Chapter Twenty-Five : In Plight of memories


Chapter Twenty-Five : In Plight of memories


After a few hours, I was in the flight. I was offered window seat by an old aged man who seemed to be busy with his laptop. It's not like I have never been in plane but for the first time, I was traveling in business class.

Most of the people I could see around were either sleeping or were busy with their laptops. I had kept Abish's gift in my purse which I was allowed to take  along with me into flight. I just opened the purse and pulled out the gift. It was wrapped in red wrapper which had hearts all over it with a lovely red ribbon tied into a knot which had heart over it.

It looked like a package sent straight from heart. I opened it up and there was a long red velvet box inside. I opened it to find a beautiful bracelet with a heart shaped locket. I found that the locket could be opened. On opening it, I found one side my picture and Abish on the other side. I closed the locket thinking about the meaning behind this. There was even a letter inside the box, which was attached to roof of the box.

I opened the letter, it read.

Dear Ruhani,

First of all, hearty congratulations and all the best for your new beginning.

I know you might be thinking, is this letter just for  the sake of saying this or  do I have to say anything else as well?

To be very honest, I just wanted to pour my heart out to you with this letter, and that's the reason I asked you to open it when you're alone.

You can judge me all you want after reading with this. Whatever your decision might be just promise me our friendship won't be affected.

When we first met, I had to apologize to Tanya for being so selfish and arrogant. I never meant to break her heart and leave her alone when she needed me the most but I had success all over my mind. I was blind to see anything else going around me.

But when I saw you back that day. When you had come to ask me whether I want to patch up with Tanya or not I just had lied that I want to as I wanted to stay close to you.

I had started feeling about you and it got increasing day by day. The time that I had spent with you was my best time ever. I will never be able to forget those moments we sat together and enjoyed coffees.

But everything was back again on the verge of destruction when I heard you are shifting for your new job. I was happy and sad at the same time. Happy for the dream that you had always been striving for was finally coming into reality and sad as I won't be able to see you anymore around.

Honestly, you can call me weak or whatever but i didn't had courage to look into your eyes and say this out to you that i had started to feel about you. I had started to love you. I wanted to ask this out to you in person but i was scared of rejection.

You might be in flight while reading this. All i need to say that if you accept my feelings for you please send me a picture of you wearing that bracelet when you land. I don't need any answer whether you love me or not but just i wanted to let you know that there's someone who loves you more than his own self.

At the end of the letter, I could feel my vision being blurred and small tear droplets rolling down the cheek. I folded the letter back and kept it box. I wore the bracelet brushing tears out of my eyes. I opened my phone and clicked a selfie showing the bracelet with a huge smile on face.

I just kept the box back in the bag and decided to wear this bracelet. I just shut my phone off and rested my head on the seat dozing off to sleep.


First few weeks had been extremely busy as I hardly got any time to call anyone back. We just used to drop messages to each other which were even longer than emails.

Since I was a newbie, I had a lot to learn about the company and its work culture. There was a lot of work pressure and I hardly could find time to sleep. I had been allotted house by company which I had to share with 3 other teammates. 2 were girls and other one was a guy. So we were three girls and a guy in an apartment which had a lot of drama every day.

Everything was about to get stable and normal. But everything changed when I received email from Tanya's dad. He rarely used to contact anyone without any work. He was a shrewd businessman after all.

I clicked open the email to see wedding invitation. I was really happy to see that finally Tanya was getting married. It was a huge occasion in my bestie's life. I had to attend this wedding anyhow.

As I continued to read further my heart sank. I saw the groom was none other than Rehan. Yes, it was the same Rehan Shah, whom I loved since childhood. This couldn't be happening with me. Why always there's something to ruin my happiness. It feels like god doesn't want to see smile on my face.

I threw the laptop out of the window and dug my head in pillows. I wanted to cry my heart out today. I needed to stop this. How could she do this to me? She knows that I love Rehan. I knew some or the other day that nightmare would be a reality but hadn't imagined it would be so soon.

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