Chapter Twenty- Three: Just do it.


Chapter Twenty- Three: Just do it.


"Hey, where's the ring?" Rehan asks breaking my trance. Thoughts about hiding the ring away were still in my mind. What should I do? Should I tell him that i just misplaced it? What if he hates me for that? What if he confesses without a ring?

"Riiiiiii, where's the RING?" Rehan asks again startling me from my thoughts.
"Huh, here it is safe and secure." I reply as I open my fist which hand the ring box.

"You know, you're the only one I can trust for my most valuables. Even my heart" Rehan winks as he takes back the ring and shoves it into his pocket. I noticed he had changed the clothes now. He was wearing a red crisp shirt that literally hugged his torso with the straight fit making it look more attractive along with jet black pants. It was really a drool worthy sight but soon I might just have to leave everything behind.

I don't know what's messing with my mind. Was it the fact of leaving everything I have ever known behind and start a new independent life, life which I had always expected to live, getting the first priority and being the one whom people can rely on? Or was it the fact that Rehan thinks of me just as a friend?

But if he thinks of you just as a friend then why did he said that he can trust only you with his heart?

Ugh Rehan, stop giving mixed signals.

Without any further delay he gets to the centre and signals for the music to be stopped. The music stops and everyone looks at Rehan.

"Tanya, can you please come here?" He said.

Everyone is standing thinking what's going to happen next and everything gets silent and there's pin drop silence in the room which was blasting with music a few moments back. Rehan bends down on a knee and opens the box of ring in front of Tanya.

"I love you Tanya." He said and everyone around starts applauding and whistling.

Tanya just stands agape with her hands over her mouth with tears in her eyes. She doesn't say anything but she nods as Rehan said," Will you be mine forever?"

Inside me there was a flood of emotions. A lot of feelings at once were hitting my brain and I had started to feel numb. I stood there watching as they hugged each other with sound of claps and whistles in air. Tanya had got the best birthday surprise ever after all.

"Hey wake up, this isn't a place to sleep." I hear a voice even with numbness holding my senses.

"Wake up Ruhani, if you want to sleep we can go back home." I hear a familiar voice back again. I felt someone shaking me as I opened my eyes to see that I had a nap while talking to Abish in the balcony. The breeze was a bit cold outside.

"You slept while we were talking? So it means you haven't heard a tinge of what I just said right?" Abish asks me as he saw the startled me. So was it all a nightmare? Really? I couldn't believe what was happening with me today. First that surprise and now this deadly nightmare.

"Hey are you alright? Want me to drop you home? “he asked placing his hand on my shoulder.

"No, I am just a bit tired. Thinking and preparing about tomorrow." I lied back to hide my weirdest and wildest imaginations which still had its effect over my mood and facial expressions.

"Ohh don't take too much stress. Everything's going to be alright."

I didn't reply but I just smiled back.

"What time's your flight tomorrow?" He asked.

"Its morning flight 8:30 am."

"Ohh, can I come to see you off?" He asked and smiled as I nodded back in yes.

"By the way what were you talking about? I am really sorry I had no intentions to sleep in between but I don't know how it just got me over."

"It’s okay, umm but really you didn't hear anything? Like you seriously missed out all of that?" He said with slight blush or was I over imagining things again? I don't know but I don't think I can trust my brain anymore tonight.

"I think the party is over now. It's really late. I think I must leave now." I said moving back to see that there wasn't anyone left back other than Shreya and Amit who were helping out Rehan and Tanya in cleaning the stuff out.

"So there were both of you. We searched you throughout the party." Tanya said throwing all drink bottles into trash can.

"We just were having a little talk, that's it nothing more." Abish replies quickly before I could respond.

"Okay, now help us clean this mess so that we can go back home quickly. I have to hand over the keys back to Mr. Ahuja. Well I am glad to handover the keys to us for the celebration. The credit goes to Amit for that. He really had a hard time getting keys from his dad for us." Rehan said.


On reaching home, I just headed straight for the bed as I took some pills for headache before sleeping. Tonight was the craziest night I ever had in my life. Not to mention all of that happened in dream. Thank god! That all was nothing but a dream. The ring was not much than a birthday present and I had to leave for my new job which was awaiting me to step into a new world full of possibilities I had ever imagined.

Finally I will be independent, I will me miss Ruhani and not someone's friend daughter or shadow. I'll have my own identity. With the similar thoughts in my mind I dozed off to sleep setting the alarm for the new beginning tomorrow.

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