Chapter Sixteen


“Aren’t you ready yet Khush!” Hitesh shouts from the living room where both the guys are bored waiting for Khushi to get ready. “She’s getting ready from legit like past hour. I don’t know what she’s doing.” Hitesh is walking around in circles. “You sound like Pa while he used to wait for Ma to get ready.” Jay chuckles. “Make fun of me, its your only chance. I thought your sister was different but she just like every other lady around.” Annoyed hitesh gets tired and sits beside Jay on the couch who’s still enjoying this whole scene.

“Now, you don’t find me any different huh?” Khushi walks out pulling her light purse over her shoulder. “Oh oo…” Jay mumbles and chuckles as Hitesh makes innocent expression. “Got bored with me this soon Hitu? My brother is just next to you, he is your best friend later and my brother first.” Khushi gives a fake warning with a smirk. “Oh no, bros before hoes, that’s the bro-code right Jay?” HItesh places hand around Jay’s shoulder who is trying to control is laughter. “Uhm, technically you’re correct Hitesh…” This brings a glare from Khushi who is now staring at both of them with her hands at her waist. “...but, since you broke the bro-code by dating my sister anyway. I can take her side as well.” Hitesh looks at him as if he heard some alien language. Khushi laughs and hugs her brother who hugs her back. “You called me a hoe?” Khushi raises an eyebrow at Hitesh. “Oh oo…” Jay mumbles as everyone cracks out into laughter.

“I think we are getting late now.” HItesh looks at his watch. “Yeah, we will get back at this later at night.” Khushi’s replies gets Hitesh worried and Jay laughing. Their drive to the exhibition centre for lively and full of laughter and banter. Jay was now caught between his best friend and sister. It was like death on both the sides for him as they was juggling between both of them. It was just like olden days for him where the whole family used to sit at the dinner table after a long and tiring day and laugh their hearts out.

Jay insists Hitesh to take Khushi inside while he parks the car. He drives in the basement and finds someone struggling to park the car in a confined space. He parks his car and walks towards the car to help the person out. The tinted glass windows were making it difficult to see who’s inside. He gives the driver hand signals to help them park. It was a very tight space and probably the only left. It seemed a lot of people were interested in the exhibit. It took them a few minutes to get it parked. Jay was walking out when a female voice chirps”Thank you so much. I always struggle parking in short spaces like these let alone park it in reverse. You were of great help.”

Jay looks back to see a smiling young lady seemingly in her mid-late twenties. Her curly jet black hair framed her face and flowed down till her waist. Her smile was captivating, it looked familiar but Jay couldn’t establish the connection. Her black tee-shirt had written ‘spread smiles wherever you go’ which was paired with light blue denims and heels. She walked towards him slowly smiling. It felt as if she was making an effort to walk in those heels. He gives her back a smile.

“You’re welcome. I know someone who struggles just like that so it kinda reminded me of her.” Jay smiles as thoughts about how Parnika used to struggle parking his car inside the garage brought a bigger smile on his face. “Smiling thinking about someone eh? Someone special? By the way you were smiling is that your girlfriend?” She teases him. “Uh, oh, no! She’s my best friend. Well she’s off on a trip and I miss her. Helping you park reminded me of her.” Jay plays with his car keys. “I totally forgot to introduce, I am Anjani Dey.” She extends her hand for a shake. “ Jay Shah” Jay promptly replies with a smile reciprocating the handshake.

“From the way you’re dressed, you don’t look like someone who’d be interested in antiques and history, so what brings you here?” Jay was wearing a sky blue denim jacket with a white tee-shirt inside which was paired with dark blue denims underneath with cloudy patterns. “You guessed right. Well I am here with my sister whose designs are being presented today.” “You mean to say your sister is the one whose work I’ve come to see here?” She shows him the brochure where in the speciality of the day section. There was Khushi’s name in there with her pictures. When did khushi got interested in History? He wonders. “Hello? Come back to present. Exhibit is inside.” Anjani waves her hand in front of his eyes. “Uh, yeah. Let’s go, she must be wondering about my whereabouts.” Jay and Anjani walk towards the Main Gate. Hitesh was waiting for them since he had the entry pass for Jay.

He notices Jay with some girl smiling and coming his way. You are one lucky ass. He shakes his head smiling. “What took you so long?” He wonders about the girl Jay was walking with. “Uh he was helping me park. I was a bit messy in there.” Anjani chimes in before Jay could answer. “Ohkay fine! Khushi is inside, she had to meet her seniors and get the stuff ready so she’s already inside. She asked me to hand this over to you.” Hitesh hands him entry pass. “Thanks” Jay takes his entry pass and looks at Anjani. “ Oh, I have mine.” She waves the pass. “Cool then lets go, you two took long enough.” Hitesh leads them inside.

The exhibit was full of ancient jewellery and costumes. There were clothing for queens to maids who used to serve queens. Armours and costumes for soldiers. It was like he was back to 16th century. Anjani was taking him to each and every exhibit to show him the details and explain about its significance in the history. Her confidence and subtleness was familiar but who? He wasn’t able to find out yet. She didn’t feel like a stranger to him at all. Hitesh was with Khushi who was introducing him to her friends as her guy.

They come to Khushi’s exhibit. She had designed the bridal wear and groom wear that kings and queens used to wear. “How did you come up with these?” Anjani was curious about the work. “Well a few months back we had a client who wanted us to create a replica of the royal wear from Jaipur. They wanted us to make something similar to the original but different in its own way. They wanted it for their upcoming TV show. Hence we decided to give it a try. We thought if this can pass smooth through an art exhibit like this then it would be good enough for the TV show as well.” Khushi smiles brightly as she was really proud of her work. She had taken 6 months to come up with these from the paintings that their client had sent them. It was really difficult to pick up the designs from the paintings which were old and almost washed out. But she was good that she did a job that everyone’s loving.

“This is really beautiful and just like the costumes those days royalties used to wear. I love it so much if you plan to sell this I’d be happy to buy even if I have to take a loan for this.” Anjani really was an art and history enthusiast. “Really? That means a lot to me. Sadly, this is just for display as it’s already been made for someone else. Although, If you want, I can make you something else.” Khushi was so happy that she actually offered to work with someone she doesn’t even know well.

 “That’s really great! Here’s my card. I own antiques shop here in the centre of the city. It’s my baba’s shop but since I am the only one he has so it’s kinda mine now.” She winks and Khushi sharing a high five.

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