Chapter Eighteen: Unexpected Morning Jog


Chapter Eighteen: Unexpected Morning Jog



I really don't know what Ruhani is up to, from past few weeks she's asking me more and more about Abish as if she's unknown to him. If she is thinks that there's still some scope left and she thinks we can be together I should tell her that she's wrong.

Rehan’s behaviour was quite changed after knowing that I was in love with someone once. That guy has really turned weird. Our happiness seems to be lost somewhere, all because of him. Why is he back? He had ruined my life long back there and again he is doing the same. I better need to clear this out with him.

It was Sunday and a finally a day off after a stressful week. I got up early before the others and left to meet Abish. Abish was now a temporary professor which had been placed to teach us in the absence of our mentor. I need to clarify with him that we should respect the bond between a teacher and student and he has lost all rights to be back in my life.

He used to reside in the campus, where there were hostels for teachers and students who came from other cities. I straight went up to his flat and pushed the doorbell switch. After waiting for like five minutes, there he was in his boxer shorts and red coloured banyan. I really wasn't in a mood to judge him but he looked like an overgrown kid, who just has got up from the deepest sleep and doesn't want to go to school.

He opened the door while rubbing his eyes. A wide smile spread across his face as he grabbed my hand gesturing me to come inside. I felt a bit weird and just shook his hand off mine and went inside.

"Please sit" he said gesturing me towards the red sofa, which was covered with pillows and blanket and other unwanted things. There was a laptop on a teapoy opposite to it. Maybe he slept on sofa while working late, still a careless person. I shake my head and took a seat.

"Oh sorry! Wait a sec." he said and quickly took away the blanket and other stuff that was carelessly dumped around on couches and table.

I quickly glanced at my mobile taking it out as it was vibrating inside pocket of my black hoodie. It was Rehan calling me. Maybe they are up shit! I quickly rejected the call and replied with the message saying "I am out for jogging, will be back in half an hour". I furiously typed and sent the message and quickly, shovelling the phone back in my pocket.

"Hey! Sorry for being late. I was preparing this coffee for us." He arrived from the kitchen with two coffee mugs in hand which were filled with hot steaming coffee.

"So, how come you here early this morning? All of sudden?" he said as he handed me over a coffee mug.

"I want to talk to you about a few things." I said as I kept the coffee mug on the small glass table lying in the centre of sofa-set arrangement.

"Okay! We can talk while enjoying this hot coffee in this early winter morning." he said with smile.

"Listen, all I need to say is that whatever happened in past is now a past. Just god damn leave it behind. I don't see you the same way as I was used to see you long back. Stop invading my private life now." I said joining my hands in front of him.

"Ah! I see. Well to be honest, I kept a healthy distance from you after the thing that had happened between us. Ruhani was the one to approach me and ask me to be friends with you back again so that you don't feel bad." He said shrugging as he sipped on his coffee.

"WHAT!?" My eyes went wide open in shock. I shake my head and let out a sigh.

"Yes, she met me a month back saying that you have lost your charm and smile since I am back in your life. She thinks I am the reason for your sadness. She thinks that you still like me and are guilty to admit that."

"No, I don't." I rested my head in hands.

"Yes, I know but she was adamant enough to convince me to do all that stuff that I was doing from past a few weeks." He said sipping on his coffee.

"Oh, I am sorry. I didn't know about it. I thought it was you all doing this."

"Don't be, please. I know, I am worthy of the treatment you give me nowadays. Maybe it wasn't my self-respect but rather my ego that drove me away from you."

There was awkward silence for a few minutes as we continued to sip our coffee. "Can't be friends again at least?" he said breaking the silence that was brewing between us.

Words maybe had lost the way from my mouth. I couldn't say anything rather than "hmm’s" for the rest of the conversation. I left his flat with thoughts about Ruhani in my mind. Why would she do such a thing? Why she didn't tell me this? Or maybe Abish was just lying to justify his actions. But why would he blame Ruhani for it? Maybe he can as he knows that I trust Rehan and Ruhani much more than I trust my own

"Where the hell were you Tanya?" Ruhani shouted at me as I opened the door with the spare keys that I had taken along with me so that it would have helped me to sneak in whilst both of them would be sleeping.

"Well I texted Rehan that I was out on a jog. The climate was lovely and so cool that I just started jogging along the beach. What's wrong with you two? “I asked as I glanced at both of their worried faces.

"We were worried for you. You usually get up a lot late after us and suddenly you weren't to be seen anywhere this morning. We called you but you didn't pick up your phone and after several calls you texted saying you were on jog? Are you okay Teddy?" Rehan ranted out, I was quite happy to see that he was worried about me.

"What are you smiling for? We were scared, you know, with all sorts of weird things happening from past few months and your drastic behavioural change" Ruhani said while the smile getting wider across my face.

"Okay! Okay! Calm down mommy!" I grabbed her shoulders and made her sit on couch.

"I needed some fresh air, that's it. I was just quite awake before both of you so after the climate being so lovely I couldn't stop myself from going out." I lied, well which I was quite good at.

"Okay, but from next time don't go anywhere without informing us." Ruhani said letting a smile on her face.

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