Chapter Twenty-Six : The Invitation


Chapter Twenty-Six : The Invitation

*A few weeks back*

"Dad! How could you do this?" I rushed to dad's room to ask him dad about the invitation that I had received on my email.

"I am your dad. Can't I decide about your marriage?" Dad said shrugging.

"But at least you could have asked me before sending out the invites to everyone?" I asked all I was worried about Ruhani. She will think I have betrayed her. "And Rehan what about him? Did you ask him?" I was even more worried about what Rehan would be thinking about me right now. I know, I really love him, more than myself but what he will be thinking about me sent chills down my spine.

"Oh yes, I had a talk with him. That boy loves you and he was really happy when I had asked about it." He said cupping my face and kissed my forehead.

"What?!" I couldn't believe what I  just heard with my ears. Did he just say that Rehan loves me too and is ready to marry me?

"Yes my dear, I knew that he really has some feelings for you long back when he visited my office to plan out your birthday surprise. He asked me if he could propose you that night as he showed me the ring. I really like that boy." He said sitting on his arm chair.

Why didn't he say that to me all this time. Was he scared of rejection just like me? That could be the reason. I quickly dialled his number, it took a few rings for him to pick up the phone.

"So you got your surprise huh?" He said picking up the call before I could say anything.

"Yes, you really broke my heart Rehan."


"Yes, how could you do this to me?"

"I thought you liked me too."

"You could have at least asked me before idiot."


"Not  buts, I am seeing you in cafe in half an hour. Don't make any excuses." I cut him off before he could complete his sentence.

I was really happy and was dancing mentally that finally we would be together. He'll be mine forever. Just thinking about that sent chills down my spine, giving me Goosebumps.


I tapped on his shoulder as he waited for me outside the cafe.

"The tables are full, can we go somewhere else?" He asks with a scared expression on his face.  I was really enjoying that scared expression on his face.

"We can walk along the beach if you want?" I replied, making a poker face.

"Okay, let’s go." He said and held my hand as we crossed the street. We removed our footwear and shoved them in a bag Rehan had with him. He was coming straight from his office. He was finally handed over his dad's business, which his uncle used to handle after his parent’s died in the mishap. Rehan we had lived with wasn't the same anymore. He looked now more of a man rather a goofy boy who used to joke around and made us smile.

He felt now more of a dependable, caring and perfect partner for any girl out there. But out of all he chose me.

"So what was the thing you wanted to talk about?" He asked as our fingers slipped together, holding hands as we walked along the beach.

"How did you know that?" I asked and he didn't reply but just smiled and gazed at beach.

"So why you didn't tell me that you love me before? Why this straight marriage proposal? You think I could have been a bad girlfriend?"

"No it’s not that." He said with his head hung down in shame and smiled as I could see him blushing.

"Then what is Rehan? Tell me, I want to know. Why you hid your feelings from me all this time?" I chirped, My happiness was forgetting its bounds. I was like in seventh heaven.

"I just was scared of losing you. I can't afford to lose you. You know, I lost my parents long back. Just a few months back I sort of lost Ruhani. I know she's being busy but, I felt like I am losing all the ones whom I love one by one. And I couldn't afford to lose you at any cost."

He just kept looking straight in my eyes and continued to speak.
"I just was scared. I always was scared of losing my dear ones. You know I felt for you right when I saw you on the first day at college. I was just a random boy who had stepped into miss Sebastian's life. I thought why would you choose a boy like me? In a gist I was insecure."

He shook his head and kicked sand beneath his feet. We were sitting on the bench along the beach now. Watching sunset, which felt more beautiful than ever it had been.

I just pulled my hand out of his and placed arm around his resting my head on his shoulder.

"You know Rehan, I felt the same."

He smiled back and kissed my forehead.


A few days after the sending of invitations there were congratulations messages from all over. Some said they are awaiting the marriage while some apologized that they won't be able to attend but they'll be wishing for our happy life ahead.

Everyone had replied to invitations except Ruhani. I was really worried about her. She didn't reply to any of my messages after that invite. I was really dumbstruck. I was feeling clueless about how will I tell her about the things that happened just out of pure coincidence.

I asked Rehan if Ruhani had replied to him but she didn't reply to him as well.
Finally I sent her message saying if she won't reply I'll cancel this marriage and will come there to see her.

After that message she sent me her picture saying she was too busy to reply to anyone. In the picture she sent, I could see her eyes red and sore with huge dark circles around them which seemed like she didn't had any sleep from past few days.

I took a screenshot and forwarded it to Rehan along with the picture she had sent me.

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