Chapter Twelve


Next morning Parnika gets up as sun slowly shines on her face. She realises that Jay didn’t come up the whole night. There wasn’t any crease on the bed. She went downstairs to see door to his room was open and bed was full of creases. Wild range of thoughts were dancing inside her head right now. She mentally imagined Jay and Shriya together in bed last night. Did they really spent last night together? He’s dating her, he brought her home for dinner. How can I be so naive. Obviously he as no feelings for you anymore Pari.

Her phone chimes in as there’s an email from her Hospital. She was selected for the team of doctors who’d be going into remote regions in the whole world and set up treatment camps. The whole event was sponsored by WHO and she was one of the few chosen specialists to be given a chance. This was supposed to make her happy but there wasn’t a smile on her face.

The email stated that she had to pack up and leave by noon’s flight. It meant she had just a few hours now to get everything ready. She searched the house but Jay wasn’t there. Thoughts about him being with someone else were painful like daggers pushed inside her chest. She tried to focus on her work. She packed her luggage and made breakfast for Jay as well. She wanted to bid him goodbye before she left for this huge opportunity but she had no time and had to leave.

She took a pen and paper and decided to write a letter for Jay so he can read it when he comes back.

Dear Jay,

I wanted to tell you about this personally but you weren’t here this morning. Do you remember I had applied to be on the WHO doctor’s team for their disease eradication campaign? Well I want to let you know that I am being selected in the team and would be moving soon.

It is possible that when you’d be reading this I might not be in the country itself. We would be wandering around the world in remote regions for a year treating patients who aren’t able to afford healthcare and eradicated diseases there.

I know you’d be shocked to read this as even I am sad to leave you like this. I wish you and Shriya a happy life together. Don’t hurt her feelings and be good to her. Take care of her like you take care of me. I will miss you a lot. My phone might not be reachable hence I am leaving it here itself. Incase you want to reach me you can write me an email. I’d try to check and reply whenever possible.

Tell Ma and Pa that I’ll miss them as well and tell them not to worry. I’d be going around with best medical staff in the world. Tell them their daughter can take care of herself now! :)

Love you loads,

Your Pari

A few drops of tear get on the letter as she finishes writing and slides it down below the bowl of batata poha she made for him. She heads out with tears in her eyes. She knew that Jay was just seeing her as a friend and nothing more.  She had to learn to control her feelings for him. She clearly remembers the time when she was back from her medical college after her masters degree. 


She was just back from Aurangabad. She throws her bags on the couch and rushes out of the house. Nothing could stop her from meeting Jay after 9 years of gap. She used to come at times in between but Jay was also in hostel for his Engineering degree and hence most of the time couldn’t meet. But now it was all over and she could now see him in real and hug the breath out of him.

She was now 27 years old just like Jay and grown into young beautiful lady who had glances whenever she used to walk past streets. She knocks on the door and rings the bell at the same time. Shalini opens the door and founds a young girl leaning on her pulling her into a bear hug. “Ma! I missed you so much. I was almost dead if I didn’t had met you now.” She touches Shalini’s feet to take her blessings. “Haha! I can see your excitement and I know what your eyes are searching or should I say whom your eyes are looking for?” Parnika blushes as Shalini pulls her cheeks and brings her inside. “Where’s he? Why are you teasing me so much?” She jumps and sits on the couch like super excited teenage girl.

“He’s up in his room, working on some robotic arm. Go and disturb him all you like.” Shalini winks as Parnika rushes upstairs to meet Jay. Her childhood best friend whom now she had developed feelings for. At times she used to wonder if he used to feel the same just like she did. She could see silhouette of a well built man working on a robotic arm. She sneaks behind him and closes his eyes. She bends to look over at his expression as her long hair flows and hovers over his face. He sits in silence and doesn’t react.

“Guess who?” She tries to play their childhood game where they used to blindfold and guess who’s hands where that. He smiles and says nothing. He brushes her hair aside from his face which turns out to be a worthless try as it flows down back. He suddenly moves his hands and grips her at her waist and tickles her. “ You are still a cheater!” she screams between her laughter. “I know you by your smell Pari.” Jay turns around on his chair. “Ya ya” she waves her hand. “If you get lost I can smell you out like a dog.” He jokes as he pulls her into a hug. “I missed you so much Pari. I am so happy to see you back.”

“ I missed you to duffer (idiot)”

She looks at the robotic arm on the table closely. “How’s it? This hand as a mind of it own. You can say that… I’ve programmed this arm with AI so it can learn whatever task you asking it quickly and won’t need any more instructions apart from just being taught once.”

“You felt so lonely that you decided to build this arm to pleasure yourself?”embarrassment was clearly visible on his face. “Sheesh! Pari, you and your dirty mind. Don’t you dare talk anything rubbish about my best project.”

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