Chapter Eight


He dials up for Hitesh and places phone to his ear. “Hey! What reminds you of me at this time of the evening?” Hitesh was playing games and the background noise was loud enough to let Jay know about it. He turns off the sound so it isn’t annoying on the call anymore. “I don’t know whom to ask this?”

“Uhm, Pari? She’s the one you always turn to, how come the the bird landed on this tree today?”

“Hitesh stop taunting for once. I ask her because she knows me better than myself. But this I feel is something I am a bit concerned to share with her as of now.”

“Don’t tell me you want to propose her? “ Hitesh chuckles to which Jay gets annoyed frown on his face.

“No! I have told you several times. She’s just my best friend and we have nothing as such going between us. Don’t act like those neighbouring aunties now.”

“Hahah okay, you know how ridiculous you’re sounding at the moment? Anyway, you wanted to ask me something, what’s that?”

“Uh, I don’t know how to begin….” Jay’s voice falters over the phone.

“Okay if this is something that happened at lunch then you can begin from how did it go? Parnika meeting Shriya, it must be a mini cold war between those two.” Hitesh goes on to make some more fun at expense of his friend Jay who ignores him totally.

“Well, uhm…. Shriya and I…… We… We kissed this evening.” Jay’s face was flushed and that sheepish smile on his face couldn’t be hidden that easily. It was his first kiss after all. He never imagined that’d be with Shriya. 

“WHAT?! YOU AND SHIRYA!!!!” Hitesh jumps up from his couch carefully not to let his phone slip from his hands.

There’s no sound from the other side. 

“Jay! Don’t tell me you’re fucking out boss’s daughter just for promotions. That’s horrible man!” HItesh tries to joke in but Jay is still nervous and dead silent on the other side.

“C’mon! Speak up something! Don’t leave me with cliffhanger. I want to know the details.” Hitesh wanted to know how this miracle happened. Although he was well aware of Shriya’s intentions they way she used to look at Jay. But it wasn’t much different from other girls around him. It was a shock from Jay’s part. He always used to avoid alone time with girls where Parnika was the only exception. He never minded her presence even if she sleeps with his side for the night.  But this was totally new coming from him. He wanted to know the details how Jay landed with a girl. 

“I’ll tell you everything because I need your help but promise me you’d keep it up to you.” Jay wanted to be assured that this incident stayed between them as he wanted to figure out what was happening before he told anyone else. He knew Parnika was too possessive about him and she wouldn’t let any girl break his heart let alone date him. But he couldn’t spend the rest of his life with her. They weren’t kids anymore. He decided to take a chance and hide this from everyone. He was totally a newbie in the romance world and never had taken any interest in it before. He wanted someone to help him so he doesn’t mess things up.

Ideally Parnika would be the best person to talk to in this case as she was a hopeless romantic but he didn’t want her to get worried about him all again and act motherly like everytime. Hence he decided Hitesh would be ideal choice as He understood Jay very much and He must be knowing some guy tips that he could use. Jay begins to narrate the incident. 


They had just dropped Parnika at her hospital on time and then were discussing on where they could go for a short drive. Jay wanted to return by the sunset to pick up Parnika for a dinner because he felt bad for her that she couldn’t spend time with them today. But her job was a demanding one and he understood that very well. Being a surgeon isn’t easy task.

Shriya chose a nice mountain view point by a bridge nearby where they could enjoy a nice view of sunset in hills. Jay agreed it was a good idea and they drove to the hill point. They both had a nice walk and explore the place around. It was adjoining the main highway hence it was pretty lonely. Thinking about safety Jay decided they should enjoy the sunset being in the car. It was winter and evenings were chill as compared to the day. Shriya hopped in beside Jay as the continued to chat about trivial stuff, likes, dislikes, etc.

Jay never realised how it happened but it was the sunset and during the talks Shriya was now close to her. He didn’t know what was he doing at that time but she leaned to his side and he reciprocated. Jay had his first kiss in the heat of the moment and he wanted to think about stuff and push her away but he couldn’t and reciprocated the kiss. She went from kissing his lips to biting his ears and kissing down the neck when Jay decided to have some control over himself and gently grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back to her seat. 

Both didn’t talk anything else during the whole drive back but Shriya had a bright smile on her face and Jay was still blushing somehow controlling his excitement about what they were just about to do.

At her residence she walked towards the drivers side and kissed Jay on the cheek before going inside. She chuckled at seeing Jay smiling like an idiot and waved bye. Jay had now parked in front of Parnika’s hospital thinking about what had just happened. Parnika was late because of the operation was taking longer than intended. Jay wanted to tell her about it but he feared if she’d flip out on him. But it was first time him being this close to a girl and sharing a kiss was a huge deal. It was his first proper deep kiss with someone who he works with. He thought about every possible person he could share his dilemma with and decided to share it with Hitesh.

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