Chapter Twenty-One - let's party


Chapter Twenty-One - let's party


"C'mon Ruhani, what are you doing? Aren't you Ready yet?" Rehan shouts outside the room.

"I'm Coming! Wait for a second Rehan." I shouted back. Everyone was ready for the event or the party Rehan was taking us too, other than the lazy me. I wanted to look my best today. Even Tanya was ready before me and they both were shouting at me from the drawing room to get ready soon.

Finally, I found a dress of my choice. It was a Blue dress with laces by the sleeves with silvery sparkles and linings across in pattern. This is the one! I quickly dressed up, did all the required touch-ups I needed for the day, grabbed by little purse and close the room door moving outside.

"WOW! Riiii!" Rehan exclaimed with his mouth open with a big smile slowly spreading over his face. Tanya too was smiling and was looking at me suspicion.

"Thanks everyone." I bowed with a huge smile.

"Where you have been hiding this 'Ruhani' huh?" Rehan said to Tanya gesturing towards me.

"I really don't know. Even I wasn't aware about this surprise." Tanya said raising her hands upwards.

"So this was your Surprise huh Ruhani?" Tanya asks me crossing her arms still having a huge grin over face.

"Umm well no! or maybe yes. I don't know." I said and Rehan rolled his eyes. Yeah I am that same old Ruhani, I will never change. Maybe people thought I have.

"Okay, we are already late enough. I hope we don't want to be late anymore." Rehan says as we move out for the surprise that’d be awaiting us by now.


"Rehan why it’s so dark in here and no one is to be seen?" Tanya asked entering the apartment as Rehan opened the door with keys and we followed him in.

As we were about to put on the lights there was a loud noise and everyone jumped out of their places and lights were on.

"Surprise!!!" Echoed across the room. I was really happy that all this was for me. Wow I was like on the seventh heaven until a "happy birthday Tanya" party sign came across my vision.

All the happiness suddenly was flushed down the gutter. I felt like someone had betrayed me. It felt like thousand hammers hitting my head. Tears were about to stroll down my cheeks. I quickly moved out of everyone's sight and went into restroom.

I couldn't resist anymore and I realised tears were already rolling down my cheeks. Smothering and disturbing all the makeup I had done for the party. All my emotions, attempts to look good and be a star for the night were gone down the sink as I splashed water over my face.

I know it was a surprise and it was me who just hadn't recognised the date today. Still I felt like I was betrayed. I felt like no one cared about me. It was my fault that I forgot that it could be anything else as well. But all I was concerned about I, me and myself. I had been selfish all this time thinking that this party was for me as tomorrow I'll be going to a place where everything's new for me and I won't be having any of my buddies with me there. I'll be all alone back again.

I dried my face with towel and headed out with a smile on my face even when deep down inside I was shattered.

"Hey where were you? We were looking for you." Tanya said tapping over my shoulder. She held my hand and dragged me to a room which was converted into a dance club for the night. Flashing colourful lights, blasting music that could burn holes down into your ear, and a table with almost all kinds of drinks available.

The room was heavily air conditioned and I could see all the familiar faces dancing around enjoying their hearts out. Even Rehan and Tanya were dancing together. I sat on a stool and picked up a drink.

Suddenly music stopped as I see the cake being carried towards the centre of room.

"Guys, we have two things to celebrate today. I don't know if the second one is a celebration or not but yeah still." Everyone wolf whistled and Rehan continued " First is this gorgeous lady's birthday" everyone clapped and whistled as Rehan wrapped his arm around Tanya's waist and kissed her cheek. "And second news is that Ruhani, my best ever buddy and sweetest of all is going to London to start a new life. Getting one of the highest paid jobs from this campus. And sadly we have to let her go." Rehan said as her held my hand and brought me at the centre towards cake.

The cake was a blackberry and chocolate mix as those were the favourite flavours of me and Tanya. There wasn't anything written on cake but three human like figures made with icing seeming to be happy.

Rehan placed my hand into Tanya's and handed her the knife. Everyone clapped and shouted as we cut the cake. Rehan took the knife and removed a big piece which he first fed to Tanya and tried to smear it over her face but failed as she quickly forced back his hand resulting in cake over his face.

He took another piece and fed me. He was successful in smearing cake over my face as I wasn't in a mood to do anything. As everyone got busy with feeding and smearing cakes over each other. I went out to clear my face as it had all cake over it.

I didn't felt like going back but Rehan just pulled me in and whispered something into my ear. Something that shattered my heart further into pieces.

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