Chapter Thirty Five


A few weeks passed and Miral had now started to worry about her reports. She received a notification about some complication in her reports which lead to Dr Chunawala delaying the meeting so he could discuss about it with his peers.

It wasn’t everyday you get such a unique medical condition in any patient. Dr Chunawala wanted to be assured before he could say anything to Miral. It took him a few weeks to come upon a conclusion and decided to call Miral for a visit. Miral used to feel depressed and often forget things from her past. She already had fainted once in the bathroom when Jay was at work. Somehow she had handled her condition on her own till now. But as days were passing the situation had started to worsen up. The medicines that were given weren’t effective anymore it seemed.

“Miss Miral Jain, whatever I’ll tell you now, please think before you act on it. Your brain scans showed multiple tiny places where tumor cells had spread and started growing. Also, we found 3 major tumors, sizeable enough to be removed by surgery.”

“I can’t say if it can be cured totally and stopped or not but one thing I can say is I can attempt my best. This is one of the most challenging cases of my entire medical career. Hence, I am being totally open with you. There’s mere 10% chance of everything being totally back normal again. If you want to go for the procedure.” Dr Chunawala was never this serious, his face had more of worries than sympathy right now. He had never attempted any surgery of this level alone.

“So what you want me to do? What are my options here? Don’t tell me that my visit here and all the efforts were in vain.” Miral tried to speak clearly holding back her tears. “I know you are a very strong lady. Hence I am even telling you about the options. Usually we never attempt anything with such bad probabilities. We know what would be the outcome but still seeing your hope and perseverance of finding a cure I am suggesting you these options.” He brings out a file from his drawer and opens it.

“There’s an option to remove all of them using Gamma knife therapy. Its an extremely advanced procedure and something which I don’t specialise in. The chances are insignificant but this is the only viable solution which can give what you want.” He explains the procedure showing the chart.

“You said, it’s not something you specialise in. So does that mean you would recommend someone else?” Curious and worried Miral tries to hold composure without bursting into tears. “Uhm yes, don’t worry. I know one such person. Dr Mehta is a commendable neurosurgeon. It’s the best you can find in whole India for this procedure.”

“So where will I find Dr Mehta?”

“Oh you don’t need to worry about that. Dr Mehta works here and used to be my student. I’d fix your appointment as soon as it’d be possible, If you agree to go ahead with this procedure. I can start preparing if everything goes as planned and you agree.” Dr Chunawala closes the file and lays back in his chair.

“What if I refuse to opt for the procedure?” Miral knew the chances of operation being successful, but she wanted to know the chances if she refuses to get treated.

“Can’t comment on any fix timing for it. Depending upon the growth of tumor, it can be anywhere between a few months to a year at max.” The reply from Doctor weirdly brings smile on Miral’s face. “Ohkay doctor, I am ready to take the procedure. Please send me the details and funding needed so I can start arranging for it.”

Back at home, Miral wanted to tell Jay everything but something inside her was keeping her from telling the truth. She didn’t want to spoil the happy moments by telling the truth of her condition and be the reason for his sadness. On the other hand, Jay had no idea about what Miral was planning. He often used to go through her files and belongings to find out what she had been doing all this time. He was still waiting for her to tell her he truth herself. Somehow Jay understood her reason to keep it a secret. She didn’t want to accept her condition, or maybe she didn’t want anyone to sympathise for her, he wondered. It felt just like Parnika, when she cared for everyone but never wanted to come out as a weak in front of anyone including even Jay himself.

“So, you haven’t yet told me what’s your story about Miral? What’s so special that you’re keeping it a secret from me. It’s just getting me curious.” Jay lays back on the couch looking at Miral. He was just back from the work and had dinner. There was some free time before he could head back to bed. Miral often used to stay up late at nights and keep working on her book. Jay always used to wonder what she’s writing about?

At one side she was on verge of death and other side she was toiling had to finish this book. “Let me satisfy your curiosity for once. I know else you won’t let me type in peace.” Miral keeps the laptop aside and sits straight looking at Jay.

“The story is about a young girl, who gets caught up with an illness at a very young age. She someone survives from its first attack thinking that it’s all over for good but later as she grows up it realises that the disease was just right there all the time. It was growing with her and growing much stronger this time. It’s a story about her who just decides to fight against the circumstances and leave her mark in this world.” The way Miral narrated the plot felt like it was her own story. She wanted to write her own story before she succumbs to the illness.

For once Jay felt so proud for her. He actually wanted to just hug her and support her in this goal of hers. He never had felt so deeply about any friend before. But he never wanted Miral to feel that all of this was just sympathy. Her strength somehow was giving him a reason to get up and fight back from his own situation which lead him into the quicksand of depression.

Little they had knowledge about what was about to happen next as another situation was just about to land and knock on their door. The next morning changed was going to change their lives.

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