Chapter Nineteen: Ice cream garden


Chapter Nineteen: Ice cream garden



It was late noon and the climate was surprisingly cooler that day, usually it’s hot and humid in Mumbai and one rarely finds cool breezes. We were in the balcony enjoying the beach view.

"Ruhani what's going on between Abish and You? Anything that I need to know?" I asked. She should be creative with that answer if she's lying.

"No, why do you say that?" She asked.

"I think there's something between you both that I need to know. Don't think it’s because of him being my ex." I again fired the same question hoping for the truth.

"There's nothing like you're thinking. We are just friends. He had met me after that day when you were out with Rehan in cafe." She said looking towards the floor.

"Oh, well it’s okay. But let me remind you please keep your cupidity to yourself. I don't have any interest in him." I said which sounded more like a low warning.

"Okay ma'am, just calm down." From when you started getting so moody? Isn't that my thingy?" Ruhani laughed.

She must be hiding something, else why will she keep turning down my questions? I need to talk to Rehan about this.

Rehan, wait! He's not talking to me since that confession night. I don't know what has made him so mad. I really need to sort this out.

It was the post exam time, soon we will be ending our college life and entering new world. Wow sounds dreamy, right? Time passed so quickly that we didn't know what we're going to do after college. Ruhani was leaving us as she will be having job in London. Rehan was going to get into similar stuff like my dad and I was going to be alone, wow! These thoughts made me sick rather than giving me happiness of leaving this mathematical shit behind.

While I was just thinking about my bright future and its possibilities message popped up. It was from Rehan which read ' please come down, waiting for you in garden. PS I have something really special for you.'

When I finished reading that, somehow a big smile appeared on my face.
I hurriedly grabbed my leather jacket to avoid cold as I was wearing sleeveless blue top and shorts and pushed button for calling the lift. Rehan was in the garden facing the poolside. The apartment was having a pool and two gardens which were maintained regularly. A sight which was quite rare to see around compactly settled Mumbai.

"Hey!" I smiled and greeted sitting beside him on garden bench.

He smiled back and suddenly presented me a box full of ice cream.

"Woah Rehan! All for me?" I smiled cheekily as I grabbed the box of ice cream.

"Certainly yes, but I don’t mind if you want to share." He winked and making a puppy dog face.

I quickly scooped some ice cream with spoon provided and hovered near his mouth.
"I don't mind sharing with you...." I quickly shoved spoon away as he tried to take a bite. "If it wasn't ice cream."

After a few decent attempts to save my ice cream from him. He was successful in snatching it away from me rolling his tongue out in succession as he continued to tease me.

I suddenly made up a grumpy face and started to walk away. He suddenly grabbed my wrist and pulled me such that I ended up sitting in his lap. He scooped up a bite of ice cream and brought it near my mouth such that it touched the lips as I continued to make up my grumpy face somehow even at the taste of ice cream at my lips.

"C’mon, Teddy don't keep the ice cream waiting." I smiled as he said and opened my mouth.

"That's like my good girl." I planted a kiss on his cheek as he said that.
Wish I could plant a kiss on lips instead of cheek.

"Ahmmm ahmmm!" I startled as I was staring continuously in his eyes.

"So you two are having fun without me? That's not fair!" Ruhani pouted making a fake grumpy face.

I quickly got up from Rehan's lap as it was getting awkward. "Nah! We were just coming back. How can we forget you?" I smiled.

"Aha! I can see that." Ruhani said with a mischievous smile.

"Well we thought of checking it out before our queen savours it."Rehan said as he winked.

As we were walking towards lift Rehan held my hand.

Why I think he's trying to tell me something? I don't know how but automatically our fingers slid into each other.




Why was I unable to tell her that I like her? What was wrong with me?

All these questions were booming in my mind. I was never this conscious about anything else. Why this is so difficult to tell her that I really like her?

I held her hand as we were walking back. We slipped and intertwined our fingers. I saw glint of same feeling I had for her in her eyes as we held hands. Could it be that it’s mutual? Does that mean she likes me too? After two days Ruhani will be off to London and I don't think there's much time left to confess.

I quickly slid my phone out and ordered a few things that I'll need for surprise. I wanted it to be a surprise not only for us but for Ruhani as well. I knew she'll be dancing in happiness when she'll know this.

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