Chapter Seven


It was noon and work was almost over. They decided to have lunch a little late and take the test of the day off. The timings had been adjusted thankfully and rest was taken care of. Jay wanted to surprise Parnika by extending the plan. Jay and sits Shriya were now waiting for Parnika in front of her hospital in his car. Parnika arrives a few minutes later to find Shriya in the seat beside Jay. She wanted to sit beside Jay but she didn't want to create a scene hence she silently walked to the hind door and seated herself behind.

“There's a slight change in our plan Pari.” Jay starts the car. “And what's that?” Parnika didn't appear much happy about it. “ We took rest of the day off and decide to go on a long drive.” Jay was excited as it was long him going out on a long drive with friends.

“I'm sorry Jay but I won't be about to join you. I have an operation scheduled at 4pm.” Parnika was a bit sad. She wanted to go but she can't leave her patient at risk. “ Oh, I'm so sorry. Jay if you want we can do it next time.” Shriya pops in between their conversation. “Oh no, you don't need to do that. Jay will drop me back after lunch. Then you too can carry on.” From inside she never wanted to let Shriya go alone on long drive with Jay but she didn't have any other option.

“Okay, honestly I won't go without Pari but since she's insisting we'll go for a short one.” There was a hint of smile on Parnika's face hearing Jay's reply. They arrived at their destination. Jay asked ladies to move out and he'll join them soon after parking the car.

“So you're Pari whom Jay talks about the whole time. You two are really close it seems.” Shriya and Parnika walk towards their table guided by the waiter. “Yes, we two have a special bond. We've been together since we were kids.” Both take their seats opposite to each other. The table was good enough to occupy four, two on the each side. There was golden ambience all around with red carpets beneath them. The tiny chandeliers above each table made everything look so beautiful as the light from it bounced back from the polished surface of the table.

“What would you like to order?” A waiter attends the ladies as Jay walks in. He sits beside Shriya as waiter was standing at Parnika's side. “Did you guys order anything?” He takes a glass of water, drinking and waiting for their answer.

“No, we were just about to. What would you like to have?” Shriya hands him the menu card.

“Why don't you order for us Pari?” Jay passes the menu card to Parnika who was now feeling a bit better. She orders two types of mix veg shak(vegetables) along with rotis along with gajar halwa for the desert. Jay gets up and goes to wash his hands.

“So Jay said you two work together?” Parnika wanted to know more about Shriya. She had been stalking her profile but her privacy settings were strong hence she couldn't know much. But she later used Jay's profile to know about her. She's been in london for most of her life. She studied in Cambridge. She's not just beautiful but smart as well.  Somehow, she was giving her complex about herself.

“Yes, my dad was so impressed by Jay's research project that he'd been working on for last two years after his graduation. That he decided to take over his research and make it into a proper product to launch. I'm just there to help with the minor tits and bits. He's so smart, no wonder my dad is so impressed by him. Even I like him now. By the way, you're his best friend. Is he single? I know his social media said he is but who uploads truth there anyway?” It was a little shock for Parnika. She was right about her. But it wasn't something she could have prevented.

“Uh well he is single but I don’t think he’s interested in seeing anyone.” Parnika tries to find Jay who was now on the counter talking with the person there.

“Oh, I wonder if he even notices other girls around him. I could see even our receptionist being so nice and good around him today. You think he isn’t interested in them or he’s looking out for something else? You are the one who knows him most. He always talks about you and compares most of us with you.” Shriya gestures at herself.

“I don’t know, if that’d be the case he would’ve told me long back. Maybe he’s not interested for the time being?”

“Yeah, that can be a thing else any girl who doesn’t hit on a guy like him would be definitely a fool for sure.” Shriya shrugs and smiles as expression on Parnika’s face altered for an instant.

She wanted to keep Jay away from her but it wasn't possible as both were together at work. She was so confused. “ Hey? Pari? I hope I can call you that? You okay dear?” Shriya waves her hands in front of Parnika's face. Jay sits down beside Parnika this time as the order arrives and they start digging in.

Shriya could feel the repulsion that she'd been getting from Parnika for a while now. But she wasn't someone  who would let go that easily. She wanted to see if it was really what she thinks or not. Later they drop Parnika by her hospital and head out on the highways for a short drive on the city outskirts.

It was evening and Jay dropped Shriya back her home as both had a smile over their faces. Jay’s face was showing out his internal feelings as his red cheeks were speaking more than his smile. It was a red signal but a signal of love for Shriya. As soon as she leaves Jay pulls out his phone and is about to call Parnika but stops. What would she think of me? What if she reacts in the wrong way? She does behave like Ma at times. What if she told her? Damn! NO, I can’t share this with her right now. I want some advice on this but. Who should I ask? Khushi? Uhm No. Hitesh?  He sighs and searches for Hitesh’s number.

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