Chapter Twenty Five


Anjani and Jay have rest of their dinner in silence thinking about each other. Both had the same question in their mind. Both wanted to know what would be outcome of their relationship. She asked for some time, does that mean she is not interested in me? I know girls at times can be insecure like khushi had advised. But I can’t really wait to know her answer. If this turns out bad I am not going to forgive khushi. I just wanted to gift something nice, but this idea of hers better not backfire. But if it does, it means there was something wrong between us already? If it is the case it was meant to come out sooner or later. Why am I being so pessimistic? I know I had a bad experience in past but that doesn’t mean all girls are the same.

She likes me and I know it. Maybe it was just too soon for her? Khushi you better be not wrong at this please. I don’t know why this is getting me so nervous. While Jay is busy in his mental debate Anjani excuses herself and heads to washroom. She opens the email app. There was a new email. She opens it with a gulp. It was from Parnika. She couldn’t believe her eyes. This morning she was wondering if she’s ever going to reply Jay or not and now she actually did. She was trying to get back into his life. She hadn’t imagined that happening this soon. She begins to read.

Dear Jay

I am so sorry that I didn’t reply you until yet. I was mad at you. I was mad at you because you left the house without even telling me what happened? What had got you so angry. I had been told something else but I am happy to know the truth from your side. As you know I can’t stay mad at you for long. There were some technical issues hence I couldn’t respond earlier. It’s been great here so far all these months. You know I made a ton of new friends. Here, people are from all over the world. I made a few close friends too. Their names are Jake, Gemma and Clara. You know Jake is really sweet and often reminds me of you. We were in medical camps in areas where there’s not even electricity. Our work at this site is now over.

We vaccinated over a lakh people during this period from the deadly flu virus. I just can’t believe how many lives we just saved all this while. We just arrived to hotel for a week a few days back. Also, We will be moving on to our next site which is in democratic republic of Congo. You know we both wanted to go on a safari in africa once? I did that! It was so much fun! Tons of animals here and there in grasslands. Lions, cheetahs, wild elephants, hippos, you name it and they’re here. I am attaching my trip pics below do check them out and lemme know how they are.

I have read most of your emails and am still reading them. There are many more to be read. I am really happy for you. I wanted to write back to you before I read them ahead because I know how much you’d be missing me. You know I want to tell you that this site we are going on is quite a tribal war zone of sorts. I am not sure how that experience would turn out to be. But I am sure this will be over soon. I can’t wait to see you in person again. I don’t know when again I’d be getting an internet connection again as I am writing this now. I can’t wait Ma and Pa to tell about this. Don’t miss me much, I’ll be there soon.

Love you loads,

Your Pari.

Anjani is shellstrucked for a while. What should I do? Should I tell him? But what should I tell him? He’ll be mad at me if he knows that I’m reading this without his knowledge. Should I let it be and react as if nothing’s happened? But what if he reads this tomorrow? Should I risk him letting know that he’s been forgiven? What if he realises his true feelings about Pari? Would he just leave me? What do I do? Tears started flowing down her cheeks. It wasn’t easy for her to let go Jay. Now, she had no one in this world apart from him. He was the one whom she could trust apart from baba. He was the best she could get. Can I be so selfish? I can’t play with someone else’s feelings. I am not manipulative jerk.

In the heat of the moment, she deletes the email and washes her face. I can do this, I’ll fight for my love. Anjani knew that this was Jay’s spare email that he hadn’t synced with his phone. It was his childhood email account that he used to mail Parnika when she had been studying in Aurangabad. She lets out a sigh and walks back. Jay looks at her with worried eyes.

“Were you crying? Did I do something wrong? I knew it, It was khushi’s idea. I just wanted to gift you something really nice for the valentine’s day but she proposed me this whole idea of having dual destination weddings in Canada. I felt it would be too soon.” Jay looks at her as her eyes were red and puffy from crying earlier. “It’s nothing like that Jay. It’s just that, got emotional. Baba had this dream of getting me married and watching me go on honeymoon with my partner before he died. When you pulled out a ring, it just brought back memories of him and his wish.” Anjani was never a good liar but this time it turned out really good. It felt like Jay was convinced and had calmed down.

Rest of the dinner both ate in silence and smiled at each other. Jay wanted to cancel the long drive plan as he thought the mood wasn’t appropriate at the moment. But Anjani insisted that it’d just let the thoughts out of their mind. So music was turned on and they went on a long drive returning late at night. Both were so tired they were dying to get on bed and just sleep for the day. Their beds were ready and just as Anjani was about to sleep, her phone chimes in. There was another email from Parnika. She opens up quickly checking on Jay who was now deep asleep.

She had mailed him her trip photos with her friends and others. She for once smiled looking at her photos as it was vanished when she read the note beneath it.

I know how worried were you for me. I am so sorry for that and hence to make up for it here are some photos that will keep you smiling until I written. There’s one more thing that I want to tell you before I leave for the next adventure. I really love you Jay. I know this isn’t the thing you tell someone via text or emails but I have no option. I have been waiting to tell you this for a long time but now I can’t wait anymore. That day when you had brought Shriya home, Ma and Pa wanted to speak to you about our marriage but I had stopped them. I wanted to find out if you really love me or not. I kept waiting and then Shriya came into your life. Right now, I don’t want someone else to come between us. Hence I really wanna tell this to you that I love you more than just a friend.

Love you loads,

Your Pari.

  Reading this it felt as all of her sleep vanished in a moment. What if Jay reads this tomorrow? She panicked. She couldn’t think of anything else right now. All she wanted was to keep Jay hers forever. She deletes the email from the inbox and turns her phone off. She looks at the sky trying to calm her mind down and sleep.

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