I cannot express how happy am I to present this book to you of you lovely readers. It took me good 2 years to write, rewrite and edit it all by myself. But I am not alone in this journey. There are lot of friends involved in it. They supported me throughout my writing journey. Without them inspiring and motivating me this book wouldn’t have existed. It won’t possible to name them all but I’d love to thank My fellow Wattpad Ambassadors & Friends who were always there motivating me and getting myself to work and edit on the drafts, prepare cover and do all the work with least amount of procrastination.

Especially there’s a huge thanks to Neha Siddhwani, Nabeela Akkiswala, Jyothi Tadepalli for always having my back. Like, I know I’ve troubled you a lot with my spontaneous plot twist ideas and long editing rants and I am so glad that you guys never lost hope on me. This book is for you guys.

UPDATE : I was initially planning to edit and re-upload. But then due to a lot of circumstances this was delayed perpetually. But while uploading this I decided to keep it as it is. As this is how I started my writing journey, no matter how bad it might get henceforth. I wanted to preserve it as a memory hence maybe I never actually edited it. So please forgive me if you read ahead and find something like typos, etc.

I won’t bore you much with this foreword and keeping this sweet and short. I hope you enjoy my very first YA Mystery Romance.

Kindly read it at the original source at Also, do share your views in the comment section below. Thank you for your attention.

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