Chapter Seventeen


“Hey, why don’t you join us for dinner ?” Khushi offers Anjani to join them for the dinner as the event is winding up. “Don’t think much, she’s treating.” Hitesh wraps his arm around Khushi’s waist. “Yeah my treat but he’ll pay.” Khushi nudges Hitesh as everyone chuckles. “Sure, why not. I’ll just take my car and join you.” Anjani walks towards her cute little hatchback which is metallic blue. “Bhai why don’t you go with Anjani. We will take your car.” Khushi pushes Jay towards Anjani. Jay hesitates for a while but nods and walks towards her car. What’s wrong with her now? Jay wonders as he knocks on Anjani’s window. “Can I join in? I think they need some private time.” Jay opens the door as Anjani laughs and nods. “But I am driving, I hope you have nothing against ladies driving around.” She winks at him as he nods and pushes his hands up in air as if surrendering.

“I think I know what are you trying to do khush.” Hitesh looks at Khushi who’s now smiling coyly. “Well I didn’t do anything. Didn’t you notice bhai was so happy around her. It felt like he was normal back again. I feel we need to set them up before we leave. What do you say?” Khushi smirks as Hitesh drives followed by Anjani’s Car.

“What do you do?” Anjani looks at Jay who was seemingly bored due to traffic. “I am a computer engineer. I was freelancing for quite some time now but looking for a stable job now. I get bored being at home all the time.” Jay shrugs as traffic moves slowly. “ You can hangout with friends sometimes, it’s not that hard to get out of your chair. Although you look quite fit I must say.” Jay blushes at her compliment. “Well i just eat as much it’s needed.” He often used to skip food. At times he had been so depressed he used to skip eating for days in a row. He had been way too careless with his health.

“Oh I see, diet conscious eh? Nice.” “What about you?”  Jay had been curious about her. She was giving out these familiar vibes and it was quite comfortable for him to be around her. Jay was quite reserved in real life. He’s the one who never turns up first  but once you know him, you almost fall in love with them. He had these mysterious vibes around him that was another factor apart from his looks that made girls around him intimidated. But Anjani wasn’t all shy and cheesy around him. She was just like Parnika, confident and bold. I think I know why it feels familiar around her. Jay smiles as they reach the hotel. They park their cars and head inside. Khushi whispered something into Hitesh’s ear as they both started giggling like teenage girls.

They were following Anjani and Jay who were discussing something which seemed to interest both of them. Khushi was wondering if Anjani is the one who can be right partner for her brother who had a heartbreak. It seemed she was already good in being with Jay who didn’t seem to mind opening out with her. Khushi wraps her hand around Hitesh’s arm and pulls him closer walking together.

They share lovely dinner night together loaded with tons of banter and jokes. While leaving Jay and Anjani share their numbers with each other as Khushi nudges Hitesh in excitement smiling wide. She couldn’t listen to what they had been talking about as Jay was standing with Anjani near her car and they were in their car, waiting for Jay. Jay smiles and rubs his neck shyly as Anjani leans forward and gives him a goodbye hug. Jay hugs back and then walks towards his car.

“Someone was a slaying today.” Hitesh teases Jay as he sits at the back. “He is my Bhai what else do you expect from him?” Khushi gets into the bandwagon. “Hey! Calm down you two. It’s nothing like what you two are thinking.” Jay cheeks were flushed giving out clear indications but he kept refusing. “Yeah Bhai, I know we can only hope for it is the thing we are thinking.” Khushi fakes a frown and winks at Hitesh. “Yeah, I know Jay wouldn’t be interested in seeing her again. Right bro?” Hitesh smirks as he understood Khushi’s hint.

“well , I don’t know what you two are up to but she asked me if I could join her for the tour to the Fort she’s been visiting.” Jay tries to control his blushing which fails horribly. He wasn’t quite sure why he was acting like this but it wasn’t something he didn’t want at all. Maybe it was Khushi and Hitesh teasing him. “Wohoo! So someone already has a date tomorrow. Khush didn’t I tell you, you’re brother is a charmer. Even last time it just took him a date with Shirya to get a kiss. I feel you should learn something from him.” Khushi hits Hitesh playfully at this comment as he looks at Jay whose smile was now turned into frown.

“Hey sorry bro! I didn’t actually meant that. It just went out in flow.” Hitesh realises the blunder he had just made. “It’s okay, I know you didn’t mean that. Also, its okay to talk about past. I am not the first one to get cheated in this world. It’s not end of the world either.” Jay smiles as he pats on Hitesh’s shoulder who was driving all this time. “I know someone’s excited about tomorrow.” Hitesh teases again to which Jay slightly smacks at back of his head.

As their usual routine Jay decided to sleep beneath the stars and Hitesh was staying with Khushi. Jay didn’t mind them dating as they had been imagining. Instead, Jay was happy about it as he had been close to both them for a long time now. He knew Hitesh is someone who’d keep his sister happy. He rested his head on his arm as he looked at the stars above. It was a really clear sky which was rare as often there were always little clouds at times. Moon was shining brightly in the sky and it was really beautiful night.

It reminded him of her. He was missing her like always. He wished she’d reply to him. He knew he betrayed her trust but it was even weird for her to be mad at him for this long. Somehow he knew this wasn’t what he was thinking. But whom could he talk to? All these questions were confusing him while a notification distracts him from his thoughts.

Anjani : Hey it was lovely seeing you today. I hope to see you tomorrow as well.

Jay : The feeling is mutual and yes I’ll pick you up at 6 sharp in morning. Don’t worry we won’t miss the sunrise.

Anjani : Yay! Well It’d be stupid to miss sunrise with you along so I am excited for tomorrow.

Jay : Yes, I have never been to such places before. Never had met someone who was so much interested in these things. You can actually sort of passed your interest into me. Rolling tongue out emoji.

Anjani : I’m glad to know that. I was always passionate about Indian Culture and heritage. So it is not just royalty that I’m interested in. Winky face

Jay : I’d say your taste isn’t less than of any princess for sure. Winky face

Anjani : Good Night kissing emoji sleepy emoji

Jay : Good night. Kissing emoji sleepy emoji

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