Chapter Twenty Six


Next morning Anjani wakes up and finds herself in Jay’s room. She looks at the time in the wall clock. It was 12 noon. How did I come here? Oh god! How can I sleep for so long? Jay must have already left for work. She gets off the bed and heads for a bath. Coming downstairs she finds a box of pizza and a note beneath it.

Hey Anu!

I so wanted to kiss you and wake you up like sleeping beauty today. But I felt it’d be bad to wake someone up from the deep sleep when they look so beautiful while sleeping in peace. I wished I could’ve let you sleep up, but I wasn’t sure how long you’re going to sleep. I didn’t want you to get picked upon by birds and get fried in sun so I carefully carried you down in my bedroom. I too was up late this morning hence had ordered two pizzas. I hope it’s still warm when you get up. Do give me a call when you’re up.



She puts the note down on table and opens the box lid. Jay had ordered her favourite double cheese crust pizza. She stares at the pizza thinking about the email. Playing with the topping for a while. She suddenly gets up and heads to her room. She turns on the laptop and searches for the earliest flights available to Darjeeling. Luckily there's one available which she books instantly. She pulls out her suitcase and starts packing her bag. The flight was at 3:30 pm. It was 1pm now, she had to leave quickly for the airport

She books in a cab using her phone and finishes packing her bags. She waits for the cab on the dining table and writes a letter for Jay. Tears drop down her cheek as she begins to write the letter.

Dear Jay

I know it's not the way to let you know about this but I think we can't be together anymore. I thought about your proposal the whole night. I think we aren't meant to be at all. I didn't have courage to tell you this in person hence I am writing it down for you. I know you'll be mad at me but this is for our own good.

I know you'd be thinking why am I writing you this letter. I had realised it long ago you aren’t in love with me. You felt the similarities and hence the illusion of love. You have feelings for someone else dear. The only reason we were so good together because you felt I am just like her. I tried my best to replace her in your life but my bad, I couldn't. Sooner or later she'd be back in your life and this will be happening sooner or later. It'll be better for me if I do this right now, else I won't be able to survive it later. My love for you is true but I don’t want to be loved in a shadow of someone else.

For once I wanted to be selfish and hide this truth. I wanted to replace her in your life but my conscience didn’t allow me. I was happy being with you and wanted you to just be mine forever. But I think we aren’t destined to be. Remember that day you told me that you felt something quite familiar about me? As if we have met before? I thought it was a pickup line, but later I realised it was not. I am not the one who deserves your selfless love.

You need not worry about me. Also, don't forget to invite me to your dual wedding plan. I'll surely help you out with planning. I'm pretty sure you'll realise your feelings about her soon. I wish you both a really happy life ahead.

Love you,

Your Anu.

She keeps the letter beneath the pizza box and rubs tears off her cheeks. It was a big decision for her. She might not have done this if Jay had been here. While thinking last night, she decide she couldn't be that selfish. She can't hurt anyone's feelings just to save hers. She bites her cheeks and grabs her bag. The cab was waiting outside for her. The driver helps her to get the baggage into trunk as she starts having double thoughts about her decision.

At once she she wanted to move back and fight for her love but then guilt of spoiling someone's life isn't going to get her moving back. She closes the cab door as she sits on the hindseat.

Jay was excited about the day as he had planned a surprise dinner for Anjani. He wanted to make up for the failed surprise, hence he decided that he’d leave a few hours early and surprise her. It was weekend hence he had planned for a stay in resort for 2 days. He had no idea that they’d be able to go on a dinner on the next day as his surprise had failed. Hence when Anjani was working according to Jay, he was looking into some nice places nearby to spend time at. He stumbled upon a resort’s website which was not too far away from the city. Just 3 hour drive from the city, the resort was on the river bank. He clicked into the brochures and looked at the things they could enjoy for a weekend. It seemed like a fun plan. I can’t wait to see the reaction on her face! He unlocks the car and gets into the driving seat.

I am pretty sure, she won’t believe I did it. Well second surprise in a week probably won’t be too much. Not my fault, I had planned it long back. Excited Jay rings the bell. He waits for a while but there’s no sign of Anjani. He looks at her car in the garage which was standing there collecting dust over it. He pulls out his phone and dials Anjani’s number. He holds the phone by the ear as he listens to the same automated voice saying the phone is switched off, please try again later. He quickly pulls out the keys from his pocket and opens the door. There was no one inside. Where did she go? He walks by the dining table and sits on the chair. His eyes land upon the pizza box. Ah, let me throw this empty box in bin. The foul smell from the box was tickling his nasal passages as he lets out a sneeze. He picks up the box to find the pizza whole inside. A letter falls at his shoe as he puts the pizza box back on the table.

He opens the letter and falls back on chair on reading the first paragraph. He closes his eyes and starts deep breathing. He continues reading the letter as a tear slides down his cheek. His eyes were red and fuming with anger. He crushes the letter and throws it into the bin. Why did she do this? Who is she talking about? I don’t love anyone else. What if she was mentioning about Shriya? I should’ve never told her about my past. Why does she think I still love her when I don’t? Is this an excuse to get away from me? But she really loved me, didn’t she? Why would she jeopardise her own relationship? Urghh…! He moves hands through his hair furiously and sits on the couch holding his head in hands.

His eyes land on the phone as the notification sound chimes in. Khushi had sent him the pictures of Parnika with her team. Parnika had sent khushi the same pictures she had sent Jay and others. But these pictures missed the ones she had sent to Jay via email. The email was still lingering there in the deleted folder very much unnoticed to Jay’s eyes. He scrolls upon a picture where some white guy was embracing Parnika. Even she has someone in her life now. Why it always happens to me? Why me? Why every girl I give my heart to has to play with it? He gets up from the couch. Enough is enough, now I’ll do as I like. No more sweet and caring Jay. They like guys who are jerks right? I’ll be the one they wish for. In movies and every other story, nice guys like him get played along all the time. For once he just wanted to stop being himself and be a jerk that these movies used to promote.

He knew it wasn’t right but it was the only way from his feelings to get hurt anymore. He won’t let anyone play with his feelings anymore. He doesn’t need anyone’s help in his life. He clears the chat with khushi and turns the phone off.

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