Chapter Ten


Next morning She tried to behave as normal as possible. She didn’t want Jay to know that the thing he was keeping from her was already known to her. As usual she prepared the breakfast and lunch for the duo and left for the office. For the couple of days it went just like in the same manner and soon the week passed by.

She was still in debate whether she should really wait for him or intervene and tell that idiot about it. For once she even thought what if he didn’t see her in the way she was. She used to shake her head and ditch the thought about moving on. It was more than a month now and Shriya and Jay were grown super close. She often had joined their family dinners but Jay had introduced her as a friend and fellow co-worker. It was irking both their parent’s and Parnika but it was something that they didn’t had in their hands.

Jay’s parents decided to go on a world tour as they had worked all their life and wanted to enjoy around. The main aim behind this was to give Parnika and Jay some alone time to kindle their romance. They wanted to see both of them together. Parnika’s mom was leaving today. Jay and Parnika decided to bid her goodbye and wish her for her journey as they dropped her at the train station.

Hamesha khush re!(Stay Happy Always)” Jay’s mother blessed Jay as he touched her legs to take her blessing. She cups both Jay and Parnika’s faces and smiles at them. “ I want you to take care of my little girl. She’s your responsibility now. I am leaving her in your able hands. Don’t make her cry else when I die my ghost won’t forgive you.” She jokes and kisses their foreheads before boarding the train. Just like everyone else who knew both of them, she too wanted Jay and Parnika to be together. Both were now mature adults and were capable to make their own decisions.

Jay felt a sense of responsibility as well as a bit weird as both his and her parents said the same thing before leaving them. He felt more protective about her and cared much more for her now. He used to help her with household work. Often go out on dinner and long drives with her. He just was keeping his word of keeping her happy. On the other side at office it was now 7 months working on the project and it was about to get over. Jay and Shriya had now been on a couple of dates and things were much different between them as compared when to then they had first met. Long chats during the night, staying at work for longer hours. Jay wanted to let Parnika know about his little dating secret.

That night Jay invited Shriya to their house for a dinner. He wanted to share it with Parnika and introduce her as the girl he’s been dating secretly. He wanted Parnika to approve Shriya for him before he could take things ahead and more seriously. He knew she’ll be mad at him for a while and later on she’ll forgive him. It was eight at night and dinner was ready. Jay had told Parnika that he was inviting someone special and he had kept it a secret. He helped her preparing the dinner and with arrangements. Sharp at eight the doorbell chimed and Jay rushed to open the door. She had never seen him so excited before. It must be someone really important and special. She thought as she went inside to bring rest of the dishes out. She was taken aback when she saw Shriya on the table sitting beside Jay which was usually her place. The much weird thing was Jay didn’t object at all neither ask her to shift. Her feeling of being betrayed was reaching heights.

She wanted to shout and create a scene but she controlled herself. She didn’t want to spoil Jay’s excitement for the dinner. She sits on the other side of Jay as he serves everyone. They began to eat silently. It was drop dead silence in the room and Jay and Shriya were looking at each other while Parnika was eating keeping her head down. Her mind was deep in some thoughts which were broken when Jay called her out. “Pari! I wanted to tell you something that I’ve been hiding from so long.” Parnika’s eyes looked up immediately at Jay who was trying to hold up smile. Jay was worried about Parnika’s reaction and it had almost scared him when she shot her eyes up at him. “ Shriya and I have been seeing each other for a while now.” Parnika keeps eating as if she didn’t listen to him at all. “Pari? What do you think? I know you’re mad at me for hiding this from you. But don’t ignore me like this, say something please! You know it kills me when you not talking to me.” Shriya moves her hand over Jay’s and presses it gently which catches Parnika’s eyes and causes him to calm down. Oh so now she can calm him down as well. I see… She wanted to kill Shriya right now in front of Jay but realising what he had just said had just brought earthquake to her world.

She decided to be silent for the rest of the dinner. She knew she won’t be able to hold her tears anymore if she decides to say anything. She was deeply hurt and wanted this night to get over for once. Jay keeps looking at her and Shriya. They all keep eating in silence. Parnika finishes her food and gets up to put her plate in basin. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.” Jay tries to make up for his mistake and make her smile but all efforts are in vain. She washes her hands and goes upstairs on the terrace to prepare their beds for the night.

“Does she behave like this always when you hide something from her?” Shriya couldn’t resist the dead silence in the room anymore. “ To be honest, I have never hidden anything from her in my life. It has always been like an open book for both of us. We never hide anything from each other.” Jay rests his head back and tries to think how to make up for his mistake. He knew he had hurt her and was feeling guilty about it. “I’d beg to differ... What if she’s been keeping something from you as well?” Shriya had sensed Parnika’s feelings about Jay. But she always had loved competition. She felt if there was no competition, life wouldn’t be that much fun. She was wondering why Parnika wasn’t telling Jay about how she felt for him. Jay was just being naive and thinking of her as a best friend. This was so much fun for her. “NO! I know her very well. She’ll never keep any secrets from me. Although I made a mistake but I’ll make up for it. She won’t be mad at me for long I know her.” Jay tries to joke and lighten up the mood but he internally knew how much he’d hurt her. He had broken her trust and he knew how it felt when someone you trust so much does that to you. But he had no choice now and he was feeling about about it.

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