Chapter Twenty-Four : Expected Unexpectations


Chapter Twenty-Four : Expected Unexpectations


I was awake before the alarm could wake me up. I didn't sleep the whole night. The thoughts didn't let me sleep constantly bugging me about what if that dream becomes a reality? Just as I was rolled up on the bed thinking about the future, I could see the sunrise and my alarm started its attempt to wake me up.

I rolled out of my bed and stretched my arms to just dust of the sleep. Rubbing my eyes I headed for shower. The warm gust of water never felt more relaxing and soothing ever before. I ended up spending more than half hour in the shower which made me late as per the schedule I had planned for the day. It was 7 in the morning and I had to reach airport by 8.

There wasn't anything much left to pack as the major packing was done already a week ago. I just packed a few more dresses and stuff I had got this week. Whilst packing my eyes laid over the gifts I had bought for everybody and especially for Rehan. I had packed them in similar boxes so they can't identify what's inside. To remember which present was for whom I had tied different coloured ribbons over them and had hid them in my luggage so no one can find out the surprise.

After getting everything ready I hurried to have a look at watch again. It was 7.30 am now. I need to leave now, but where was everybody. Like even Tanya wasn't on bed when I got up. Neither did I realized her on the bed at night. Did she sleep with Rehan last night? Calm down Ruhani and shut down your crazy mind.

I opened the room door and honestly I saw something that I hadn't expected. The living room was decorated and there they were standing with huge cake and gifts could be seen lying on the couch behind.

"We will miss you Ri." Rehan said faking the sobs, acting like a kid as he hugged me.

"You must have been thinking that we forgot you right? You little idiot!" Tanya said with a smile as she first slaps my shoulder playfully and pulls me into bear hug.

"Told you guys, she isn't good at handling emotions. There wasn't a need for doing it last night." Abish said smiling and hugging me.

"What are you talking about?" I asked with quizzical expression over my face.

"Well we just had spiked your orange juice last night. So that you can enjoy the party but instead you just slept it all together so we had to arrange this overnight." Rehan said gesturing to all the decoration in the living room.

"You mean to say that orange juice I had was spiked? Really? Rehan I feel like killing you." I said as I punched him hard over shoulder seemingly it didn't had any effect on him. So all that I was imagining wasn't really my crazy brain after all. I felt huge relief as the constant thought battle going in my mind was over now, leaving the battle scars behind. But what if my nightmare comes to reality?

Really Ruhani? You don't have any time for this now. Just do what is important.

"Don't think too much I don't have any time left now. Just cut the cake and let’s leave for airport." Tanya said handing me the knife. We were done with the cake and it was time for the gifts.

"Umm guys, I think we can do this at airport as well now let’s go." Abish said keeping all gifts into a bag.

"Yes, I think Abish's right." I replied and we all left for the airport. Gladly it wasn't long from the place we lived. We reached half hour earlier than we had expected. The flight was delayed by an hour so we had plenty of time now.

We headed to a nearby cafe and ordered coffee for all. They didn't sleep all the night preparing for my farewell. I was feeling wanted and wished I could cancel this job and trip and take any job nearby so that I can live with them as we were till now. But then I thought about my dreams and ambitions that I had and smiled.

"This is mine." Rehan said as I pulled out a green coloured package from the bag. It was nicely packed, certainly Rehan had got it wrapped from store as we all knew he was a disaster at both wrapping and unwrapping gifts.

I opened it to see a diamond studded watch. "Rehan, I think it's too much. You could have gifted me a normal watch. Why this? And why did you spend so much on it?" I said as I was exploring the beauty of that watch.

"Ri, you're are the only best friend I ever hand since our childhood and this watch is nothing as compared to you." I smiled and pecked his cheek as he said that.

I unwrapped other gifts which we had from our all other friends. Tanya had gifted me a dress which we both were planning to buy. While I was about to open Abish's gift he just held my hand gesturing me to stop opening it. "Please open it when you're alone." He said.

I quickly opened another few couple of gifts by the time our coffee arrived. We cleared the mess from the table and enjoyed our coffee. While sipping on that coffee, I just kept looking out of the window. Thinking about every possible thing in my life. Thoughts that made me forget everything that was happening around letting me into a peaceful and calm state of mind.

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