Chapter Thirty One


They enter the room as Gemma shuts the door behind and walks towards Parnika who was now looking out of the window. The rests her hand on Parnika’s shoulder and looked at the shining stars in the sky along with her. “If this doesn’t work out then I won’t be able to forgive myself.” Parnika looks at Gemma as if she instinctively knew what Gemma wanted to talk about.

“Let’s not focus on the negatives and hope for the best. I know you didn’t mean to hurt anyone.” Gemma pulls Parnika into a warm embrace. Parnika’s tears had dried on her cheeks and her eyes were now clearly waiting to see what is going to happen next. All her life she aimed at being a saviour but this time she was the one who did the wrong thing. Her guilt was almost killing her as she was eagerly waiting for what was going to happen next.

Her mind was unable to focus on anything else apart from what was about to happen next. Gemma understanding Parnika’s situation decides to divert her mind to something else. She holds her hand and makes her sit on the bed. “So tomorrow, all of us will board our respective flights and head back home. How do you plan to tell Jay about your feelings? What do you have in your mind?” Gemma looks at Parnika whose eyes suddenly lit up with a shimmering ray of hope. It felt as if just thinking about it she was filled with joy again. Gemma knew that right now nothing would be able to keep her mind away from the current situation better than Jay.

Just the mere mention of Jay would make her daydream for eternity. At times it was adorable and at times it was crazy to think how much both of them are close to each other. Gemma smiles looking at Parnika who was now blushing lightly being engrossed in her own thoughts. A few moments the lips that were frowning were back smiling, the dimples on her cheek clearly made it evident how happy she was with just mere thought of going back and telling Jay.

They talk about it for a few hours as the night falls and there’s a call for dinner. The administration wanted to have a little get together and dinner for everyone before they bid farewell to their lovely team of doctors. Parnika wanted to turn down the call and stay in her room but Gemma forces her to get out of her room for once and attend the dinner party.

Thinking it of one more way to stop thinking about Jake and her mess, she decides to get ready for the dinner party and spend some time there with others. It won’t be able to keep her thoughts away but at least it’d try to keep her busy so she doesn’t think too much.

The party was a stumptuous affair, dignitaries from many countries were present to thank the team for their efforts. Although it wasn’t a competition for who does the best. The best teams were awarded for their work. Parnika’s team turned out to be the 2nd best team as the emcee called the team to get their respective awards. Gemma takes the trophies on Jake and Clara’s behalves.

Gemma and Parnika walked to their respective rooms once the event was over. There was still no communication on how it turned out with Jake and Clara. The thought about it going wrong had Parnika’s stomach churning and had her devoid of the sleep. She tossed and turned hugging the pillow trying to turn of the thoughts and try to sleep. But everything goes in vain as she tossed and turned the whole night thinking about the worst that could happen. She sits up on the bed looking straight into her mirror image as the rays of sun entered the room.

The night had passed and yet there was no information on how did it turn out. It felt as if her worst nightmares were coming true until she heard the knock on the door. She presses a button on her beside as the door unlocks.

Clara runs to her and pulls her into a tight hug. Behind her Jake was looking at her with a gentle smile. “Thank you, thank you, thank you thank you so so so so much!!!” Clara kisses Parnika’s cheek and pulls her into the warm embrace again. Parnika wraps her arms around Clara whose embrace grew tighter. Parnika looks at Jake wondering what happened that resulted in this while Jake just looks at her and smiles.

Clara pulls off from the embrace and shows Parnika her hand, “Look what Jake gave me.” Clara shows off the little diamond ring that shone brightly in her ring finger. Parnika looks at confused her eyes relay between Clara and Jake as she tries to look for some explanation. “Jake asked me out last night! I am so happy I can tell you! Thank you so much for helping Jake in planning all this. He told me you helped him in planning all that secretly. I knew that something was fishy when you told me the bouquet that was delivered to your room was meant for me. But I never had imagined this in my wildest dreams that I’d be getting engaged. Thank you so much Pari for helping me get together with the love of my life.” Clara wraps her arm around Jake’s arm and kisses his cheek. “ You don’t know how much I owe you.” Parnika looks at Clara whose hair were all messed up, wearing an oversized Jacket possibly Jake’s with eyes gleaming like shining pearls.

“Uhm babe, why don’t you go and fresh up, we have to leave for airport in an hour.” Jake pecks her lips as she goes to pack her belongings and get ready. Jake walks back to Parnika closing the door. “I know you want to ask me ton of questions and I also know what you want to say. Be assured I don’t hate you. But I don’t love you either. We were friends and will be the same.” Jake sits beside Parnika who was still on the bed just like the way she had just been awaken from her slumber.

