Chapter Eleven


By the time Jay and Shriya were done with cleaning up it was really late at night. “I think you should sleep here tonight. Although I feel you should ask your dad.” Jay places the last dish in the tub to drain and wipes his hands using the kitchen cloth. “I was feeling the same. I’ll drop him a text and I know he won’t mind me spending a night with you. He trusts you and knows that you’ll keep me safe.” Shriya places her hand on his chest and pushes him back towards the kitchen counter.

“What are you trying to do eh?” Jay was now smiling totally forgotten about what had happened a few minutes ago. “I am just spending a night with my boyfriend.” She leans in towards Jay for a kiss. Jay cups her face and kisses her back. “I think we should go up and sleep now. You can sleep in my room tonight.” Jay guides Shriya to his room. He bids her goodnight and is about to leave the room when Shriya grabs his hand and pulls him back bringing him down on her. As soon as Jay realised that his hands were on her boobs, he gets off quickly as if something bit him. She grabs his hands and brings him back on the bed with her.

Parnika had been crying for the last hour being all alone on the terrace. She was looking towards the moon and thinking about all the times she had spent with Jay. There was a constant internal debate going on inside her mind. She was waiting for him to come up and apologise. She wanted him to hug her from behind and try to make up her mood resting his chin on her shoulder like he used to do when she used to be upset. She was missing him right now in her life. It was taking quite longer than usual but she was so caught up in her own sadness and dilemma that she didn’t realise at all. Maybe he isn’t interested in me anymore? This thought crosses her mind and she heads off to sleep with tears in her eyes.

Down there in Jay’s room. He was pinned underneath Shriya who was now kissing him. Her hands were exploring his chest. She slowly planted kisses on his neck as she began to move down. She pulled his t-shirt above his head and threw aside. Jay’s hands were on her waist holding her with grace like a dancer.

He felt excited but inside there was this feeling of guilt that was eating him up. His focus was on what Parnika would be thinking about it. Shriya slowly rubbed her hands on his shorts when he catches her hand, “ I can’t do this right now. I am really sorry but my mind is messed up. I need some time.” Shriya’s excitement could be seen flowing out as she lies beside him. “ I understand, you must be worried about Pari right? But isn’t she your friend? It’s okay if you hide something for once. I know you feel guilty about it but you’d apologise for it later. I am sure she’d forgive you.” She embraces him into a cuddle.

“That’s not I was thinking about. I don’t know why there’s this feeling of guilt inside me. It is like as if I have been betraying someone’s trust. I don’t know how to handle it. I am sorry this is ruining the moment for us right now.” Jay kisses her head as they cuddle. “ It’s okay dear. Everything takes it’s time. You don’t need to force it.”

“Our project will be over tomorrow officially. I don’t know if we’d be able to see each other like we used to till now.” Jay rubs her back. “Oh, I totally forgot to tell you. Dad has transferred me to Canada for their new project that he was supposed to handle but due to health reasons his visa had been declined.” Shriya notices the change in mood and expression from Jay’s face. “When did that happen?” “Uhm, a week ago?” She bites her cheek inside. “ And you’re telling me now?” Jay was more annoyed knowing about her transfer than anything else right now.

“Oh c’mon Jay, it was bound to happen. You know I was here just for the project. Don’t be a baby now.” She gets up and sits. “You mean to say you care nothing about what’s between us? I was thinking to let your dad know about us. I wanted to take this a step further. It’s the only reason I wanted to let Pari know about us  and accept it.” Jay slides up and sits. “Jay, listen, right now I am not interested in anything serious. I am on the peak of my career. You think I’d ditch everything for some random guy and be a housewife rest of my life?”  Shriya gets up from the bed and walks around.

“You mean to say you need some more time or you mean to say that you’re not interested in me anymore?” Jay’s tone had changed and showed slight anger. “Don’t shout at me like that, I am interested in you, but it’s like I don’t want to take it any further than what we have right now. I am young, have a promising career and want to live my life on my terms for now. I don’t want to get into any relationship and responsibilities right now.”

“Why are you telling me this right now? I thought once this project gets over, we’d be no longer working companions hence free from legal company regulations and can officially date. I wanted to take you more often as my girlfriend and not on some sneaking secret dates.”

“I understand you Jay, but you are not understanding my position. I am not your Pari, who takes care of you like a big baby all the time. I am young right now. I don’t want to get deep dive into some relationships and get caught into it for rest of my life. I thought you understood that already when we started going out.” 

“I thought you were saying that because we were working partners and you were worried about how your dad will react and other legal technicalities. I never had known you are commitment phobic.”

“What you’d have done if you’d known? Treat me like you’re treating Pari?” Shriya’s hands now rest on her waist and her eyes staring at Jay.

“What do you mean by that? Why are you bringing Pari in between every time? She’s not my girlfriend.” 

“Neither am I, Jay. We were just hanging out. There was nothing much between us. A few times dinner and hangouts doesn’t count anything. We are just friends and nothing more.”

“You seduce your friends too?” Shriya flipped out at his question and glared at him.

“Mr Jay Shah, Are you calling me a whore? You better be not, because that’d be having some not so good consequences.” 

“I didn’t imply that, but you called that yourself. Also, you better don’t try to blackmail me. You think you can get laid with any guy just by showering some kisses? I am sorry to say I am not that type.”

“Ya, ya! You are the one who loves someone else and fucks someone else at the same time. I am done with you. It’s good that we aren’t seeing each other from tomorrow.” Shriya heads out of the room shutting the door behind. The last sentence from Shriya was ringing inside his head. Jay couldn’t control his emotions any more and rushed out. He saw Shriya taking her bag but and didn’t pay any heed to her. He raged outside and taking his car keys. He unlocked the car and started driving. He needed some time alone.

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