Chapter Fifteen


“Hitesh why don’t you stay with us for the night?” Jay and others are having their dinner. “Yes, now that bhai knows about us, you don’t need to sneak in like olden times.” Khushi laughs while Jay looks at hitesh and shakes his head. “I didn’t mean in that manner you dirty ass.” Then? You mean to say you still want your poor friend to wait in cold outside till everyone sleeps and then sneak in through window in my room?” Khushi grins whilst eating. Hitesh is quietly ignoring the banter. “You mean to say the cat that used to sneak in your room was my friend?” Jay smiles at Hitesh who is now looking down at his plate.

“Stop teasing him now. He did that because I asked him to do that.” Khushi nudges Hitesh who ignores her. “Well no need to feel shy when you’re mischiefs are caught out in open.” Khushi glares at Jay. “What? Let me have some fun, he always teases me at that time you take his side.” Jay complains as others smile. “Well I am still taking his side.” Khushi places hand over Hitesh’s shoulder leaning to kiss on his cheek. “Oh boy! Why do I feel now that you two are teamed up against me, I’m the one who’s going to suffer?” Khushi laughs out loud as others join her.

Hitesh and Khushi are in her room downstairs while Jay as his habit goes up on the terrace. He loves being under the sky as it always reminds him of Parnika. He wondered how she would have reacted today? What if she already knows about them as well? He smiles turning to his side and goes to sleep. Downstairs Hitesh and Khushi were on the bed entangled in each others arms. Her head was on his chest with arm wrapped around him as he played with her hair with another arm around her waist.

“Did you really get that email or you made that up?” She looks at him. “Its real dear. I was worried about leaving you again but this is just sheer coincidence. You know I had no idea about your trip.” “hmm… so when are you going to join?” “They want me to join next week but I think I can delay it a bit so we can go together.” He kisses her head. She hugs him tightly.

“I don’t want to leave bhai so soon. But two weeks is all I could manage. I wish I could stay with him for a while. I know Parnika won’t be back and Ma and Pa are also out on their tour. Do you think he’d be fine with alone?” “Don’t worry, I feel everything’s going to be alright. Now sleep.”

Next morning Jay gets up and opens his email inbox hoping for a reply like everyday. Just like every other morning there wasn’t the email that he was expecting. He clicks on compose a new email just like everyday. It was like his everyday morning ritual where he used to write his heart out on an email and send it to Parnika. He’s been doing this since the day she left him but there was no sign of any reply from her.  He was aware that he had hurt her but just keeping a secret for a while would hurt her so much he had no idea. Maybe she’s deeply sensitive inside but she just acts tough outside? The answer to this he would only know when she’d reply.

‘Some happiness to share with you.’ He types in the subject and begins to write just like he’d share his day with her.

Dear Pari,

I am so happy right now. Khushi is here! Can you imagine? I thought she’d be in london yet but yesterday she surprise me. I wasn’t expected her to be honest but her surprise visit has made me happy again. Although this happiness is quite short lived.

She’d be leaving in two weeks for California this time. Also, while I am writing this she’d be working on her designs that are to be presented in the fashion exhibit today. I can’t believe she’s grown up. At times I still remember us as kids playing in the backyard garden where she used to trouble me and you used to take my side. It was such a good time, I wish we could relive that back again.

Apart from that you know, Hitesh and Khushi are seeing each other since years. I am not sure if you are aware about that or not. For me, it was a huge surprise. Although I was mad at them for once but then I was happy to see my best friend with her. They are quite a badass couple together. I think I’d need to be much on guard most of the times to be aware of her pranks now. Hitesh also got a job in California and they’d be going together there. I am not sure how am I going to share this with Ma and Pa, but if you’d had been here, I know it’d be a piece of cake for you. They won’t go against their favourite daughter for sure.

It was a shock for me that Hitesh and Khushi hid truth about them from me for all these years but i was okay for a while now. I still wonder why are you so mad at me for hiding about Shriya. That night was tough for me too. I know we never kept secrets but I was worried about your reaction and hence you know the rest. But after that night I and Shriya never met. I left that job and I am now working as freelancer.

I know you are reading this but not writing back to me. You know I can’t bear your silent treatment. I’d be awaiting you till then and would feel myself lucky if I get to read from you again.

Your best buddy,


He signs off the letter and click send. He wasn’t aware that Khushi had been observing him for a while now from the door. Khushi wasn’t the one who usually got emotional but right now her eyes were damp. She was deeply worried about her brother. She takes a deep breath and walks in. “Hey bhai, what are you doing? Sending resumes to companies again?” Khushi hugs him from behind looking at his computer screen. Jay quickly minimises the email inbox and looks at her. “Yes, you know I am now bored working from home. I think it’d be better if I go out on a normal 9-5 job like others. It’d help my mind in relaxing a bit.” He turns chair around as Khushi pulls out from the hug. “ Yes I’d second you that with it. So any replies yet?” “No, nothing yet but I feel I’d soon get some pretty offers. Your brother isn’t worthless like you think he’d is.”  “Yeah, get back to real world and get ready. We have to go, remember? It’s my first exhibit in India.”

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