“Jake, I don’t know what to say, but I am really sorry. I know I can’t change what has happened but I really want you to be happy. Also, yes, we will be friends always.” Parnika rests her hand on Jake’s shoulder.

“Last night, when you made the big revelation, my world was totally upside down. It felt as if there was a huge earthquake and the world of my dreams had been devastated. But while in reality you just brought my disheveled dreams and made them better. I was mad at myself as for loving you so much that I decided to give your word a chance. I wanted to hate myself because I did follow the plan just because you wanted me to give your share of love to someone else, as if it was some commodity. All if it felt like a sick joke to me.”

“I sat down on the chair and waited for the girl to arrive so I could tell her that I can’t do this. I loved you and not her. I wanted to just have dinner with her and leave. But something happened that changed my mind. She arrived in black and orange dress. Her shiny smooth blonde tresses flowing past her breasts, a huge smile on her face as she just ran towards me without even caring about that she was wearing high heels and embraced me tightly. Tears flowed down her eyes, rolling down her cheeks. I felt tears on my cheeks as they flowed while she embraced me. I embraced her back and she clinged onto me tightly as if she just doesn’t want to let me go. I patted her head gently as her nails dug into my back.”

Jake gets up from the bed and walks looking outside the window. “You know what that feeling was? It was the best feeling of my life. For the first time I felt wanted. I felt loved Pari. That moment, all my thoughts about you, the anger everything was lost in thin air. We sat down and had dinner. Later I brought her to the top of cruze as we sailed through the silent waters. I pulled out ring from my pocket and bent the knee before her. That happiness in her eyes, was something that I won’t be able to explain. She didn’t even wait for me to open the box and started crying while her mouth repeatedly uttered just one word, Yes.”

“Without waiting for even one moment I just slid the ring onto her finger holding her hand and pulling her into hug later.” Jake looks back at Parnika rubbing the back of his head. “Later, we headed into the room I had booked and spend some lovely time together in each others arms.” Jake looks down for a moment and the glances back at Parnika who had smile on her face.

She gets up and hugs Jake tightly. “You know I couldn’t sleep last night. All I kept thinking was about you. I thought I lost you forever. But I am so happy that we are and will be friends.”

“Finally, at least once you missed the sleep thinking about me and not Jay.” Jake pulls out from the embrace as Parnika hits him playfully on the arm. “I need to meet the person whom I couldn’t replace in your life. He must be someone really special. He is so lucky to have someone like you to love him.” Jake smiles looking at Parnika who was now happy that everything turned out well.

“By the way, what did you tell Clara that she just hugged and cried her heart out when she saw me at the table? How did you convince her to go there?” Jake folds his arms and looks at Parnika.

“Uh, I just gave her the bouquet.” Jake looks puzzled as Parnika continues to explain. “There was a little card in that with a note which said ‘Meet the guy that loves you here’ along with the address.” She rolls her eyes and smiles brightly as if she had done something great.

“Wait? So you mean Clara had no idea about me being there? So she would’ve just been same with the person who had been there? Really? Parnika, I swear if this is some sick joke I won’t forgive you ever.” Parnika places finger on Jake’s lips. “Shhhh, calm down. I had given her the hint that you will be there. Initially she just refused and threw the bouquet into the dustbin on reading the note. She wanted to complain about the sender to the authorities but I stopped her and hinted that it was someone she already knew very well and was super close to her. I didn’t specifically mention you but I just told her that it’d be bad if she leaves someone waiting. She could just go and reject him if she doesn’t like him. That’s all” Parnika raises her arms in air as if she’s a lawyer resting her case in court.

“You surely are one cunning bitch. Haha” Jake laughs as Parnika playfully punches him in stomach. “Ah, now I am demoted from the apple of your eye to a bitch. Nice work gentleman. Let me just go and tell your story to the current apple of your eye and warn her that she might become a cunning bitch soon.” Parnika teases Jake as he wraps arms around her making her stop from moving out and both land up on bed. Parnika lands on top of Jake as her hair covers his face as if curtains preventing any light from coming in. Minor distance between their lips as both look into each other’s eyes for a moment and quickly move. “I’m sorry.” Jake apologises getting up and keeping a safe distance.

“It’s okay Jake, we are friends. Also, I’ll surely invite you to my wedding so you can meet the one whom I have feelings for.” Parnika heads into the bathroom for a quick shower as Jake leaves the room shaking his head, sighing for the mistake he was about to do a few moments back.

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