Chapter Five


Post dinner Jay headed for the terrace and started making beds for both of them. He opened the door to the small storage room on the terrace and pulled out some sleeping mattresses. He cleaned the surface beneath and spread the two large mattresses to sleep. It was always fun sleeping under the starlight sky. He partially hated rains because of inability to sleep under the sky.

Right since they were kids both Pari’s Family and his used to sleep on their terraces. At times, Pari used to jump over hers, since there was hardly any gap in between two surfaces and come to sleep with Jay.  They both used to count stars till they fell asleep and in the morning Pari’s mom used to wonder how she slept with her at night and woke up on the other terrace.

Later on, it wasn’t possible as Jay’s parents had ordered to construct one more floor. So now Jay had his own room right opposite to Pari’s terrace. But, Jay used to miss sleeping under the stars and the enclosed room somehow didn’t like sleeping inside. Hence at times he used to take his sleeping mattress and sneak beside Pari. Their pair was cute and inseparable. But as time passed and both were now growing into mature adults. Jay started keeping distance from everyone. He used to share everything with Parnika but it felt as if they also weren’t that close anymore.

But here Parnika’s point was totally different from Jay’s. He might have closed up a little while growing up. But she had grown closer to him. Now, she used to see him more than just his childhood best friend. She was taken aback when she came to know that even their parents had plans for them. But she asked them to give Jay his time to find it out. She didn’t want him to do anything out of pressure. She wanted him to figure out on his own like she had.

Tonight, she wanted to ask him out as it was a special day for him and everything was finally going very well. Jay was out of depression finally and he had a new job. He was now independent and capable of having his own family. But discussion at dinner made her think that it still might not be the right time. She was dropping hints for more than a year now. But it felt as if everything was in vain for him. But nevertheless she wanted to carry on further to see if eventually he figures it out.

Jay’s parents had on purpose delayed their stay so that Jay and Pari could stay together and sort things out. But It felt as if their destiny had something more in package for them. Jay was now lying on the bed looking at the stars. Pari comes up and locks the terrace door behind them. She hides the keys beneath her bed and lies down beside him. Her inner self wanted to charge at him and grab his collar, shouting what she felt for him. He was just being a jerk ignoring all her hints but mature self wanted to see if really he feels the same as he still thinks of her just as a friend.

“Dinner tonight was amazing Pari! Thank you so much!” Jay turns on his side and glances at Parnika who was gazing at the sky. “Pari? All okay? You look a bit tense?” Jay calls her as she turns and looks at him. “No, I was just thinking about how right since childhood we both loved sleeping under stars. Hehe, you remember how one of us always was found missing from their beds?” Parnika turns to face Jay who’s now smiling at her. “Indeed, nothing can replace this moment.” Jay turns his side to look at the stars while she keeps staring at him. For her, it was just more than a moment. Waiting for him to find his feelings out was killing from inside but still she wanted to happen that on its own.

Notification tone chimes in

Jay picks up the phone. Shirya Arora sent you a friend request! Jay smiles and clicks the notification to confirm her request. Jay was quite popular in terms of social media. He might be all closed up and alone in real life, at least according to him. But in the world of social media he had quite an influence. Often his notifications used to be filled with messages and friend requests from other people which were mostly females. He never bothered much about, let alone accepting anyone.

Jay was naturally muscular and 6 feet in height. His neither fair nor dark complexion made his cute yet well framed jawline contrasted by his jet black hair give out rather impressive appeals unknowingly to females around him. In real life, he never had a female friend other than Parnika. He somehow used to hate when every other girl except Parnika used to get all smiles and shy around him. It made him awkward and uncomfortable. But in recent times he noticed Parnika was also more and the less same with him. Hence he used to keep a little more distance than usual.

When Parnika had finished her schooling at armed forces kid’s school and decided to study medicine, she had to move to campus. Jay had a breakdown then as he missed her everyday. It felt as if some part of his life was missing. That’s when Hitesh joined him and filled a void that was left by her. She used to call him every three to four days as the schedule used to keep her busy and then from once a week calls began to drop to once a month or once in two or three months.

Six years later when she returned, she wasn’t the Parnika Mehta that Jay used to miss. She was changed. Parnika was now 5’ 7 in height which was normal but still shorter than Jay. He often used to tease her on height during their teenage years. She was now slim with curves all at the right places. Her fair complexion and butt length silky dark brown hair often used to get glances  from others whenever she used to go out with Jay. It wasn’t like olden days anymore. Her behaviour was much like other girls which used to be around Jay during college all the time. Both were the same but time had molded them into two very different kinds of personalities.

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