Chapter Twenty-Nine: Something Amiss


Chapter Twenty-Nine: Something Amiss

*A day before Marriage*

I once again glanced at my luggage to ensure that I wasn't missing on anything. I had applied for transfer to Mumbai Office because I felt I was needed somewhere else. To maximise my chances for getting transferred, I had also the left a resignation letter alongside on the table in case they were unable to sanction my transfer letter. Now all I needed to do was wait for their reply.

After a week of applying for the transfer, they replied to my email saying that my resignation letter was partially accepted. Company didn't had any vacancy in any of the Indian branches. Instead they asked me to take a break re-join when there’s vacancy.

I already booked the plane tickets and had started preparing for the wedding. I was dumbstruck when I first saw the invitation. But now I was mentally prepared for it. I had a plan, a plan to get back everything that belonged to me.  The one whom I had loved all my life was going to marry someone else. I just couldn't let this happen. My anger issues were getting serious as every talk would end up in argument and work at office was a huge mess.

I cried days and nights out. I felt left alone and used to lock up myself in a room. I thought I had no one was there to understand me, care for me. My parents had always thought of me low. They always used to compare me with Tanya. For just once, I had started feeling confident about myself when I secured a job here. I wasn’t someone’s shadow anymore but now the feeling of losing everything was back again.

I was confused for which path should I choose. I couldn't leave my dream and ambitions here. But I also didn't wanted to lose the one I had loved all my life. Rehan and Tanya had been messaging me all the time asking me about my wellbeing. But I just had been ignoring them as I felt betrayed. Until one day, Tanya's message provided me with a ray of hope. She sent me a message which read that she wasn't aware of her dad planning this all along. She said it was her dad who had set up the marriage. She didn't mean to hurt me and she knows how much I like Rehan.

I brushed my tears off the swollen cheeks and rubbed my eyes. I replied Tanya asking her to have a video chat when Rehan is with her. While on the video chat, I was rejoiced to see Rehan being so concerned about me. He still cares for me. His words "I'll never let you go back" echoed in my mind that whole night. I just tossed and turned over and over.

At that time, I just had one thing on my mind. I just wanted to be with Rehan. I decided to confess to Rehan feelings that I had been hiding since all these years in my heart. I wanted to tell him how I felt for him. Just after a lot of thinking and self-realisation the whole night, now I know what I had to do.

I took the printout of the invite and planned for the next thing I had to do. I booked my plane tickets and sent the details to Rehan as he had asked for. But later on I thought about booking a ticket later for the plan I had in my mind.


I lied to everyone about missing the flight so that I could talk have a talk with Tanya about the plan I had in my mind. But it was supposed to happen before the marriage commences. Rehan asked for the details of the next flight I would be arriving through, to which I lied that I wasn't getting any in next few hours but I promised to be there before the wedding commences.

I opened my Instagram and uploaded my airport selfie that I had clicked a day back before arriving to Mumbai. That would be helpful enough to prove that I had actually missed the flight at the airport.

It was evening when my flight landed in Mumbai. I had previously book a room in hotel which was near enough to Tanya's mansion. If I wanted my plan to be successful I need to talk to Tanya without catching anyone's attention.

Lying on the bed I glanced through the schedule of the events that would be happening. The Mehndi event was the last event which was ending late at night. I decided to sneak in at night before Tanya goes to sleep.

I walked past the guards easily as everyone was rushing to and fro, after all there was a wedding in the house. I was dressed up to camouflage with the crowd in hoping that no one will be able to recognize me. I was trying to hide in the bushes near the lawns when someone tapped on my shoulder. Startled with the sudden touch I glanced back to see Abish smiling.

"Hey, you said you had missed your flight right? And you said there weren't any available until tomorrow. And I can see you here. What's the matter huh?" Abish asks with a mischievous smile.

"Surprise" I quoted with my fingers as I pulled him aside along with me so that we don't attract anyone else's attention.

"Okay! I get it and won't be a spoiler promise." He said.

"Better for you. Now forget that you have met me here and please don't be a spoiler." I said as he headed in opposite direction.

It was risky entering through the main door as many of the guests know me and they will spoil my plan. I can’t let them spoil it.

While brainstorming about how to reach Tanya without being noticed, I remembered about the old staircase. At the back there was an old staircase which was reserved for emergencies. We often used to sneak in through it when we were late from parties and didn't wish to get any scolding.

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