Chapter Twenty Eight


Parnika stretches her arms getting up from the bed. Looking outside the window makes her realise that she’d been sleeping the whole day. The sunset had the sky turned golden hue and she was yet on her bed snuggling inside the blanket. She opens her laptop and logs into her email account looking for a email but to her disappointment there wasn’t any.

A few months back when she read from Khushi that Jay is going to propose Anjani, her heart was almost shattered into pieces. She wanted to cry her heart out and had locked herself into the room. It was already late when she had read Khushi’s email. Just a few days back she thought everything was fine. While working she stumbled upon her old email account that she wasn’t using recently, it wasn’t a professional id hence she avoided using it. She used to have that account when she was a student. She only used it to keep in touch with Jay when she was in college.

But her eyes went wide open when she had a look at the inbox. She remembered khushi mentioning Jay sending her emails daily. She never had realised Jay would be using this age old address for it. Although it was special as Jay had created this id for her to stay in touch. Thinking about it was bringing back a ton of memories back. She scrolls down the huge pile of emails. She scrolls down to the very first email and opens it.

Jay had opened his heart out to her with each letter he had sent her. Tears rolled down her cheeks as soon her dream to marry her love would crash as he’d be asking someone out today. She clicked the compose button and started writing her heart out. She confessed her love for him and hit the send button without thinking twice.

For a moment she was happy that she finally did it but as a few minutes passed she panicked. She realised what if she had just been interfering between a happy couple? Jay would never go to the point of proposing marriage if he wasn’t serious. She desperately wanted to undo the sent email but it was late. The damage had been done and all she could do was vail.

Her conscious was killing her for interfering between them. But at the same time there was a part of her still hoping that all of this is a dream. He really loves her and this was just in the heat of the moment. She logs out of the email account and decides to stop reading the emails further. She wanted to get Jay out of her thoughts for once. He’ll soon be married with someone else and she can’t let her feelings about him rule her life.

That was the day she decided to give Jake a fair chance. She knew he had been having feelings for her all this while. It was so obvious that most of their friends had been teasing them to get together. But all that time she had just had him as a friend. For once she wanted to give someone else a chance, the only way of getting Jay out of her mind. After that she started interacting more with him. Responding to his flirts and hanging out more.

But even a million attempts for getting Jay out of her mind were a huge failure. Every moment with Jake made her remind of the moments she had spent with Jay. It was more traumatic for her to think of someone else if she really wanted to give Jake a chance.

Today, was the last day. She had spent most of her day sleeping. What went across her mind was unknown but suddenly she opened her laptop and logged into the old email account. It was a surprise as there weren’t any new emails from Jay. She decided to be strong and scrolled down through all the emails she had decided not to read after reading a first few from Jay on valentines day.

She opened one email after another, reading all the mails he had sent her. Tears flowed down her eyes as he had described each day of his with details. It felt as if he wanted to be with her all this time even when she wasn’t there physically. It reminded her of the olden times when Jay used to send her detailed mails about what was happening there. In the last email Jay wrote about how much he found Anjani similar to her. It felt as if he was trying to find Parnika inside Anjani. It was the last email that he had sent her and it was on 14th feb, the day khushi said he had planned to propose Anjani.

She was about to logout from the inbox thinking everything was over and it was a huge mistake from her side to read the mails. It made much harder for her to move on from Jay and give someone else a chance in her life. But one email caught her eye. It was a mail from Anjani 2 days later .i.e. On 16th feb.

Dear Pari

I know I have no right to call you by that name but its the name which Jay adores the most. I spend so much time with him but it took me so long to realise one single thing. All the months I spent with him made me just fall in love with his heart. The way he cared made me weak in knees and I just wanted to be with him forever.

But the day I realised he was just trying to find you in me broke my heart. I realised how huge is your part in his life. I’d never be able to replace that. The way he writes to you about every single day. Even when he mentions it feels as if he knows you more than yourself.

I was close to him physically but no matter what I did, I was never able to replace you in his thoughts. At times while sleeping he used to murmur your name.

Yesterday, when he asked me out, I so wanted to say yes. I wanted to make him mine and get you out of his life but when I read your email, my inner self didn’t allow me to do that. Although, I selfishly had deleted those emails you had sent in the heat of the moment. But later when I realised how deep your bonds are with each other, I decided to move out of your lives and never come back again because if I do, I won’t be able to help myself to keep me away from him.

Tell him Pari, tell him how much you two are meant to be. I promise no one would come in between this time. Also, Jay is quite a chick magnet so keeping him single isn’t a wise choice if you love him. He’s a loyal one, don’t ever break his heart else I’ll kill you.


This email had turned her world upside down. She cursed herself for not reading these mails at that time. But again she was on the same point, totally unaware about what was happening in his life. She write all her feelings for Jay in a letter and just hit that send button but this time she decided not to do the same mistake again. She’ll this time tell him in person. She won’t hide behind anything this time. No one would come between them.

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