Chapter Thirty Four


It had been three months of Miral overtaking his life now. Everything was going on as if it was a fairytale. It felt fine to Jay as he thought his idea of just playing along was working very well until one call changed his mind. Jay was walking out of his room when he noticed Miral’s phone ringing on the table beside. Miral often used to sleep with Jay these days.

She wanted to stay as close to Jay as possible and just replace Parnika in his life. She was so mad at seeing her pictures with his family on the walls. She was so determined to win from her this time that she didn’t even bother to care if someone would actually love her back. For Jay it was all play until that call changed his world, shaking the land beneath his legs.

Miral was in the shower hence Jay never would’ve attended the call but he decided to pickup as he saw the caller name, ‘Dr Danish Chunawala.’. Dr Danish Chunawala was Parnika’s mentor and her only senior in the J.K.Shah hospital. He was the reason Parnika headed on the Health Campaign. “Hello Dr, It’s Jay here.” He picks up the call. “Oh...I didn’t know that….Yes...Yes, sure….I’ll ask her to call you back….Please don’t tell her I know about this now….Yes, I understand….Okay...bye.” The expression Jay’s face was like the sage who just had got the boon of enlightenment.

He quickly rushes in to the guest room and starts looking for something in Miral’s belongings. He stumbles upon a file in the drawer. He sits on the bed and opens it. As he continues to read, it blows his mind. Suddenly there’s a feeling of guilt that comes over him. He begins to hate himself for a moment, but then he decides to atone for his mistakes. He decides not to play along with Miral anymore. Suddenly, he wanted to get serious and actually care for her as she had been doing all this while.

He quickly places the file back in its place and heads for the work. Miral gets from the shower and finds 3 missed calls from Dr Chunawala. She quickly calls back to find that her appointment with the Doctor was fixed. Dr Chunawala was a renowned Oncologist and surgeon. Miral had been recommended to the Doctor by her family doctor in Australia. She had been here especially to meet him and find the answers for her questions. Dr Chunawala had been away due to his health reasons. Now, he’s back after all this time, Miral couldn’t afford to waste time anymore. She quickly dresses up and heads to the J.K.Shah hospital.

Miral knocks on the door as there’s a voice, “Come in please!.” from inside. Dr Chunawala was now in his 50s, salt and pepper hair, loose skin on cheeks but his eyes still showed that confidence that he was known for. Dr Chunawala had a record in never letting any of his patients die due to cancer. He used to identify the threats and treat his patients before it could get worse. He was Miral’s only hope now.

Miral had brain tumor which had now spread in places. She previously was operated for the tumor when she was a young teenager. At that time, she thought that it was all over. But a few years later, while being on an assignment she fainted. She was taken to the hospital to find out that the tumor had has started growing back and this time it was not just one,but many tiny ones. The tumor cells somehow had now spread and this time it was serious enough for most doctors to quit upon her.

It was like finding a god for Miral when she came to know about Dr Chunawala. She didn’t care if she had to wait for the last day but this time she didn’t want to take any chance. She hands over her file to Doctor who was now reading it very carefully. “I don’t know what to say here. I can’t promise you anything dear but there’s one thing I can do for sure.” He closes the file and hands it back to Miral. “I can try my best. In your past surgery it seems somehow a little tumor body was left unidentified which resulted in the spread later. We need some advance scans to find out how serious it is now and what can we do about it. You need to give me a week’s time to come up on a conclusion. I am sorry I couldn’t attend you earlier due to my own health reasons.”

“It’s okay doctor. I had lost hope anyways when I got to know about it. I got a little happy when out family doctor referred to you. I have no expectations anymore to be honest. But I just want to give it a try instead of accepting the defeat.” Miral smiles at the doctor and walks out of the room. Later on there are few tests and other medical procedures that she finishes before heading back home.

Back at Shah residence the winds seemingly had changed their directions for Miral. Jay had now started caring for her like back in day he used to for Parnika. For Miral it was a sweet victory as she had finally won a place in his heart and Parnika couldn’t stop her from achieving that. She couldn’t wait for the day when Parnika see’s her with Jay. She wanted to shout back at her face and see the expression of defeat on her face.

All this while Jay feels a weird ray of happiness on Miral’s face. He wonders if because of him paying more attention to her. He so wanted to hug her and caress her. He wanted to make her last days on earth a blessing. He wanted to confront her about the meeting with Doctor but didn’t. He wanted Miral to tell the truth herself. There must be some reason for her to hide the truth, he wonders.

Miral’s happiness had no bounds seeing Jay caring back for her. She just wanted to rush in his arms and tell him the truth. But one thing Miral hated than anything the most was sympathy. She didn’t want anyone to love just just because she’s not much time left to live. She never asked or wanted sympathy and it was the only reason she fled away from her home in Australia to find the cure here alone and all by herself.

She was afraid if Jay would leave her after knowing the truth or much worse, love her just showing the sympathy. But she feels that she can tell him the truth seeing that he really had started to care for her. All she wanted to do is just wait for a week to see what Doctor’s analysis turns out to be.

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