Chapter Thirty-One : The Mysterious Night


Chapter Thirty-One : The Mysterious Night


“Enough! You don't give this best friend shit. Tell me, If you're my best Friend then why you are marrying the one I should?" I replied to Tanya in stern voice as she wasn't trying to understand what I was trying to tell her. But she just kept playing dumb.

"What you want me to do?" She said making a poker face.

"Don't tell me you want to call the wedding off. Because I ain't going to do it by any means. Everybody is invited Ruhani, I just can't shame my family now." She said and placed hands on my shoulder.

"I don't want you to call the wedding off, there's no need for that." I answered with a smile.

"What do mean?" She asked as she was surprised to hear my answer.

"You just don't need to call off the wedding. We will just switch the places. You'll hide till the wedding gets over and I'll be the bride." I had a smile on face but she had appeared horrified.

"No, I can't." She turned around crossing her arms, draining smile from my face.

"Why not? You didn't love Rehan neither had any wish to marry him. Then why you can't do this for me?" She just stood still without replying.

"Just tell me Tanya why? Why you're doing this to me? You never loved Rehan."
I said as my eyes were filled with tears.

"I can't means just I cannot. I am sorry Ruhani." She raised her palm while still keeping her back at me.

"But why? You have known it that I like him since my childhood days then why you're doing this to me why Tanya?" I turned her towards me as she tried to look away.

"Because I love him too." My heart just skipped a beat as those words filled my mind echoing throughout.

"Please tell me it’s a lie. You never liked him remember? You said you'll take care of him for me." I said shaking her shoulders.

"NO NO NO! I am sorry Ruhani but that's the truth." She said as her voice cracked under tears.

I was dumbstruck and couldn't think of anything. Does that mean all these years she lied to me? All these years she hid her feelings from me whereas I shared every single moment with her. Why Tanya how could you betray me?

While standing there all the moments that we had passed together flashed across my eyes. It made me feel low. How dumb was I for being unable to find out that my friend isn't helping me by keeping Rehan away from other girls but she liked him as well.

I thought she was the one who understands me after Rehan. She is the one whom I can trust and can safely pour my heart out. But instead of caring for me she betrayed me. The feelings of being betrayed and anger and rage was getting all over my mind.

"Ruhani, I am really sorry. But I can't do this, please forgive me." She said shedding tears.

"You betrayed me, I trusted you and you just betrayed me. You were always the same. I kept trusting and you kept betraying." My rage had taken over the control from my conscious self and I wasn't really aware about what I was doing next.

I picked the knife from the fruit basket and attacked her. She struggled under me as she was surprised by the attack. She grabbed my wrists and tried to knock the knife of my hands.

"What are you doing Ruhani?! Are you insane?! " she shrieked struggling against me. I pushed her towards wall as I tried to pull her grip off my hands.

We kept struggling for a few minutes as she tried to calm me down but I was out of my senses and control. I just pushed her with all the force I could muster as she had cornered me near the wall trying to get the knife off me.

I suddenly felt her grip loose on me and I pushed her with all my might. She just fell to a distance like a doll. I moved closer to have a look and gaped at the sight. I saw blood oozing out like a fountain from her wrist.

Shocked and scared I was standing there as I saw the pool of blood forming on the floor.

"Tanya! Open the door dear." Someone knocked at the door. It scared all wits out of me. I just kept running here and there trying to think what to do.

As I continued to shriek the knocks on the door kept on increasing. It kept getting louder and louder. I couldn't think of anything else. I placed the knife in Tanya's other palm and hid below the bed as the door busted open. Luckily, I had sneaked below the bed before anyone could see me with knife in my hand.

I just kept down there till everyone got out of the room. The fear of getting caught was getting stronger and stronger inside me. I just didn't meant to hurt her. I just wanted to scare her so that she did what I wished for. But instead I was now hiding after slitting my own friend's wrist.

I carefully sneaked out of the way I had entered. I made sure to avoid anyone’s attention. On reaching hotel I just bash opened the door and dug my face into pillow. I could do nothing but cry helplessly. What have I done? I shuddered at the thought if anything happened to Tanya because of my stupidity. The feeling of guilt had started to take me over. I couldn't help but cried the night out.

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