys later.” Jake sighs in relief thinking that his surprise is still intact.  He is about to walk by them when Parnika holds his arm and stops him.

“I have something very important to tell you.” To Jake she appeared quite serious. Jake was catching up on the vibes around and guessed that something’s not okay. “Yeah sure, come, let’s sit and talk in my room.” He invites both girls inside. Gemma was seemingly trying to tell Jake that it’s not her fault at all with her eyes.

“Jake, I never realised that us hanging out together meant so much to you. I know your feelings about me and it’s my fault that I decided to ignore them and just think you’d get over them. All these happy moments we had together might have made you think that I have the same feelings towards you. I know I have been a horrible friend leading you into something totally false. I was just trying to get over someone and you just happened to be there. I thought spending time with you would make me forget him but I failed.” Parnika breaks down into tears.

“What are you talking about Pari?” Jake wraps an arm around her and rubs her shoulder as she rests her head on his chest. “ I have been a horrible person. I never intended to lead you into something which was wrong. Jake, I just see you as a friend. I know you have something in your heart for me but I am not the one who deserves it.” Jake wanted to interrupt but Gemma grips his shoulder and stops him. She nods at him gesturing to let Parnika speak.

“You know Jay is a huge part of my life. I thought I could just let him go and would be happy without him too, but all of it got in vain. I thought I’d be replace him with you but couldn’t. Today when I learnt that he has the same feelings for him as I have for him, I realised my love isn’t unrequited. I so just want to go back and get into his arms.” She pulls out from Jake’s embrace and looks at him.

“But Gem made me realise that all this while when I was struggling with myself. I had unintentionally hurt many others. Jake I know you wanted to ask me out tonight.” She takes his hands in hers. Jake looks at Gemma who’s looking at him apologetically.

“It’s not her fault. Actually it’s better that she told me. I don’t want you to be in a situation I had been all of the year. I want you to be happy because you are my best friend. Jake, buddy, I am not the one for you. I know it’d sound weird but today, do as you had planned. You’ll find someone who truly deserves you and would love you back more than I would’ve if I wasn’t with someone. I know all of this feels weird but just trust me and do it. If you really loved me, you’d give my share of love to this girl who’ll meet you tonight. Keep her happy for me Jake. I know you will.” She gets up rubbing tears off her cheeks and walks out. Jake looks at Gemma wondering what had just happened.

Jake’s world had been shattered in a few minutes as if an earthquake passed a few seconds before. He was trying to digest all that happened within those few moments. He was confused whether he should be sad or happy. He wanted to cry because the one he loved will never love him back. But on the other side he was happy because there was someone who loved him without his knowledge.

It felt like bittersweet chocolate for him. He gets up and walks out without looking at Gemma with an expression of confusion on his face. He just wanted to spend some time alone right now trying to just understand what had just happened. Gemma tries to stop him but he kept walking ignoring her. His mind was already occupied by millions of thoughts right now.

Gemma walks back to Parnika’s room and doesn’t find her there. She waits for a while but runs as soon as a thought strikes her. Parnika was right there walking out from Clara’s room. Gemma walks to her and grabs her by shoulder. “ What did you just do?” Gemma said in a stern voice which clearly told Parnika that she was in her no-nonsense mood right now. “Calm down Gem, I made a mistake and I fixed it.” She walks past Gemma back to her room.

Gemma annoyed for not been answered follows Parnika. Parnika watches her entering the room and gives her a smile. “What did you do Pari? Will you tell me?” Gemma sounded worried about her. A few moments back she was panicking but now she was smiling at her. “I just fixed what I had messed up. I feel as if a huge guilt has been dropped off my conscience.” Parnika smiles as she sits back on her bed. “You’re not being clear at all. I am not getting any of it. Will you tell me now?” Gemma clearly was still annoyed at her. She knew Parnika was someone to trust and rely upon but when it came to dealing with emotions Parnika had a weak spot there. She knew Parnika would just jump in fire of hell to save anyone she cared for but she won’t do the same if it had been her in the situation. She’d happily sacrifice herself for someone’s smile. Gemma was worried thinking about what did Parnika tell Clara.

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