Chapter Six


Jay clicks the confirm and starts scrolling through Shriya’s profile. In her profile picture she was in a red skirt and black sleeveless top pouting at the camera with reddish mocktail in her hand as her shoulder length golden-brown highlighted hair covered half of her face. Jay clicked on the photos to see more and started scrolling. Parnika looked at Jay who was turned to the other side and light was shining back on his face. She knew Jay wasn’t a person who’d stay long nights on social media. She carefully moved to see what was he doing. She saw him scrolling and liking a girl’s picture his social. At the same time a message bubble popped up on the screen.

Shriya : Hi!!!!!

Jay : Hi

Shriya : I thought you’d be asleep by now. Isn’t it quite late?

Jay : Yeah, but I wasn’t feeling sleepy and was gazing at the stars.

Shriya: Wow, someone has a nice taste eh? Winky face

Jay : Uh, it’s nothing like that. I just saw your friend request and then you know how addictive social media is.

Jay lied as he didn’t want her to know that he was checking her profile out. Parnika was quietly observing Jay as he was chatting with this girl who she had no idea about. She decided to keep quiet and see what happens ahead. Jay was in his own thoughts having no idea that Parnika was peeping at his screen from behind.

Shriya : let me tell you, you look handsome in your profile picture. Winky face, Heart Emoji

Jay: Ah, thanks! Blushing face

Jay : You too are looking really gorgeous in these pics.

Shriya : You mean to say I don’t look good in real? Face with raised eyebrow

Jay : Oh no! I didn’t mean that. I meant to say that you are really beautiful Face with heart eyes

It felt as if world stood still for Parnika as expressions on her face changed from doubting to angry and then to sad.

Shriya : haha! I was just kidding Winky face with tongue out, Kissing face

Jay : Phew! I thought you were just mad at me for once. Smiling face.

Shirya : Want to go out for lunch somewhere tomorrow? Hitesh took a leave. So it’ll be just us. Winky face.

Jay took a moment to reply. He hesitated while typing but then he wanted to be clear.

Jay : Oh that’s great idea! Can I bring Pari along too? You too can meet each other as well that way. I remember you wanted to see her.

The tension on Parnika’s face lightened as she knew somewhere internally Jay felt the same for her as she did. But she wanted this girl to stay away from him. She was just too flirty with Jay and it irked her too much. She couldn’t imagine Jay being with her in office whole day with her anymore. It felt like daggers in chest. She wanted to know who she is and why she’s behaving like this with Jay.

Shriya : Uh, uhmm Okay! We can pick her up on the way to restaurant. Smiley face

Jay : What happened? You don’t want me to bring her along?

Shriya : Uhm, no! I had just booked the table for two. I’d cancel and book for three. I’d love to see her.

Jay : That’s great! I didn’t want her to leave her out.

Shriya : Yes, she is your best friend after all.

Jay : Okay then, Good night! Sleepy face

Shriya : Good night! Kissing emoji, sleepy face

Jay : kissing face

Parnika quickly slid down in her bed and turned around as Jay turned off his phone. Jay slept that night but a wide range of thoughts were budding Parnika as what she had just seen wasn’t making her happy at all. For once she wanted to talk to Ma and Pa and tell them everything but then she didn’t want them to force Jay in any manner. She knew that he won’t disobey them in any manner and he loved them too much. But on the other side she wanted to let him go and find a different path for herself.

It wasn’t easy for her to just leave him as he was now deeply integrated with her life. It pained too much to just let him go. Also, just grabbing his collar and telling him that she loves him wasn’t a solution either. She wanted him to figure this out on his own but this new girl was creating troubles for both. She wanted to see her and get her out of Jay’s life. Usually she used to share such things with Ma but she wasn’t here and she didn’t wish for her to know this. For once she wanted to deal with this on her own.

Next morning on the breakfast table Jay informs Pari about the lunch arrangements. Her hospital was nearby a few minutes away from his office. Jay and Shriya would pick her up on their way to restaurant. Hence, she was relieved from cooking duties. But Parnika loved to cook for the family. It was one of things that brought joy to her when she used to see everyone loving her preparations and smiling. She’d never be explain that to him hence she agreed. Parnika never was a fan of eating outside, be it a restaurant or somewhere else. Just like Jay’s mom she loved cooking for her family and felt it was the best.

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