Chapter Twenty-Eight : The Mystery Night


Chapter Twenty-Eight : The Mystery Night

*Day before marriage*

"What are you doing Tanya? Didn't I ask you to have some rest before the events begin?" I was being scolded back again by My Masi. She was my mom's very close friend but lovingly I used to call her Masi.

"Masi please let me do this, let me help you out.. How can I just sit back doing nothing and watch you guys doing all the work." I pleaded her to let me help her with the preparations.

"Bhai sahab, please ask her to have some rest while she can. Wedding events can be really hectic and stressful" My Masi asked my Dad to convince me. But I was in no mood to stay in a room and get bored doing nothing.

"Tanu, you should better listen to your Aunt. You won't be getting any time to rest later." Dad said.

With a few more minutes of the similar conversation, I was locked up in my room. Now, I had nothing much to do now except the so called ‘rest’. The events will be beginning since this evening.

Whole mansion was transformed into a palace. The decorations were so beautiful that I felt like a princess in some grand palace. The beautiful chandeliers that hung from the ceilings, flower garlands over the railings, red carpets on the floors and stairs. The lightings that went blinking all over the place wherever your vision persists. It felt like a dream coming true.

After Ruhani's departure to London, I had shifted back with dad. He used to complain about growing old, He didn’t wanted to stay with his family now.

Finally, I was quite happy to see that he understood the when he had left us all alone being busy on his business trips. Money can surely can buy you all the luxuries in the world but it can't make you happy. After few arguments and long talks dad was successful in bringing me back to my original house where I belonged.

Rehan had joined his family business and used to travel to different places for it. So instead of living all by myself, I decided to shift back. I remember how everyone was happy to see me back after years.

Avi had almost hugged me to death that day. Even Nalini was excited to have me in the house as she won't be the only female in the house. I got a surprise in the name of two twins Sakshi and Pratik. So finally my big brother had a completed his family. The kids ran and hugged my legs as bent down to kiss their cheeks. Those two are really cute. Aren't little always kids cute?

I just was sitting on the bed and swiping through pictures in my phone. All the memories were encapsulated in those beautiful pictures. As I continued to swipe further, I discovered one of our oldest pictures. Where there was Rehan, Ruhani and Me. It was one of those clicks from our initial college days.

It our first day at college. We had an orientation day event where all the seniors along with the staff welcome the newly joined students into the campus. I was now really missing those days. Those days of never ending classes, loads of assignments and projects and the fun we used to have while completing the projects over night.

While I kept smiling and gazing at that picture a thought struck my mind. Where's that diary? I need that diary now. I got up from the bed and started to search for it in my bookshelf.

I was looking for the diary when Masi knocked the door. “You aren’t ready yet?” She exclaimed as if it was the last day on the earth. “I was about to get ready, give me a few minutes.” I tried to calm her down.

I had to halt my search mission for the time being and had to get ready for the first event. I am pretty sure everyone who would be getting married will have this question for at least once in their minds. Why there are so many procedures in just getting married? Getting ready for each event differently and that tiresome trail of clothes and other stuff.

I was thankful to my Masi who had almost forced me to get some rest beforehand. The arrangements for the event were made in the lawn outside. There were seats and long couches arranged along with little fountains in the middle. Little led lights hanging from the trees, fresh green grass, everything was just perfect. Soft and pleasant music streamed from the speakers that were placed in lawn at intervals.

I was guided to one of the seats where the mehndi artist was beautifully sketching on the hands of young girls. I was really tired after the Mehndi event. Even after being hectic, it was a lot of fun. One of the artists sits beside me and starts applying mehndi on my palms.

I glanced at the beauty and complexity of the mehndi patterns that were being drawn on my hands. The designs extended from fingertips to the elbows covering the whole lower arm. I had been asked to stay careful about it till the mehndi dries off. I was quite cautious about it as I didn’t wish to get it smeared across anywhere.

At  dinner, dad wanted to feed me. I was unable to use my hands as they were painted with mehndi. I could hardly recall if he ever had fed me before as kid. Where was his fatherly love when we needed it? I decided to chuck those sad thoughts aside and just enjoy the things around me.

I washed my hands before heading for bed. The beautiful mehndi design could be seen on my hands. The reddish brown colour appeared so beautiful. I wish Ruhani was here now with me. I am missing her lot more than before now. I tried to call her but she rejected and replied with a message. The message an apology for not attending today’s event as she had missed her flight. It also read that she'll try to catch next one possible and will be here by tomorrow.

I hate her so much! How could she miss the flight? While I was thinking about her stupidity, I remembered where I had kept the diary. Before we were separated I somehow I had convinced Ruhani to lend me her Diary for a day. I took it to a book centre along with mine and asked that guy to combine both the diaries. I remember the look he threw at me. I opened my suitcase which was on the top of Almira. I smiled at the sight of it as I took it, sitting on the bed as I opened it to read.

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