I slowly raised my head and looked morosely at the nurses rushing in and out of the room. There were patients being wheeled out on gurneys and wheel-chairs through corridor. I could hear painful moans coming right from the adjacent ER room. There was so much pain surrounding me and I don’t know why I was feeling guilty for something that I had no control over. It was nothing that I could’ve done to stop it. Doors of ER opened and nurses pulled her out on a gurney taking her to ICU.

I ran my hands through my hair and sighed softly, trying to blink my tears back, but in vain. I was sitting on the bench at the corner of the hallway, still dressed in wedding sherwani. Images flashed across my eyes, her beautiful face, her smile, and all those special moments I had spent with her; Images of us walking on the beach holding hands while enjoying the sunset.

I couldn't believe it was happening to me. I so wished for someone to just wake me up and end this nightmare at once. But this wasn’t a nightmare, it was for real and she was in there struggling for life.

Someone pinch me please! Tell me it’s a dream, please!

I mentally pleaded holding my head in hands. My heart was filled with so much of despair that I was afraid of breaking down any moment now.

No, I can't break down like this. I need to support others. Their hopes are pinned with mine. I can't let it fail.

I tried to console my inner self but, I wasn’t doing it any better. My heart was beating faster and faster, thumping as if it would just jump of out my chest. I wasn’t quite ready to believe that Tanya, the girl I thought I knew very well, could do such a thing.

I was stuck in a constant babble between my conscious self who said, "She did it. Accept it. This is the reality" and the other which loved Tanya kept contradicting, "No, she can't do this to me. She won't leave me alone. She promised to stay with me…forever."

"Are you with the patient?" I flinched, as a voice interrupted my thoughts. I lifted my head up and looked at the short young nurse, who was standing abreast holding a pad with a few papers clipped to it.

"Are you with the patient?" She asked again, continuously shaking pen with her fingers. She looked quite in hurry as she carried the papers which were needed to be signed for before they could begin Tanya’s treatment.

"Yes…yes, I am." I stammered, surprised to find my own voice filled with dejection.

"Good, I need you to fill up this form quickly and submit the mentioned fees at the counter there. We need to operate on her immediately,” she said passing a pen and an application form to me. I took the form from her and glanced at it. As I read past the form, my eyes began to get moist.

I nodded and began filling it up as quickly as I could, I didn’t want to delay her treatment any further. Whilst filling the form, a line at the bottom of the page caught my attention.

'If anything happens to the patient during the procedure, none of the Hospital faculty is liable for any sort of compensation. Everything is at your own risk and we will try our best.'

My heart skipped a beat, I forced down a painful lump that had begun to form itself in my throat.

Everything's going to be alright, you must stay strong.

I tried to console myself, trying to build the confidence but it felt like I was losing hope. I signed the application form and handed over to the nurse who seemed to be in a hurry.

"You need to get this from the drug store located in the third floor. Please, it's urgent." she said handing me a piece of paper which listed few medicines. A small paper with glimmering hopes that could save my beloved.

I stared at the piece of paper that I held in my hands. My hands started shivering with as several thoughts began to run past my mind. I shake my head to recollect myself and get into reality.

"What are you waiting for?" she asked me giving an annoyed expression as I slowly stood up, dumbfounded thinking about the possibilities.

"Sorry," I muttered, “I will be right back with the medicines.”  I said as I quickly jogged towards the lift with that little piece of prescription in my hand.


Aren't memories one of those special things we have in our lives, moments that we just can’t get out of our mind? Lots and lots of memories, some of which are extremely close to our hearts.

There are things which make these memories special. They can be those years or a few moments in your life that had a power to bring an enormous change inside you. At times, it’s a person or a few people who laid an irreversible impact on your lives.

The Teenage years are said to be the most active, friendly, cheerful and inquisitive stage of everybody’s life. Maybe because it's an age where a child meets an adult and their personalities start to blend in, into a personality which is partly child as well as partly adult, where along with the childish nature, the maturity of an adult slowly starts to seep in.

I, Tanya, and Ruhani were best friends. Our bond of friendship was something that couldn't be defined in a few words. We were like living one life in three different bodies. We shared so many memories together, witnessing each other’s lives, sharing pain and happiness, standing by each other in tough times and playing pranks upon one another for fun. Seems like a fairy tale, huh?


But everything has its perks and so did our bonding. Our friendship was adored as well as envied by many. It happens, right? As the time took its strides, everything suddenly began to fall apart, changes that irreversibly moulded their lives into something that was never expected.

Our friendship was always successfully tested through thick and thin. It stayed strong and adamant until someone crossed our lives, bringing them to a point where they were forced to think if it was really happening or was it only an illusion.

It felt as if everything began to fall apart. I felt like I was losing everyone again, but somehow my heart new that my kin won’t betray me. She won’t leave me alone.

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