Chapter Twenty : knock knock it's a surprise


Chapter Twenty : knock knock it's a surprise


It’s just day left, I don't know how I'll live without both of them. I have grown addictive to both of these. It won't be easy departure for me but I have to be strong. It’s just a job, I can call them whenever I need them, and they’ll be just a few clicks away. You won't be alone.

My mind was a constant battle field of thoughts of me being alone as it’s just a day left and tomorrow I'll be leaving for London without any knowledge of when I'll be able to hug both of these idiots.

I pulled my drowsy self-up from the bed. Tanya was still sound asleep, fondling in her dreams. I rubbed my eyes to shed the sleepiness out of me and stretching my arms I walked towards kitchen to grab something for myself. Just brush before you eat anything. A thought flashed across my mind.

"Yes yes and it should be that big one. The one that I had shown you yesterday. Yeah dude it’s her surprise. She shouldn't know by any chance." I saw Rehan talking on phone leaning by the window.

"Yes I know, but I don't know when will I'll be able to see her next time."

Is he talking about me? Was Rehan really planning a farewell party for me? Wow I just had Goosebumps at its thought. Felt like a blend of excitement, sadness and happiness gushing through my veins.

"Yeah she's going to London and there are chances we might separate as our lives are taking us on different paths so I don't want to leave this chance of celebrating together."

I shuddered at the very thought of leaving Rehan. I haven't confessed my feelings to him. Maybe I should tell him before the party or should I tell him after the party?

"Good. Keep everything ready. Invite every known friend of ours. And please tell them it’s her surprise. I really want to see that smile on her face."

I was so happy to see that Rehan was planning such a big surprise for me and I mentally scolded myself for ruining his efforts.

"Yeah keep it ready and we'll meet you at 6pm. Bye"
I quickly rushed back to bed and acted as if I am getting up now. As I saw Rehan coming towards room.

"Good morning Ri!" He said as he smiled and headed into kitchen.

"Morning Rehan." I said yawning and stretching a bit. Rehan was preparing breakfast for us as he did on holidays. I just loved the aroma that was around the kitchen.

"Rehan what are you cooking? Whatever it is, it smells really yummy. Make more for Me.!!" I said with a cheery smile as it might be the last time when I am seeing him cooking and will be able to relish his dishes.

"Uh huh?! Great! Okay your highness as you command!" Rehan bowed with big spoon in his hand wearing an apron that I had gifted him on his birthday. Cooking was one of Rehan's hobbies and it had really improved along the time we had spent together cooking in kitchen. Wow kitchen romance. You two should be chefs not engineers. My mental self-taunted me.

"Ahmmm..Ri!" Rehan shouted from kitchen as was about to leave.
"Yes?" I smiled back thinking I know what you're planning buddy. Sorry for spoiling your surprise but now after I know it, I am more excited for it.

"We have a plan tonight so you and Tanya be ready at 4pm." He said as he winked. I shrugged and furrowed my eyebrows in suspicion pretending as I don't know what he's talking about.

"What's the plan? Where we're going?"

He didn't answer to that but he just frowned and stared at me squinting his eyes which he thought is a scary face but rather it’s amusing.

"I need to know else how will I choose my dress for occasion?"

He face-palm himself and groaned. "Ughh Ri it’s a surprise. Don't be a spoil sport. Just whatever makes you feel the best."

"Okay! Sorry." I said with a goofy smile making peace symbol with my fingers.

I danced and jumped as I got out of his sight. After I overheard Rehan over phone I am in a jiggly-wiggly mood. This is really the best day of my life.


After the lunch I and Tanya headed to nearest mall for some shopping. London isn't few kilometres away and I wasn't college student anymore. I had to get some new formal attire for myself. I didn't wanted myself to look like a hooligan there plus there was a party tonight and I wanted to be my best as Rehan had said. I mentally danced at thought Rehan wants me to look my best. Stop acting like a teenaged girl Ruhani.

During the next few hours we visited almost every store in the mall and ended up at the food court as the last stop on our shopping adventure.
We ordered for two pan pizzas and two grill sandwiches as we starving with all exhaustion after shopping.

If I want to confess my feelings for him maybe I should get him a gift as a memoir. Before I could think more about it Tanya said," Ruhani I need to buy a gift for someone. Would you like to come with me or just wait here I'll be back in a minute."

I know, I know, Tanya who's that someone and no I don't want to ruin surprises anymore so I'll let you go and buy gift alone. "I am exhausted. Can you please get it by yourself? I'll see you in parking lot outside." I mentally jumped with happiness as I thought of going alone and buying a ring for Rehan. A Ring will be perfect memoir.

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