Chapter Nine


“Bravo! My boy! You had almost scored in the first date itself.” Hitesh blows a whistle and chuckles. “You know I am not that kinda guy so stop teasing and help me out here.” Jay wanted to get underground and never come back up again. But it wasn’t the solution. “See, there’s no harm in dating someone. Although I could see the sparks flying between you two yesterday. But jokes apart, well you’d need to have a very fine work and real life balance for sure. After all she might be your date but at first she’s our co-worker and our boss’ daughter. Although I can’t stop laughing because either way you’re fucked bro!”

“How so? I haven’t even done anything yet. It was just a freaking kiss in the heat of the moment.” Jay was now feeling guilty of not having a strong hold over himself and annoyed by his friend making jokes at his expense. 

“Well If you two don’t go very well or boss comes to know then you’re fucked or else if you two are going good it is going to be the same! Hahaha” Hitesh goes crazy laughing thinking about it. Just getting Jay more annoyed at that moment. There’s knock on the car’s door. Parnika was there and Jay unlocked the door for her.

“What happened you okay? You seem a bit tensed?” She noticed the stress on Jay’s face.

“ Oh it’s nothing” Jay tries to hide by changing his expressions. “ I saw you were on the phone and all tensed up. You sure there’s nothing?” She knew Jay and it was clear that he was hiding something from her. It wasn’t normal for Jay to hide something from her even if he messed up something badly. But the way things were changing she couldn’t be sure of that hence she was being persistent. 

“Uh really its nothing. I was just bored waiting in the parking lot.” Jay was making his best attempts to hide from her. “Oh, we thought the surgery was over and successful when there was a sudden complication and we took more than intended to deal with it. By the way how was your drive with Shriya?” Parnika placed her purse and coat in the hind seats and tied the seat belt.

“Oh it was great. I felt bad leaving you out like this although. So I decided to take you to dinner and a long late night drive to make up for it.” Jay smiled at her but she knew he was hiding something from her. She didn’t know what was it. Her wild guesses were making her crazy thinking about Shriya and Jay on the drive alone, enjoying the sunset. “That’s great! Thank you so much! You are such a sweetheart!” She shakes her head and plants a kiss on Jay’s cheek.

Jay’s flushed face immediately made the mood lighter around and she was laughing now looking at his tomato red face. “ You are such a kid Jay!” “I’m not the one who’s being kissed daily so stop teasing me!” embarrassed Jay drives out. He constantly was thinking about that kiss with Shriya and Parnika kissing her on the cheek reminded him more again while he tried to forget about it thinking of it as a mistake. “Okay, then I’d kiss you daily.” Jay’s face went pale as he listened to that as if he was caught red handed. Parnika was now laughing holding her stomach. “Don’t worry! I am not going to do that. Just don’t ghost out on me like that. It’s scary in the night.” She places hand over his shoulder leaning close to him.” Jay’s shoulder relaxed and he felt better. Jay didn’t ever thought about Parnika being so close to him. He never minded her touching him weirdly or teasing him let alone kissing him on cheek which she used do very often. But when Shriya did the same, it felt weird to him. It felt as if someone is invading his boundaries that he’d set up. He was happy in his alone space. He never had thought about letting anyone else in his space let alone invade it so freely. When Shriya kissed him it felt like he had lost control over his will and he couldn’t stop himself reciprocating the kiss. 

This had hormones raging in him at full boost and it was going to be really tough facing her tomorrow at the office. It wasn’t something he was worried about. He was worried what if Parnika finds out about it and he didn’t even share it with her. He used to share every tiny bit of his life with her. He wasn’t this close to his parents as well. It felt like he was betraying her in some manner. There was that guilt inside him, but why? He couldn’t find that out.

He decided to focus on the present and enjoy the dinner with Parnika. Later on they went for a long drive. The night was cool and it was making them sleepy. By the time they reached home Parnika was dead asleep in her seat. Jay didn’t wake her up. He carefully carried her in his arms and let her sleep on the couch while he makes their bed upstairs on the terrace. 

Parnika was awake as she realised something moved. She knew Jay was carrying her inside hence she decided to act as if she’s still asleep and let Jay carry on his thing. She was rejoiced to see how much he cared for her. He carefully picked her up in his arms and climbed the stairs up to their terrace beds. He softly lay her on the bed and covered her with blankets.

He moved to his bed and she was about to open her eyes to look at him when she saw him coming back. He moved back and carefully removed earrings from her ears and placed them beside her bed. He noticed the necklace that he’d given her twinkling in the starlight. He carefully slid his hands behind her neck and removed the necklace so it doesn’t hurt her while in sleep. She was sleeping like a baby totally carefree. She looked so cute that he couldn’t resist and kissed her forehead before going to sleep. 

Parnika kept smiling and looking at sleeping Jay. She knew he had feelings for her inside but she wanted him to figure that out on his own. She wasn’t wrong about it and now her decision to wait till he realises was much stronger. It was just a really nice moment between the two when the notification sound chimed. Usually Jay used to keep his phone in a silent mode where only his parents and Parnika’s interactions used to notify him. Maybe he forgot putting his phone on silent. She thought and decided to put it on silent.

She saw message notification from Shriya. It read, “ Loved the kiss this evening. Would you like to go on dinner tomorrow? It’s saturday hence its half day and next is sunday. We can have so much fun. Kissing emoji 

She dropped the phone, luckily it didn’t wake Jay up as it was fell on the bed. It felt as if all of her world was coming to an end. She now realised that this must be the thing he had been hiding from her. But why hide it from me? She was wondering as another message bubble popped up. It was from Hitesh which read,” I hope it was all cool with Parnika. After your call, even I felt it is better not to tell her for now. No idea how she’d react. She often acts like your mom. You can’t take that risk bro. Also this can be fling and can get over without anyone knowing about it. So be a man and control yourself. Will see you in office tomorrow.” She carefully read those messages from the notifications hence it won’t be turning on read receipts.

Whatever she read tonight had changed her world from being heaven to hell. She could no longer wait for him to find his feelings out for her on his own. She had to intervene and make him realise about it. It wasn’t going to be easy but she knew that things that came easy didn’t last longer. Her father taught her never to quit. She was a tough kid after all.

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