Chapter Thirty : The Night


Chapter Thirty : The Night

*Night Before Wedding*

I opened the door which lead to the staircase. I kept glancing behind continuously keeping a look for anyone following me while closing the door behind me. Luckily there was no one, but I had been having a feeling about someone watching me. Hence I decided to be cautious keeping an eye around glancing back and forth to check if really there had been anyone.

I reached the first floor and opened the door. I once again glanced back carefully while closing the door of the staircase behind me. There were a lot of guests and relatives coming in and out from her room. I guess the event wasn't over yet. I hid behind the wall so that I don’t catch anyone’s attention. After a few minutes, I saw Tanya coming out of the room.

I called her but I suppose my voice was suppressed by the music. I just hid behind the wall and sat on the floor. I opened my eyes, shaking my head as it was aching badly. It took me a while to realise that I had been sleeping for the past hour. Standing up and still taking cover behind the wall, I glanced back towards the lobby.

The lights were dimmed and there were lights coming out only from a few set of rooms. Tanya's room also had the lights on which meant that she’s up yet. I tip-toed towards the room and knocked the door as it was locked from inside.

As Tanya opened the door, I just covered her mouth with my palm before she could shout my name  in excitement. She seemed to be excited to see me but honestly I wasn't even tinge happy. I gestured her to keep quiet by placing finger on my lips. She nodded and I removed my hand back from her mouth.

She gestured me to come inside and closed the door behind. Before I could speak anything she just jumped and pulled me into hug, squeezing the breath out of me. She jumped and smiled like as if a kid had finally received the thing she wanted from long period.

"You can't imagine how happy I am to see you here." She smiled as she dragged me to the bed.

"See this, isn’t it beautiful?" She said showing me her mehndi design that was from her finger-tips to her elbow.

"I was missing you so damn badly you can't imagine how happy I'm to see you." She said holding my hands and hugging me again.

"Wait! let me show you something." She said standing up from the bed and took out a jewellery box from the drawer.

"See, this I will be wearing for the main event tomorrow. How's it?" She held the necklace near her neck showing me asking how it’d look on her.

"And this is the thing that I'll be wearing tomorrow. Did you like it?" She placed a red and white lehenga in my lap which had a beautiful and intricate design of shining stones all over it. 

"Will it look good on me?" She said continuing to show the things that had been prepared for the main wedding tomorrow. I mentally craved to be Rehan’s bride. But the happiness was somewhere lost from my face. But it’s me who should be the bride. A thought struck my mind making me aware about what I was here for.

"By the way, you said you had missed the flight and won't be able get any till tomorrow right? So how come you're here now?" she asked me crossing her arms.

"Ohh! wait no need for explanations please, I got it. You wanted to give me a surprise right? I knew it. How could I be so dumb and think my bestie won't be in 'my' wedding." She continued before I could answer.

"Now as you're here, It'll be more fun now. Let me tell Rehan that you're here." She said as she started to look for her phone.

"Wait! Don't tell anyone yet." I said as she opened her phone to text Rehan.

"And why I shouldn't?" She said giving me a suspicious look.

"Okay, no need to tell. I understand you want it to be a surprise for Rehan as well Right? Great it'll be really good to see that look on his face." She said as she placed the phone back to charging.

"No" That was all I could say before she started with her rapid fire again.

"Why?... Ruhani, why I am feeling that I need to know something and you being here isn't a surprise."

"No! For god damn sake NO!" I said as I failed to keep my emotions enclosed within.

"No, I am not here for your wedding or any sort of surprise. DO YOU GET IT?!" I couldn't help but to shout a little as she wasn't letting me a chance to speak. All I wanted was to make her understand that I should be the bride and not her.

"What's wrong with you Ruhani?" She said as she was scared at my sudden outrage.

"Now just sit here and listen to me carefully. I need to tell you something." I said holding her by shoulders and made her to sit on bed.

"I am not here to surprise anyone. I am here for the wedding.” I took a deep breath and continued, “ You know how much I love Rehan right?" I stared in her eyes.

"Yes, I do." The expressions on her face changed.

"Then how can you marry someone I love?" I asked her taking her hand in mine.

"Listen Ruhani, I had told you before and am repeating it again. It wasn’t my decision. It was just said to me and you know I can't refuse Dad as it was the only thing he had asked me during my whole life. Can't I give him a chance to choose a groom for me?" She said as she tried to console me.

"Yes, you can. But Why Rehan? Why not someone else?" I asked dropping her hand.

"I understand your concern but this is something that wasn't my choice."

"You could have decided then and Tanya you can now as well." I brushed my hand at the lehenga that was in my lap.

"Ruhani are you blaming me? Like seriously how can you think so low of me? You think I am doing this purposely?" She snapped putting the  jewellery back in their boxes.

"Yes" I muttered in a low voice.

"What?! I can't believe this. Really you think that I am doing this purposely? From when did you started thinking so low about your best friends Ruhani?" She said standing up crossing her arms throwing a look of disgust and annoyance towards me.

"You don't need to act. I know you're doing this purposely." I replied in a stern voice.

"Now this is getting too much Ruhani. You are back after this long time and all you're doing is spoiling my mood before my wedding. Wow! Great! What are real best friend do I have here." She said gesturing towards me moving her hands up and down as if she were presenting me to someone.

I just didn't reply and kept thinking about Rehan, My wishes, My dreams and My desire.

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