Chapter Twenty-Seven : Marriage Memories


Chapter Twenty-Seven : Marriage Memories

*A few weeks back*

After I sent Rehan the screenshots of chat with Ruhani and her picture, Rehan messaged me to call him. I opened my Facebook app and pressed the video call option.

"I think we really need to go there and see how she's doing." Rehan said in fierce tone.

"Yeah, I was thinking the same. I think we should halt the marriage procedure and first go to visit her."

"No, let the marriage preparations continue here. We will bring her back... I won't allow her to stay there alone anymore there. If she wants a job then I'll give her the best possible job in my company."

"I don't think it’s anything about the job Rehan. It's something else."

"What it could be if not the work pressure? Can't you see, it looks like she hasn't slept for a year. Her face has turned pale. There are dark circles below her eyes."

"Hey wait! She just pinged me asking for a video call tomorrow."

"Okay that's better. We need to get her back here. I don't think she has to die there working like donkeys even if they pay her a fortune."


It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, Rehan was sitting by me connecting to Ruhani for a video chat. She picked up on first call. It was dark there it, seemed like she had locked herself in a dark room.

"Hey, how are both of you?" She said with smile on her face

"We both are good but what about you Ri? What you have done to yourself?" Rehan asked her with the same fierce tone.

"Oh it’s nothing Rehan. Just a lot of work and unable to adjust in this time zone." She just brushed of the topic so easily.

"It's not just work Ruhani, we know, you can share with us. Our friendship isn't so weak that it vanishes if someone lives overseas." I said.

"Really it’s just work pressure and lack of ability to adjust guys, nothing else. Just calm down and I am mad at both of you idiots. Instead of telling me this personally all you sent is the invite that too via email. Huh great way to invite friends Rehan." She said as if nothing's wrong and she's happy to see our marriage invite. But deep down inside I know there's a broken heart that can't be fixed. How can I tell her that I haven't betrayed her it’s not me who broke the promise.

I could really feel her pain just by looking at her eyes.

"Okay guys, I need to go. Will be messaging you both later. Don't worry for me. I'll be there at your wedding." She said as she closed the chat window.

It seemed like Rehan was convinced with the excuses Ruhani had given to him. But she failed to convince me. Rehan sensed that something was amiss and pulled me into hug. I rested my head on his chest and gripped him close into a tight hug.

"You really miss her lot I know Teddy." He whispered into my ear.
I just nodded my head in reply and hugged back.


The preparations had been in full force after that day. It was just a day left for the marriage now. Everything was going as per the plan. Invites were sent out, people had begun responding to the invites.

The closer relatives had started to show their presence a few days back as they helped my dad with the marriage whereabouts. Everything was going on smoothly.

Rehan and I had been on a couple of dates after that day. We were getting closer to each other every day. Finally life had appeared to be stabilizing and getting to happy part leaving all the struggles and hardships behind.

Soon I was going to be called Mrs Tanya Shah, wife of the second business tycoon Rehan Shah. Wow! That sounded amazing even after I said it back to back number of times.

The one's I really missed were my mom and Ruhani. Ruhani had messaged and said she got stuck up with some urgent work and will be attending on the day of marriage itself. How could she do this to me. Leaving me all alone between a lot of people who called themselves my relatives but never had seen me  during all my life.

Rehan wasn't allowed to see me till we are married, to follow the so called customs. We used to talk on phones and used to video chat when no one used to be around.

But apart from all of the fun I missed my mom. If she would have been alive today, she would be the happiest person on earth now. I know it was her wish to see me in the bridal wear. She used  to tell me how much she was excited just at thought of getting me married.

But fate had something different for her on the platter for her and she had to leave us. If she would have survived her battle to cancer she would've wish to see me in her bridal wear. We used to joke back when she used to say that Shell make me wear her wedding dress and won't buy a new one for me.

My eyes had dampened at thoughts and the feelings I can't express how much I wished for my mom to be alive and present her standing by my side.

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