Chapter Twenty-Two : The Party Continues


Chapter Twenty-Two : The Party Continues


I couldn't believe my ears, did Rehan really said that? No, no, it couldn't be Rehan I must have misunderstood any other guy as Rehan. But how can I not recognize Rehan? So, it means that surprise really wasn't a party at all. It had to be this. I had been in a misconception that the surprise was a party. But to my utter surprise it wasn't.

My world stood still when Rehan showed me the ring he had got for this evening. It was diamond ring, I recalled the moment when Rehan had come to me for help to choose a ring and this was the ring that I had selected.

"Isn't this beautiful?" Rehan said with a huge grin. I couldn't say anything and just nodded my head in agreement. "Will Tanya accept it? I can't believe I am going to do this tonight, in front of everyone." Rehan said as she shoved ring back safely into his pocket. My tears would have flooded my eyes long back honestly there wasn't any tear left for the night.

My mind started to get wild imaginations of me getting alone. I cannot let this happen. Rehan is mine and I won't let anybody else be with him. Tanya always had everything and I was always ducked in the corner. No now I will be the apple of eye. I don't want to be Tanya's shadow anymore. I wanted to be myself.

I started thinking about things I could do to stop Rehan from asking Tanya out. It might be just an infatuation, Rehan loves me, and he cares about me. I have seen him caring about me more than anyone else.

"Hey, why are you here alone? Why aren't you dancing? Isn't it your party? " Shreya one of our classmates said dragging me to dance floor.

Even while dancing thoughts about Rehan and Tanya together we getting wilder and wilder in mind. No she cannot take Rehan away from me. While dancing my eyes stopped at one face. Abish, what was he doing here? Did Rehan invite him too?

Abish was now a close friend rather than being Tanya's grumpy ex-boyfriend. He was way closer to us than before. He had arrived for dinner parties at our house for a couple of times before as well. No doubt he was invited as Rehan had said while talking on phone to invite everyone we have known.

"Hey!" I shouted and waved towards Abish, he wasn't standing far enough but the music was too loud inside the room.
"Hey, how are you? By the way you look stunning." Abish said as he greeted back. He offered me glass of orange juice, I took the glass from him as we went aside towards balcony away from the people dancing.

I don't know why but I felt a bit better. Not because he complimented me but because finally someone didn't compare me with Tanya. Someone liked me as I am. He complimented me even after seeing my flushed out makeup which looked like a disaster in my opinion. Someone just complimented me as I am.

"So you'll be in London tomorrow at this time." Abish said. We were sitting on the chairs outside in balcony enjoying the view. Abish closed the windows to avoid sound penetrating outside. The room used for party was a soundproof room in which Rehan and his friends used to practice for band performances. Rehan was the lead singer and guitarist in the college band. We just had pranked him into auditions and everyone was surprised when he was selected.

"Yes, I'll miss all this. Actually I have started to miss it from now just thinking about leaving tomorrow." I replied back cutting my chain of thoughts.

"Don't worry, everything's going to be fine." He said placing his hand over mine.

"Yes, it’s a first time and a lot of nervousness. Let’s hope for the best." I smiled.

"Yup, nothing can go wrong when you'll be there. You're the best we've ever had." Abish said. I couldn't help but blush a little. How can I ever blush at this kind of thing. Things are really weird tonight.

"I am not sure about others but yeah for sure I'll miss you. Don't worry if you have any issues there just Skype me anytime. I have a few friends there. They won't hesitate to help you out." He said.

"So there you are!" The startled I looked behind to see Rehan. I quickly pulled my hand from under Abish's and smiled back at Rehan "yes here I am".

The music was booming inside as Rehan had opened the balcony window. We quickly got back inside. "Can you keep this safe for me? " Rehan said as he handed me the diamond ring box. "I need to go, have some work to finish. I'll be back in few minutes." He said. I saw the box in my hand. I thought about hiding it so that he cannot do it tonight. But it's her birthday present, I cannot do this to my best friend.

There was constant fight between two inner selves which I was witnessing helplessly at the moment. One wished that Rehan fails in confessing out to Tanya whereas other wanted me to be a good friend. But what if Tanya doesn't like Rehan back? Why didn't I think about this before? Tanya is well aware that I love Rehan why would she bitch behind my back. She isn't one that would do such a thing.

But isn't this love that makes you do crazy things. Things that you haven't ever done before? She could have developed feelings for him as well. She might be hiding from him same as I did. But she would have told me way before even if she ever did had feelings for Rehan. But there can be a possibility that she might haven't let that out yet as she knows I like Rehan.

What should I do now? Should I let this happen? Or should I ask Rehan out before he confesses to Tanya. What should I do? There were a thousand things in my mind humming at the same time.

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