Chapter Thirty Three


He sits on the couch as he observes Miral typing something furiously on her laptop. He moves close and takes her laptop and places on the table in front. “Never put the laptop directly over your legs. It’s bad both for you and your device as the heat needs escape and your thighs don’t need to get roasted.” He smiles as if he had just stated the greatest fact in the world. “Sorry, I didn’t know that. Thank.” Miral smiles as she wonders if Jay really cares about her or it was just random act.

“So, what are you working on? I mean I know you said it’s a book but I’d love to know more about it.” Jay smiles as he pulls his legs up on the couch and sits folding his legs. “Ah, it’s nothing much. It’s just your average romance fiction novel.” Miral tries to divert Jay’s attention from her book as she knows it’d be hard to keep her original work secret from him for a longer time.

All Miral had was limited time and she wanted to finish her work as soon as possible before the time runs out of her hand. “Oh, I love reading fiction novels. You can tell me more about the plot. Maybe, I might be able to help you out with something you need.” Jay loved reading and the mere mention of books got him excited. He was much more interested in the book she was writing than Miral herself.

Miral wonders if this was the way she could spend more time with her childhood crush. She wonders if he’d love her the same if he knows the truth. For a moment she wants to tell him all the truth but later she shakes her head and removes the thought of telling the truth from her mind. She indulges Jay in a discussion about how the fiction stories are evolving these days including more detailed descriptions about places and other things.

Her character has developed a medical symptom for which she requires to know more before she can write about the character and her life. Miral told Jay half of the truth for her reason to be here. She doubted if she told him the full reason he would react differently which she doesn’t want to happen at all.

She wonders if she’d be able to keep it secret from him until her work gets done. Next day, Jay gets up from the bed and finds a sweet smell tingling his nose. He rubs his eyes and walks down following the sweet scent like a dog on a hunting trail. He finds Miral in the kitchen making pancakes. “Good morning!” Miral chimes in as Jay looks at her flipping the pancakes. “I got up early and thought to prepare the breakfast. I hope you’d like pancakes. I didn’t know you’d prefer Tea or Coffee so I didn’t make any yet.” She smiles putting the cooked pancake on the plate and pouring the batter for the next.

“You don’t really need to do all this. I know you are staying here and would be here for a while but I don’t need you to do all this treating my genuine help like any obligation.” Listening this from Jay, Miral’s face drops down and smile disappears. She wonders if she invaded Jay’s private space unknowingly. “I am sorry, I didn’t mean to invade your personal space. I just thought it’d be good if I could be of some help.”

“I am sorry, It seems I just woke up being cranky. It’s been a long time someone has cooked in this kitchen hence I just reacted in a weird way. I usually eat outside or order something and never bother to cook.” Jay rubs the back of his neck. “By the way, I’ll take coffee.” Jay smiles at her and heads back to his room to get ready for the work. Miral just keeps staring at him thinking what just had happened.

Once Jay leaves for the office, Miral gets back to her research. She opens up the browser and searches for the Doctor’s number. She picks up her phone and dials the number.

“Hello? Dr. Danish?” She opens a plain text file on her computer. “Can I get an appointment as soon as possible? I have some important matter to discuss.”

“Oh, he’s out of the city? When he’s coming back?” Her face drops as if the replies aren’t helping her situation. “He’s on a vacation? Oh damn! So can you fix me an appointment with him as soon as possible? It’s something really important.” She opens the calendar app in the laptop.

“No, I can’t share that with anyone else. Only he can help me… Yes… Sure… Okay….Just send me an email with the date and time. Its really important for me.” She dictates her email address and phone number for getting the information. “Thankyou, I’ll be waiting.” She hangs up and stares at the blank laptop screen.

She wants to take Jay’s help but she does not want to share the whole thing with him. She decides to put that thought aside and gets back to writing. In the evening, Jay comes back to find the dinner already placed on the dining table and Miral waiting for him. To Jay it just was reminiscent of Parnika waiting for him just like this at the table when his parents used to be busy at work. He brushes the thoughts away and heads straight up ignoring Miral.

He changes clothes and freshens up and drops on the bed. “I made dinner for both of us. Aren’t you hungry?” Miral knocks on the door and looks at Jay with hope in her eyes. Jay wonders what’s up with her being so caring. He barely has met her and why she’s doing so much for him. For once he wanted to just scold her and let him be alone but rather decides to just go down and have dinner.

“I am just tired. I didn’t know you were waiting for me. I told ya, you don’t have to do all this for me. I can handle myself pretty much well. But anyways, thanks for doing it.” He gets up and walks back with Miral to the dinner table. “So what do you to for a living? I know you are writing a book but I know many authors have a side profession these days.” Jay tries to strike up a conversation. “Oh, this my first book. I have a fashion blog and it seems to keep my bank accounts healthy for the time being.” She smirks and winks at him. “Oh, so you too are into fashion. That’s nice.” Jay pours himself a glass of water. “What do you mean by me too? You know anyone else who’s into fashion blogging?” Jay’s reply had god miral curious and thinking. She wondered if he was talking about Parnika.

“Oh yes, My little sister Khushi. She seems to be a pretty well known designer in the fashion world.” Jay smiles at Miral whose eyes go wide open. “You mean Khushi Shah, the famous designer is your sister Khushi? I can’t believe it. I loved her designs so much. I was there at her Indian event where she displayed her first designs.”

“Yes, that’s my sister.” Jay looks down at his plate continuing eating. “You surely undermine your sister too much it seems.” Miral tries to tease Jay. “Uh, it’s nothing like that. The fact is, when it comes to fashion I am illiterate.” Jay puts his hands up in the air which gets miral laughing.

“Sure, sure. Don’t worry. Now I am here, I’ll teach you everything about it.” She winks at Jay who just smiles and focuses on the food.

The days pass in a similar fashion and now it felt as if Miral was taking up the role of Parnika in his life. But here the difference was Jay took it for granted. He really never liked Miral doing all of this for him but he didn’t stop her thinking that it’d bad to hurt her feelings. Slowly and gradually that irritation of Miral trying to be a part of Jay’s life was gone and it felt as if he had accepted her in this new role.

He understood that Miral was just trying to get his attention. He remembers the day of the school farewell when Miral was bidding adieu to all the friends and at last had told Jay that she had a crush on him. Jay had been hiding that fact from Parnika as he felt she’d overreact on it. But now thinking about the things Miral was doing, he feels Parnika was right in her place. Miral knows little to nothing about respecting someone’s privacy and just was forcing herself on him.

But as a few months passed all the feelings vanished as Jay felt that all this time while he was trying to find true love, people played with his heart. Now Jay decided to go on and play along as he didn’t care about finding the true love anymore. He started playing along with Miral’s hints and she kept increasing her advances on him.

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